June 23, 2024

My Top 7 Productivity Hacks to Crush It in 2022 [Financial Freedom]

Published May 13, 2023, 9:08 a.m. by Courtney

1. Get a handle on your finances: This is the first and most important step to becoming productive. If you don't have a handle on your finances, you will never be able to become productive. There are a lot of different ways to get a handle on your finances, but the best way is to create a budget.

2. Find a system that works for you: There are a lot of different productivity systems out there, and the best way to find one that works for you is to experiment. Try out a few different productivity systems and see which one helps you the most.

3. Set goals: Once you have a handle on your finances and you have found a productivity system that works for you, it's time to set some goals. Without goals, you will never be able to become productive. Figure out what you want to accomplish and then set some goals that will help you get there.

4. Make a plan: Once you have your goals set, it's time to make a plan. Without a plan, it will be very difficult to become productive. Figure out what steps you need to take to reach your goals and then make a plan that will help you get there.

5. Take action: The final step to becoming productive is to take action. You can have all the financial knowledge in the world, but if you don't take action, you will never become productive. Figure out what you need to do to reach your goals and then take action.

6. Be patient: Becoming productive doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort to become productive. Be patient and don't get discouraged if you don't see results immediately.

7. Persevere: Finally, don't give up. If you find that becoming productive is difficult, don't give up. Persevere and eventually you will reach your goals.

If you follow these seven steps, you will be well on your way to becoming productive and achieving financial freedom in 2022.

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have you ever sat for hours and hours at

your desk or in front of your computer

at your job or whatever you're trying to

do and the end of the day comes before

you know it and you look back and you

realize you haven't got anything done

well guys don't worry you're not alone

there are countless people out there

feeling just the same way in fact i was

one of them in this video i'm gonna go

over seven of my best productivity hacks

and at the end i'm gonna throw in my

eighth one which is a bonus which is

actually my favorite one so make sure

you stay tuned to the end my name is

kyle chasse i've been in crypto for 10

years i run several different companies

in the crypto space my time is very

limited and i value it highly in order

for me to be able to achieve all of this

i needed to be more productive so i'm

going to teach you the things that i've

done the things that you can apply to

your life there's one thing i want to

stress before we dive into this guys

time is without a doubt the most

valuable asset that you have so i

encourage you to treat time like it's

worth you do have a finite supply of it

it will run out one day and the last

thing you want to do is watch your life

pass before you without being able to

fully appreciate it and enjoy it and

some of you may feel like you never have

time to do things that you want to do

maybe you're working around the clock at

work you've just got a million things

that are on your to-do list and it never

seems to be exhausted that's simply a

matter of becoming more productive so

let's get into my hacks on how to do

that alright guys so the first one is

going to be find a time of day where you

have very little distraction so this may

or may not apply to you for myself it

applies dramatically so there's a period

of my day where i am inundated with

requests messages emails telegram

messages tweets videos things to do and

people are always coming and messaging

me knocking on my door and that's fine

right that's the position i'm in that's

my responsibility to do that so for me

what i ended up doing was shifting my

schedule later for me and i'm have a

feeling for a lot of people watching

this especially if you're in crypto or

technology a lot of us just seem to be

nocturnal and me myself i am so for me i

usually work until about

three or four a.m now

that means that i'm waking up between

like 10 and 11 a.m and when i get to my

desk and start to work it's game on and

this is when the inundation happens

everyone knows i'm awake and i'm getting

bombarded but around

8 00 p.m or so 8 9 p.m

miraculous happens it goes totally

silent when that happens i feel like the

dude from limitless movie right like i

could just get massive amounts of things

done and that's why i need to do it so

whatever works for you whether it's

waking up early

going to bed early or waking up late

staying up late it's very important you

find a time of day without distractions

so you will then enter into your flow

state right and a very good book to read

is deep work by cal newport basically

flow state is essentially that it's a

state of mind when things just seem to

flow this is when we become the most

productive right things just seem to

flow we get into state of mind when it

just comes to us right unlike

going through a document getting

distracted what is that and then coming

back did you know that every time that

you get distracted from reading it takes

on average 10 seconds to go back find

where you were and reread the

information that you had before we

didn't like routines and they tend to

make us more productive

so make sure that whatever you choose

early morning or late at night that it

is the same time every single day next

one is time blocking now i'll read a

quote from cal newport again from the

same book i referenced earlier and he

says a 40 hour time blocked work week i

estimate produces the same amount of

output as a 60 hour work week pursued

without structure so essentially what

we're talking about is you know let's

say that you have a bunch of tasks that

you need to do from that your boss gives

you or something one block can be

tackled to-do list right and when that

block hits the time on your calendar

boom you just switch from whatever

you're doing directly into getting those

done and another thing is

we all check our inbound messages or

telegram or email every single day right

but an entire day can go by just getting

lost into multiple conversations on

telegram because i go back and check it

and then they reply and then you they

expect you to reply instantly what i

suggest for emails and telegram if you

can do this is just fine two blocks of

time every day maybe it's 30 minutes as

soon as you get to work and 30 minutes

before you leave to open up the email

box look at your messages reply to

everything nice and thoroughly and just

know that you're not going to look at

those until the end of the day or until

the next morning just look at your day

the things that you do

block them into groups of time and make

sure you follow that every single day

okay so the next hack guys is something


when i implemented this in my life it

changed my life forever i

honestly like this is it literally

completely was the best thing that i

ever did for myself from a pure

happiness perspective and productivity

perspective now this is hiring an

assistant now a lot of you watching this

may not be at a place where you can hire

a full-time assistant that's there with

you to do these kind of things but

there's different types of assistance so

for example

if you have things that you need to do

like responding to emails or responding

to inbound inquiries or organizing your

calendar guys there are virtual

assistants right and you can just google

this there's virtual assistants in

places like philippines or india i

recommend philippines because they speak

really really good english and they tend

to have really high uh standards of

quality in the philippines you can get a

virtual assistant for somewhere in like

four or five dollars an hour and

that can relieve a lot of things from

you and you have an assistant and if

you're making a bit more money and you

have some extra money to spend on

yourself on your business uh there's

other types of assistance too like i

just liked having my place clean and i

am not someone who likes to do laundry

or clean the floor or cook the first

assistant that i hired when i was in los

angeles happened to be a gay guy named

steven now one of the biggest needs that

i needed was taking care of my personal

house right i will tell you what my

house had never been so clean my clothes

so organized having healthy food all the

time help and that made me

super happy i can tell you when you do

have an assistant that helps with

whatever it is that you don't like to do

right so for me that was incredibly

valuable because

it bothered me my when my house wasn't

clean and things weren't organized so

for me that distracted me it made me

anxious and i couldn't be as productive

now an executive assistant is as you get

a bit higher up and you need someone

that becomes essentially an extension of

you someone that will

shadow you for a long time learn the way

you think the things that you know how

you like to do things the way you

communicate with your customers and they

will essentially start looking through

your emails your telegram messages uh

you know just just doing all the things

that they are capable of doing because

they've essentially understood how you

would communicate and guys that again

alleviates a lot of your time doing

these little tasks and allows you to

focus more on the big picture of what

your goal is and what you're trying to

achieve the kind of things that only you

can do the way that i think about

assistance overall

is think about

what you value your time at

understanding how much time it would

take you to do the tasks that they will

do and if you believe that your time is

worth more than you're paying them it

makes sense to do that guys the next one

is goal setting so

goal setting we all do that right like

every new year's comes around and we all


some goals for the new year's resolution


a lot of times we just do not follow

through on them well goals can help you

be the most productive

ever if you make those goals achievable

and you have to believe that you will

achieve these goals it has to be real to

you and in order for you to believe that

you can achieve this goal

you need to do things that imprint it in

your mind as a reality so that means

things like visualization right so

create your goal and then close your

eyes and think about what it feels like

to be in that place maybe now you're 40

pounds lighter or maybe now you have

made 500 000 this year and after taxes

and everything you have an extra 250

grand in your bank account how does that

feel how does it make you feel right now

not only do we need to visualize it

often we can break that down even

further so part of goal setting is

making it so it's realistic


little small actionable steps the goal

that we said is a huge ambitious thing

it's a goal for a reason it is hugely

ambitious but how do we get there well

you need to make a plan on how to get

there right so if our goal in one year

is to is to achieve x what do we need to

do on a monthly

weekly and daily basis to make sure that

we achieve that goal so write those down

create a plan and make sure that you

stick to those things every single day

and trust me

you will get there that is how you


extremely productive at goal setting and

goal achieving the next one is again it

kind of ties into the last one uh this

is called the two day rule now in order

for us to achieve our goals we must make

things like routines like let's say that

your goal is weight loss right and so

you want to make sure that you're going

to the gym at least five days a week

some days we just get too busy and

things get out of hand and you you skip

the gym right that's okay you skip the

gym shame on you but it's okay the next


you need to make sure that you do

whatever you do

you do not miss that second day because

once we have formed a habit which takes

about 21 days so if your goal is to lose

the weight and you start going to the

gym trust me it is going to be a

for the first 21 days once you form the

habit it becomes very easy it becomes

like secondary nature but

it is easy to fall out of habit much

faster than it is to create the habit

this is why the two-day rule is so

important you miss a gym one day that's

okay don't beat yourself up about it but

day two i don't care how busy you are i

don't care i don't care how busy or what

you did i don't care if you get done at

10 p.m at night and you're exhausted

just don't miss a second day because if

you miss the second day you're much more

likely to miss the third day and the

fourth day and before you know it you

haven't gone to the gym a week and you

just write it off this is how we lose

focused productivity and why we fail to

accomplish the goals that we set out for

ourselves alright guys and the next one

is the two minute rule two minute rule

is essentially whenever a task comes at

you that uh will take less than two

minutes to do just do it right so like a

lot of times you might get asked to

forward an email or something right and

you have a choice when you're asked to

forward an email you can either add it

to your to-do list or you can literally

just stop whatever is that you're doing

and go do it right now because it's

gonna take less than two minutes to do

statistics just show that when you can

knock out these little tasks that take a

very short amount of time it's much more

efficient just to get them done this is

why we have those blocks of time before

so we don't get distracted in our day

for people asking so i expect fully that

for me personally from 8 p.m until 4 in

the morning nobody is asking me to do

anything and so i don't mind in the

hours when i expect things to be asked

of me to do these things so i fully

comply with a two-minute rule boom

somebody asked me to do something i do

it right now the next one is extremely

important right you need to make time

for you what does that mean i don't know

it's different different for everybody

if you don't make time for you if you

just work around the clock what will

inevitably happen and trust me it

happens to everybody

even the strongest most driven people

will get burnt out and once you burn out

that production across the board

dramatically decreases

meaning that you could still be sitting

in front of your computer or at your


and if you're burnt out you're just

gonna start moving very slow through

things and you're just gonna

everything's gonna start being like a

pain in the butt to do find time to do

the things that make you happy that can

re-energize yourself so if you have the



take a day or two off maybe that's what

you need to do right maybe maybe you're

the type of person like me for example

who has no problem working really hard

like i can even go i can even go

probably like

14 days straight without taking time off

but eventually

i will need some time off and i

understand people do not bother me i

just need to i need to separate for a

little while and then i'll go do

whatever i want for you it might be not

working so hard through and then taking

whole days off maybe it's just taking 15

minute breaks throughout the day to go

for a quick jog or have a chat with your

friend or you know follow up on on

tinder and talk to whoever you know like

whatever like whatever it is that you

want to do take the time for yourself

it's very important um we can all get

lost in our responsibilities and our

work in the things that we're expected

to do and we will forget to take the

time that we need for ourselves to keep

ourselves sane and happy all right guys

now the bonus i was talking about this

is really great so

consuming content right you should all

be consuming content you should all be

learning learning is incredibly

important whether you want to be an

entrepreneur get better at your job

learn a new hobby

reading and watching content is

incredibly important i do it all the

time if you're watching like youtube for

example or any media player there's a

setting you can go to and you can

actually change the playback speed speed

it up when you can watch quickly and you

can't digest it do it right then it'll

increase the ability if you watch on 2x

that means at any given point in time

you can watch two times more content

meaning that you can learn two times

more information if you can do that some

some some people like mike the producer

here he watches things on 3x speed i i

it's because he's an editor i don't i

can't do that personally right now but i

know a lot of people that can the same

thing goes for reading books now i'm

going to give you another productivity

hack have some earphones in your ear

with white noise now that will drown out

all the distractions so you don't have

that delay or the distraction when

you're reading it can allow you to

remain fully engaged within the content

that you're reading and it will save you

tons of time and allow you to read much

much faster some people choose to do

audio books and some people choose to

read classic books what about doing both

at the same time get the audio book for

the book that you're reading and get the

physical book and put your headphones in

and put the audio book on two or three

times playback speed and follow along

with your eyes as you're doing it this

will not only allow you to read the book

quicker but it also will increase the

ability in which you can read it i love

to read books by successful people right

like jeff bezos or elon musk or whatever

these books are

an aggregate of all the lessons

all the hardships all the problems all

the discoveries all the epiphanies that

these entrepreneurs had

over the course of their entire lifetime

all compiled down to one little book

that's powerful right that's powerful

this is one of the best productivity

hacks you can ever imagine you don't

always have to learn lessons the hard

way by making the mistakes yourself

we have the history of the world given

to us in the form of books that you can

take advantage of

so guys in conclusion we

just uncovered seven or eight

productivity hacks that you can apply to

your life that will make you

exponentially more productive and guys i

know this is not the normal style of my

video but

since it's a bear market and since

things are slow and we all have extra

time i'm thinking about doing more

videos like this and other videos on

finance on how to achieve wealth things

to look out for things to be careful of

uh things like that that i believe are

incredibly important on your path to

financial freedom

if you're interested in making those

kind of videos please do let me know in

the comments below guys if you found

this valuable

please do me a favor and subscribe to

this channel if you're not already just

go ahead and smash the like on the video

make sure you share this with your

friends and family and i will catch you

guys in the next one bye


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