May 29, 2023

PG's Top 10 Best Political & Government Simulation Games!

Published May 12, 2023, 4:08 p.m. by Naomi Charles

Politics and gaming have always had a close relationship. After all, politics is all about power struggles and gaming is all about trying to achieve goals. It's no surprise, then, that there are a number of great political simulation games out there.

Here are the 10 best political simulation games, according to politicsgaming:

1. Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is a political simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a country's leader. You'll need to manage the economy, keep the population happy, and deal with a variety of political issues. The game is complex and challenging, but it's also a lot of fun.

2. Victoria II

Victoria II is a historical simulation game that lets you take control of a country during the Victorian era. You'll need to manage your country's economy, diplomacy, and military, while also dealing with rebellions and other issues. It's a complex game, but it's also very rewarding.

3. Tropico 4

Tropico 4 is a city-building simulation game with a political twist. You'll take on the role of a dictator of a small island nation and must keep the populace happy while also dealing with outside forces. It's a fun and challenging game that's perfect for those who want to try their hand at political simulation.

4. Pax Imperia Eminent Domain

Pax Imperia Eminent Domain is a space-based political simulation game. You'll take control of an empire and must expand your territory while also dealing with other empires and factions. It's a complex and rewarding game that's perfect for those who want to try their hand at political simulation in a science fiction setting.

5. Power & Revolution

Power & Revolution is a political simulation game that lets you take control of a country during the modern era. You'll need to manage the economy, keep the population happy, and deal with a variety of political issues. The game is complex and challenging, but it's also a lot of fun.

6. Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold is a political simulation game that lets you take control of a country during the modern era. You'll need to manage the economy, keep the population happy, and deal with a variety of political issues. The game is complex and challenging, but it's also a lot of fun.

7. The political Machine 2020

The political Machine 2020 is a political simulation game that lets you take control of a presidential campaign. You'll need to raise money, manage your campaign, and make decisions that will determine the outcome of the election. It's a complex and challenging game, but it's also a lot of fun.

8. Wall Street Tycoon

Wall Street Tycoon is a business simulation game with a political twist. You'll take control of a major corporation and must make decisions that will impact the economy and the stock market. It's a complex and challenging game, but it's also a lot of fun.

9. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is a real-time strategy game with a political twist. You'll take control of the Soviet Union during the Cold War and must make decisions that will impact the course of history. It's a complex and challenging game, but it's also a lot of fun.

10. Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun

Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun is a historical simulation game that lets you take control of a country during the Victorian era. You'll need to manage your country's economy, diplomacy, and military, while also dealing with rebellions and other issues. It's a complex game, but it's also very rewarding.

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what is up guys politics gaming here and

today we are doing a brand new video

we're going to be discussing my top 10

government simulation games is going to

be political slash government simulation

game so it's going to be like maybe some

games that are kind of delve into

politics or it's going to be games that

do specifically go after government

simulation about all of these that you

have hurt you've probably heard of

um maybe you haven't heard of some of


um but I'm gonna go ahead and be

discussing it go ahead and leave a like

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I do make it now starting at number 10

is going to be democracy the democracy

and I'm talking about the game series in

general I'm not talking about a specific

game I'm looking at democracy for

however I have not played democracy for

um but the biggest thing about democracy

is that it is heavily heavily

spreadsheet style in a heavily really

political however at the same time

there's not too much that you can really

do in terms of just it's kind of

basically just once you kind of get the

political capital in mind and then how

to kind of

um the learning curve isn't too great so

I think it's a little too simplistic in

terms of uh just a generality and if

you're looking for a very detailed

political game I mean you can have a lot

of this you know you go after the food

prices Private health care prices

private school prices there's a little

bit more

um detail whenever it comes the policy

making however at the same time it is

still a little bit simplistic because it

doesn't I don't think it goes far enough

for what it's um going for and that but

at least it does make my top 10 and I'm

not saying it is a horrible game however

in my opinion I do believe that it could

go a little bit further but I do like

the types of laws that you can pass in

the game how detailed the laws can be

and how many metrics there are um but

that is main reason why I want to keep

it at number 10.

um if I'm probably going to get

democracy for maybe I'm going to try to

maybe see if they're making democracy 5

or something like that I don't want to

buy this game and then automatically

they they announce that they're making a

new one but we're going to go ahead and

move on to the next one and the next one

is going to be Souza run scissor run is

basically a text-based RPG uh political

drama game

um essentially it's kind of like a house

of cards except it's a video game

um you can be corrupt you can uh it's

basically like you're looking to go to

war with a neighboring country and it's

like a it's like a cold war drama

political drama

um but it's like about these very

fictional countries like it's not even

based on our own world it's actually

based in a world that they had set up so

if you like World building if you like

um very strictly story based games where

you're not really doing any sort of

management of the military any sort of

management directly of the economy a lot

of the economic and Military gameplay

comes from

um decisions that you make so it's kind

of like you were strictly the president

you are not doing anything else except

strictly what the Constitution is saying

but you can actually go against what the

Constitution says and then be extremely

corrupt however you can get kicked out

so it's kind of like again there's so

many different types of endings that you

can have in this game I started to play

it a little bit on my channel and I

actually got pretty busy I can't

remember when it was but I'm pretty sure

it was whenever I was like hopping

around different places and and I was

able to post on my channel but if you do

like story based text-based games this

is the game for you but as as for me

personally I'm not that big of a fan of

text-based RPGs

um I do like role-playing games I do

um like that genre that's just not my

type of game and I mean if you guys want

to see more caesaron on this channel and

actually see me finish the game

um let me know down in the comments

below but moving on at number eights if

there's going to be supreme ruler I'm

looking at supreme ruler 2030 which has

not come out yet

um I do think that supreme ruler does

have a very good place as in that it is

pretty complex it is pretty detailed

however at the same time

um I think like with laws there's not

really that many laws that you can

propose in this game I don't even know

if there's any sort of laws that you can

propose so it's strictly economic

military it never there's really no

political gameplay that you can have in

here it is almost strictly uh economic

and Military now the economic side of it

is actually one that I have not learned

um I think that in in supreme ruler it's

very it's once you kind of get the hang

of it it's kind of pretty easy

um to kind of like go through with it

and that's the biggest thing about this

like the the similarity between this and

democracy is that

um both games kind of try to appeal to a

much larger demographic now I'm talking

about the niche of government simulation

geopolitical Simulator games

um and and you already know what number

one is gonna be so and I'll explain why

why power and revolution is at my number


um but with with uh things like

democracy and supreme ruler they kind of

sacrifice some of like critical aspects

in my opinion in which that can make

them more complex because you're trying

to juggle so many things at the same

time and that's actually what Supreme

Ruler does sacrifice is the uh is the

political gameplay now in the political

in the politics realm and uh supreme

ruler it's more

um like I think it's like taxes and

everything you just need to make sure

you know that you're not starting a

revolution back at home

um but again you're not you're not

really interacting with your political

sphere in your country so it's more like

keep the people happy about having

supplies and everything I do like the

economic side of it though I do like how

you can have reserves and you can have

all of these different things I do wish

that they had a lot more sectors in the


um instead of the ones that we have and

it's kind of like if you think that

parent revolution has been

supporting things from previous editions

this is essentially what Supreme roller

has been doing I think the only

exception the core of supreme ruler

really hasn't changed at least since

I've been playing it since like 2017.

um so it's just like it's a pretty good

game it's pretty good nice to look at

um I think the military is a little too

complicated and I think the same thing

about Hearts of Iron which is next on my

list and then the military side of it

actually shares my opinion with hearts

of iron now Hearts of Iron is almost

strictly military and the reason this is

not uh higher on my list is mainly

because of the military now in supreme

ruler you have to pay attention to

supplies and stuff like that it gets a

little overly complicated but it does

kind of you know make you learn a little

bit that way you're not just sending

troops into a meat grinder and hoping

they're gonna win you actually have to

make sure that they are supplied you

have to make sure that they have the

weapons that they need and then you have

to make sure that

um you know the trucks are going in

there and giving them supplies same

thing with hearts of iron now in the

beginning I've been playing Hearts of

Iron for since the very beginning I have

been playing this game since day one I

actually pre-ordered it and I have

hundreds of hours on this game I have

still not learned how to manage a

military in this I don't know anything

about if I can find the screenshot here

um I I you you ask me how to play this

game I will tell you I have no idea I

have no idea what any of this means

right here I know what organization

means I know what weight I sort of know

what weight is reliability soft attack

heart attack I have no idea how to make

a division in this game and that is the

whole reason that I suck at this game is

because I have zero clue how to make a

division do I want to learn I don't know

and that's the biggest thing that kind

of gets me about Hearts of Iron

you are spending hours and hours and

hours and hours and hours managing your

divisions and then you're basically just

trying to take over the world at that

point because once you know if you're

playing Germany or something like that

like once you take over the USSR it's

just like okay what else am I gonna do

I'm gonna go after Africa I'm gonna

invade the United States whatever and it

just kind of like becomes a it's

extremely time consuming and you know a

couple of years ago I was able to waste

a lot of time on this game

um now it's just like I have too much

going on to the point where like this is

just a non-starter For Me Maybe I play

it every so often just to kind of like

because I like the way it looks I love

the way it looks

um Millennium Dawn I would probably like

to play on this channel I think I played

it once no I don't think it's I don't

think I played it

um but I think this game is like

it's pretty amazing whenever it comes to

the military but at the same time it

sacrifices a lot in terms of playability

for some players because there are some

dedicated people to this game who have

thousands and thousands and thousands of

hours on this game and uh

has gotten better in terms of political

however and this is a complete issue

with Paradox they DLC the crap out of

their games that every time they make a

game it's like DLC DLC DLC DLC that's

the biggest thing that I'm worried about

with Victoria 3 you don't play it for a

little bit and then all of a sudden

there's like five DLCs worth seventy

dollars and then you're like okay am I

gonna drop seventy dollars just to be

able to enjoy this game and I haven't

done that with hearts of iron just too

many DLCs out there right now and I'm

not gonna drop a hundred dollars on DLC

rather the game that I'm not gonna play

that often so

um and I hopefully we'll try to keep up

with Victoria 3 because I do enjoy the

Victoria three although I have not

played it in a minute but I do like the

just the how Hearts of Iron looks and

how it has advanced since it came out

but at the same time it is extremely

overly complicated for regular players

in the military aspect and number five

is going to be the political process

this is a political simulation game in

which you can run for city council you

can run for State House State Senate you

can run for a U.S House U.S Senate and

you can run for the presidency and then

you can create a character and then you

can create policy for that character

with a support everything like that you

can pick any county in the United States

and play in that county so you can play

your local County you can play whatever

and then you can go all the way up to

the presidency or you can be mayor of

your town whatever I like to just be a

mayor sometimes and just kind of manage

the city aspect really like that that is

an option in the game and I don't think

we have enough of those games in which

you can literally just be a city

councilman and then just go through

controversial subjects

um as your city

now what the biggest thing about this

game is that it is the most detailed

whenever it comes to elections

but that's it

it is almost non-changed since I've been

playing it since 2020. I found this game

out it's been out it's been out since

2019. I have been playing this game

consistently since 2020 and there are

maybe a thousand subscribers on this

channel that

um found this Channel Through the

political process

and everyone can tell you that you play

this for maybe an hour a couple of hours

one day and you're like you just really

feel like playing the political process

and you just stop for like a month or

two because this game is so repetitive

that I mean I'm surprised it's even

number five the only reason it is number

five is because of the elections

processing like that is the best part

about this game I only that that's the

biggest thing I barely even try to pass

legislation in the game like I wanna you

know I whenever I play this game I have

so many plans I'm just like you know I

want to be a successful Senate Majority

Leader I want to be I want to flip the

State House something like that I want

to be State uh Speaker of the House of

my state whatever

and then just like after three or four

years in game

it's just like

Jesus Christ this is so repetitive and

again I don't know why I mean I probably

should be number six or number seven but

because this game is pretty special to

me and I want to see successful that's

why it's number five number four is

going to be Tropico the Tropico series

I've been playing Tropico since Tropico

three and whenever I bought it back in

2011. now this game has been with me for

the longest time whenever I first

started this channel you can act um

there's actually another Channel that I


um that you guys have never heard of and

I don't even have any videos listed on

it but there's actually a video of mine

where I talk about

um I made it with like Windows media


um and or Windows like Movie Maker or

whatever whatever it was called and I

made a video like whenever they

announced Tropico four and then I was

just like there's gonna be tsunamis

there's gonna be this they're gonna be

that really cringy to watch really bad

to watch I need to show some like repost

some of these videos on this channel

that way you guys can see like how

cringy I was back in whenever I first

started these channels

um but Tropico if you like city building

games and you like political simulators

this is the game for you this is a city

Builder but it's also very detailed

whenever it comes to politics you can be

corrupt you can be Democratic you can

side with the Russians you can side with

the Americans you can side with the EU

you can decide with China I think

um you can play from the colonial era

all the way up to the modern era and

there's you can just make a lot and it's

very detailed whenever it comes to the

economy so you can build docks you can

make your economy run off of fishing you

can make your economy run off of farming

or you can make it a very service based

economy now I love that about this game

is that and then you have to worry about

food production you have to worry about

all these different types of scenarios

in your in your game and I just love the

free play and I honestly I need to buy

Tropico 6 and preview it on my channel

because that would be I haven't played

Tropico six I remember playing the beta

but I didn't get it whenever it came out


um that's the biggest thing about

Tropico is that it is very very good

um the downsides of it is that like if

you can kind of look the scaling is just

kind of weird to me I don't like the way

the buildings kind of just look overly

large it kind of It kind of limits you

in terms of what kind of economy you can

make what kind of City you want to make

like it's not City skylines where you

can make these gigantic

megalopolises all over your map you have

all these mountains you have all these

um just the limitations there's a lot of

limitations this is the word I was

trying to make

um just so but at the same time

um if you like city builders and you

like uh politics this is definitely the

game for you in the last video that I

made in which they literally said that

SimCity was a they literally put Sims

City and Tropico in the same list and

again I'm pretty sure this guy had no

way has never played a political

simulator in his life and maybe the only

political simulator he's probably played

is civilization and civilization is not

on this list by the way so uh so if you

like Civilization sorry

um but that's the biggest thing he put

SimCity in Tropico on the same list

SimCity is strictly city building it has

nothing to do with politics this is the

most political city city Builder that

you can find on the market so um but

yeah Tropico has been with me for a very

long time started to get me into the

political gaming realm and I have a lot

to thank Tropico for to get me into

where I am today with this YouTube

channel and coming up at number three is

going to be ironically Victoria 3. now

Victoria is

um a very beautiful game I believe that


is I love the time period that it's

based and you can play as the British

Empire at its absolute Peak you can play

throughout the uh the Revolutions of

1848 you can play as the United States

and colonize the west and you can

essentially make your own Empire in this

now the biggest thing that I like about

this is that they did basically make a

sacrifice for the military gameplay now

I really did think it was interesting

the way they did the military gameplay

in Victoria too however the biggest

thing about this is that it is heavily

based on not the military it's not based

on you conquering and that's why the

Conquering mechanic is so simplistic

it's that it is very politically and

economically focused because whenever

you have three different Realms you have

the political you have military and you

have economic military ends up becoming

a micromanagement whenever you only want

to focus on politics and economics so

this one is where they sacrifice the

military gameplay for

um the political and economic gameplay

the economic gameplay is very detailed

you have so many different sectors that

you can go after that you can focus on

and then you can kind of go in and build

these buildings

um and just have a little bit of

micromanagement whenever it comes to

these specific buildings that you're

making and like how much cash reserves

they have and who's working in them and

everything so that's the one thing that

I love about this game downsides of it

is again the military the military is

kind of just a

too simplistic

um I again I kind of wish they ported

some aspects of Victoria to in Victoria

three I didn't play Victoria 2 that much

however I did play it whenever

Victorious three started to get close to

coming out I started playing Victoria to

come a little bit and I did particularly

enjoy the military mechanic I like how

it was like the lined up uh troops kind

of firing at each other and you can kind

of see that being visualized in your

battle mechanic but at the same time

it's kind of like a seesaw like you may

like it others may not and that's the

reason why it got so many negative

reviews on release day now if I actually

look some recent reviews yup I've been

mostly positive but all reviews are

mixed so it's more of just like how you

and then you see like right here you

actually have characters you can like

you can literally play as Andrew Jackson

and make him a uh abolitionist which was

hilarious for me and then you have these

laws you can go after like nationalism

communism anarchism and it's just a lot

of detail whenever it comes to how you

can change the history of the way the

way the world kind of led up to World

War one and maybe even World War II

because I think the stop date in this is

like in the 50s I mean in the 1950s and

at number two is going to be super

powers super power 2 holds a very

special place in my heart as it does

um it it is the first game that got me

into the specific geopolitical Niche

this is the one where you have approval

ratings you have stability corruption

you have all the you have all the like a

handful of laws that you can change and

kind of like make your country as you

see fit the biggest thing about

superpower 2 is that a lot of people

hold it to a very nostalgic standard so

it's really hard for you to make a

sequel to something when it's nostalgic

whenever you played this maybe even grew

up with it or something like that like I

did and the biggest thing about it is

that super power 3 had a lot that it

wanted to accomplish however because of

technical difficulties because of the

covet pandemic especially and because of

conflicts across the world that did

hamper the performance of superpower 3

and we essentially just got a very

unfinished game whenever it first came

out and I I preset it in previous videos

I should have been a little more clear

with how I felt about super power 3 I

didn't know how much I could talk about

and I didn't want them to just kind of

say hey you need to take this video down

because you said this this this and this

and I don't want to be I just don't

didn't want to cause them an issue

before release day so super power 3 is

getting better however it is not where

it needs to be however if you do want to

make sure that they are that they are

going to be supporting this game

um I I'm pretty sure and I've been

hearing a lot of reports about this and

I've been seeing it too

maybe a couple of dozen players uh play

Super Power Three every day and I I just

still don't know what the future of

superpower three holds I'm gonna try to

talk to one of the two uh the developers

and try to see like what is going on and

like essentially what might happen

um but but to see if they're still

planning on uh supporting it if they're

losing money if they're gaining money

um or if they're just kind of recovering

from it all still

um but but super power 2 though it is

pretty good I love the treaty system

that they had in there and I hope they

Port that over in the Super Power Three

I wish the economy was a little more uh

detailed but I did like the way it was

and how quick it was for me to kind of

go through and manage it before

um before like I started a full-on

multiplayer match and especially nuclear

war we all know we loved launching and

watching all of those nukes just cross

the Arctic Ocean or Pacific Ocean and uh

and nuking each other whenever

multiplayer games came to an end but

this is more of a nostalgic choice for

me on number three but a practical

choice for number two is going to be

World Warfare and economics this is a

game I already have access to in which

it is a very detailed Game World Warfare

and economics and I'm going to be making

a video about it very soon and I'm going

to be previewing it on my channel

exclusively next month so do not miss

that whenever I do make it

um but uh World Warfare and economic is

essentially geopolitical simulator

combined with democracy

um if you guys want to see some

exclusive screenshots uh we do have a

geopolitical uh simulator Discord server

and we also have a world Warfare and

economic Discord server me and another

friend of mine amn do have access to

this game I have been playing it several

times and I have full access to this

game no restrictions whatsoever I can

talk about it all I want with you guys

and I need to make a dedicated video to

it so if you guys would like to see this

WWE video please go ahead and tell me

down in the comments below I'm going to

be working with the developer Lotus very

soon to get a video out but

essentially think of geopolitical

simulator combined with democracy and

that's what you get with this the map

needs work the map is not that beautiful

it's very well low quality whenever you

zoom in on it but

there's a lot of political simulation

that's going to be coming out and I'm

going to tell you guys this right now

if this is if if what we have right now

what me and amn have right now in WWE

if this is what we have

imagine what will be by the time this

game comes out and I know I made a lot

of promises when super power 3 came out

and I'm gonna make sure that that does

not happen again if by the time the game

starts to come out by like March or

April I start to say have these like

concerns or anything like that I will

communicate that with you guys I will

say you guys might not be excited for

this this might not be what I promised a

couple of months ago this is very early

so I'm telling you guys right now I want

to be very clear about how I talk about

this game

this game looks amazing

it needs work there's a lot of work to

be done I will be previewing it next

month exclusively and I will tell you

guys again right now I am getting paid

for it however that will not stop me

from Talking truthfully about this game

I do not want to repeat what I did with

super power 3 and I'm doing my best to

make sure that that does not happen

again so then in like a in-depth

Resource Management you have more than

30 different resources to produce and

trade with every country though that's

not counting the economic sectors that

you have in the game every economic

sector is essentially broken into I

think it's like it looks like maybe

around eight or ten different things so

it's like security environment

um agriculture energy whatever and so

things like oil for example oil coal

some finite resources there's actually a

end date in which you will run out of

that resource and you will actually have

to try to switch away from it or

something like that so try to maybe get

your economy off of it you will be able

to play hundreds and hundreds of years

in this game so it says right here

support more than 500 years of in-game

play time so you can literally play

hundreds of years in WWE and one of the

DLCs that he's actually planning I don't

know if it's a DLC or actually a

in-game like main Game feature

essentially what's going to happen is

that you can be playing multiplayer

or you can be playing by yourself and

you can send a pro bounce to an alien

solar system

and then they will come back and if you

piss them off to the points where

they're gonna do this you can piss off

those aliens enough to where they will

come to Earth and they will invade Earth

and then so the players of the world the

countries of the world all have to unite

to stop this alien threat so essentially

now at that point

combine gps4

democracy and Terra Invicta

into the mix and this is WWE

this is World Warfare and economic there

is a lot of promise with this game

there's a lot of promise and I am very

excited to preview it on this channel

exclusively there's a lot of detail

whenever it comes to the military

there's a lot of detail whenever it

comes to the economy and again if what

we have right now that I have that I've

been playing on world Warfare and

economics if that is what we have in

December of 2022 I cannot wait for April

because that's whenever the game comes

out and I will be again making exclusive

videos and previewing it live on this

channel in January so do not miss it

subscribe to the channel we're about to

hit 7 000 subscribers we're about 30

away from hitting seven thousand we are

in competition with a French Channel


um before uh we get to number one so I

just want to make sure that you guys

um know I'm doing a 100 giveaway at 10

000 subscribers let's hit 10 000

subscribers but I would like to hit

eight maybe nine thousand subscribers

but we are about a thousand away now

from eight thousand so I'm excited that

we are hitting these thousand subscriber

marks very quickly now it used to take

me a couple of years to get a get a

thousand subscribers and I've been

hitting these thousands a thousand

markers like more and more frequently

over the past couple of years so I'm

very excited that I am

the Channel that I am now and never

expected to be this big but I'm very

excited that you guys like my content

and want to see more cut my content the

instance with that out of the way

um we will go to number one and this is

a no-brainer power and Revolution

geopolitical Simulator for I've been

playing this game on my channel for many

years and I am not I've never been paid

by Everson by the way

um that's the biggest difference between

WWE and Everson I have not been paid by

eversim as of yet

but the biggest thing that makes me want

to put parent Revolution at number one

is because of the detail you can have so

many domestic policies that you can go

after you can manage with Congress

there's a lot of politicking that you

have to do in this game there's a lot of

management with elections you have to

deal with energy you have to deal with

Employments you have to deal with your

crime rate you have to deal with your

health care you have to deal with

literally hundreds of different metrics

that can actually have an adverse effect

on your gameplay and this game's

learning curve is to the point where I

have to make

tutorials for you guys I have to make

these economic tutorials I have to make

I have an energy tutorial that I'm

working on right now and I'm working

with crab rangoon on that

um and and you're a lot of you guys are

already thinking well it's buggy why is

it number one whatever

yes this game is bugging

one of the biggest things that I usually

find whenever I and you can watch my

channel and I will play this game for

hours and most of the bugs that I ever

come across are visual bugs like the pie

chart looks weird it has lines in them

or something like that or maybe I get

like a bug where like the the character

doesn't know who it's talking to and it

just shows all these characters

um in place of a name as of recently and

it took them until 2022 to do this

the biggest thing about what I've been

really liking about Everson is that

there are so many different types of

updates that are coming out so we have

the release of the 2022 Edition in April

of 2022. yeah somewhere around April and

let's look

One update two updates

um three updates four updates

in 2022 if I go back to the 2021 Edition

2021 Edition is available now August 4th

they released One update for it


in September 2021 and then came out

again with the 2022 Edition

in April

which I'm pretty sure that's why because

they wanted to get back into their early

part of the year schedule because

whether they had been doing is because

of the covid pandemic they actually got

their entire

um they got their entire kind of like a


thrown around because of the pandemic

and then they had to stop making the

game I think and then they started

making it again and it delayed so like

the 2022 to 2020 Edition didn't come out

until like September of 2020 and then

the 2021 Edition came out in August 2020

and then 2022 came out in April 2020. so

we're finally back into that part where

like every one of these editions would

literally come out like earlier in the

year so like February 2018 the 2018

Edition came out 2019


March of 2019

um and end of 2017.


January 20th

was uh January 20th 2017.

um one of the the day that Donald Trump

was inaugurated

um that came out and again with the way

ever Sim has been acting the way ever

Sim has kind of been updating their game

the fact that we even got four Updates

this Edition so far is amazing and I

would like to give them Kudos on that

um but they still have a lot of work to

do they still have we've had this game

for like six years now it came out in

2016 April 2016 and the biggest thing

that we would like is honestly just

maybe we can go a year without it if we

need to that's what happened with

masters of the world power and

Revolution they kind of updated it in

2014 and then from 2014 to 2016 they

didn't update masters of the world

because they were working on Power

Revolution so if they can make a new

geopolitical simulator 5 and they've

already confirmed that they're gonna do

this that they said 2023 is on the table

it's coming out

geopolitical simulator 5 is being talked

about however we have no information on

it yet so GPS 5 is going to happen when

they do GPS 5 they have to upgrade the

engine I will not play that game if they

do not upgrade the engine if they if

they give us a very beautiful map to

look at I will play it forever

but if they do not do that I I cannot

support that game at that point I will I

will literally say you guys need to

update this because everyone is going to

be pissed you guys have been using the

same map Outlook since 2013. it is time

for a new one you can't do that for 10

years and then try to say okay we're

making a new game and then it's going to

look the exact freaking same

so that's my thoughts on my top 10 list

now this is going to be separate but I

was kind of thinking about I was like

okay should I make a top 10 or should I

make an upcoming list so I'm going to go

ahead and say I'm doing this as a top 10

and then I will make a separate video in

which it's going to be the upcoming

games of 2023. it is going to be in WWE

is going to be on there so you're gonna

you guys are going to see me cover WWE


um but I'm going to be covering things

like law givers political Arena

Etc so I'm gonna see how many games I

can get on that list and then I will

talk about them in detail I will try to

get developers to kind of give their

thoughts on it when their game is going

to come out and everything like that so

um buy

um at least I will definitely have this

out by the end of the year or I'll

probably try maybe I'll actually try to

shoot um for maybe January 1st uh 2023

but I but I will be making a very

separate video in which it will be

talking about the upcoming games of 2023

because 2023 is going to be a big year

for political game lovers for people

that enjoy

um political simulators uh government


um Etc so guys if you guys like this a

little bit longer than I was expecting

this video to be but

um I do hope you guys did enjoy this

video and learned a lot from it but guys

go ahead and leave a like subscribe to

the channel if you are new if you guys

want to see more content like this hit

that Bell notification icon so you don't

miss anything whenever I do make it to

the channel and I'll see you guys

whenever I make this next video talking

about the 2023 political games

um but that's all I have for this today

and I'll see you guys in the next one

see ya




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