Dec. 1, 2023

The Biggest Scandal In Sport? (Cricket Corruption Documentary) | Real Stories

Published May 11, 2023, 10:40 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Cricket has been embroiled in a major corruption scandal for years now, with many high-profile players being caught up in the scandal. The scandal has led to the downfall of many high-profile cricket figures, and has even resulted in the sport being banned in several countries.

The scandal began to take shape back in 2015, when several cricket players were caught taking bribes in order to fix matches. This led to the arrest of several high-profile figures, including former captain of the England cricket team, Andrew Strauss. Strauss was later released on bail, but was eventually convicted of perjury and conspiracy to cheat and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Since then, the scandal has continued to unfold, with more and more players being caught up in the scandal. In 2018, several players were arrested in connection with the scandal, including former captain of the Sri Lanka cricket team, Mahela Jayawardene. Jayawardene was later released on bail, but was later charged with conspiracy to cheat and corruption.

The scandal has had a major impact on cricket, with the sport being banned in several countries. In England, the sport was banned for a period of five years following the scandal, while in India, the sport is currently banned following the scandal involving the IPL team, the Chennai Super Kings.

The scandal has also had a major impact on the sport of cricket, with many players being forced to retire due to the scandal. In England, several high-profile players have retired due to the scandal, including Strauss and former captain of the England cricket team, Michael Vaughan. Vaughan has said that the scandal has taken a heavy toll on him, and has even said that he would have never imagined that he would be involved in a corruption scandal when he started playing cricket.

The scandal has had a major impact on the sport of cricket, with many players being forced to retire due to the scandal. In England, several high-profile players have retired due to the scandal, including Strauss and former captain of the England cricket team, Michael Vaughan. Vaughan has said that the scandal has taken a heavy toll on him, and has even said that he would have never imagined that he would be involved in a corruption scandal when he started playing cricket.

Overall, the cricket corruption scandal is one of the biggest scandals in sport and has had a major impact on the sport. The scandal has forced many high-profile players to retire, and has even led to the sport being banned in several countries.

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you can't talk about Cricket without

thinking about the values that were

behind it

the whole idea of fair play you walked

if you nicked it to the heat keeper you

you didn't claim a catch that was on the

half volley

all these things were part of what we

were trying to say to the world about

the way we should treat one another


the spirit of cricket I mean it's it's

Integrity I think it's honesty it is its

own code its own moral code and it

served the game pretty well for 130 140


I remember Kofi Annan at the United

Nations in New York once making the

comment about something that had taken

place in the world and said that's not


has never played a game of Cricket in

his life but he knows what Cricket

stands for and if someone at the United

Nation the head of United Nations could

use that term it means that Cricket

stands for something and the game should

never be allowed to die

how could cricket ever die

it's grown from the Green Fields of

England to become the second most

popular sport in the world played and

watched by a billion people

my name is Sam Collins

this is my friend Jared Kimber


we're too among those billion Cricket

fans from different backgrounds and

different sides of the earth we've been

mad about Cricket our whole lives and

eventually it brought us together


now we get paid to travel the world and

watch it as journalists

in 2011 we set out to make a film about

the game we love and what future it had

in the modern world

we couldn't have known then that we

would stumble across one of the biggest

scandals in sport

or what we would learn about the men who

were supposed to be the Guardians of the


Cricket is going through a turmoil

it is going to destroy the game

and all forms of the games

family have been involved in playing

cricket and

administering cricket


we have no interest to hurt Cricket in

any way that is

incorrect or that in the end we would

stand by helpless as 140 years of

History was buried in the urban desert

of Dubai

this is our story

it's a story about people about greed

about power about the endless pursuit of

more and the precious things that are

lost along the way




it all began when I was trying to make a

career as a cricket journalist and I met

Jared an Australian blogger who had come

to London to shake up the establishment

quickly realizing we had more chance

together than alone we started making

web videos for Cricket freaks we named

ourselves after a famous drunk cricketer

and our mascot hansi bought a notorious

match fixer the results were often



we had two things in common our sense of

humor would you mind if I asked what

color your trousers were well I know

what color my trousers are and a

lifelong love of the oldest form of

cricket test Chris



if you ask me what made test Cricket

unique I'd say it as the one sport that

is not just about winning it's about

what you learn over those five long days

it's called test cricket and that's what

it is it's a test

it's a test of your skill it's a test of

your courage and it's a test of your


certainly there's a batsman as far as I

was concerned that test match was

perfectly known it was a test

about the contest Nation against nation

that against bull it's like gunfighter

torque coral and it's a nasty game it

was a real baddie

and he's coming after you the opening

batteries coming after you do you want

to be here

because he's gonna hurt you

about the way different people play it

test Cricket allows people to be big and

small and fat thin ugly and beautiful

slow and fast

and really know how the sport does that

that's a freak of a game

that's what makes it so special

about how it brings so many different

people together

of course the gentleman's game has never

been perfect but it's our imperfect

but however great we thought test

cricket was we were constantly being

told that there was no place in the

modern world for a game that was a

legacy of imperialism and lasted five


let's go what are you packing for

Australia India the sound and the other

woman it's Sam The Other Woman exactly

seeing as we were Cricket journalists we

thought we should try and answer the

game's biggest question

was test Cricket really dying

I'll only be away for a few weeks this



the first stop on our journey was

Jared's hometown of Melbourne

we had a crew and a camera but no script

and no idea what we were looking for

so we picked up the phone to a

cricketing friend of ours someone whose

Journey would mirror our own over those

next few years basically it's only that

the whole film basically hinges on you

it really does tell him he's our human



Ed Cohen had just been picked to make

his test debut for Australia and he

wasn't your ordinary Sportsman if I had

to cook you a meal to knock your socks

off I'd probably do salmon fennel and

Dill on Avocado mango salsa maybe I

think you'd enjoy

Ed and Jared had met online a few years

earlier when he was just another young

cricketer trying to make his name now

somehow we'd persuaded Ed to let us

follow him through the biggest moment of

his career boys

we hope that his experiences would show

us what test cricket was really all


Eva was passionate about being the best

he always could at everything I came to

the Nets three days a week and it always

before a game he always wanted a quick

hit which meant about you know 400 balls



EDS was the sort of story that made so

many people love sport

for years he struggled with injury and

then moved his family across Australia

to Tasmania for a fresh start





now at 29 he was finally making a name

for himself

it feels as though all the little


feel like they've been justified in a


to ruin your arts career to move to an

isolated island off the South Australia

just so I could play cricket yeah that's

a big move so in a sense it feels as

though that's been Justified I guess


what we were watching was just the

culmination of a lifetime dedicated to

one cause

playing test Cricket for Australia

test Cricket for me it is the game

it's the only Cricket how I judge

creepers by

to all of a sudden be in that cauldron I

don't know how I'll handle it until the

occasion I guess boxing that test mate

when boxing day arrived 80 000 fans

descended on the Melbourne cricket

ground for the biggest day in the

cricketing calendar

Ed had entered A Whole New World

walking over here I was really quite

nervous this morning you know obviously

when I saw him get hand with his baggy

green it was very emotional moment

this is Ed's dream come true like out

there today

his head would be spinning this is you

know he's one of his stream ever since

the day he was born I think

Cricket in Australia and our Summer's a

big deal test Cricket Bay rank Up's a

big deal it was a symbol for kids to

dream about and for people to Aspire to

and for people to admire




boxing day and just think about it cam

what's he going through 29 years of age

he's got a technique for test Cricket

I'm really looking forward to this the

beautiful thing about Cricket is you're

in control of Your Action so you become

very routine focused

so a lot of the times you don't notice

the crowd it's it's a blur you can't see

anyone in the crowd you can hear them

but it's sort of that white noise

when you're at the Striker's end and you

see the bowler running in

it's not just physical it's how you

breathe and the number of breaths and

the type of breaths and it almost

becomes this sort of meditative state

that you can get yourself into when

you're batting

you know 80 000 people are coming to

watch you play cricket and you're just

in your own little world enjoying your

own private test match



on strike


now those 80 000 people in the Melbourne

cricket ground and millions more at home

on television waited to see if Ed Cowan

was up to the challenge but he does tend

to leave the ball a lot he makes Ballers

ball at him

he's away


thank you


it probably wasn't until just before

lunch that was a moment I sort of took

stock and looked around thought oh my

God there's some people here what are

they doing just had a moment to myself

of this is awesome having a great time

just just keep going mate you're doing

just fine

it's done a very good job today in the

attack swinging through the new ball now

a chance of making a 50 on day boom

that's it

it's the start of taking a big

opportunity red count 50 on boxing day I

had no idea where where Jenny or any of

my family were

at that moment

so yeah probably got a little excited

with razor but I thought I'd acknowledge

the whole crowd and at least I know that

I would have got them to some degree





three days later Australia had won the


when it was over we saw Ed in the

changing rooms awesome

Ed Cowan was now a test cricketer and

the struggle had been worth it

watching Ed's success it was easy to

forget we had come to Australia to

investigate whether test cricket was

dying you got my head off fortunately

most of cricket were on hand to bring us

back to Earth

am I looking at you Samuel yeah one two

three four I'm ready what are you asking

me I've forgotten

this isn't supposed to be serious is it

what I think test Cricket is dare I say

it extremely vulnerable at the moment do

you care for the future of Tesco I do

fear I fear for the importance and the

relevance of test Cricket there probably

is too much international cricket most

definitely short test series that don't

really mean anything I definitely do see

crowds not coming as they used to before

the world's got faster you know I think

attention spans are shorter how do you

get a 20 year old to come and watch five

days people under 25 are dropping off

cricket and under 15 it's a vacuum it

doesn't exist

as Cricket fans we were used to hearing

this sort of thing

some people had said test cricket was

dead the day it was born

that no one in Victorian England had

time for a game that took days

but 140 years later it was still going

and at the same time Cricket had

constantly reinvented itself

the game's modern hinge Point had come

in 2003.


when Cricket had invented the latest

shorter sexier format of the sport 2020

condensed a five-day game into three

hours and if test Cricket demanded

patience and concentration 2020 was full

of big hits and instant entertainment

the public couldn't get enough and 2020

was now played in leagues around the


Chief among them the Indian Premier

League Cricket's new zeitgeist

you see so many flats going right around

the ground and you need a shouting the

name we want to see

okay I'll give him a six whoa


it's a great feeling going going going




seemed like cricket was in the middle of

an ideological war it was test Cricket

versus 2020.


hey I'm here foreign


test match here at the Wacker ground in

Perth you should have seen edcard and

David Warner go to the middle chair they

ran out and in Australia as Ed Cowan's

first test series continued we were

seeing the battle play out for ourselves

whereas Ed's defensive style made him a

traditional test cricketer his opening

partner David Warner had shot to Fame in

2020. Warner was aggressive and exciting

and the crowds and the advertisers loved

him they want to see probably three or

four hundred runs in a day you know it's

probably it is toughest test Cricket you

know you've got to have to play your

shots and

people like to see that and that's



it's true


I'll tell you what it is it's a huge




Styles made for a good partnership it

felt like Ed and Warner were competing

for the hearts and minds of the

cricketing public they



test Cricket


epic really he's gonna be a hero

yeah I think I think we're setting to a

great great combination

it's amazing they're 150 after 23 hours

of water would it be okay


could you write 1016 please as well one



combine these ones with these ones oh

you'll never take away chess Cricket

delicious four five six

we didn't get it Warner and Ed both

still wanted to play test cricket and

the game allowed both of them to succeed

and if Warner in 2020 brought new fans

with them was there really a problem

the head of cricket in Australia

believed not at least in his country

in our part of the world tesscreates in

fantastic shape I think we've seen over

the course of the last decade

a real re-emergence of the strength of

test cricket

it would appear on the surface that

there are different and and perhaps even

greater challenges in other parts of the


so where and how was test Cricket


Gideon Hague the most respected Cricket

historian in the world was the perfect

person to give us our first lesson in

the Arcane world of cricket


could you should you outline for us what

the key problems with Cricket

as you see

the best I've got as as one of the chief



condense it into

um into into a question which I don't

think administrators have have answered

which is that um does cricket make money

in order to exist or does it exist in

order to make money

and I think that hitherto the first is

applied increasingly the second applies

so test Cricket's problems came back to

one thing


satellite television boom had turned

Cricket into a billion dollar sport but

that money came predominantly from the

TV friendly shorter formats

and particularly in the three countries

whose economies and populations combined

to generate huge value television deals

this meant that their national boards

were entrenched at the top of cricket

it's funny you know the end of

colonialism is always meant to beget or

nurture democracy but in fact what we

have is an increasingly oligarchic

Cricket state run by two or three

powerful nations in cahoots with each

other forming alliances as And when they

see fit

it was a different story elsewhere with

the other Seven test-playing Nations

virtually bankrupt

one of these with a team that had first

helped me fall in love with test Cricket

25 years earlier


West Indies had been the best team in

the world for a generation until the

mid-1990s but today with a small

population and television audience they

were unable to compete on or off the

pitch with the big three nations

an increasingly typical story among

Cricket's smaller countries for whom

playing test Cricket made little

Financial sense

and cricket's big three were less and

less interested in playing test Cricket

against them

occasionally you might get a two test

matches or three test matches against a

top team

so will that leave you as one of the

teams below so you're gonna oh you're

gonna look at it now you know it's it's

it's it's ridiculous you know now with

Indian English and Australian

administrators organizing more and more

lucrative matches between themselves

West Indies had little option but to

play fewer test matches and more of the

more profitable shorter formats

while we're seeing the rest of the world

as far as the administrators of the game

are concerned don't care about West

Indies cricket you hear a lot of talk

around oh a world cricket won't be

strong until West Indies are strong

I don't think they administrators feel

that at all you know world cricket would

be strong

as long as you have plenty of money

it was clear world cricket was in

serious trouble so who were these

administrators and what were they doing

to our game

well the nature of administrations

actually changed quite a lot as crickets

become more lucrative and more

culturally significant it's attracted

more and more politicos

and they're not particularly interested

in people who are fans of the game

to help us understand why the big three

countries would not support the survival

of test Cricket around the world Gideon

directed us right to the top of the game

have you thought about doing Haroon logo

yeah yeah he'd be good

look he's talkative at the moment

because he's pissed off


do you want to turn that off

isn't there I don't know Haroon log out

was the chief executive of Cricket's

governing body the international cricket

Council which distributed over a billion

dollars of TV income equally among the

10 test Nations

but it was easy to see why logat might

be annoyed he was just a servant of the

ICC board made up of Representatives of

the boards of those test Nations

are you frustrated and you can only push

Cricket so far

in a sense that you've got to work with

the members

um is a challenge

um it's frustrating in the sense that we

don't have executive authority to do as

we as we would like it means uh dealing

with each of the respective members is

challenging that we've got to get

together to to make the best decisions

for the game and that's not always easy

main problem was the icc's most powerful

member the board of control for Cricket

in India the BCCI whose potential TV

audience of 1.3 billion made them the

dominant force in Cricket's economy

with Cricket's poorer Nations relying

upon the TV revenues from India touring

their country no one could afford to

disagree with them and behind the scenes

the BCCI rather than logat controlled

the ICC I'm not concerned about the

strength of the pieces here

what concerns me more is about the

weakness of other boards I think

governance is impacted or affected if

you've got weak member boards

now though we had heard that the Indian

board wanted to change the way ICC

revenues were divided so that they got a

larger share of the TV income at the

expense of the smaller countries and

they appear to be blocking logat's

attempts at reform until they got their


Logan had announced he was retiring

early but if we'd hoped he would open up

we would be disappointed

what is the reason if you're leaving

your position I think four years is a

long time in this role I feel that I've

contributed in the in the manner that I

feel comfortable with and I think I've

done as best as I can and is perhaps a

good time for someone else to pick up


lying if if everyone just goes well you

know I can't see anything on camera but

I can hint at the fact that something

might be wrong it's just like just come

out and say if everyone comes out and

says something maybe some something will





but as India lost their third test match

in a row others did start to voice their

fears that the BCCI were no longer

interested in test cricket

it actually means a lot because you know

you're a passionate

and it means it's a case of misplaced

priorities it means you're not taking

test tickets seriously it means 2020

cricket and one day international

cricket is the be all and end all of

Indian cricket my question is to the

Indian cricket board is the Indian

cricket board interested enough in

saying test match cricket is our

priority the actions have told us that

it's not


the Indians seem to be besotted on 2020

Cricket in the IPL so the current

administrators have got a a huge

obligation now to see to it the cricket

a test Cricket in particular maintains

its status

whoever one should say anything they're

most welcome to say it be my guest

if India is powerful at the moment so be

it you know the others have to live with


it was clear that we were no longer

making a film about test cricket

test cricket was just a small part of

the battle for control of the whole game

and there was no way Cricket could deal

with any of its competing interests

without proper governance


cows at the feet of the Financial Muscle

held by India

India who have every right to run the

game they want to run the game and why

shouldn't they Run the game if they


the greatest interest and income are not

prepared to be held responsible or


and so this extraordinary Circle


uncertainty and lack of pastoral care



there was one final test to play

and India would lose again


Ed Cowan had had the summer of his life

and for all the problems we were seeing

he was a reminder of the simple dreams

the sport was built on


he's almost a farewell


what do you want to know

want you to tell me that you feel tired

emotionally drained but uh very deep

sense of satisfaction

it's 10 times 50 times better than what

you could ever imagine


it's it does feel like the start of



one of the great characters of Edward

which you can get what to the whole

thing is he plays Cricket for a team

he's always played Cricket for a team

he's been taught to think like that

you don't be famous you pray because you

want to win the game

team wins not you


as we left Australia we were worried for

the future of cricket and that if test

Cricket died these values died too

trampled in the pursuit of money and



the laws which govern the game 100 years

ago were in a very crude State I mean so

this is this is a piece written in 1887

about 1787.

but back in London came the bombshell

Cricket needed

as a final Act harun lawget had

commissioned the English judge Lord

Wolff to assess ICC governance

I was asked by the international cricket

Council to have a look at their

governance because although I'm

certainly not an expert cricketer

I do know about governments

with regard to the conduct of the


in the field there were rules in place

to ensure that they behaved in

appropriate manner

but what applied on the field of players

didn't apply in the boardroom

they weren't governed by any ethics as

far as I could see

and decisions were being made with

regard to large sums of money

which didn't have in

place the sort of protections which

would normally exist in your local club

or you would expect to exist in your

local Club

Wolf's report called for independent

governance to sort out an organization

fundamentally unbalanced by the

self-interest of its richest members and

lacking basic accountability and


it warned that Cricket faced dire

consequences if this advice was ignored

surely the game had to listen

so we went to see Giles Clark the

chairman of English cricket and

England's representative on the ICC

board to ask him what he thought

Lord wolf said in his report I quote

Cricket's a great game deserves to have

governance including management and

ethics worthy of the sport this is not

the position at the present time

do you agree with it no

I don't

okay he also said currently the ICC

reacts as though it's primarily a

members Club it's interesting enhancing

the global development of the game's


the question is what is the ICC

and Lord Wolff in my judgment is yet to

fully understand what the ICC is he's

entitled to his view I'm entitled to my

view and as I've indicated I don't think

it should be a members Club I think it

should be run for the benefit of cricket

as a whole rather than the interests of

individual members

I've heard more nonsense described to me

as bit something is that it's in the

greater interests of cricket what is the

greater interest of cricket

because I'm very clear on what crickets

needs in this building and in this

country are

what is in the interest of cricket is

that support surely it provides an

exciting and dramatic spectacle at

International level where the contests

are seen as being fair


Clark's background was running Pet Shops

and a wine business and here he was

telling us that a former law chief

justice knew nothing about governance

the BCCI rejected Wolf's report too

it seemed crazy but no one was surprised

the wolf report was calling for turkeys

to start working voting for Christmas he

was saying that that the people who run

Cricket are too powerful they should

give their power away it's a turkeys and

Christmas scenario they're certainly not

going to vote themselves out of power do

you think we'll ever have an independent


uh before or after Hill freezes over




we had to find out why men who appeared

to have the best interests of cricket at

heart were being ignored so we went in

search of the people who were really

running the game


our next stop was India a chance to see

for ourselves the country whose so many

in the west were blaming for all of

Cricket's troubles

this was a country the British once

ruled where Cricket had been used to

spread the colonial ideal


things were very different now Modern

India was like 1920s America on speed on

a fast track to modernity as

infrastructure and Society struggled to

keep up

the one thing that United this land of

vast extremes was cricket

and so it made sense that in three years

the IPL had become a multi-billion

dollar brand in the process cementing

India's status as Cricket's richest



in India they say that three things sell

Cricket religion and Bollywood and

suddenly you have this mixture of

cricket and Bollywood coming together

and the cocktail is so powerful it is

maybe its Mega entertainment for the an

average Indian


it was our first time seeing it in the

flesh and it was unlike any Cricket we'd

ever seen before it was incredible


the IPL had been forced into being by

one man one ego the aspiring Indian

administrator lalit Modi



was incredible

I don't think anybody could have done

managed to do what he did Modi was a

Maverick with a checkered past who found

his niche in cricket after spells in

television and marketing in 2020 he saw

the perfect opportunity to monetize the

Indian market he gets stuff done the man

is a genius at what he does do you think

it's fair to say you don't need any more

introductions you're such a celebrity

now no I'm not a celebrity I saw a very

keen businessman though I'm told he

comes from a history of failed

businesses but I mean everyone talks at

the other side which I didn't see so I

don't know if it exists probably does


I think this is a godsend and I think

this is the best thing that's ever

happened to Indian cricket

IPL doesn't compete with test Cricket it

can be Bollywood

and it's mobilized a whole lot of people

who previously had never been pretty

so how can that possibly be bad for


well there was one problem

modi's model changed to not-for-profit

sport into a commercial free-for-all

10 40 am and the auction bars the IPL

generated huge amounts of money for the


it was contested by privately owned

franchises sold to Mega Rich celebrity

owners who spent huge sums of money on

signing the best players from all around

the world

Kevin Peterson there's a lot of players

out there can thank Modi for making them

very very wealthy people one million

Cricket had never seen sums like this


you're playing international cricket and

you say oh okay I'm getting a thousand

U.S for our International one day game

and then when I look you see you're

playing a teacher in the game and you're


eight hundred thousand

that can't be real

so ion Morgan the English if you look at

football all those guys have been paid

these big huge business and the cricket

change into a big big business

the problem was the two-month IPL season

went up directly against international

cricket and with none of the smaller

countries able to match IPL wages

players were forced to choose between

playing for their country or earning

vast sums of money anywhere else at the

end of the day you um you only play this

game for a short while so you've got to

maximize your opportunities it's

relative you have been branded as that

set of players going off going off to

the money and so forth but you know

listening you have to face reality in


and while we were in India this reality

was being born out on the other side of

the world

our friend Ed Karen was playing for

Australia against the West Indies side

missing Gail and several of its other

best players because they were in India

at the ipl's arrival with Ed Cowan

brought stability to the innings Cowan

made his 50.

you're not turning them up in the

country but just presenter a perfect


deep down inside I know I've

accomplished some tough things in test


seeing how much money India were making

many other countries had started their

own 2020 leagues further reducing the

opportunities for international and test


back in London we'd spoken to Tim May

the players representative at the ICC

we know the players will go to where the

money is

so if international cricket really wants

to survive and along with a test Cricket

it needs to coexist with these let's say

more fast growing more affluent leagues

such as the IPL not conflict

otherwise international cricket

won't be much of a a platform for the

sport anymore it won't be the best

against the best and that's what

international cricket should be


with no one balancing the demands of

2020 and test Cricket the future looked

Bleak as we'd seen for ourselves the

previous month in Sri Lanka you're

watching the Chuck Fleetwood Smith today

I saw a silly short forward point and I

liked it close on day four in Colombo

good old-fashioned test cricket

Sri Lanka was a cricket mad country

where few locals went to test matches

the board was 45 million dollars in debt

and riddled with politics and conflicts

of interest we were there watching a

test series shortened to nothing so

players could go to the IPL

while everyone around us insisted test

Cricket remained the Pinnacle of the


this was a system that existed for three

countries with everyone else kept on

life support for convenience and as far

as we could see things were only going

to get worse

fortunately Charles Clark was on hand to

tell us why we'd got it all wrong

I think what you're doing respect

earlier stage in your journalistic group

and you haven't seen how things were in

these parts of the world cricket is the

national sport career will continue is

there no complacent to think that

Cricket will continue when the crap when

the Sri Lankan attendances of these

games now it's not remotely complacent

this game I I could give you the sort of

nonsense your spouting come straight out

of wisdom 1909

straight from the editor's notes it's

almost verbatim

the future of cricket is a dire problem

it's a hundred and three years ago

but whatever Giles said to us no one was

immune the IPL cut across the English

season two and back in 2008 Under

Pressure to match IPL wages to keep his

best players happy England's

entrepreneurial chairman saw an

opportunity to prove he could do things

without India

Texan billionaire Alan Stanford arrived

at Lords with a suitcase of money to

make English Cricket an offer they

couldn't refuse

one night one game winner take all 20

U.S million dollars so let me get this

right if you win one million dollars per

player if you lose nothing absolutely

nothing I hated the concept it wouldn't

take all that was what really got me

and that that is it's not Cricket it

might be a silly old saying but you do

not play cricket for winner take all

that is not what the fundamental of

cricket is about it's not the spirit of

the game the old ways don't work anymore

you've got to change you've got to move

into the 21st century you've got to

think Entertainment Sports is

entertainment pure and simple



finger fell to Pieces they got

slaughtered by the Stamford Superstars

or All-Stars or whatever they're called

lost by 10 wickets and actually probably

the right guy's got the money in the end

the guys were less well off

it then turned out that Stamford was at

the top of a great big whacking Ponzi


and they've been taking money off a lot

of people and ended up in prison

and so that that didn't work out too

well for the ECB

will you ever shake the the island

Stamford foreign


it is a matter which had horrific

consequences for West Indies major

funder of Western District let's not


and for lots of people in the West



for us

it's history

what were the circumstances that made

you think that Stanford was a was a good


I don't talk about Stanford this

interview wasn't a bad stuff well it's

what the interview is about it's about

the decisions people make you must

understand that Stanford might appear no

we're not if

he uses about test Cricket I've got to

talk about test cricket

okay well it's it's uh I went harp on

about it but it is it is about the

decisions that administrators make in

order to to finally test Cricket as well

in order to promote again surely you see

that that is part of it

next question


somehow Charles Clark survived but now

his efforts to go It Alone had failed so

spectacularly he had little option but

to try and align himself with India

whether something's healthy or unhealthy

you're dealing with reality

without the Indians being willing to

play so much away from India

the situation for a lot of the boards

would be very serious indeed


back at the IPL reality was inescapable

whatever the merits of test Cricket it

was 2020 that was driving the bcci's

wealth and power

Ade is very boring because of the



the day is not far when I think

franchisee Cricket might take over

nobody has forced it down anybody's

gullet it's what the people want is what

the reality is


but I am no one to say that test Cricket

must be preserved at all costs

eventually it will be the people who


Aruna was right the people should decide

our fear was that they wouldn't have the


if money was the be-all and end-all test

cricket was doomed but were those

running Indian cricket really so

intoxicated on their Newfound wealth

that they had lost sight of what had

helped Cricket last so long in the first



2020 had not yet passed the test of time

and if this was the future our nagging

question was was it Cricket or even




cynically constructed magnificently

executed but entertainment nonetheless



as well sport endures entertainment

shows get canceled

I could be watching Major League

Baseball I could be watching like you

know European Champions League football

this is just smart I think it's just

about I mean big is more about like the

sportsmanship the stuff that comes along

with the game more than the game itself

right Jessica seems to embody that more



maybe it doesn't have those kind of

intricacies that test Cricket had that

it's endured almost 200 years

so I fear that this might cannibalize on

test cricket and then fade away on its

own that's the major problem


if Lal was right it wasn't just test

Cricket but the whole sport that was

under threat

but before we could reach any

conclusions about Cricket's future

we had to understand the motivations of

the BCCI

there comes time when money ceases to be


and unless the BCCI is able to be more

socially responsible and and play a role

whereby Cricket can go forward I think

world trigger is entering a phase and

Indian cricket is entering a phase which

is going to be seriously problematic I

think this is here is right now a

reflection of uh

the India the nation in the sense that

there is uh there is the sense of

grievance which they have nursed over

years and suddenly they have found a


there's a feeling that you know we can

we can't do any wrong

we had begun to hear rumors that the

BCCI were now threatening to abandon

world cricket to keep their vast

television revenues for themselves

Indian cricket administrators suspect

strongly that India is not getting the

full benefit of the profit that the

Indian game generates

then it might be better if India's just

sort of went it alone

if you like that the IPL was just the

the warning shots

if that means bad news for test match

cricket or international cricket in the

end it won't mind that too much

all roads now led us to one man the

president of the BCCI and the most

powerful man in world cricket the cement

magnet entering of acid

everyone we'd spoken to had told us we'd

never get to him

but it turned out that the Man known as

the inscrutable leader of an

impenetrable Empire

answered his mobile phone like everyone

else we were hoping it was really about

the the way that you know the future of

test cricket

it would be a video interview if that's

okay it would be a for a film

well that's very kind Mr srinivasan I

will be in touch and let you know how we

go thank you very much okay all the best


that was weird

so he's ready to just pick we found out

that that's actually like teaser


in Chennai

so when what do we do now do we go to do

we go to so it's going to be is in

Chennai okay flights Chennai flights


was the man responsible for the game

that was everything to over a billion

Indians what you see out there in the 22

yards is just not Indian cricket Indian

cricket is also played by the real

political parties in India it's it's as

political as it can be

that's how important Indian you know the

president of the BCCI is he's one of the

biggest celebrities in the country all

of these things taken together Indian

cricket is very serious it's very very


tell me that doesn't look like

now we had an audience with him Our

intention was to confront him with the

bcci's responsibility to the global game

what do you think of perception of BCCI



I think the BCCI

is a very well-meaning organization

and I could be unhappy or not to know

good we have no interest to

to bring down you know to hurt Cricket

in any way that that is a incorrect

IPL doesn't mean we have lost focus on


test cricket


believe in test cricket

when we turn to asking him about the

effect of the IPL on world cricket we

began to see that inscrutability for

ourselves the IPL has not really

affected that many players you know I

think that that to say that this is the


why test Cricket is you know the you

know players are not playing test

Cricket that that I don't accept

that's why the wolf report is concerned

I think first and foremost it starts out

to say ICC should own the game I don't



and then now you want to say that the

person who provides you the money should

not have an automatic right to sit on

the board

how much did the ICC is politics we're

all equal when we sit at the table there

we may have differing points of view we

may have different points of view on it

on some issues but

that doesn't mean there's politics in it


that I won't accept

we left with a warning to make sure our

film was fair and balanced to those who

were merely Servants of the game

shrinivasana had proved as evasive as

we've been warned and we never got to

the bottom of what was driving the BCCI

or srinivasan himself

they don't own the game

he was clearly doing it with an agenda

and I failed that too

we don't need administrators we need

people with vision and and guts and


because srinivasan's position at the

head of the BCCI contained a serious

conflict of interest

a company called India cements

yet he's also the secretary sorry now

president of the board and he runs an

IPL team isn't that a conflict of

interest and they change the rules they

actually change the Constitution so that

Mr srinivasan could actually buy a


in 2008 srinivasan's company India

cements limited had purchased one of the

eight original IPL franchises the

Chennai Super Kings

I see these it meant that the man who

could decide the future of test Cricket

stood to benefit financially from the

tournament that threatened it the most

so was srinivasan's personal interests

influencing BCCI decisions we had to

speak to the one man who knew him better

than anyone his former Ally lalit Modi

by 2010 The Cult of Modi had become too

big for srinivasan to ignore

the BCCI used him when he was at his

best he was the marketing Czar who could

do no wrong and then once he became too

big for his for his boots perhaps he was

becoming the face of IPL it was a

tournament synonymous with lalit Modi

and not the BCCI the BCCI pushed him

aside after the IPL final which then I

beat Mumbai at 1am last night the BCCI

then emailed a 34-page chart sheet

against lalit Modi listing 22 charges

even propriety ranging from Financial

irregularities to rigging bins

thank you

do you think that the IPL would have

existed without develop mode

I think the IPL has gone from has grown

and is better

and there is no controversy now

so you're saying he was he was the

reason that there was controversy before

I don't want to you know

I don't want to give importance to lalit

Modi and talk about it

claiming to have received threats to his

life Modi had fled the country for


as the world he'd helped to build

carried on without him



so now we headed back to London too in

search of the man we hoped would shed

some light on what shrinivasan was up to

I love the IPL but I created it and

nobody can take that away from me

there are many allegations against me

and um and not not single one proof two

years down the line I'm fighting it and

I'm and I'm convinced that it's all

political and and we'll fight it going

forward and Mr srinivas said the better

instead of talking about srinivasan what

Modi wants to tell us about was how he

was the potential savior of test cricket

the the players who play test cricketer

are the ultimate players of cricket

T20 should be there to supplement it and

to subsidize it to a certain extent and

but to bring the gift Vans back into the

game so this seemed a remarkable

turnaround from the creator of the IPL

but we couldn't ignore a man who had

proved he could make money and expand

Cricket's fan base we as Cricket


our job is to promote the game and build

the fan base and this is what people

forget our job is not only to get the

money money will come

if you can keep the fans so the key and

the fundamental issue is don't lose your

focus on the fan

always have the fan at the center of

anything that you do

at the end of the day you've got to find

ways and means to to enhance the game

and the politics should play a secondary


the problem for world cricket and its

fans is the politics does play a role

there were 105 countries who played

Cricket but only 10 were allowed to play

test cricket and they awarded themselves

three quarters of ICC revenues

meaning the others including several of

the biggest economies in the world were

starved of the opportunity for


mypd cricket league plays a modified

version of the sport called 2020 which

is 20 overs per side and more popular in

the United States

China for example only received thirty

thousand dollars annually to grow the

game in a country of 1.4 billion people

there was though a potential answer to

this problem using 2020 to take Cricket

to the Olympics

what the Chinese government told me was

that once it becomes an Olympic sport

then the amount of funding we get from

our government is going to be so large

that we you know we will pay for

everything but just get us to a stage

where it becomes an Olympic sport

Olympic status would see the Chinese

government pledge up to 20 million US

dollars a year to the development of


you reach out to China you reach out to

over a billion people even if out of

those 1 billion people 10 play cricket

it's a hundred million people that's

what it's about

and that's what should be the role of

sport is to bring pleasure to hundreds

of people thousands in this case

millions of people

China are just one of many countries who

would benefit from Cricket's Olympic

inclusion so what did the ICC think

about Cricket in the Olympics

what do you think of cricket in the



I think it's a tournament for too far

the Olympics takes place during the

English season it's impossible for us to

set aside time fret it would have an

enormous economic impact on the game in

this country it's a non-starter but you

could see how it could appear to be an

example of a board person its own

thoughts first rather than

the game as a whole in terms of you're

talking about growing I have every right

to put my board's interest first


the sport we love was shrinking before

our eyes


how many sports in the world are

actually Contracting are actually trying

to diminish the number of

countries that play at its top level

that just seems to be cutting off your

nose despite your face


and as nobody seemed interested in doing

anything to help Cricket it was time for

drastic action

you know in terms of getting the

Whistleblower and stuff like that is

that something you'd be prepared to talk


I quit the Chuck Fleetwood Smiths to

finish the film and get it out there

this was taking over my life

Jared remained on the inside with his

ear to the ground for development

it's not about Cricket it's about life

and it's about things that people love

most frigate fans have no idea that

their game is basically being strangled

by the three major Nations

then things started to get strange for

both of us we'd released a trailer to

raise money featuring a picture of

Charles Clark and Alan Stanford and it

seemed it hadn't gone unnoticed as

Jared's press pass was mysteriously

withheld at a meeting at Charles Clark's

office Jared's boss was asked to explain

what we were doing with this film

Clark also wrongly alleged that Jared

had racially abused an ICC employee

all we'd wanted to do was make a film

about test Cricket now we'd wandered

into a 70s paranoia movie where our

careers and reputations were at stake


an ex-member of the ICC told us we'd be

making things worse for ourselves if we

carried on

as interviews we had been promised were


others scared about repercussions

wouldn't come on camera

things were getting murkier by the day

for the first time in my life Cricket no

longer felt like a game

it exists mainly for the interests of



entrepreneurial administrators

elite players corporate investors and

sponsors and the fan the fan where he's

considered at all is there to be

monetized and to be exploited


but just as we were losing faith came a

reminder of what we were fighting for


chain so we're now two men out on the


there's the back foot again and wow


cut nicely he's looking good

and he's really putting in at the moment

there's another beautiful backward card

because they need a couple of

individuals to stand out but it just

might be in counties

look at it






going through a counter



boys and hours the hard yards training

sessions the net practices that coaches

the advice thought

the thought decision to go to Tasmania

and then finally the realization of that





a great moment


back in London as a new year dawned we

had a breakthrough of Our Own

as one of the sources we'd been chasing

finally agreed to talk to us


David Becker had been head of legal

Affairs at the ICC and a key Ally of

Haroon lawget but had quit his post in

2012 disillusioned at how cricket was

being run he wasn't Keen to go on the

record yet but finally this was a

credible Source giving legitimacy to all

the rumors we'd heard about how

srinivasan and his lackeys were

controlling world cricket

now we weren't alone

and in search of an ending to our

investigation off we went again this

time to the new home of cricket Dubai


ten years previously in an apparent show

of democratization and modernity the ICC

had moved from Lords to Dubai

with tax saving opportunities finally

forcing a break from its Colonial womb

now their headquarters stood in Dubai

sports city a half-built monument to an

Era of global excess this was where the

most powerful men in cricket met to

decide the future of the game and we

were here to see it for ourselves

but we had to find them first that

actually doesn't look unlike it all

right well there's ICC on it so that

should narrow it down that one over

there because no one knew where these

meetings happened or what was said there

was no press conference No Agenda no

published minutes to explain decisions

worth billions of dollars that affected

billions of people

and as David Becker explained later

India with the help of England and

Australia were regularly manipulating

votes at the ICC board table

a set of legal I was responsible for

overseeing all the legal aspects of

international cricket

2012 became obvious that

decisions amongst the key Powers

particularly the big three were being

made in the corridors and being

presented to the ICC board

he became aware that there was a pattern


these proposals which ostensibly in the

best interest of the game were being


it didn't occurred to me that either I

try and Implement from the inside some

of these changes that emanated from the

wolf report or I leave the organization

and I chose the latter


back on the trail of the meeting we got

a tip off

yeah it looks like he's saying at the

Marriott there is a few Marriotts do you

know if there's an international cricket

meeting at your hotel

it is excellent


in the best traditions of investigative

journalism we found ourselves a fake

shake and headed on in I thought it

looked quite cool

we knew we wouldn't be welcome but we

had to pierce this ridiculous secrecy

and ask srinivasan and Clark one

question why was cricket shrinking on

their watch


send helmet out into the roofing

if you if you go out onto the roof mate

unfortunately our Shake hadn't charged

his camera battery

but soon the main men started arriving

Peter gingoka head of cricket in

Zimbabwe and right-hand man to Robert

Mugabe then a familiar face arrived

Charles hello



we waited all day for the closest we got

to answers was a press officer we just

we just want to ask one question we've

been investigating this film for two

years everything comes back to this

meeting we have one question which just

comes down so it comes down to

transparency and accountability Sammy

this isn't heads of state this is


I'm sorry if we are doing this I will be

very very unhappy can you can you sure

so no

when it was over we felt like we'd blown


we'd come all this way and got nothing

but even we couldn't have imagined what

was really going on behind the scenes

that day


it wouldn't be long before we found out

that things were far worse than we had

ever suspected

first one of srinivasan's opponents and

a vocal supporter of the wolf report

players representative Tim May was swept

aside from his position at the ICC as

the BCCI pressurized national boards to

get their candidate elected in his place

um we're aware of the fact that the

captains have come under pressure not to

vote for somewhere there was this

pressure put on them that if they didn't

vote for that particular candidate that

tours would be taken away or India would

not tour those particular countries so

when they were told that who are they

being told that by and they've been told

by their boards by their individual

boards who obviously were filling the

pressure from BCCI

maze replacement laxman sivarama

Krishnan was from India a country that

didn't recognize player unions

this is just exactly how qriket runs and

the major decisions being made at the

ICC have been made just the outcomes are

a function of threatened intimidation

severama Krishnan just happened to hold

an interesting link to srinivasana

Christian is an employee of India


if someone comes and says oh that is a

direct connection between Mr srinivasa

and shivarama Krishna


but crickets neither the Long Knives was

not over yet

next in srinivasan sites was Haroon

lorgat who was back in cricket as chief

executive of cricket South Africa the

BCCI were quick to make their

disapproval known I believe I've done

everything I possibly could

but we we shouldn't be naive about the

influence that people have

as far as we have differed on issues

several times

but there's nothing personal

to punish South Africa for a pointing

logout the BCCI threatened to hit them

where it hurt their TV revenues

in a development bordering on the Absurd

the BCCI has reportedly threatened to

pull out of the tour to South Africa

later this year

eventually India settled for a shortened

tour costing South African Cricket tens

of millions of dollars

the ICC and the rest of cricket just

stood and watched

to David Becker the ICC were ignoring a

binding agreement to the tour I was

quite astounded by this

any company that passes a board


is required to act in accordance with

that board resolution and enforce it

otherwise it acts

contrary to principles of corporate law

it acts illegally

at this point Becca released a public

statement putting his career on the line

for his principles I felt it was really

important to come out

particularly at that juncture

if an organization was not prepared to

uphold and enforce its own resolutions

it was a significant issue for the game

of cricket

there's no doubt that those within the

game are very frightened about speaking


he's a very powerful people who run


the message to the rest of cricket was


don't cross end srinivasan


but not everyone was intimidated


I just had a chat with Alec mode he

seems to have a big allowing us to spend

some time with him observing him he he

is um

I just I don't know what to make of him

yet I think I think Larry could hold the

key to the whole film basically because

he is the one guy he knows every he

knows where the bodies are buried

whether we trusted Modi or not he was

our best chance of finding the one piece

of evidence that could reign in

srinivasan and bring proper accountable

governance to the ICC

B somebody emailed me I don't want to

ask him where he got it from I have an

open invitation on Twitter Modi showed

us emails he claimed were one example of

how India England and Australia were

colluding to control the ICC board

it's basically three or four people

and how they manipulated over the years

their plan of fixing the ICC uh


have their own personal domain and how

they have encroached upon good


um and but but distribute to the game

and it's important to expose that

but even lalit Modi didn't seem to have

the Silver Bullet that Cricket needed

maybe his reforming Zeal was encouraged

by the Troubles of his Nemesis back in


is srinivasan's IPL team the Chennai

Super Kings became embroiled in a match

fixing Scandal that led right back to

srinivasan's Door the Mumbai police is

likely to question

upon who's the son-in-law of Chennai

Super King's owner and srinivasan

srinivasan son-in-law in charge of

running the Chennai Super Kings was

Court placing illegal bets and tipping

off bookies about team selection

suddenly srinivasan's Empire appeared to

be crumbling I have done nothing wrong I

have no intent intended to resign I mean

right there is a degree of morality no


Mr srinivasan and gurunath mayapan are

implicated in the in the whole Saga Mr

srinivasan not directly but being BCCI

president and being the father in law of

Guru may happen should have stepped down

and Guru not mayapan by having vetted

has brought the game of cricket into

disrepute there is no two ways about it



first to put the boot in was of course

lalit Modi


what in the IP a lot of the ICC as a

matter of fact without the stamp of Mr

srinivasan what I created can't be taken

away yes I am responsible partly for

children price Mr Modi how much of

responsibility would you yourself take


I take full responsibility for the fact


um that I created a monster


Cricket is going through

a turmoil

and turmoil not because of the product

but because of the administration

do you know what the Quantum of betting

is today

two billion of the game

now when you talk about two billion

dollars a game you're talking about a

whole new economy

for the first time

we are seeing family members of cricket

administrators in Poland


and match fixings

we don't know where it stops

what is the biggest Taboo in the

corporate world it's insider trading in

inside a training business you're

playing with money

and greed and it's to do with adults

in the case of sport

it reaches down to our children

it reaches down to everybody and it's to

do with the emotions


it is going to destroy the game

and all forms of the games

Modi was screaming from every media

platform available but no one was


somehow srinivasan clung on to power in

those months that followed how was a

mystery to us at least until we took a

step back and had a look at the world he

had created for himself

everywhere you look in cricket there is

an India cements employee

or someone who owes something to

srinivasan the current captain of India

Ms dhoni is also a vice president of

India cements the captain of Chennai

Super Kings I mean where does this whole

thing stop it's not so much that he's

running the game he's become the Alpha

and the Omega of the game he's the very

center of it you can't dig him out

because he is crooked at this point he

he's at this stage any committee to get

rid of him he'd be on the only people

who could stand up to him and try and

get rid of him have got too much to lose

if it goes wrong

which makes you question what their

motivations are yeah you can't be

involved with training bathroom at this

point and not be tainted with that brush

I mean everyone knows what he's doing

it's now out in the urban there there's

been newspaper articles there's been

supreme Court trials have been

everything that you need to know that

there is something going wrong and that

he's not running qriket correctly what

we're talking about is businessmen

willing to do absolutely anything to

keep hold of unpaid positions running a

not-for-profit sport

it doesn't make sense he's actually

making money out of the Chennai Super

Kings and then on top of this you've got

money being made from an illegal Cricket

stream that links directly back to him

so what is actually happening is is this

on page or is there an actual reason why

he's so desperate to keep his power and

he and he just wants it so bad why do

why are these men so desperate for this

power of cricket what are they getting

out of it but we're not understanding


but just as we were trying to work it

all out suddenly we got the answer we'd

been dreading we were too late to stop


the BCCI has given a green signal to a

proposal that will give three countries

that's India Australia and England more

power and more money while the BCCI

claims that this move is for the

betterment of the game it could just end

up destroying world cricket as we know

it in January 2014 it emerged that the

boards of India England and Australia

had been working in secret for over a

year on a series of dramatic reforms for

world cricket these were fundamental

changes to Cricket's governance they

just happened to be the exact opposite

of what Lord Wolff had recommended

meaning the BCCI and ancient nivasan

will take Central leadership of all

International cricketing affairs

the draft also proposes a new financial

model with the big three set to have the

Lion's Share India England and Australia

had awarded themselves over 50 percent

of ITC revenues this money would come

from funds previously allocated to the

smaller test Nations and the development

of the game have you seen the dhoni

email about this entry navasana would

become the new chairman of the ICC and

effectively head Cricket's

anti-corruption unit when several of the

poorer boards objected the BCCI made it

clear that if agreement was not reached

India would walk away from international

cricket now the proposals appeared set

to be forced through in Dubai

this time at least there would be a

press conference

we had one final trip to make


I'm very disappointed I would hope that

Cricket would not have adopted the

attitude that it has to putting his

house in order

England Australia

and India say trust us

it's a power grab and a money grab and

that's all it is

I think Mr Putin would be very proud of



it's like they want to be superpowers of

the world

if it is agreed Cricket will only be

played subcontinent and nowhere else


Mr srinivasa will stab them


if you dine with the Devil

said you should use a long Fork



the vote would be a formality


the Takeover of the game wasn't in the

shadows anymore it was part of Cricket's

new constitution

and it went against everything the

gentleman's game was supposed to stand



we had started this film to see if test

Cricket had a future and instead

discovered a sporting scandal

a global game and the billions of

dollars it generated was being hijacked

by three countries

who without transparency or

accountability were putting their own

interests ahead of the dreams of a

hundred others at the expense of a

billion fans around the world


without proper governance Cricket as we

knew it had no long-term future

but we felt that the many people who

lived breathed and funded it deserved


and as we sat there in Dubai and watched

it all unfold with the culprits nowhere

to be seen we realized that while our

questions may have made no difference at

least we had recorded the whole story so

that all those other fans could see for

themselves how the very men charged with

Cricket survival seemed hell-bent on its


to to be truthful had much Authority



thank you

when we first came into camp for the

ashes series

it felt like the Apex of of months of


the biggest moment of your career in

Ash's tour away from home

felt like everything had had gone to


and that was the moment

but a change of coach

there was a different feeling around of

you're under pressure you're playing for

your spot

I was batting at a net with David Warner

which clearly was a bat off and I

probably had the greatest net session

I've ever had

it just felt like everything was coming

together it was flying well head was in

a really nice spot


oh just come out so it's another

left-hander so two left-handers at the


averages 32 31 years old

listen to the crowd now


from The Pavilion I saw the ball


what I thought was a full toss you know

just hit hit a full task when they put

it in hand runs in a bowls to Cowan he

drives and his caught himself

first ball and listen to that noise

and you sort of look behind what have I



oh he's caught it I want a remarkable

day I have to go there what do you mean

has Carmen chased it's a horrible shot

I'm afraid for a number three batsman

he'll hate looking at that again why did

he play that nerves pressure goodness

knows what that was a poor shot and I

was just about to say that


and then the chargeback goes over this

can't be happening this is an absolute


I was just so angry angry that I let

myself down

angry that I let the team down



test matches do things that strip a man

to the Bone

they they bear your soul they

if you're if you're below standard in

test cricket

you're exposed

as in no other sport

do you feel that the Australian public

have judged you now

ah interesting question yeah they

probably have

what do you think they think of not good


good Aussie Butler style trigger but not

good enough


I can't see a lot of purpose to Cricket

without test matches just as I can't see

a lot of purpose to literature if it's

if it's only Haiku uh it's

it exists you know T20 needs something

to be shorter than

um you know it it

there's something about the Epic scope

of test Cricket that you would not

create now that is kind of unique to it

that can never be built again and once

it's lost it can never be replaced


we will feel its absence when it's gone


the ICC is like a large family

and humbled by this opportunity to

provide leadership to the ICC

to provide I think a more financially


financial position to

full members Associates and Affiliates

and also take steps to take cricket


to all parts of the world no one is

going to buy a newspaper or turn on a

television program

to watch a good news story about

Administration in sport

but people aren't interested and why

should they be you know we perform these

roles unpaid

didn't forget

and it's very time consuming because we

love the game we're interested in the

game we care about it

there will be a time and we will see

everything starting to think I told you

so I told you I've warned you so I've

been trying to tell you again and again

and again and I keep hopping about the

same thing again and again because I see

how detrimental it is to the game

because I love the game

not for any other reason

somebody otherwise other than me would

have probably walked away

I have done nothing wrong there is

nothing there is no charge of wrong I

mean I have not done anything wrong for


I should feel


hesitant to take this position when

there Comes A Time in every man's life

where they need to stand up for the

things they believe in I believe in the

governance of the game I believe in the

Integrity of the game I believe it's

been compromised what matters to us is

that the team are properly written about

the team is what people are interested

in the national team the county teams

that's what people follow

that's what people should be interested


we hope that we can bring back

the good gentlemen's game back policy

not only in the playing field but also

in the boardrooms I can't accept

that Cricket has an image problem you

know there may have been some instances

rare instances few and far between

but I think almost all Cricket is very

competitive and very fair hard for us

you hope for for

I hope he enjoys his Cricket does as

well as he can and


when it's over it's over

you can

kick and scream and whinge

we can get on

well it could be a lot worse off I'm

very lucky I'm healthy

happily married have a beautiful



poured all my energy into playing


it has felt like I've I've given it

my best shot


it's a great leveler

it's pretty true to life you can think

that you're brilliant one moment and

next minute you're out first ball for

naught seems to me to be a bit of a

character builder


and I think you're better off for the

hurdles that you get over as a result of

playing our game


would you do it again

yeah in a heartbeat


when I was a young kid growing up in

school when you know people would ask

what do you want to do when you grow up

and I just said I want to be a test

cricketer it's the only life I've known

you know we react quickly now so that we

you know Safeguard and protect us


just needs us to support it and work

with it


we're quick it is in 20 years it's out


because I'm still playing it

is the Players game

and they'll take me out of here in a box

because I think it's the best game in

the world








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