April 21, 2024

Backyard Batting Cage DIY | Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, Golf & More! | How We Built It!

Published May 13, 2023, 3:08 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

When we decided we wanted a batting cage in our backyard, we knew we wanted to diy it. Not only did we want to save money, but we wanted to be able to customize it to our specific needs. We also knew that we wanted it to be portable so that we could take it with us if we ever moved.

After doing some research, we decided that the best way to build a backyard batting cage was to use PVC pipe. PVC is durable, lightweight, and easy to work with. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive.

We started by measuring the area where we wanted the batting cage to go. We then cut the PVC pipe to size and attached it to the ground using rebar and concrete.

Once the frame was complete, we covered it with netting. We used a heavy-duty netting that is typically used for baseball fields. It was a little more expensive than the standard netting, but it is much more durable and will last longer.

We attached the netting to the frame using zip ties and then added some additional support by attaching it to the fence.

Now, we have a fully functioning backyard batting cage that we can use all year round! It’s the perfect place to practice your batting or pitching skills. And, if we ever do move, we can easily take it with us.

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hey guys I am so happy to be sharing

this video with you it feels like it has

just been years in the making we finally

have our batting cage in our side yard

it's just wonderful for everybody in the

family and we are happy to have it and

even more happy to have it done so

here's how we did it the first thing we

had done was a cement pad this is the

one part of the project that we didn't

do on her own is 9 feet wide by 21 feet

long after that was poured we pulled all

these little river rocks out of the side

yard from some really old landscaping

that took almost an entire day the boys

built a four foot by four foot box to

later put the pitching machine on and

then it was time for the utility sand so

we laid 4 cubic yards of this utility

sand it's basically like our dirty

Deecee and this is to go underneath the

astroturf to kind of degrade the dirt

and just make everything nice and smooth

and flat I actually enjoyed the rolling

process we rented this roller from the

home depot you fill it with water it's

super heavy and you just roll and you

compact and you grade it so we you know

obviously wanted the water to roll in a

certain direction well I worked on that

he worked on a paver border he

definitely has more patience than I do

for these kind of tasks so we have this

great paper border and then you as you

can see in this photo the utility Sam is

all compacted and perfect after that we

laid as close to perfect as possible a

weed barrier just to prevent any weeds

from popping up we really struggle with

weeds in our yards so we didn't want any

little pesky guys popping through our

turf then we cut the turf and we were

able to do it in just four pieces which

was really nice because seaming it is

not the most fun which is one thing that

you have to do so once we got the turf

laid we nailed it into the ground with

these nails you can kind of seam in the

bottom of the picture and then we had to

tackle the seams we found some team tape

on Amazon and it worked great as you can

see in that photo then it was time to

lay the sand and the sand actually goes

on top of the turf just to kind of keep

it down

deikun is way stronger than he looks by

the way we just used the broom to brush

it out and then I laid some white marble

chips so we got this really pretty we

think it's pretty turf paper border

white marble chip look around the entire

cage I especially love this little

outlet oh and the fan you guys this

thing is a flipping light

savor it cools like 500 square feet I

think it cools it like 10 to 15 degrees

there's a coupon code that we have its

BAM 15 and it saves 15% it was worth it

for example laying this carpet we did it

with carpet glue and we did it with the

carpet we just rolled it back wait to do

it one foot at a time you guys every one

of these pictures it's like a hundred

degrees outside so it was really hot

we were just roasting the entire time we

were doing it so that was the second

worst part was the carpet glue the first

worst was the that's even a thing um

putting up these poles how we still have

all over windows I don't even know they

were so awkward and so heavy and they

were just electrical like galvanized

steel poles so we put those puppies up

we had to cut them and extend them so as

you can see there's a little connector

bit on there so the length of each pole

is 15 feet and then the cage is 10 feet

wide by 10 feet tall so that's the

dimensions of the cage we got the poles

at Home Depot we got the foam that we

put around the poles at Home Depot the

like little footing that you can see

there we'd order that online along with

the connector you know the elbows and

whatnot all online we hammer them in

with 12 foot or 12 foot high yeah right

12 inch stakes so that we kind of stayed

compliant with the HOA so we put the

foam on there we didn't want any balls

kind of bouncing back at us a few things

I should mention or talk about we got

this rubber backstop on Amazon it's

really nice because that way the balls

don't hit our fence it also kind of

quiet everything down just a little bit

and then we bought this storage box from

Costco I think it was like a hundred

bucks so we're keeping the balls and any

extra you know little random pads or

things like that in there caliber is

loving the turf I don't know why he

enjoys laying on it cuz it's kind of hot

um in this picture he was too hot to

touch why a black dog likes lay and a

hundred degrees Sun I have no idea but

anyways that's the cage we're using it

for cricket the boys have been using it

for soccer and of course baseball will

eventually get a golf net in there as

well but in the meantime yep we're just

having a blast I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I forgot anything just leave

a question down below I will talk to you

guys soon thanks for watching bye


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