June 17, 2024

CKE Restaurants CEO talks politics, Brexit

Published May 11, 2023, 8:40 p.m. by Monica Louis

When it comes to politics, cke restaurants ceo talks politics, brexit by Fox Business.

In an interview with Fox Business, CEO of cke restaurants, Andy Puzder, discussed the current political climate and how it affects his company. Puzder believes that the current political climate is a good time to invest in his company because the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump have created uncertainty in the market. Puzder also believes that the current political climate will create opportunities for cke restaurants because it will create more demand for food.

Puzder is right to be optimistic about the current political climate. The Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump have created uncertainty in the market, which is good news for cke restaurants. This uncertainty is causing people to look for safe investments, and cke restaurants is a safe investment. Puzder is also right to believe that the current political climate will create opportunities for cke restaurants. The Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump have created a demand for food, which is good news for cke restaurants. This demand is going to create more jobs for cke restaurants employees and more revenue for cke restaurants.

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Hilary our problems by the way piling up

and it is showing in a poll numbers the

latest national poll from USA Today

showing that her lead is narrowing to

just five points Clinton 45 Trump forty

percent let's bring in CEO of cke

restaurants they own calls jr. and

hardee's restaurants I'm already hungry

welcome antipasto and he house should

trump capitalize because God knows

there's plenty of them of all of Hillary

Clinton scandals how should he

approached this I think maybe he should

take the approach that this is a real

threat to the rule of law I think we saw

when bill clinton was president and he

committed perjury in a deposition he was

disbarred there people felt like the law

didn't apply to Bill Clinton maybe it

shouldn't apply to them same with

Hillary Clinton if she gets off if she's

not indicted I think people are going to

feel like the Clintons are treated

differently and that's going to demean

respect for the rule of law which would

be a very bad thing so I think if she's

indicted obviously it's a problem for

her she's indicted if she's not indicted

then people are going to say the rules

don't apply to the Clintons and that's

an opportunity for Donald Trump I wanted

to talk to you about what went on in

Britain and he Nigel Farage well-known

proponents of the leave movement

announcing his resignation as head of

the UK Independence Party this following

Boris Johnson last week saying he won't

be running for prime minister meanwhile

because the British pounds dripping to a

31 year low this morning it seems the

exit fears of what happened in the UK

are returning would you agree yeah there

does seem to be some fear there but I'll

tell you what if you're an exporter and

that you look at the pound this is this

is great news for if you're an importer

it's a problem so there are benefits

there are offsets here so it's I think

this will calm down i think the stock

market calm down it's down today but you

know it's been up and down over the past

few months in larger amounts in this i

think things will calm down and we'll

see what happens with respect to britain

it's a it is hard to justify breaks it

on an economic basis although i think if

i lived there i mighta voted for it

because on a political and personal

basis it probably feels like the right

thing to do yep get lost brussels was

the message Andy I want to talk to you

about Hillary and we're going to hear

from the FBI eleven o'clock so I'm going

to put you on the spot a little bit

do you think she will be indicted I get

the sense or a growing sense that she's

not going to face indictment what say

you you know it's very hard to say I

look that investigator general's report

on hillary was really devastating and

for the FBI now to come out and say that

there isn't sufficient evidence to

justify an indictment I think will be

very difficult but this is a it's been a

very strange political year they could

do anything I know the director of the

FBI is highly respected in Washington DC

I'm sure he'll do the right thing I just

but I have no idea what's going to

happen this morning I think I'm holding

my breath like everybody else one other

quick question for you regarding Donald

Trump and his selection of a VP

candidate by three-to-one margin

Republicans say they would like someone

who has at least some Washington

experience would you agree I think

that's a good idea I think it would

offset his lack of experience directly

with Washington III he's picked the four

people that I've heard that are up for

VP which would be Christy and Gingrich

and Joni Ernst and governor Pence I

think would all be wonderful would be

wonderful choices they're all great

people very very conservative good

records and would be a big help to him

with respect to dealing with people in

Washington so he's got a he's got a

great group of people to choose from

I'll be interesting to follow antipasto

as always thank you so much we

appreciate you actually think this


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