June 23, 2024

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Published May 13, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

The Looney Tunes have always been known for their zany antics and hilarious hijinks. But did you know that they've also had some pretty amazing sports moments?

From basketball to football to even skateboarding, the Looney Tunes have shown time and time again that they're a force to be reckoned with on the court or field.

Let's take a look at some of the best sports moments from the Looney Tunes!

One of the most iconic Looney Tunes sports moments comes from the episode "basketball Bugs". In this episode, Bugs Bunny takes on a team of anthropomorphic animals in a game of basketball.

Despite being outnumbered and outmatched, Bugs uses his wit and cunning to take down his opponents one by one. In the end, he emerges victorious, much to the dismay of the other team.

This episode is not only hilarious, but it also showcases Bugs' impressive athletic abilities.

Another great sports moment from the Looney Tunes comes from the episode "Skateboard wabbit". In this episode, Bugs Bunny takes on a group of skateboarding rabbits in a competition.

Despite being a novice at skateboarding, Bugs uses his natural athleticism and quick thinking to beat his opponents. This episode is not only funny, but it also shows that Bugs is a true master of any sport he sets his mind to.

Finally, one of the most recent sports moments from the Looney Tunes comes from the episode "football Fools". In this episode, Bugs Bunny and his team take on a group of football-playing bears in a game of football.

Despite being at a disadvantage, Bugs and his team use their smarts and teamwork to come out on top. This episode is not only entertaining, but it also teaches an important lesson about sportsmanship and teamwork.

The Looney Tunes have always been known for their zany antics and hilarious hijinks. But did you know that they've also had some pretty amazing sports moments?

From basketball to football to even skateboarding, the Looney Tunes have shown time and time again that they're a force to be reckoned with on the court or field.

So next time you're looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out some of the best sports moments from the Looney Tunes!

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all right everyone gather around the

name's rock hardcase and i'm here to

change your life with jock juice


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are you too weak to carry your own food


then you need rock card cases jim and

jock juice come on give me one week of

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jack juice and you'll have the strength

to lift an elephant


the sad part is i can never forget this

who wants to try it


squeaks great a volunteer

look at these skinny arms this flabby

stomach clearly this rabbit has given up

on himself you need chalk juice my

friend the only thing i need are carrots

oh yeah can carrots help you lift this

huge elephant

hey make it look good

oh what is happening oh my goodness

what strength look at that folks jack

juice just helped this weakling lift a

whole elephant who wants some jock juice

jock juice contains high fructose corn

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you're still reading this label you've

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in that case

someone's got to teach that guy a lesson

work it all right now that you've all

paid what's the first thing you do

before you burn

slug a can of chocos

pick it up


all right everybody let's go one and two

and one


i said destroy the fat ladies

boy this is quite so modulated

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drink your chuck faster drink more than

one wee babies

and work your arms and your legs and

especially your gucci gucci make sure to

take a break between sets like some

candles and put on some smooth jazz

and i'm a fraud

all right rabbit game on

just in time

keep going doc you almost got me

you know what your problem is rock

you're too wound up

sometimes you just gotta let things go


you'll never catch me bob oh yes i will


hey how about a little privacy i was

taking a shower in there now if you'll

excuse me i'm off to a party

you weren't invited


get out oh come on squeak let's get out

of this jock joint

who's laughing now your weaklings


now trust me folks chuck just really

does work

yes rock was more like a pebble but i

bought a gym membership yeah what do we

do now

now this is the workout that i prefer

how you guys holding up over there

that's what i call crunches

i am the great beaver i seek out the

most perfect and majestic example of

every species in the animal kingdom once

chosen this hero must accomplish a

series of challenges to prove themselves

worthy for eternal commemoration on the

grand totem i've made them for lions

gorillas roosters all the great beasts

but i've never made one for a squirrel

excuse me but i couldn't help but notice

there isn't a rabbit on any of these

well i should hope not rabbits are

selfish and smelly they ruin her out of

your garden they don't contribute to

society some of these are very specific

rabbits are ugly big ear backstabbers

with an unjustified sense of entitlement

hey i demand to participate if you two

want to be honored with a great totem

you must pass the challenge of the first

and dare may i say greatest spirit

animal the beaver

you must think like a beaver

okay now what first you must cross this


some exclusive club what's next is a

puffin gonna challenge us to eat a bowl

of ice cream i just wanted you over here

the sun was in my eyes your second

spirit animal is the regal eagle like a

majestic winged friends you must soar

through the air right off that cliff

over there

it seems i spoke too soon here you will

need these eagle outfits to complete the



uh this is clearly a petite size do you

have anything a hair larger

that is the only size i have you didn't

happen to bring your own ego outfit did


then i suppose you should be a grateful

bunny and dive off that cliff



very good wait a minute where's that


good joe's pathetic rabbit

but it counts

your next spirit animal is the mighty


you must retrace the mighty salmon

spawning run by swimming up this



not so fast cottontail your waterfall is

up there

is going



bye girls see you all at marty's later

oh yeah here's your costume back thanks


your next and final challenge you've

been favoring squeaks every challenge i

demand to be treated equally

well fine then you two can be a team on

the final challenge as you take on the

implausible orca in her own elements two

on two beach volleyball

ought to be easy


now we're warmed up


we're getting creamed out here squeeze i

can snack

a little you're right squeaks it's time

we shed these winter coats and get


it looks like summer just got a lot





we get this one and it's top of that

totem tide


ouch well as much as it pains me to say

both of you knuckleheads have passed

but you couldn't have done it on your

own so i'm putting you both on the same


you think

i hate to seem ungrateful but you

clearly didn't carve me up there take

her closer look you lousy lapeen


okay gps where am i you have reached

your destination ah doggone gps



the red team continues their attack with

yet another goal making the score 15-0



good try fellas keep up the hustle uh

pardon me doc but could you do it

hey i was talking over here

clearly i'm not where i'm supposed to be

just keep walking don't get in the

middle of what ain't your business

you can't touch the ball with your hands

so you can't touch it with your hands

huh how about your feet burritos how

about your tail

all your noses

hello gentlemen


the field this for players only

now get out of here

hmm well it seems the red team could use

a lesson in sportsmanship



what do i got to do to join the blue

team huh you actually want to play for

us yeah


welcome aboard

it seems as though there's a new player

for the blue team a bugs bunny bugs

hey guys the ball's over here

oh the red team seems to be scuffling

with itself


bring it on


all right

new game plan stop that rabbit do you

hear me stop that rabbit

good illegal use of bicycle what are you

talking about that was legit

skill card


sorry two aces i win what

i tell you what doc i'll flip you for it

hey guys excuse me i can't see here just

get out of the way the keeper is tidying

up his wall a bit move it

hey fellas how come you're all covered

up no

that's why oh

right in the bread basket

bugs's defense has fired the ball back

toward the red team ricocheting on

several players


unbelievable bugs bunny has tied the

game i'm going to the bathroom

you don't have to announce everything

you say bartolome good to know


okay coach tell us what we got to do to

win this thing i don't know we've never

scored a goal before

okay guys i got this

these guys won't be able to stop us if

we play as a team now i'll pass the ball

to make sure we don't get a chance to

show them what we can do sound good

all right now let's win this thing


bugs bunny begins with the ball and he's


accidental header keeps the ball in play


the keeper looks back up

hey fellas don't look so sad you played

your best you played a real good match

better luck hmm time thanks here

well would you look at that with both

skins underneath this is a real honor it

looks great on me

yours looks pretty good too

what are you doing this rabbit is your

enemy you're never gonna be a winner

unless you get rid of every obstacle in

your way

we got rid of that obstacle but that was

the goal

all i need is a phone so i can call a

doctor well the healing you need is

right here at ivona's healing arts and

yoga center i am ivana this your head

off in this place of peace we

concentrate on yoga and meditation to

mend the mind and body

yeah i can have you fixed in a jiffy for

a nominal fee

another no fee huh

yeah yeah i'm sure i'm gonna be fine

excellent chakra alignment is the first

step that's just a small fee

hey wait breathe deep and no really ah

that's hell

hey that's not too bad oh i am you

you are me

maybe we could be a little more you now


nope that's wise oh

well the realignment fee is much more

costly but it's well worth it yoga is

all about balance

and finding your center

you know

my back feels pretty good hey that's a

lot of money i know and such a generous

tip feel free to stay for the rest of

the class oh i'm staying cause it's not

just my back that needs a good

straightening out we'll begin by finding

our center using salutations so let's

begin in a giant baby and transition

into a drop my pencil


really engage the back half of the body

title did it

and now we're moving slowly into a

hummus platter really working the


now let's quietly transition into the

praying mantis

that one was me totally normal


who is doing that



that title did it

uh the turtle really did do it that time





yes that's it breathe and relax okay

class time to clear the air and move on

you ain't kin lady


to regain our focus we will use a mantra

the phrase of affirmation to repeat

let's give it a try am i doing this


am i doing this right well you can't

really do it wrong you just need to pick

a mantra this is my mantra you said i

could pick anything am i doing this

right am i doing this right

am i doing this right

am i doing this right no that's wrong

i'll roam


i'll roam

i want two three four a row row row your

boat a row row row your boat gently down

the stream jelly


we are clearly getting off course here

how good



i think someone needs to relax


well that's all the time we have for

today class over time to leave

oh i can't leave now i just found my

center i believe your center is outside

the door nope it's right here for the

rest of my life oh nonsense here let me

help you the leaning lotus blows with

the wind

such a nice stretch

okay fine you win here here's a full

refund take it just never come back with

pleasure you know it's hard to learn

peace from someone who's going to pieces


greetings lucky soon to be spectators i

bring you all a special treat me

yo yo you show them victor we love you

we're your biggest fans what a pleasure

it is for you to have me here today

i suppose you think you're a great

figure skater uh i guess i'm pretty

decent oh i'm so

impressed i'm shacking in my skirts

oh you're so funny victor

i didn't say i was amazing ah but i am

aspian at first and you can't help but

look at me i am grace and beauty and

martian i am pivotal

i didn't know this was a competition


everything's a competition my friend i

am more graceful than you i am faster

than you but i can dance better than you

and while some of us were destined to

scare some of us again

everyone clear the eyes i am going to

treat you all to an ice dance dedicated

to the most important person in my life



victor's ego is so big he needs the

entire lake huh well then a victor goes

to spoils

feel free to admire me

you are an amazing victor who is he to

ruin everyone's good time let's see how

graceful he is when he shouts out



come on fella you know better

did the referee see that


i hope you fasted and you are graceful

if you're so smart i challenge you to a

3200 meter super madly you're on mister

just a sec


1200 laps around the trap ready set


look squeaks


don't you hate when that happens

you know i think i'll enjoy being a snow


uh-oh there's a big hole here

somebody could trip and fall in


all right this ends now

no one makes a loser out of victor

let's dance


oops butterfingers

no bugs

what he's a good skater




bet you didn't know these could go so


i made a few adjustments




watch out you're unseen nice with me

a little help here now i just got to

find someone i can beat the pants off of

get that jacket and start to get taken

seriously around here hmm this miniature

golf course ain't so miniature where are

all the windmills the waterfalls the

clown with the giant mouth

excuse me

oh there he is i couldn't help noticing

that you seem to be all by your lonesome

would you care to join me and my

colleagues and a foursome oh how kind

i'd be happy to excellent we're all

about to tee off well look at me just

arrived and already making friends i

found a fourth looks like i'm playing

for that silver jacket now tanya very

well leslie you two are up first

all right i'll be using the orange ball

we don't play with colored balls they're

all white well that's silly now how do

you know which one is yours


where's the hole look way over there

that's the hole

guess i'll just have to really lay into


no this is going to be too easy


hey right in the hole looks like he's

gunning for that silvered

jacket of yours leslie

if you hit this one straight in that's

called a triple bogey oh wait never mind

once you're over eight strokes there's

no cute name for it yeah i don't need to

hear it rabbit look leslie it says how

the scoring works right here get off me


nice less you really got a hold of that

one oh show him he's good when if he

can't finish the game let's see that

figured buffoon get out of this quagmire

yo rabbit beware this one dog legs a bit

to the left thanks doc

hey i got it in that sand trap thingy

how many points is that do a whole lot

now go hit it out of there

this is gonna be good


what oh come on

you good for nothing you didn't add

enough water

only a couple more holes to pull ahead

of bugs if you want that jacket leslie

then i'd better make it count


i don't know if this should be

considered a sport but i'm having a

great time you know what bugs why don't

you go first i already set your tea up

and everything



just hit it would ya

you for crying out loud give me that

i'll show you how it's done


so then i says maybe you just need a

little hair at the front

oh it's nice to have someone with a

sense of humor out here

that silver jacket is mine


how's my driving rabbits



no one gets the best of leslie peter


don't panic


good grief bugs another eagle that's

gonna be a course record i cannot think

of anyone who deserves the silver jacket

more than you don't you agree leslie

sheesh i just came out here to have a

little fun and now i'm going home with

this ugly silver jacket

oh carry my bags lily legs just hit it

nobody gets the best of low sleep


don't worry leslie the nice man will fit

you with a special jacket of your very




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