May 29, 2023

Fittest in Dubai - Dubai CrossFit Championship Documentary

Published May 11, 2023, 10:40 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Documentary Sport - Fittest in dubai.

For years, dubai has been known for its luxurious lifestyle and extravagant shopping. However, the city is now known for something else: crossfit.

dubai has become a hotbed for crossfit, with athletes from all over the world traveling to compete in the city's prestigious championships.

The dubai crossfit Championship is one of the most prestigious crossfit events in the world. It is a three-day event that features athletes from all over the world.

The competition is fierce, and the athletes are determined to win.

dubai's crossfit scene is growing rapidly, and the city is quickly becoming known as the fittest city in the world. If you're interested in crossfit, you need to check out dubai's crossfit scene. You won't be disappointed.

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do you think anyone can beat matt frazer


do you think you could be the man to be

i mean i think anybody can be beaten um

and i'm not gonna count myself out like

i see it

all the time of

people saying


i'm gonna beat you i'm okay

okay let's

i'll be in dubai


one event stands between four athletes

and with one sprint across the floor

welcome back to the crossfit game




today it's rumor mill time we're gonna

be talking about some potentially huge

changes to the 2019 crossfit games

season after the crossfit games in 2018

there were rumors of changes coming no

one quite understood what the changes

were about and how it would impact them

there's gonna be a change what that

exact change is knowing you what's crazy

is that we don't have a lot of details

it's kind of a general idea and people

have been going

nuts so what really changed between 2018

and today is the method to qualify for

the the games in the past the crossfit

games season was essentially three

simple stages the first stage was the

crossfit games open from there top

athletes in each region would qualify

for the regional stage which was in a

live competition around the world top

five men women and teams would then

qualify through the crossfit games

now it's much different you now have

multiple options as an athlete to

qualify whether it be the online

qualifier the crossfit open and you can

qualify as a top 20 athlete or as a

national champion you can also qualify

through any of the sanctioned events

sanctions replaced regionals but also

added more chances and more locations

for people to qualify from as an athlete

you are no longer bound to your region

and can compete and qualify to the games

throughout any of these

international sanctioned events

after that announcement that there would

be sanction events it was also announced

that the very first sanctioned event in

crossfit games history was going to be

the dubai crossfit championship

i i competed at dcc 2016 and it's my by

far my favorite competition it's sort of

a well-established competition already i

think the last two years we had a lot of

games athletes athletes enjoy coming to

dubai because of obviously the prize

money but also because of the experience


have in dubai every time i've been here

i've had a blast the city itself you're

just looking around it everything is a

spectacle here it's pretty wild i think

winning dcc is not only

big because of the money it's also big

because of the amount of big athletes

that come so when you compete

against such a high caliber roster and

you come on top that gives you bragging

rights the competition got bigger and

bigger and in 2017 they had annie it was

third place at the games they had kara

webb that was second place of the games

like the names are always getting bigger

and bigger it's a global leaderboard

they're going to come and test

themselves amongst the best in the world

it's very similar to some of like the

game stuff we have to do we can get

outside we can get to the mountains we

can get to the snow we can get to the

ocean or we can be inside the gym it's

almost like a mini games

i'll definitely compete in all the dubai

sectional events i love coming here also

getting some sun in december is always



oh yeah yeah is that a good fight yeah

it's a reception


the atmosphere on day one was actually

really cool the setting for it was on a

beach backdropped by the burj al arab

which is arguably the nicest hotel and

one of the most photogenic spots in


the first day at jumeirah alcazar hotel

it was very exciting it's a five-star

resort white sand blue water

i was happy because i could lie in the

sun in between the vents


it's pretty different than home it's


at home it's like zero minus five

degrees it's like 27 here so this is

awesome look at those waves

that's really fun a little different

than iowa

we swear in pool

yes i see it's first time but i don't

never see these waves

it's crazy it's the first day of

swimming uh first day at least swimming

like outside my bathtub i guess oh damn

bathtubs count but i don't know i'm

pretty experienced there i figure it'll

translate well yeah um like time in the

water they said we need to get some time

in the water so i'm just taking

progressively longer baths like kind of

like an overload like i start with 15

minutes nice warm bubbles and then like

move to progressively harder baths like

with less comfortable water and kind of

just longer exposure so i got to point

where i could stay in the water for like

24 hours and then since then i think i'm

pretty prepared i got enough time in the

water some of these guys have only been

swimming like they'll swim an hour a day

or something um i think just with the

amount of time i have in comparison to

them i'll be a little bit more

successful you've got them about 23

hours exactly yeah so how can i fail

you 21 reps where the kettlebells are

a little early start for me

i'm old now i have to like sleep in

until like

do i use the swimming babes yeah no

there is no ocean in hungary whatsoever

so have you done any ocean swim

yeah but not in this kind these are big

waves but

i'll be okay like out of all we're just

wondering if there's any animals in



i just told some people if you hear the

bells ringing he's to keep the sharks

away yellow is the shark line so the

sharks stay on the other side oh you

told the sharks hey guys

i would see a shark i would just hit him

there's no sharks here

i feel like this this swimsuit is so

badass you know like a superhero costume

a little bit like maybe not

intimidating the bad guys oh my god

because there are no bad guys here when

the athletes started to see uh we were

anchoring the buoys out in the water

they started to realize the water was a

lot more difficult than we had expected

i felt like i was in a surf event or

something the center was so cool and the

waves were massive

we had the beach for ourselves and it

says how cool is it to start a

competition on a beach

it's 21.59

double kettlebell snatch double

kettlebell front squat

followed by a 350 meter swing

first thought was going to jack your

heart rate up real high with the

kettlebells and then you got to get in

the water the high heart rate so see

who's ready for that

one athlete we saw full out of

competition at the games last year is

back in competition

sarah sigmund's daughter will be in lane

number six

i'm really shocked that we still have a

shirt on okay there we go

we haven't really been talking a lot

about sarah lately we've been talking

about laura lately

that first bit with the kettlebells just

get through it and then they was just

trying not to drown in the water

not always the biggest waves in dubai

and they were pretty big that day

i've never seen the ocean like that in

two years that i've been here until that

day that changed the event a lot if you

were comfortable

swimming in you know flat water it's

complete change

i've never seen waves that big we swam a

lot leading up to the dcc never probably

even half the size people are just

getting destroyed by it

there was a point where i i thought to

myself how do we track those 10 people

in the water like how do we know someone

didn't go under

sigmund's daughter has her feet on the


it's just cool to use your fitness in

something that's just in the nature

like you mix fitness with kettlebells

and then you have to be like pure nature

and it's pretty cool

foot race between briggs and greene and

depending on who gets to the mat first

it looks like briggs will take it

yeah did you see me on the way back

there were like three waves they crushed


i think stand up stay cool then another

way it was so hard yeah i'm shopping it

was so hard

i've never swimming in waves before oh

really yeah

so this was the first time

so you told me not to

get panicked so i stay calm yeah it's

the best thing you can just relax in the


hold on

thank you

but now i know i don't have any glasses

for next to it

two back-to-back swim events i think is

a cool wrench to throw at them

but they're always worried about okay we

got the first one out of the way it's

like okay well you just got your teeth

kicked in and now we're gonna do it


so initially the athletes thought they

just had to

go for a traditional swim in event

number two once they were done with the

runner but then at the last minute they

threw in kind of a twist where they

would have to take what's commonly known

as a lifeguard buoy

into the water with them and they're

gonna have to keep it with them when

they swing

those buoys have a strap

and it was a game time decision to cut

this trap like oh that's gonna be that's

gonna be a learning curve for a lot of

people really quick we didn't know about

that we were gonna have to carry it

until like right before the event so

nobody really knew

like how to use it or like what the best

technique was going to be

yeah that was a lot more difficult than

it looked

i love the waist

but not when i had the life life buoy

thing with me that uh that took my soul


thought i was a good swimmer until i had

the buoy i was like oh the boy will help

me to be even a better simmer but then i

just mess it up

you'd almost think it's made easier

because you've got something to like

float with

but that thing was very slippery so i

think a few people lost it out back and

then have to come running back into

shore to get it

i feel like i look like dave what hassle

off there for a minute you know just

grabbing the buoy and taking off then it

looked like a wet noodle when i lost it

at the end the the wave just came over

crashed and the thing just took off

it's one of those things where sometimes

athletes are forced to adapt some do

that really well and some don't and

the ones that don't you're certainly

going to hear about it


and now it looks like a foot race

between matt fraser and street horner

and my buoy just slipped and horner will

lose his buoy oh no so frazel will get

across the finish line about 10 13.

i swallowed so much water


i love the ocean and i love the sun and

in iceland you don't really get that

much beach so i was very happy to start

the day there i love the beach probably

favorite place to be so it was a very

good first day of competition it was it

was probably one of the

the best

first days in a competition i've ever


that is a wrap on day one of the dubai

crossfit championship 2018. we spent a

gorgeous day here on the beach we are

going to be in the desert tomorrow and

then in the tennis stadium for the final

two days competition keep it here for

all these


sarah has fiona

she's a princess now well she survived

the run oh yeah you came up with the

nickname fiona huh yeah fun fact

sarah sigma's daughter's toe is named by

sam briggs

princess fiona because she wants to be

beautiful but she's just an ogre i mean

i've accepted that my toe is very ugly

so we told the athletes to consider

getting gators for their shoes a lot of

people didn't know what the gators were

so i think they looked them up and they

bought the gators and they came to dubai

and i think that's the first time they

opened the gators they didn't realize

that you have to get in sew to your to

your shoes for them to really really


gators they go over wet they go over

your shoe

don't know which way

thank you ah it doesn't go on my big fat


so day one you had two water events back

to back on the beach and now things are

about to take a complete 180 when you

move on to day number two you go out to

the desert for a long run

four kilometers out four kilometers back

they're good runners

behind that it's whoever's the fittest

will do well

the first 4k will be done with a

tactical vest on 20 pounds for the men

15 pounds for the women three


one go

i just heard so many bad things about

how hard it is to run in the desert

running with evadeves for me is is hard

before and and being in stand is even


well i knew from

last year we had to do a desert run

and it was one of the worst things i've

ever done so

uh yeah i knew it was gonna be really


the thing about this is this is an event

you wouldn't traditionally see basically

anywhere else most events don't have

access to a massive desert or a beach

long enough to do something similar to

this so it's an event where sure

athletes are used to running but the

slight nuance and difference where you

have to run in the soft sand is is

really a test that they're not used to

michaela norman has come to the halfway

point first with sam briggs about 10


behind her

a lot of people wore like gators over

their shoes to keep the sand out that

worked a lot of people didn't so i think

a lot of them ended up having to take

their shoes off and just run their foot

in the sand

i actually was thinking about

taking mine off because i had so much

sand they just filled like the front of

my toes were just thick with sand

you can just see the

elevation changes along the run course

all those false summits right because

you get to the top of the dune and you

think that's the top of the dune and

then it just goes further out and then

up again and that's pretty heartbreaking

michaela norman will take women's event

number three brandon willis has opened

up a substantial lead between him and

second place roman karenikov

and one ability one thing we know is

that matt fraser does have some wheels

on him trying to sneak up on jorgen carl

goomason but it looks like too little

too late

it was definitely the battle of the

elements out here today in the desert a

lot of things making it tougher for the

athletes than a normal 8k run i'm so

glad it's over

it is like never ending

up and down

you can't really like

imagine how it is to ride

you have to run to know it i finished my

shoes about i'm not 800 meters in yeah

it was much better without shoes way

better without shoes freaking fred

flintstone over here straight up


that was much more difficult when i was


so soft

but you want to run where there haven't

been footprints so there's like that

crust on top

even that

like out of every 10 steps you maybe get

one firm one

not so great

my bag grew up

i don't know i vlogged more than bran

is that where sour patch kids come from

like what do you know what i mean like

what is that





so things will start to shift now as we

go into event four and we move into the

tennis stadium

a few of the big names on the women's

side had some questions about some

potential injuries coming into the


laura horvath unbeknownst to a lot of

people have been dealing with a back

injury that it kind of bothered her um

leading up to the competition

do you feel more pressure

because of what happened in the game

last year uh

i don't know probably i mean i try not

to think about it but like everyone's

talking about it so it's kind of hard to

like not think about it everyone is like

oh she she actually finished second she

should like dominate soon i mean it is

what it is

it's december so i'm trying to qualify

for the games which is in august so

i'll be fine i broke my rib november

2017. i had a broken rib from the games

and i knew that it was broken in

november my mindset at that time was

just like i'm back at the beginning it's

so hard to have been here and like

almost winning the games into like we

like qualify for regionals

and then first day at the games i break

my rib again and there's like the

i said to my coach the week before i was

like the worst thing that can happen is

that i break my rib

and we were joking about it because we

knew that it wouldn't happen and then it


and uh i competed at worlds after that

in november though i had only been

training for about two weeks before

worlds in olympic weightlifting so after

november i had four weeks to train more

and i was just excited to see what i

could do in a competition


i think the women's side is going to be

interesting because everyone that's

sitting at the top does not have real

big number and the first thing we do is

snatch heavy so samantha briggs it's

damage control jamie green it's going to

be kind of damage control stronger girls

are going to get the chance to really

jump back up the leaderboard when we get

into those

more classic crossfit style workouts

we've seen laura

come out and not do very well and then

smash an event smash an event smashing

it and i think that there's a lot that

could be made up there but she's never

had any pressure on her either now

there's kind of the the expectation and

that's a lot of pressure

jamie green as far as on the competitive

scene i mean she won this event in 2015

when no one had really ever ever heard

of her and then she came back the next

year and won the open i think she's got

an incredible shot

stunner mate that's what she is it's a


i'm happy with how the last two days

have gone um

obviously this is not going to be my

strongest event


hopefully shouldn't do like too bad on

the next two events

and then uh

and it'll make it interesting on the

final day for everything to play for i

mean i think it's a good start to after

two days um

first workout i wanted to do a little


uh but just a little too conservative on

the first one but then the other

workouts we've had i guess i'm gonna

have two other ones i feel like i

capitalized pretty well and

i'm pretty happy with where i'm sitting

and i mean it's only seven points out of

first and i mean there's still seven

events to go so there's a lot left but

i like my chances right now travis mayor

willie georges and jorvin carl goodman

those are the three guys that can push

matt for the weekend this is the day

where matt

reminds everybody of who matt fraser is

they're gonna have to be perfect to beat

matt everyone comes to the snatch event

everybody wants to watch it and it's

just like going to to a baseball game

and it's like you want to see a home run

like you don't want to see singles and

doubles or triples you go to see home

runs and that's what the snatch event is


it will be a one rep max snatch but a

little twist is that we've kind of seen

all weekend is that there's only five

minutes allotted for them to get that

one rep back everyone loves a lifting

workout it's like a lot of hype behind

it very entertaining for the crowds

you use that adrenaline with everybody

and and it just gives you so much

i have a number in my head that i want

to hit and i surprise myself by hitting

almost six kilos heavier than i'm

hitting in worlds so

it was i was very happy with that event


136 good for jason smith everyone wants

to see a very heavy lift but it doesn't

matter if you do it in your own gym can

you do it when other people are watching

can you do it when it could cost you the


mia ackerland going for a pr attempt of

a hundred and four kilo



has set the snatch record in live

crossfit competition

the bigger sharks are starting to come

up to start swimming


i had 136 loaded because i knew that was

the top weight so i knew it would get me

100 points but then it also gave the

other two guys who hit 136 100 points so

i wanted to throw on one extra kilo 40

seconds to go

oh wow that's good for matt frazer


137 for matt fraser and a much needed

confidence boost for laura horvath make

no doubt about it she needed that place


i just parked my snatch

i got 93 kilos

i'm pretty happy i had 136 loaded and

then i was like

uh i was like jason's good i need taking

points away from him [ __ ] man well then

think about matt beating you it's like

you can't be mad at it do you know what

i'm saying like if you if you get beat

by him it's like well he beat you and

you're like yeah football okay what are

you gonna do try again yeah it's the

first time i go over like 85

it felt so easy i was like come on here

and i put more on

yeah and a little bit like on to the


yeah it's very weird i have never felt

anything like that before

she goes as best as you can

how does that feel


get you on your back face i don't know

my background's so i mean like i don't


like yeah from yesterday i just i can't

bend over it hurts so much i don't know

how i snatched it


before and after the event but it's

no i miss

like this is the only event that i'm

like oh i kind of missed this

but uh watching people um run in the

desert yesterday made me realize why

you know where you are in the

competition right now

uh i i think that that last event bought

me first

you know it's it's still a tight race

for like the top five or six but

like coming into today i think the top

three of us were separated by five


and then

i think like it was like through the top


was still a narrow point spread

event five was a 20 meter yolk carry

straight into 15 parallel handstand

push-ups and then three rounds of 15 box

jump overs and 10 ring muscle ups and

then you finish with a 20 meter yolk

carry again

i suggest the first round to be a little

slower on the bar

put on the hands on the rings

and then after that you get onto the box

and then you can speed up or slow down

based on how you feel on the rings

it's going to be a little bit slower on

the handsome push-ups compared to the

other girls

the yolk's heavy he's going to slow a

few of the lighter girls down who will


faster in the middle bit so

it's going to be like a pretty good race

i think

so i'd help my jets put the right height

for the yoke and then i remembered oh my

gosh i have power that has the push-ups

too so i ran to fix the hands to push up

and then it's like three


one go i was like oh no please

don't make me disqualify

laura horvath who's moved up into fifth

place make very easy work of that yolk

the thing with laura is this this

particular event had specialties for her

and some kryptonite for her the achilles

heel and you just saw that first rep was

a strain that's one she's got 14.

i don't see his family curse the

handsome push-ups man

there's a lot of people talking to laura

she has her brother she has her coach

and there are several other people

throughout the weekend having a say plus

our own voice right thank you man

sigman's daughter is in second place

about five reps behind jamie green

jamie green who is third overall after

four events

is running her way across the

competition floor fraser will take event

number five

and for

laura horvath her chances of making it

back at least to the podium are all but


laura how'd it go

i know my handsome push-ups are not

great but i just [ __ ] get cheating

i couldn't do my hands-on push-ups

it's a pretty significant hole for laura

she finished second of the games last

year so she's obviously in the

conversation to be a contender this year

again but for the most part if you want

to win the crossfit games you can't have

a hole like that

you have to be pretty well-rounded and

in just about every aspect of fitness

so for laura it's something that's been

a weakness in the past it's still

weakness now and she's gonna have to

dedicate the next few years of

development and kind of shoring up that

hole as well


me a fast row is like 155. that's a

really fast row for me and i remember

watching laura doing her full marathon

and she was wrong

my best friend she's like rowing that

for like an hour

i couldn't believe it i think she's

pissed and i think she's gonna do

everything she can to go faster

so event six was acid bath which is now

very well known workout and crossfit


pain it's gonna hurt so bad

acid bath is probably the most

appropriately named

event of the weekend

this is how much pain can you take and

it's just straight grunt work

once again karen frey will keep saying

this name and jamie green has moved into

first place over samantha briggs by just

four points

the name that we do not see on the top

ten of the leaderboard is laura horvath


each one of the distances on these

concept 2 machines is just short enough

to where you can give it basically a

full effort

that event is

as much mental as it is physical you

know how bad it's going to hurt and you

know how bad you're gonna have to push

if you wanna have a good finish on that

so yeah you get into the thick things

and it's it's rough

your lungs start to burn a little bit

your muscles start to burn a little bit

and before you know it you've got this

lactate acid burn throughout your entire


i think more of the time it's like 80

mental especially like when you get to

those top athletes like everyone trains

similar everyone has long albums in the

gym they have similar skill sets but

it's that next level is those who can

pull it out on game day


fraser has one left but it's going to be

krenikov in lane 10.

everything in your body hurts and you

can hardly even walk to the finish line

i've never experienced anything like

that my legs literally i couldn't even

pick them up it just bear crawl to the

finish line

laura horvath lasting the best time by

17 seconds



everyone was dead after that


like i had to have somebody help me off

the floor and like that's not something

i want people to see i literally could

not walk off the floor like that's how

bad it was

and then it just got worse

like there were i mean guys were just

laying in the tunnel after five ten

minutes after the workout not able to


actually i think everyone was dead after

that except for laura she was fine

laura comes in crushes this event and

then you see the men can't even walk

and she kind of is just like strolling

off the competition floor so you know

there's some mental toughness there


dude we were like 100 meters in this ski

and it was like krenikov

plus 12 and i was like


probably ten percent faster

i could tell my legs hurt

but they were just like i couldn't feel


as soon as i stopped


i'm serious

oh man you're really old

i mean you're like your master's next


i have another seven years of that

look how much better i can get in seven

years like you're already at your top

like you're there

[ __ ] seven years

seven years

the only time i've ever felt like that

or seen anything like that after workout

with uh

the games and

it was 14 right with the sled push

and it was like people just couldn't

stand up

and it was like one of those things like

right as the workout finishes is when

the pain starts

oh that was awful

did you see street bear crawl across the

finish line i almost had to as well i

can't even imagine like at that point

it's just like

i mean survive whatever you got

today was tough

that last workout was just mean it was

no like there was never a day of like

i'm going to beat so and so i'm like me

going on the camera and talking about it

it was like i set a goal internally

and then i went and worked

and it's like

if you have something worth bragging


you don't have to

you don't have to brag for yourself if

you have something worth actually

bragging about other people will do it

for you


so coming into the final day we got news

that laura horvath was pulling out of

the competition with drawing

hey what's going on with lara

she's at the the doctor and i are

getting her back checked out it's early

in the season

not a good time to be

taking any chances

my bag blew up after the run

and i mean during the run and i thought

i was gonna be okay but and i'm not so

good right now

that's difficult decision to make for a

lot of these athletes they're training

year-round for these very specific

moments of competition to where it very

much feels like you know the totality of

their world is in front of them at this

competition so to be able to acknowledge

that hey this competition is over for me

and i need to do what's best and i need

to pull out um it's something that

they're not very used to how are you

able to get through that pain and win

that event last night

uh i don't know i just

i don't know in the world period i just

it was painful to ski and painful to

grow but i just like

i wanted to do that event and

after did not finishing the previous

event i wanted to vent this away

i just

rugged through the pain

these are basically superhumans they are

physically capable of things that no

other people on the planet are capable

of and so to kind of bring yourself back

down to earth and have to acknowledge

that something as devastating as an

injury is going to force you to withdraw

um it's a tough decision to make

i never withdraw from like pulled out

from the condition ever so

it's a bad feeling it's like

i don't want that to happen to anyone

because it's like it's not good

emotionally and physically it's not


it's the worst thing you have to do when

you have to stop a competition like you

you worked hard for it and then you have

to stop midway it's it's uh you feel

like you're all your work has gone to

waste i was upset like gutted for her

because i know what that feels like it

sucks when you're halfway through a

competition you've got to stop because

of an injury but that's the good thing

with the new system that she can

take a rest recover and then come back

in a few months to another competition

dude how we feeling last day going into

it feeling good we have

400 points up for grabs pretty much the

same amount of points that have been up

in the last four days

or three days


i'm just going to try to capitalize

on all the events

left and

hopefully it closes the gap and

i mean anything can still happen

it's one thing i'm

always looking at is just

let it go and just keep moving on and

always try to see

what can come at the end and

i've done a few times at regionals to

get into the games

so hopefully i can pull it off here

last day of the competition

it's gonna feel good

it's going good

what's your health for the weekend

being top 10

top 10 yeah top 10 was the goal when we

came here an hour

but now is a top three

the leaderboard is starting to take

shape on the women's side sam briggs

still alive and in charge with a 34

point lead over jamie green sarah

sigmund's daughter has moved into third

but a name we probably don't know very

well is karen frey who's sitting in

fourth place

in striking distance and after a day

that we have four scored events

event number seven is underway as

athletes sprint across the competition

florida tackle nine rope climbs this is

the final day of competition with four

total events

now this is great the fact that matt's

able to kind of lead the pack just like

you said these guys are gonna need to

take some chances and i think they may

be overextending themselves but trying

to follow matt so there's leading the

pack and then there's drawing the pack

out and i feel like fraser does a good

job of dictating the pace against other


and matt plants the flag in event number

seven and gets another event win this


and jamie green if she can hold on may

be able to push herself just ahead of

acklin by one spot and she will

so coming into the last day the women's

side of the house was really really

tight points wise and there was four to

five women that were realistically

within uh

a shot of potentially walking away with

the win nobody's gonna know


anything's gonna happen the surprise but

for the men's side it was the exact

opposite matt fraser was starting to run

away with it he had multiple event wins

he was starting to tie more of them

together and it looked like it was his

competition to lose i mean the goal

coming in i think my mindset was to win

but then throughout the competition

things change

there's still 300 points up for grabs

which is a lot of points and

anything can happen so i'm right just

right outside of third so

the plan now is just to get on the

podium and make some more money diver

milk money that's all that is what's the

next workout sandbag carry

burpee boxy and blower

calorie assault bike and then back

it's the workout of death

it's only gonna be it's a three minute

time cap so you'll be going full blast

for the whole time

there's absolutely no thinking are you

willing to suffer or not

that's it it's a killer

three minute time kev that's good

as we move to individual event number

eight sam briggs had a 30-point lead

over second place jamie green and it has

changed jamie green

five points now sitting in first

a lot of things can happen

with such a fast paced event the

smallest hiccup could be the difference

between 10 places

and we saw a painful event yesterday

this is going to be basically in that

same realm the object here is pedal to

the metal

that was an awesome workout no one had

time to practice it you sort of went

into it you knew you had to go out

normally on a bike i'm a bit smaller so

quite often i get behind on a bike this

time i was like oh i'm not going to lose

on a bike again

got to the burpees i've never felt my

legs so heavy

and you can see what's happening with

the leg

my legs just didn't want to jump it was

the weirdest feeling i've ever


matt frazer has moved ahead of everybody

jamie green was first to the box

but sam briggs

sam friggs has moved ahead of jamie

green wow all by himself matt fraser

another event win

sitting in second no more sam briggs has

moved back into first place

the worse an event is supposed to hurt

the better samantha briggs does and she

gets shot out of a cannon and gets

herself a first place finish in a much

needed 100 points to put her back into

that top podium position

she just doesn't slow down

samantha briggs has an incredible work

capacity and it's just like the closer

the race is the harder she works a lot

of athletes can take one or two events

here and there but where you really see

the guys like matt and athletes like


sarah laura all these people really make

their their space as the weekend gets

longer and the volume goes up when

fatigue settles in and when you know

people are tired and hurting that's when

these guys just kind of start making and

taking their lead and you see matt the

last day there he's just he's going up

matt fraser back to back

he looks phenomenal phenomenal this

early in the season i can only imagine

what it's going to look like towards the


you might be able to beat matt in one

element of something you might be a

better runner than him or he might be

slightly better at the rower or you

might be able to lift a few more kilos

than him in one particular lift but when

you start to mix stuff together like

gymnastics conditioning and all the

other aspects of fitness together this

is where he really shines as the fitness

man on earth

i don't want to say i mean it's the very

first event of the 2019 season i don't

see anyone that can touch this guy

i don't think it's

a secret you know it's been shown that i

like i have

an incredible support network around me

between sammy and then my manager


they do anything and everything they can

to help me throughout the day you know

take as many responsibilities off my

plate so i can focus and put all my time

and energy

into training competing i just want to

get a cold shower okay cool i want to do

the best i can and if i want that to

happen on the competition floor i have


do it multiple times a day in training

repeatedly throughout the whole year

that's my move

yeah i'll take that

when you have so many big guys here you

have to give everything you have

to stay in that top top five yeah

uh like what was the goal when you came

out to win was it to make it to the

classic games

with some money in dubai to win some

money to go to australia

you wanted to come to win some money to

go on i'm doing the australian

championship oh okay so it was to win

money to

prepare to go and compete there

that was the plan what's the plan now

time is now to try

and qualify for the crossfit games i did

not expect to be like sat where i am but

it's so close up there


yeah playtime


we have 30 reps total of barbell work it

starts off with 15 snatches and then 15

cleaning jerks it's a six minute cap

and already over in lane number eight

danny spiegel is moved up into first

that was one of my favorite events only

barbell a heavy barbell could be heavier

than it would have been happier

yeah this is a hard one like you're at

the end of a weekend

they're pretty heavy weights it's one of

those ones that if you're a bigger girl

it helps a lot sarah siegmann's daughter

judged hands in the air

lily george is trying to hang on matt

frazier has one rep

final rep for spiegel as she'll cross

the finish line

that was very impressive by sarah she

needed that event

again one spot qualifies for the game

and man these ladies are really putting

on a show for all of us

best looking best looking guy in the

competition fast looking guy said what

listen he says i need to quit crossfit

going tomorrow physique


do you agree you've seen it last year

that's like in that opinion best looking


we might have to retire after this

you got that retirement fund set up yet

are you just spending on cars

one of the biggest draws for dubai by

far is the prize money what do you know

about that 401k

dubai offers more prize money than any

other sanctioned event and it's not just

for what your placing is on the overall

leaderboard you get prize money for your

finishes in every workout as well

three thousand dollars for first in an


two thousand per second in an event one

thousand per third in an event the

overall placement pays out fifty

thousand for first thirty thousand per

second twenty thousand for third one of

the unique things about the price pot in

dubai is that everyone lives with

something no one comes and leaves

empty-handed so the minimum amount you

can make from just coming to dubai just

showing up is a thousand five hundred

dollars all about that type of money

even if you're not gonna win or think

you're gonna place in the top ten you

have the potential of making a pretty

decent amount of money just by if you

were to win an event or get top three in

an event so

brought a big duffel bag

the reason we we make sure that everyone

makes money is so they can continue to

be a professional athlete and push

harder athletes no longer have to worry

about flying to dubai and coming to

dubai they can worry about competing

they can worry about winning there's a

lot of athletes out there now who

are just focusing on training so they're

not working as well so that's a big

attraction for people to come over so

we're coming to the end of the

competition and the organizers kind of

had one more twist in their back pocket

just before the event they announced

that the final event alone was going to

be worth 30 thousand dollars to the

winner we timed it by time yeah it was 3


time 10 is 30 yeah

which is good yeah

is it isn't this nicer than 10 000 which

is more than most competitions have in

total just for that last event out here

in dubai 30 grand

pay off the student loans are bad

30 grand

that's decent all for me

straight to the golden diamond vargas


i want to be the best athlete

because i want to show people what i can

do and i want to show

girls that don't believe in their selves

and young aides that they can work hard

and be where i am it doesn't drive me to

get price money

and i may be one of a few people that

doesn't like money

right the 2018 dubai crossfit

championships is coming towards the end

it took nine events to get here but only

seven points are actually separating

your top four athletes

four women that were all within a decent

point spread of walking away with the

wind he had sam briggs we've been

towards the top all weekend long you had

jamie green who was right on sam's tail

he had sarah sigmund's daughter who's

been one of the favorites and you kind

of had a

surprise athlete and karen frey who's

been hanging tough in the top four all

weekend long and for matt frazier he

basically had the win locked up he was

so far ahead of everyone else

he could just put it on cruise control

but now with that 30 thousand dollars on

the line there's a tremendous amount of

incentive for him to go out and just

torch this event and going full steam

ahead to try and walk away with this 30

thousand dollars


all four of these ladies have a

different strength and a different

weakness and they need to play their

game you got to be very smart and very

aware of where you are and what you need

to do there is a lot of things that

still need to happen so it's not just

win or in unless you're sam briggs or

jamie green if you're karen frey or

sarah sigma's daughter you need to win

and have a little bit of help

that was a very long workout it was a

final and there was a lot on the line

for the girls so we were all on very

similar points and it was almost like

whoever won the workout won dcc

one event stands between four athletes

and one trip to the crossfit game

i never look at leaderboards so i have

no idea where i stand it was i fourth

was my faith

it's not often that you get to go out

there and compete

when there's sort of like that much on

the line and it was such a good workout

that sort of had parts whereas

one person's strength one person's

weakness another person's strength here


green is one point behind sam briggs on

the leaderboard

on the left sarah sigmund's daughter

awful she needs to go unbroken on these

wall walls

the only thing you can do in each event

is the best you can do and if you do

that then you reached your goal

briggs is off the wall on to the clean

she's ahead of green and sigma's


we've had four events today

event number seven first place for matt

event number eight first place for matt

event nine first place for matt

with two more steps

matt fraser will go four for four

your 2018 dubai crossfit champion matt

fraser is going back to the crossfit


sam briggs is moving to the barbell for

the last time

sam is just a different type of human


her lungs can't keep on going forever

and she just always surprises you how

good she is

20 meters for the lunges

sam is insane and can train like hours

on end

i never see her like struggling to work

i like

how other people struggle

she just keeps on going and going and


and with one sprint across the floor

welcome back to the crossfit games

sam briggs


and the first person to run over and

congratulate her is jamie green just

being one point away from qualifying



enemies on the floor

when the clock starts and then we're

friends straight after

at the top out of the games back in

barely making it having to go masters

being injured and then in this


brand new setup the way that they do


that you have one shot to get in and she

made it into the shot


how competitive this guy is

he's getting better and stronger beyond

what we could possibly imagine every

year but you're right there's nothing

that matt fraser cannot handle it's


matt fraser has now set himself up with

an opportunity to

fight for his fourth consecutive title

at the crossfit games

the last three years it's been amazing

it's been one of those comp sets up

there with the games so now

the sanction it's going to grow even


four different days

10 workouts

three iconic locations

the buy crossword championship 2018 has

come to an end

but it's only the start of the

partnership 2019 will be even better


what you


it's been pretty cool like all weekend

like really pushing it wasn't over until

the last workout like it was a fight the

full weekend so it was really good

and training wise what do what is the

next few months

work on work on my weaknesses get this

elbow strong

and yeah hopefully

get ready for the game


happy with second place

obviously you want to win but

it's out of brains now he is

so good he just kind of

it's a good experience you know like

after that competition like what you

need to work on like how you stand

compared to the other athletes

and uh i mean there are a lot of other

opportunities to qualify for the game so

i'm pretty happy with second place i

like i can't be older than happy so


it's so good to be back


you happy with the placement you have oh

i am i have i made a a few mistakes

throughout the weekend so i'm happy that

i still got there

what was the best part of the weekend

it was the crowd

the goosebumps when uh you walk out to

the floor you're so stressed to start

your workout and then you just hear your


it's just the best feeling in the world

what now

what's your what's your path you know

you know oh so now so


i've only been training normally for

eight weeks so now it's just


so i just keep on training are you gonna

go to waterfalls

yeah bro


get some experience back in this body

feeling good

better than before the last workout it

was difficult to have four workouts the

last day and with shorts break

everything but for the same problem

doing european france

and maybe to grab my qualifications for

the games and after uh rugged and uh

and french for them he never ceases to

amaze me but i'm not surprised but

and it never gets old i will tell you

that it's so cool to watch i mean he had

already won and granted there was a lot

of money on the line but still that hurt


that's so cool such a great competitor

you know

it's so fun to watch it

it's fun to be along for a ride i'm so



do you think anyone can beat matt frazer


do you think you could be the man to be

i mean i think anybody can be beaten um

and i'm not gonna count myself out i

mean if i do that then i'm pretty much


admitting to losing um and i wouldn't be

a competitor or an athlete if i didn't


to some degree that anybody can be

beaten um

it can take any event one thing can

happen you know

you never know and i think for him he

just has to be pressured i mean i

definitely think whoever is going to

beat him has to be

120 on their a game and cannot have any

mistakes because he doesn't make


and that's

one thing of why he does so well when he


since being able to just capitalize on

that and

see how the weekend goes do you think

this competition would be a good gauge

to see where

that is well you're not trying to

compare yourself to matt and such but to

see where you're at as well yeah i mean

the fact that so many games athletes

come to this event so i mean you're

looking at probably

25 out of 37 have been to the games in

the mail side so

it kind of gives you

kind of a good headspace on where you're

going to be at going into the season

based on how you probably do here

because most of the people are starting

to change their training for

events like this where there's a lot of

money backing it and performance side of

it that

didn't get you to the game so i mean

everybody's probably gonna be coming and

bringing their best a game to

show up here to earn the spot



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