July 22, 2024

GIRL SHAMED For Playing ROBLOX GAMES Ft. @KreekCraft | Dhar Mann

Published May 12, 2023, 6:08 p.m. by Naomi Charles

It was recently brought to my attention that some people think girl gamers are not as good as boys. I strongly disagree with this opinion and think that girls can be just as good, if not better than boys, at playing video games. I’ve been playing video games for years and have never felt like I was at a disadvantage because I was a girl.

In fact, I think that being a girl gives me some advantages when it comes to playing video games. For one, I tend to be more patient than boys and I’m not as easily frustrated when things don’t go my way. I’m also pretty good at multitasking, which comes in handy when I’m playing games that require me to pay attention to multiple things at once.

One of the best things about being a girl gamer is that there’s a growing community of us who are supporting and encouraging each other. It’s great to know that there are other girls out there who love playing video games as much as I do. We can share tips and tricks with each other, and it’s always nice to have someone to talk to about the games we’re playing.

So, to all the girls out there who love playing video games, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not as good as the boys. You’re just as good, if not better, and you have just as much fun playing. Keep gaming and don’t let anyone bring you down.

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no you're gonna die no I'm not I got


I'm almost there and of course oh

um you made me die you know you're not

supposed to be playing that game now

give the tablet to your brother what's


Jaden is getting straight A's while

you're barely passing

take out your work you're supposed to be

doing it

I still can't believe you're getting a c

in English what difference does it make

I'm not gonna use any of this stuff when

I'm making millions developing games the

only thing you're going to be making is

ten dollars an hour flipping burgers if

you don't get these grades up it's not


so many people make a killing off

developing Roblox games it's a real

career mom not for you it's a waste of

time and money and don't think I haven't

forgotten about the 800 credit card bill

you racked up buying those Road dollars

row credit whatever it is Robux whatever

don't even think about touching that

tablet until all this work is done

I can't stand her

she treats you so much better than me

how because you're a boy I don't think

that's it you heard what she said it's

cool then it's because you're adopted it

has to be it

I died how are you so bad

I've built games on Roblox harder than


you're gonna die again

you're terrible here let me show you how

it's done

no your mom said who cares what she said

I don't understand how she thinks

learning about relative clauses and

indefinite articles is actually going to

help me in life

give it to me

wow you make it look so easy I could

beat this game in my sleep

hey couldcraft just upload a new video

I'm gonna watch it as soon as I finish

this game


don't distract me I'm almost to a

checkpoint Harley you should stop

talking what did I say

um I just finished my work that's why I

was playing not only are you not

listening now you're lying

give me this tablet what no that's mine

well you shouldn't have given it to her

now you both lose Electronics when we

get home for a week a week no no you

have to be joking I have this Roblox

game I'm almost done development you

can't do this fine for a month

for talking back to me do you have

anything else to say

that's what I thought

I saw that


she's got eyes in the back of her head


surprised to see you in here are you

studying for tomorrow's English test too

do you think I'm really in the computer

lab after school to study for some dumb

exam yeah right trying to finish this

Roblox game I've been working on why

don't you just do that at home

because my good old mother took my

tablet and my laptop away

these Roblox is a waste of time and I

need to spend more time studying for


so annoying I'd die if my parents took

my electronics away

whoa whoa what's going on in here ah

don't tell me you play Roblox

she doesn't just play she builds games

genius yeah right like anyone ever plays

for games I stop my check there's no

Barbies in Roblox

I'm developing an Avi dummy not that you

know anything about that you're the type

of guy to carry around a skateboard who

doesn't even know how to skate

every man

not only do I know how to board but I'm

also a better game developer than you I

just finished a new game yesterday hmm

it's weird because I oh hearing about it

no me neither oh yeah it's because no

one cares about your dumb game

Harley I've been looking for you I was

in the new Creek craft video I started

it but I didn't finish it why free cross

holding a Roblox developer competition

for high schoolers top prize is one

thousand dollars what you have to enter

if you win then maybe your mom will see

that it's not a big waste of time and

give you your electronics back that's

actually not a bad idea summer

hey you win yeah that'll never happen

now that I know I'll be answering and

then we'll really see who can be the

better developer I can't wait to

embarrass you in front of everyone

hey Jayden appreciate the heads up man

get lost Matt


thanks for proving my point

if he's as bad as developing games as he

is skateboarding I've got nothing to

worry about

about that using my computer science

class and he's pretty smart also I've

watched him play Roblox and he's way

better than me at least yeah

well that's not saying much

all right guys so the entry is about to

close this is your last chance to get a

game in if you want to enter mute it so

I don't get distracted I'll just keep it

time's about to run out I know I'm

almost done

they're finished

so by when

wait what if your mom comes home and

sees it's fine my parents aren't going

to be here for at least hey guys we're

home early

we thought we would

where did you get those

did you go in my room

I I cannot believe you I am taking both

of these back Mom please you don't

understand I'm about to be in this

competition for Roblox no I do not want

to hear anything about that game ever I

should have thrown these away before

stop you don't understand how important

this is


it's all this yelling about

I'm in a competition that's about to

happen and mom's trying to take my

electronics away which she shouldn't

have in the first place Dad I just need

a few minutes and I might win a thousand

dollars a thousand dollars oh yeah right

she's gonna win a thousand dollars on

some silly game

but she certainly knows how to waste


she's telling the truth first place gets

a thousand dollars and I honestly think

Harley has a good shot


please dad tell mom to let me play you

always tell me I should follow my dreams

and this is it don't try to get your

father on your side she has a c in

English there's no way we're giving her

Electronics back okay just hear me out

why don't we just give her like 30

minutes see how this competition pans

out and if she wins maybe this is a

future for her and we'll support her now

if she loses uh we're throwing away the

laptop and the tablet

let's not get so extreme okay look we'll

take everything away from her until you

get that English grade up at least to an

A minus is that okay yes

thank you Dad you're the best

anything you want

now if you happen to win that thousand

dollars it's all going towards the

credit card purchases you said it was

800. it's called interest

fine deal

has it started yet

all right guys so that game was pretty

cool but next up we have Harley EXO

let's try it out

all right so right off the bat just

joining in gotta say really liking the

game how it looks so far everything

seems pretty good he seems to really

like it

so nervous

sure gonna win you have to win now why

am liking what I'm seeing here zombie

does kind of look like every other Obby

on Roblox it could be a little bit more

unique I guess

shoot I don't know anymore

come on come on okay so that was really

cool hopefully you guys had a fun time

with that but as always it always comes

down to one I have to pick one person

and I I think I'm gonna have to choose

let's go with mad attack 16. congrats

man you have one

my game was so much better than his

well I hope you learned a valuable

lesson young lady

come on hand them over oh



a deal is a deal


ever I'm over this stupid game anyways

getting these back until your grades

come up do you hear me

what you didn't have to be so hard on

her oh so now I'm the bad guy

because I wanted to focus on her

schoolwork and not some pointless gain


developing a new game no this time I'm

actually doing my English work

I hate writing essays I rather eat

vegetables for a whole year and you know

how much I hate vegetables are you doing

all right after you know yesterday

I'm sorry you lost but I'm sure there's

going to be another no I already decided

I'm giving up I don't want to be a game

developer anymore what you're kidding

you can't just give up after one


as your best friend I'm not gonna let



yeah Harley

what happened yesterday huh I thought

you were gonna win leave me alone Nat

are you sad

what happened to all that confidence you

had huh real quick

hey check this out 1 000 bucks more

money than you'll ever make on Roblox

hey maybe you should stick to playing

with Barbies loser later

just ignore them

it's not just Matt my mom won't stop

nagging me I lost the competition and my

electronics are taken away I'm just so

over everything

my whole dream of becoming a gaming

developer is just dumb no it's not

you're so smart and you're really good

at it don't let anyone talk you out of

this let me ask you this do you think

there's any Pro Gamer out there that's

never lost one match oh and do you think

there's any game developer that's never

lost a competition probably not exactly

and even any streamer like let's say

Crete crap you think he's never been

made fun of or want to give up sometimes

I don't know I've never seen anyone make

fun of him alright

well let's ask him like you have his

number I was just watching his stream on

YouTube I'm gonna ask him a question and

see if he'll respond or better yet let

us co-stream no that is so embarrassing

please don't oops

too late I just want to say huge thank

you 8 million subscribers like it feels

like yesterday we just hit 7 million

absolutely crazy the channel is growing

so fast and as a way to say thank you

let's let's invite a few of you guys on

maybe you can come live stream with me

let's let's see who we got here

this is you

yeah right I'm sure there's like

thousands of requests

I doubt that we'll ever get picked let's

go with hot hot girls Summer 16. OMG

take it that's you no no don't put me on

the spot like this I am

hey yeah I see you I I'm guessing you're

hot girl summer 16. no that's actually

my friend

don't ask me why her username is that

it's pretty cringe

sorry I'm just so nervous I never knew

I'd be able to talk to you my username

is Harley EXO wait a minute are you the

same Harley XO that was in the the

competition yesterday I I gotta say

Harley your game came this close to

winning it was so hard picking a winner

just because yours was was so good see I

told you she was just thinking about

giving up on developing games what no no

don't do that you're so talented why are

you thinking about giving up I don't

know it just feels like everyone around

me doesn't want me to

other than my best friend and my little


some of the kids at school were even

making fun of me it just sucks yeah I

hear you people can be really mean on

the internet I I get trolls all the time

I I guess I'm kind of used to it wait

you get trolled but you're creepcraft

yeah I know but that's something I've

learned as a streamer is whenever you're

doing something big or special there's

always going to be someone there that's

going to try and tear you down let me

ask you this if you could do one thing

with your life what would you want to do

definitely develop Roblox games

or any game really so would you say

that's what you're most passionate about

well I I think there's no way you should

give up there if this is what you're

passionate about this is what you want

to do with your life then you should

definitely follow your dreams here of

course it's going to be a bumpy road but

you'll get there in the end I can

promise you that thank you Creek craft

you have no idea how much this means to

me you're welcome and to be honest from

what I saw you've got a you've got a

great game here you've got a lot of

potential I think we just need to have a

little bit more of a unique Twist on a

little bit more unique spin give it a

little bit more color a little bit more

polish make it feel like that Harley XO

game make it stand out from the rest and

who knows maybe I'll be able to check it

out again on a future live stream thank

you again I will never forget this yeah

of course good luck all right let's see

who's next oh my God I cannot believe

you just talked to create craft

so does this mean you're not giving up

now are you kidding me no way I have so

much work to do

oh and I might need to borrow your

laptop a little bit if it's cool after

you called my username cringe no way

I'm just kidding it's a little cringe

sure you can use my laptop

with some inspo from Creek craft

Harley's more excited than ever to keep

developing her game

she works on different improvements in

making it more custom to her style

when it's all done the new version looks

and plays a lot better than the original


oh she's in for a big surprise creep

crap ends up checking the game out again

he loves all the updates and this time

he tells his followers to go play it

hardly in summer can't believe how many

people are playing her game

and the best part of it all is it turns

out to be a big financial success too

I can't believe how popular your game is

yeah it's insane

hey you're Harley XO right yeah I play

your game all the time on Roblox with my


oh thank you so much


I mean never in my life would I have

thought that my game is the one

hey uh you need some help getting up man

nah nah I'm good yeah I'm just

practicing some new complicated tricks

complicated huh yeah

well I'm sure you can do a milkshake

then right

yeah that's for amateurs all right well

uh let's see you do it then yeah

uh I'm all right I actually hurt my

ankle the other day right totally



wait bro isn't that that one trick you

keep trying but every time you do it my



's a tip why don't you stick to playing

with Barbies

oh whatever at least I'm still better

developing Roblox games oh yeah if

that's true then why is Harley's game

number one on the up and coming list no

I don't see your game on here do you

nope that's what I thought you showed

him oh


come on man

hi hey Mom

how was school


and actually I have a surprise for you

to get the money to pay back the credit


I know news travels fast and I have

heard that your game is doing very well

you're right I am paying you back with

interest oh but that's actually not the

surprise I was talking about


can you believe it wow I am so impressed

so proud of you

but the deal was

a minus to get your electronics back

actually I don't need my tablet or

laptop back from you at least because I

got my own

wait exactly how much money are you

making let's just say it's a tad bit

more than the ten dollars an hour you

said I'd be making flipping burgers


okay guys so hopefully you enjoyed that

video shout out the door man this was

one of the craziest moments being able

to collab and do a Roblox Starman video

that's super awesome but I want to let

you guys know about something else

pretty cool that Roblox game that you

just saw in the video the one you just

watched well it's actually available

right now to play in Roblox and not only

that we actually hid a bunch of Roblox

codes all throughout the game there'll

be a link down in the description you

can go play it you can go check it out

and if you're well some of the first

people to play through the game get to

the end I'm sure there's a bunch of

Roblox codes waiting for you have fun




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