Dec. 1, 2023

Buff Psychopath Accidentally Crafts Stone Age Cloning - Rise of Ages Gameplay - Let's Game It Out

Published May 12, 2023, 6:08 p.m. by Naomi Charles

We all know that feeling. You're just minding your own business, crafting away in your workshop when suddenly you realize you've made a mistake. A big mistake. You've accidentally crafted something from the Stone Age!

It's not all bad news though. In fact, this could be the start of something amazing. With the right strategy, you could use this mistake to your advantage and rise to become the most powerful ruler of all time!

So, let's game it out. What would you need to do in order to make this work?

First, you're going to need to find a way to clone yourself. This is essential if you want to be able to rule an empire. There's no way you can do it all on your own!

Once you've got that sorted, you'll need to start building up your army. This is where the Stone Age comes in handy. You can use your clones to create an army of unstoppable warriors!

Finally, you'll need to put your plan into action and take over the world! With an army of clones at your disposal, there's no force that can stop you!

So there you have it! With a little bit of planning and a lot of clones, you could become the most powerful ruler of all time!

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hey everybody welcome back to let's game

it out I am Josh we are playing rise of

Ages today it's a side scroller Survival

building prehistoric thingamajig you've

got wooly mammoths and polar bears and

Buffalo all existing on the same blood

showered mountain range so I think

everything's gonna be a good time game

is an early access currently version 0.1


oh boy we need to make ourselves a hot

young caveman here I think says hot and

young like that like that something

disagrees with you look I love stuff

like this because no matter what kind of

face I give this person they've still

got this like rock-hard chiseled body

which makes sense you're gonna need that

to survive the elements cuz this takes

place in prehistoric times oh yeah

that's the hairband style we're probably

gonna go for or that tussle just by the

beach look too sexy too sexy let's go

with the hairband look got a preparing

case bangs come back in a style

start to turn into an anime character a

little bit which is okay by me let's

give them more of an anime face there we

go there we go we're gonna go with that

nice youthful look without a beard I

think okay these skin colors all make

sense to me this one these all these all

are great right I'm not trying to be

judging here but you look a tad

jaundiced Jonny hot body I feel pretty

good about that I think oh did you see

how fast he jumped out of bed that is

that is some high alert stuff there what

noise is that it's coming from outside I

better see what's happening I better

take my bandolier Spears with me woah

okay okay

push up to leave the place Jonny huh

Jonny hot body it's great you're alive

hurry up we gotta get out right now

what's happening the kamati tribe is

being attacked yeah just like you know

go back to all the pillaging we do I

apologize in advance or anything I

mispronounced here the economic us

finally and I know they won't want to

let us see alive something we need to

escape immediately

should I get those Spears in my place I

want to go for them Spears hurry up

we've got to get out right now

okay well my guy still looks incredibly

happy-go-lucky all things considered Oh

someone killed the Wicker Man here hi hi

can I have that spirit yo you're not

gonna use that spear can I use that

spear oh man this poor guy died with his

eyes open is that guy friendly I mean he

said die but he doesn't seem to want to

hurt me my fight oh I can do you see

that sick dodge I can do they're

impressed if you press down his face

you'll be able to pass through

platforms maybe there may be a place

around here where we can go down and

then find a place like a McDonald's well

okay they wanted us to go down so we'll

go down I dropped down whoo thank God

for the water which one of these is

breathing oh it's the little bubbles

okay got it got it we got a place to

escape from the akun on now we need to

find a way out or we could just live

here Oh omaticaya did you take damage

like I did lift these torches watch out

watch it oh my god oh my god maduk I

need your help

Vatika fight him fight him fight him

fight him you don't seem concerned about

the fact I'm getting my [ __ ] ruined by

this bad here what do I got in the way

of quests or craft or technology whoa

what's the og or me no suit taken away

by seeing you to the future arcade this

time can I take a spear please let's

check out my inventory of which I've got

a whole lot of nothing although Johnny

hot bodies looking pretty hot body

Johnny can we take this oh yeah okay

this is much better

oh yeah Johnny hot body now we're

talking I could move the village or I

could just stay here do squats work on

my 44 pack over here guys don't worry

Johnny Hut buddy's here hey

okay seriously why can't I take this you

pillaging our own village what is this

let's talk about this let's get you down

into the well and see if we can't figure

out combat mode this time hey can I open

this ah silly me

put that on take this I don't care where

you put it just just put it on oh yeah

oh yeah hot bodies ready to fight now

where's that bat oh you want some now oh

oh my god this thing's still coming for

me if I get hit by this thing that's

that's definitely rabies see what else

these ancient crypts have for me nice we

got sticks and we got Flint how about

trying to make some tools he's like all

watched press C to make items with your

hands I got just the right materials to

make it done watch yourself Matic eye

whether you like it or not you're going

first a medic I did you ever wonder how

I got my name might be from doing this

all day long okay there we go Matic eye

following your don't I kind of don't

care let's open this up apples I like it

yeah eat it right in front of Matic I'm

addict I do like how it gives me magical

powers you'll never know are these guys

Androids by the way why is it when they

run into the water they just go like the

hell was swimming right I mean I can

swim if I choose to I think we reached a

dead end path at least for now what like

this is the end of early access I

believe that if you use the materials

you've collected during the excavation

you can create a past

the top and maybe that is our way out

fine you just wait here Johnny hot pie

he's got you covered here I like it's

like Anna I can build a little stairway

so we'll just go ahead and make the most

rudimentary thing possible oh that's too

bad mattock I sorry is it too hard to

get up here that sucks I'll be seeing

you bye

Oh God oh he just pops in on you Matt

okay manic I check this out Oh got

another chest yeah cool a mask to scare

children there we go I didn't think I'd

get any hotter

okay Matt okay where we going now oh

right I need to go the other way

so yeah this game takes place in

prehistoric times it goes up through the

ages but I believe right now in early

access they're focusing on the

prehistoric age damn it they found us

you're dead the Kimani tribe will be

extinct there is nowhere to run our only

option will be to fight but

unfortunately I do not have a weapon

please be strong and face this battle

for us yeah I'm not gonna give you my

pickaxe I'm glad you didn't even ask

okay so watch this oh you'd like that

job you like that perfect dodge here hit

him hit him take him he's he's juicy and

weak okay so combat in this game is not

my strong suit

Oh my stamina is depleted I'm just gonna

hide him back here

dodge okay okay good

can I take can I take your big hug Club

damn it Matt Oh Kyle you scared his body

away oh man I could eat right through

the mask

- Johnny hot body really quickly became

a nightmare fuel finally I can see a

light at the end of this path looks like

we got it what's this we stuff a tribe

has been devastated but let's not think

about it now we need to find a place to


let's go out and meet us in the green

fields I don't really understand what

any of that means but uh-oh

hello now I get to strut along the

overworld green fields enter side let's

enter from the left

that's a beautiful day in wherever this

is well I can just mine whatever look at

this I can just I guess I can't actually

I can hit it for a while and look good

doing it so we got trees we got really

really what did I do to you why why is

this normal prehistoric arrow is tough

work we're gonna

go away stop I need you guys to chill

already oh my god I'm gonna die too this

thing no don't hit me oh my god are you

serious okay

okay the penalty is not too far back

thank goodness center from the right

this time okay hopefully there's no

Troublesome Birds on this side cuz that

wasn't a good look when Johnny oh crap

hello I come in peace nice to see you oh


hello I didn't do anything but I

recommend we don't stay in the area much

longer oh I see

oh yeah this is the kind of fighting I

want to be doing one more should do it

whoa so when things die they just drop

that that wasn't your mate was it let's

just forget this happen okay you go your

way I'll go mine oh no no no no that

wasn't you no oh come on that wasn't for

you dude really like your chinstrap this

wasn't for you do you see the bird do

you see the killer bird oh my god I'm

leaving bye bye enter on the right again

will he leave me alone like do you think

everyone is forever hostile I got oh

good I'm glad you were staking out the

location waiting for me to come back

here there we go yeah give me those

feathers where is that nice young man

that I bludgeoned for no reason I think

that dude is gone he's like I'm not

waiting around for this to get worse

yeah harvest this corn yeah I think that

guy's just gone go is this your home

am i interrupting something well here I

am in Greenacres I guess I'm the oh crap

my worst enemy okay Johnny hot pot you

got this let's go no no no no no no no

no I mean Apple I mean even Apple you

need two apples okay I need you to stop

I need you to oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez no

no no hey hey hey oh yeah did you see

that hot move oh Jesus Christ oh my god

oh my god Johnny hot body take three

it's persistent when I die like I keep

all my items that's kind of nice Buffalo

good to see you loving those vistas in

the background there wow they just don't

make animals like they used to look at

this dude I've never seen a land animal

so content underwater hello I'm gonna

try not to hit you this time whoever you


is this randomized this will randomize

hey I heard that somewhere there is a

stone that we can push and move it and

without much effort what is it made

you hi would you like to join my village

maybe I should have a village before I

make such proclamations to this

gentleman Oh God Oh God okay well well I

guess you're not joining my village so

let's just let's agree to just nod I'm

sorry dude can I at least have your

spear though no I'm just taking that to

the grave with you well that's cool Josh

and a Johnny hot buddy let's make an

effort to not keep hitting stuff okay

the green acres here are meant for a new

place for you to live and it's not

designed for you to just kill people or

I don't know maybe it is oh my god Green

Acres is long ooh

Malakai I'm sorry mattock i'ma Takei

what are you doing hello Johnny hot body

looks like it's just the two of us now

are you talking about I just saw that

dude over there we have to rebuild

everything now without the tribe you

need to learn to take better care of

yourself ah speak for yourself

he's got like a negative 10% body fat I

don't know much but I know that I love

you if there's something I know how to

do well it's fire I'll teach you how to

make fire to withstand the chill of the

night we'll also share a sleeping bag

bring me three Flintstone in five wood

which I'll show you how to do all right

show me show me some day the a Kanaan

will receive a fair punishment for what

they are doing okay what am I supposed

to do now I'm gonna harvest some stuff

weirdest pose I can find three

Flintstones in five woods let's just

start hitting the ground

don't put your back into it there's one

thing I know the best way to mine keep

your legs straight bend at the hips like

a hinge that's pretty much how it works

can I stop these guys from oh I totally

can't watch this if I build this up here

this is like oh no oh that's that's

gonna be too bad isn't it I Buffalo

listen I'll leave a little space so you

can breathe but that's your new home now

you're welcome sincerely some crazy guy

in a mask who found some Tomatoes ooh

bananas let's eat some of that stuff

because we're not doing so hot I'm gonna

put some of the stuff in my inventory so

don't accidentally eat it because it

seems so so likely that I'm going to can

I see corn raw hell yeah I can I'm not

afraid ah so the yellow meter is for my

food and water is pretty

self-explanatory oh hello how are you

sometimes I can see different lights in

the dark sky of the night there's all

these eligible people okay so we got

different looking minerals here let's

hit this thing and see what we got

oh I got Flint so we're just gonna dig

down and get us some Flint we're gonna

want this stone anyway I can already

tell cuz we're gonna want to build us

something exciting let's check out our

crafting menu here we're gonna want to

make a flint axe

to do that we're gonna need ten sticks

which I get from bushes I don't know why

but I assumed if everyone walked around

brandishing a weapon they'd be ready to

fight like you've got that giant bone

don't you think he'd be ready to just

kill like anyone you saw especially a

psychopath like this dude whoa whoa easy

there lady is what about these bushes

can I oh yeah here's beat on these

bushes and I have rosemary this game

just went from a ten to an eleven so

let's take our thing here just hit this

bush ah so I got some sticks not enough

sticks to make okay I think that's it

see open I'm a crafting menu let's make

a flint axe which he made in record time

yes and now I can do the Lord's work

yep there we go watch out Buffalo all

right you're fine yes suck it all up yes

so I got my 5-wood game's got pretty

vibrant colors I like that nighttime has

what I prefer which is sort of the

Hollywood way of showing nighttime where

you know it's everything is nice and

bright and illuminated and you sort of

her like yep it's nighttime but you

could still see fully what how did the

Buffalo escape oh my God look at the sky

I've lived in big cities all my life and

I feel like you can never see the stars

especially not like oh you doing okay

there oh come on really go after that

dude dude medic I I gotta be honest like

I appreciate that you're just doing

whatever it is you're doing but you're

never gonna be this buff come here you

all right I'm gonna defend our home oh

god oh god maybe I won't okay I got him

once twice three times the lady [ __ ] not

gonna let him ruin our I'm gonna let him

ruin our happy home any longer crap I

need one more Flint stay right here okay

oh hell yeah you can run an eight oh

come on really really why do you do so

much damage well took care of him let's

see oh I see some Flint oh geez oh geez

I wasn't prepared oh no oh no this again

this going from bad to worse no come on

no no no no no no no no no no no no no

no no why is this happening leave oh you

want some oh god oh god now I've done it

oh this is just all bad everything about

this is bad sorry matica it's up to you

now good god do you see how hard this is

thankfully I'm a clone and I just keep

coming back can you imagine if it was

like one and done it's just like no if

you died that's it don't thank god

you're still here Matt okay let's talk

shall we

that'll do now we can create fire look

learn okay I'll be looking what was I

supposed to be learning

I watched you kneel you had you covered

the whole thing with your back you

taught me nothing amazing isn't it with

this you can follow your journey well I

better go out and get some materials and

food to build a new home I'm seeing some

trees not so far I'm gonna go click some

wood there if you need me I'll be right

up front

bye e new technology I've got I know how

it wait so we didn't take a second to

really check out what kind of crafting

we can do here we can make a new club

with our materials which is any type of

wood how do I make a bow so I can't make

a bow yet but I can make an arrow

because I got them feathers we're gonna

make a stone workbench because we're

definitely gonna need them dude Jonny

you are one strong dude

all right let's just where can I put

this temperature right I can't build it

too close to Malachi's place just like

it's gonna offend them or what okay and

after here look at all the fun stuff we

can make we can make bone clubs we can

make fur stuff more importantly we can

make window panes let's take a look at

our technologies too so as you can tell

we are currently in a Stone Age we've

learned how to control fire soon we'll

get ceramics agriculture stone carving

writing reading loving okay well that

felt really good let's upgrade to the

great club oh yeah that's much better I

mean I realize it takes forever to swing

but I'm gonna rely on its brute strength

let's try it out on this dude oh yeah

he's feeling it dude matica is not out

here good running for a while wait why

am i taking damage

hello I'm hungry eat the corn eat the

corn eat the corn now eat the corn eat

can't eat the corn hope God that was

really close I almost died had it not

been for those four raw stalks of corn

Hey look mattock is over here what

happened there buddy cough cough medic I

what are you staring at the acronyms

reached me before I could reach the

forest they know we survived and they

will come after you find the kuda try if

they can help you go soon leave this

dying man here to die I have no more

salvation Kafka take this I had just

finished doing it the moment the akan on

attacked me use this flag to create a

nation to build a new tribe okay I'm

counting on you bye

look for the kuda tribe and get

permission to enter that harvest his

body can I have a stuff don't mind my

friend he's just dead do you suppose

this is what prehistoric times were like

just like times were hard when you're

when your only friend dies you're kind

of just like well oh dang it that guy's

got a cooler mask than I do mine has

that peering through the fence all

creepy look though I need to find the

kuda tribe huh is the plan that I take

over the kuda tribe so let me get this


can I just uh oh look it's all it's so

cute and I just put this wherever I feel

like it like should I be building it

here or can I build it anywhere I want

there we go I did it I'm a nation now

create city oh boy city name ABS ville

nation name body land with an e I guess

that a little bit of extra sass this in

any city you establish in the future

will belong to the nation you're

creating now multiple players can belong

to this Oh God

Oh God create body land now Oh God Oh

God ABB's ville Oh God

okay okay well that really took the

steam out of it when I'm trying to found

a city over here something shows up it

just starts fighting me right Buffalo

you feel me on that I'm thirsty I'm real

thirsty oh no to the water and hopefully

we can drink it okay Jonny eat some

bananas no you know in hindsight I feel

like I should have founded my village

like like not in the middle it should

have been like way on the left side so I

didn't have to keep running to this crap

like that effect on the Sun looks really

nice back there so how does this work I

guess when you're just underwater he

just drinks that's just what he does as

he's running through the water he takes

himself a nice big gulp there it is I

feel pretty accomplished now everyone

knows what's up so go ahead and put our

stone bench down somewhere again we're

word is oh hi oh okay Oh stranger I

found out that I can write anything in

stone yeah that's cool would you like to

join my village talking about ABB's

Ville meet you in the village I hate to

break it to you dude but you're here

this is the village it's time to go

recruit late into the night which you'd

like to join the village little guy

greetings and salutations you want to

join my village ABB's Ville population

see you in the village okay wow this is

real easy

hey there Lord of a spear could really

use your help who all do you want to

join my village you look like you got

abs needs you in the village bye I

didn't realize it was so easy to get the

band together oh geez the tribes mortal

enemies here let's go to another region

but there's some cool stuff to see over

here in

you think the CUDA live here I just got

this weird feeling let's review the

happy-go-lucky nature of this dude by

the way he just watches his whole tribe

die then he watched his only friend die

then he built his tribe in a stupid

place not going to say that's anyone's

fault oh hold that thought hot hello

halt who are you what is your tribe why

are these Falcons so pissed why do they

hate me so much

I'm from the tribe I've heard about it

what do you wish

maduk I told me about you and you could

help me against the akan on I've never

heard of the mattock I but everyone who

hates the akan on as we do you're

welcome you may come in can I come in

now please please please sooner the


Oh storm's a-brewin that trees seen

better days

hello you're tall and strapping tell me

your story stay out of trouble you

always go ok fine whatever

si rob he's like what the hell was that

oh wow is this like a prehistoric

mansion boromir's that you are taya's

I'm arte Asst chief of the kuda tribe

who are you stranger I have Johnny hot

body of the tribe body land body Linda

mm-hmm I think I've heard of it but it

didn't seem like much we were not a big

tribe now but I already belonged to the

Kimani tribe and the only one left after

the a cannot attack I see but then what

are you looking for an our tribe a

friend said the kuda tribe is at war

with the a cannot and that you needed


we need strong allies not the ashes of a

defeated tribe I'm sorry but there's

nothing I could do for you right now

banana get this guy out of my house


she's like over it bring me more of this

drink prepared with the delicacies of

the South I'm sorry but that's too

specific of a drink mother for I'm sorry

but the fruit is over in our tribe only

the tin Bala tribes still have some in

their warehouse then send a servant

there to negotiate I want all they have

unfortunately everyone is too busy for

such a long trip at this time God you

needy little bastard I could do that job

for you save yourself it's too early to

be beaten by forest bears I want to show

you that I can please let me do this ok

you have all the courage maybe you got

some strength take this trip and return

as soon as possible so we're on a beer

run basically look for oranges in Timm

Bala Johnny hot body is not afraid

unless it's like bird related then he's

like really afraid this is kind of cool

you can just walk around like

immediately and just check

stuff out I mean look at the mighty

travel I'm doing Oh Tim Bala this is it

Tim Bala found it as a reminder we're

looking for oranges you think that bears


oh no no if they see you they're not so

friendly oh you want to stand up on the

hind legs here check take some of that

Oh God Oh Oh God

Oh No Oh No I wonder if I can filled

stuff to stop them can I do that like

can I just I'll look at that I stopped

him this is great yeah what do you think

of that huh looks like you're stuck over

there what are you gonna do now this is

the ingenuity of humanity right here if

there we go oh no that's okay I go oh

yeah all right so before I get mangled

to death we're gonna cap it here this

was our first look at rise of Ages

honestly had a pretty good time I can

see lots of base building happening here

lots of tribe management could be a lot

of fun let me know in the comments what

you thought of this game so that's gonna

do it for this episode of let's game it

out as always I am Josh thank you so

much for joining me and I will see you

next time



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