April 15, 2024

NEW Home sales training MASTERY for Real Estate Agents - Sell 12 new homes this year

Published May 13, 2023, 7:08 p.m. by Arrik Motley

As a real estate agent, it's your job to sell homes. And, while some agents may struggle to sell just one or two homes a year, others seem to have a knack for selling twelve or more homes annually. If you're looking to up your sales game and sell more homes this year, then check out this new home sales training mastery guide.

In order to sell more homes, you need to have a system in place that allows you to consistently generate leads, follow up with those leads, and ultimately convert them into clients. That's where this new home sales training guide comes in. This guide will show you step-by-step how to create a system that will help you close more deals and sell more homes.

One of the first things you need to do is create a lead generation system. This system should include a way for you to generate leads on a daily basis. There are a number of different ways you can generate leads, but one of the most effective is through online lead generation. There are a number of different lead generation strategies you can use, but one of the most effective is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Once you have a lead generation system in place, the next step is to follow up with those leads. The best way to do this is through email marketing. Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your leads and build a relationship with them. It's also an effective way to sell more homes because it allows you to stay top of mind with your leads.

Finally, once you have a lead generation system and an email marketing strategy in place, it's time to start converting those leads into clients. The best way to do this is through a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a process that allows you to take a lead from the top of the funnel (the awareness stage) all the way down to the bottom of the funnel (the purchase stage).

If you want to sell more homes this year, then you need to have a system in place that allows you to consistently generate leads, follow up with those leads, and ultimately convert them into clients. This new home sales training guide will show you step-by-step how to create a system that will help you close more deals and sell more homes.

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so as you're coming in a like is gonna

go a long way we're looking at new

construction today that's what we're

eyeing at the moment so make sure that

you are

in the right mindset

because we're going to get going here

shortly so

new construction new home sales that's

what is on the topic today so new home

sales training new construction training

we're going to go to mastery level so

we're going to talk about what is new

construction we're going to talk about

the pros and the cons we're going to

talk about how to actually procure

clients for new construction also i'm

going to share with you the general

journey that your clients will go

through so if you are brand new to real

estate or have never done a real estate

transaction that is a new construction

and even if you have done new

construction before

this is the video for you because i'm

gonna spare no expense i'm gonna go into

every single detail so this is one of


videos that's going to be a little bit

longer but hang in there with me my goal

is to really live up to the title and in

the title it says

mastery that's where i want to take you

so whether you have experience with new

construction or has zero experience with

new construction this is the one for you

so as you're coming in a like is gonna

go a long way so also let me know where

you're listening from it's gonna help

me understand where when and where i

need to be go going live a lot more

all right so give me one second making

sure that

the audio is working okay so hopefully

you can hear me

all right so let's get going

new construction


new construction is really near and dear

to my heart because that was the nice

that i immediately jumped into whenever

i was in real estate so inter well

starting out in real estate so new

construction we'll look at what it

actually looks like

here in two seconds let's go

new construction mastery this is for you

real estate agents so if you are here

and you're looking to be

a real estate agent or are a real estate

agent or really want to understand what

this particular business looks like then

please please please


hit that like button this is going to be

a good time well spent so let's go

all right so this is for you that are

looking to take it to that next level

you may have gotten into real estate or

you might be at a certain place where

you're doing 10 transactions 20

transactions 50 transactions are looking

to get to that next level this is

there is something in here for you so

this is those individuals those agents

that are looking to grow so if you're

comfortable where you're at this is

probably not the live stream for you so

um you might want to hit the like and

then head on

head on your way if you're comfortable

where you're at if not this might be a

this might be worth your time tom hi

from minnesota i appreciate you dropping


thank you for being here so

new construction

is really that next level it's going to

help you take your career to that next

level and that's really what i want to

honor today but before we get into it

let's talk about niche or niches or some

you say niche i'm not that type person

so i don't know um what the correct way

of saying it is but let's talk about


what does

that look like in real estate well let's

first start looking at what does a niche

look like outside of real estate

let's look at the medical profession

let's look at doctors you have those

specialists that specialize in heart

that specializes in bones

that specialize in ear nose and throat

doctor so they have a speci they have a

specialization so they have a niche that

they practice as opposed to being

one for all as opposed to being a

general practitioner so a lot of us have

gone to the doctor at some point in time

so i think that you can at least relate

to that and that component of you have

your general prac doctors or general

practitioner then you also have those

that are specialists those that are

focused in a specific

niche very much the same thing in real

estate so

let's understand one quick thing

in real estate or real estate agents

there's over 2 million active licenses

right now in the united states so to put

that in perspective there's about what

330 million

citizens um and half of those or a

little bit less than half are adults

so you have that amount of people and of

the entire the entire amount of people

that we just talked about 330 million in

the united states alone

two million of them happen to be real

estate agents or have a real estate

license not everybody is practicing


is making a living off of

real estate alone so the reason i bring

that up is because you need a

differentiator you need a different

story you need a way to stand out

and some people use that by the way that

they dress some people stand out by the

way that they

by the way that they communicate

some agents do that by what they

actually practice in which is niching

down that's what we're looking at today

so there's various amounts of niches in

real estate so you can be a land agent

so somebody that really specializes in

land someone that does farm and ranch so

farm and ranch properties you have

commercial you have

even within commercial there's multiple

niches within commercial so you're

looking at

retail you're looking at

storage you're looking at

office you're looking at so many

different types of commercial real

estate very much the same thing here in

residential the niche that we're

covering today is new construction so

sometimes known as new home sales so i'm

going to use that interchangeably


i use that interchangeably so just know

that whenever i'm talking about new

construction i'm using new homes as well

so one make sure that you're comfortable

with the terminology but

the reason that i wanted to bring up the


concept first or the niche strategy

first is

you've heard it said time and time again

the riches are in the niches so the more

specialized the more nice down that you


you're gonna be making more money and

for all intents and purposes

i can't speak to all industries but i

can speak to the real estate industry

and in the new construction

niche that we're going to look at today

this is the biggest opportunity in real

estate for my money

i'm going to rephrase that outside of

crypto outside of nft outside of web 3.0

that is

that has surpassed the new construction

but in terms of traditional real estate

i do believe that new construction new

home new home sells is the most

profitable the highest upside an

opportunity for every single real estate

agent so that's what i mentioned at the

beginning whether you're a brand new

agent or an experienced agent this is

the opportunity that you can break into

anybody can break into new construction

and with the strategies that you're

going to learn today

you're going to be able to

hop off of this live stream and go and

get into contract with new

homes i firmly believe that i'm going to

share with you everything that i could

possibly think of to learn now to make

this the most advantageous for you

let me know in the comment section what

questions you have so i am

i am very well versed in new

construction so i've touched new

construction from multiple ways from the

development side from the actual

building from the

um working with builders themselves and

doing their marketing working with home

buyers home sellers all that fun stuff

so make sure that you drop down any

question that you might have down below

we're gonna get we're gonna take care of



what is up

appreciate you dropping by good seeing

you here

good seeing you here thanks so much

all right so niche it's very important

that we focus on a niche it doesn't even

have to be new construction that just

happens to be the con the topic that

we're covering today but niching down

does not mean that you're letting go of

any other type of real estate

transaction it just means that you are

the specialist you're the go-to person

you're the professional you're the go-to


whenever it comes to new construction so

that is a way for you to stand out from

all the other 2 million active real

estate licenses out there so again

there's multiple ways for you to stand

out and it's through what you focus in

the type of real estate that you focus

in that

you can stand out even more in this case

it's new construction so you want to be

that new home person that new

construction agent that people call you

and simply because you're known as the

new construction agent doesn't mean that

you can't sell resales that doesn't mean

that at all in fact most of the time as

we cover the benefits of new


most of the time you actually are

selling a resale

so many times you're going to be

you're going to be selling a home in

order to place that buyer

into a new home

right so their sellers first and then

they become buyers into the new

community that you're placing them in

and again if this is a completely


concept to you a completely foreign

part of real estate to you hang in there

we're gonna go into it at in link so

first we just need to understand that we

need a niche down that we really need to

become specialists become masters and

very proficient in a certain niche in

order to stand out

all right so we have chris in the house

los angeles welcome everybody i

appreciate you dropping by you like it's

going to go a long way and also comment

down below where you're listening from

or you're

participating from today certainly want

to hear from you

all right so let's keep going

niching do we need to niche yes we

absolutely do and i hopefully i made a

strong enough compelling case for you to

consider niching down


all right so now let's

let's talk about what is new

construction so we've heard about it a

lot in this opening these opening couple

of minutes together what is new


new construction is called new

construction sometimes referred to as

new home sales so new construction in

new homes you're going to use those

interchangeably or most of you will use

that terminology in interchangeably so

basically new construction is

homes that are built new and this could

be condos it could be multi-family this

could be multiple

multiple new builds but basically it is

building over

dirt that's that's effectively it so new

construction is creating inventory

literally creating inventory so that is

something that was not there that the

people that are moving into the homes

for the first time they're the sole

um they're the sole inhabitants of that

property they're the first inhabitants

of that property so most of you most

real estate agents myself included we

were just introduced to resales we were

introduced to resales in the form of go

on to the mls

look for whatever property is available

show it to the client and then sell it

that's what we've been taught

right so

there's nothing wrong with that but

oftentimes we just we just think that

that's the only way

we just think that that's the only way

we get told hey i need a house for three

beds two baths x y and z we go to the

mls if it's there great we send it we

send the properties that we find to our

clients if it's not there we put a safe

search and then we have the the um the

alerts go out to the client and to


and until something pops up

then um then we go and look at it right

well with new construction here's the


not all new construction is on the mls

in fact much of the new construction out

there is not on the mls let me repeat


much of the new construction is not on

your mls your multiple listing service

in fact

outside of one company

um nationwide

there's really not a nationwide database

now there is one company and i'll go

ahead and say it newhomesource.com

that is the closest that you can get to

a national database of new construction


because not all builders place their

inventory on the mls not all builders

place their inventory on that website

that i just gave you and not all

builders are really good at marketing

their inventory truth be told


there's multiple reasons for that we'll

talk into some we'll talk into some

reasons why that is but understanding

what we're covering in this particular

moment new construction new construction


brand new inventory brand new homes that

have never been lived in this is

different than resales most of you are

accustomed to resales again resales are

somebody is lifting the home now they're

putting a for sale sign out in the yard

and people are negotiating with another


right so that is what the traditional

way or the traditional way that we've

been taught has been

in doing real estate we'll talk about

why that is

mr gabino good seeing you lorenzo

appreciate you being here

barat from mumbai i love it thanks so

much worldwide i love it



missy missy sawa

i am i would say if that's right or not

but i'm fairly certain that's not right

sorry about that i appreciate you being

here make sure that you hit the like

button it's gonna help more people

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new construction that's what we're

looking at right now so


what is new construction we just

detailed it here in the last two minutes

what it is but basically it's a brand

new build a brand new home nobody has

ever lived in it before this is

different than resales and we'll look

into the benefits

right now

so as we look into the benefits

first i need to detail

one of the biggest reasons that you

might not be on

why why you might not be doing

new construction at the moment

and that is because when you were buying

your home because most of you are buy

your home first and at some point you

become a real estate agent it's rare

that you become a real estate agent and

buy your first home that way but it does

happen i mean it's it's um everyone


the industry different or enters the

industry a little bit different but

you're going to find that

if you were a purchaser of a home before

you become a real estate agent

your real estate agent

for all intensive purposes i'm gonna


didn't even make a new home

an option to you

and i want you to let me know in the

comment section down below is that true

or not because that certainly was for me

and i love

absolutely love bob to death who was my

realtor who became my real estate when i

got entered into real estate he became

my mentor um he's a fantastic agent but

new construction just wasn't presented i

had to present that to him


one of the biggest i'm not saying that

this was him but i'm just giving you the

the um

what's happened in the industry where

there's almost this battle

between new builders

and real estate agents

and the battle is about money imagine

that it's about money where

we as real estate agents

we um it's too easy sometimes to get cut

out of the deal

so we'll talk about how to secure how to

secure clients for one how to convert

clients and actually how to grow your

clientele so that's all coming up so

make sure that you stay tuned but giving

you a little bit of a

why this why this is the case why new

construction may not be on top of your

mind or was never really truly presented

to you because there's this this there

is this distrust amongst builders and

real estate agents where we as real

estate agents we bring clients to

builders and

it the there's a lot of short memory

loss from builders on who actually

brought them the business so we'll talk

about one of the biggest most important

things in new construction

which is when you bring a client to a

builder a hundred percent of the time

you need to re-emphasize and continue to

re-emphasize that that client that you

bring to the builder must put you down

as being their representative


in many in many communities there are

model homes where your buyers that have

been working with you for 12 seconds or

12 days or 12 months

go into these new home uh these model

homes and they are asked to sign in

a hundred percent of the time they're

asked to sign in

and it is their responsibility

to put your name down as you being

the representative so they're working

with you right

so it's their responsibility to write it

down but it's up to you and your

responsibility to let your client know


because your client may love you they

enjoy working with you they have gone

and seen all these homes especially in

this market right now and they just kept

losing out on the multiple offer

situations and they get frustrated and

they're driving home and just for the

last time they're just so upset and they

see a new build community that for some

reason they just didn't ever notice or

even care to think about going into so

they pull into the new construction the

master plan community all these builders

all of these nails everywhere on the


um this is a random fact there's a lot

of nails so you if you're in new

construction cells you have to replace

your tires a lot trust me a lot but

anyway so i'll tie outside of that they

go into the new

model home


they're just looking they're just

looking new models are dressed to the t

they have upgrades for days they look

incredible and the sales rep that's

inside of the model home comes out

asks them a couple questions they're

very well versed on their product

they're very well versed on


working with clients and they're gonna

ask them to

fill out their information we're your

buyer again it's somebody that you've

been working with for a while and they

love you they have nothing against you

but they've just lost all of these deals

they're just driving they don't think

anything twice about it so they just put

down their name their email their phone

number their budget their timeline their



overlook the part where they're asked

are you working with the real estate

agent if so with who

and they just don't put your name down

because again it's just it

it passed it was just went over their

head right

well the moment that that happens

you've lost out on the deal if

the buyer goes through and closes on any

home within that community

many times with that builder all

together because builders will talk

about the different types of builders



are building not just in one community

they're building hundreds into thousands

of homes

so don't let that be you don't let that

be you where you have buyers


again just in one momentary laps

with one stroke of the pin you've lost

out on ten thousand twenty thousand

thirty thousand forty thousand dollars

in commission

it's happened to me it's happened to

just about every real estate agent that

i've ever spoken to that actually does

new construction in volume

so just don't let that happen to you

it's their responsibility to write your

name down and we'll talk about how to um


how to broach that topic but also it is

your responsibility to let them know to

do that

right so let's just um i know it kind of

got a little bit serious for a little

bit but

understand that is super important that

we understand

understand the um understand new

construction for one but also understand

a little bit of the history and the


of that transfer of client to builder so

that's something we're going to look at

closely today so again just wanted to go

into a little bit of a history lesson on

why there's this distrust and it's the

again the primary distrust is on the


the commission the money imagine that

right so people fighting over money so


benefits let's look into the benefits i

know i just went into the negatives real

quick but let's look at some benefit

benefits anybody can do it

regardless if you just got into the

industry today or if you got into the

industry 30 years ago anybody can do


anybody can jump into new construction

new home sales and be wildly successful

as a real estate as a real estate agent

if you

go through if you implement some of the

strategies i share with you right now

you're gonna absolutely crush it so

again we're talking about new

construction as a real estate agent

we'll go into

we'll go into different strategies on

what that looks like

why are why i really love new

construction is because there's

more commission in it for you


yes we are in a very

very competitive market right now where

they can't put enough inventory on the


even in new construction

but in many cases new home

builders so new construction builders

they are going to offer bonuses they're

going to offer two thousand dollar

bonuses five thousand dollar bonuses um

what they call three plus one three plus

two three plus four

there's a lot of bonuses and what i mean

by that is three percent commission plus

three percent commission as bonus if you

can get a buyer into contract within a

certain amount of time


there are times and i've been blessed

enough to

blessed enough to have seen this and

happened to me multiple times


i get six percent commission on a


yeah yeah that's that's how that's how

awesome new construction is so with one

transaction you have a six percent

commission and that's not even factoring

in the homes that i've sold in order to


that purchase so in some cases you can

get up to nine percent let me make sure

that i'm really

emphasizing this some cases

one client can bring you nine percent

commission three percent on the cell

and then the

bonus plus the regular commission that

the builder offers

now that is full disclosure that is in a


um balanced market right now we're not

in a balanced market right now there's a

invent a inventory shortage so there's a

lot of seller


it's a seller's market

so builders don't necessarily have to do

this the many of them have cut down

their commission in fact there's still

really good amount of money in new

construction but again as markets change

so will the builders perks because

you're gonna find even though the

sellers market is incredibly hot right

now or the market is in the seller's

market status well when it becomes a

buyer's market status you're going to

see a lot of the bonus programs that

builders offer come back


builders although there's this distrust

between builders and real estate agents

at the end of the day builders recognize

that we bring over 60 percent

over 70 percent in fact

of their clients

so they can do direct to consumer

marketing and they do direct to the

direct to consumer marketing by putting

up putting out radio spots by putting

out tv spots by putting out billboard

spots by putting out all of this

marketing to try to get to the consumer

before they get to real estate agent

that's happening right now however we're

st we still

account as real estate agents for over

60 percent of new construction sales for

the builders

so yeah

there's a big there's a big um there's a

big stick that we're swinging basically

so although there is that there is this

distrust between builders

and real estate agents at the end of the

day were both necessary to each other so

that's how we should be seeing it

all right so let's see we got some

monique in the house right some builders

are paying

one percent

yeah so some builders have reduced it um

some are doing one percent i'm not going

to call out

the bill the builders that have reduced

it um

because they're they operate in

different markets so i'll just be


megatel is doing three plus 5k bonus

yeah megatel was doing three plus three


megatel was doing three percent plus

three percent so

um in some cases three plus four

uh i'm

i was about to say i was going to be

respectful of builders well i am going

to be respectful of builders but

yeah i'll stop i'll stop megatel great

builder great company everyone's great

so we'll keep going

less work

believe it or not there's less work and

new construction

there is such less work and i'll tell

you a story of how how i learned that

the the good way

right so at some point someone does

their sorry sparkling water so don't

don't think that it's um

me building a habit

here's how i broke into new construction

because it certainly wasn't taught to me

there's um

gosh what was his name

this was in louisville in dallas fort

worth so right in between um right in


right in between fort worth and dallas

there's a there's a town called


a little bit north

and who was it

was it lillian custom homes yeah it was

lillian custom homes

great builders i love them as builders

and we'll talk about the different style

of builders but i want to share with you

that everybody has a starting point

simply because i'm making this video

doesn't mean that

um doesn't mean that

there was no starting point for me i

didn't i didn't grow up with this

knowledge how to learn it

right so i didn't know anything about

new construction i was just

i just saw that there was a house after

making a few calls after going through

google after going and actually finding

this property because it wasn't on the


i found that this that there's a house

that was about to be completed that was

perfect for one of my clients so his

name is jeffy

um he and his wife fantastic couple

they're great


it was this property just seemed to make

sense so i showed up 30 minutes late

and i asked as i'm sorry not late 30

minutes early i showed up 30 minutes

early to the community and in many new

construction places until especially if

they're in a brand new

uh area and a new community you're gonna

find the sales reps not be working out

of model homes model homes come later

they don't build a model home and then

they start building around it no they

start building product immediately and

then they'll put the sales reps that are

part of the builder's team are working

for the builder they'll put them in

mobile homes so they'll put them in

mobile homes so you'll um

or in trailer homes and uh so i just

showed up 30 minutes early and i just

asked as many questions as possible

but what was interesting is i kept going

from the mindset of a resale because i

had sold multiple homes at that time

that were resale so you know the typical

process getting them qualified

negotiating with with the seller going

into option doing this doing that

whatever so as i kept asking question

after question after question

she kept saying now we don't do that new

construction it's like okay um all right

so what do we do for our option period

well there is no option period


um so who do i need to contact uh

i just kept asking question after

questions like no and that's at some

point she just got sick of me

and said listen honey

this is new home sales

you just bring us a buyer

if they get into contract you just go

home and collect the check

and that just completely blew my mind um


i would bring about sure there's maybe

she made it sound too easy but for all

intents and purposes she was a lot more

right by telling me that than i was by

me bringing up all of these different

contingencies that come with the resell

so when i say that there's less work

involved with new construction in most


it's unbelievable where

we'll talk about the different styles of

homes but for all intents and purposes

when it comes to

new construction

there's less work it's a beautiful thing

new homes are more marketable so who

doesn't like new shiny things

so as far as the product goes it's much

more marketable you don't have to worry


um a lot of hey i i wonder if this water

heater is going to go out i wonder if

this if they'll replace the

dishwasher i wonder if they'll fix the

flooring that seems to be coming up with

every step no there's none of that it's

a much more marketable product because

it's brand new and has a lot of home

warranties which we'll talk about

there's more inventory now right now

when i say there's more inventory with

new construction there's more inventory


there's a lot of lots that are ready to

be built


they will be built at some point in time

depending on

the type of builder um it could be

a six months wait

generally that's where it'll take a

standard home to be built or if it's

going to be a fully custom build then

yeah then we are talking over a year

then we are talking to multiple years

depending on the complexity of the build

especially now with some shortages going

on but anyway when it comes to more

inventory if that lot that your buyers

wanted isn't there

okay well there's a lot next to it let's

build there

right so there is more inventory so keep

on the lookout the downside is that in

many cases

your buyers will have to wait a couple

of months we'll have to wait several

months in order for the home to be


all right

and we already talked about this but

there is more

there's opportunity for more for

multiple transactions there's

opportunity for the sale of the home

that your clients might need to sell in

order to qualify for that new build and

the purchase of the new build so that is

an amazing thing

all right we have some comments here ggg

some builders are no longer cooperating

in in toronto that's


that's unfortunate so

i'm curious what um which ones are well

you're not to name them by name but are

you working new construction right now

there are some that have stopped

cooperating but at some point they have

to come back because again we bring a

lot of volume to them

martha yes i appreciate you

and then we have um we have atoms

which is a bot

uh let me get rid of this one

all right you are gone

cool let's go

all right so we've been talking about

new construction but now it's important

for us as we get into something more

tangible now that we've set the stage


some of the challenges some of the

benefits what new construction is

all that good stuff now let's break open

new construction into the various types

that you can expect now new construction

does vary region by region so i do have


inject a few um

a few assumptions here in a few

biases here

because i can speak to

many markets not

not all markets but i can speak to many


because i work with builders all across

the country and i also have a real

estate group of 200 agents plus

so i

give this type of training to my agents

all the time we actually run ads for our

agents so they can secure new

construction leads so if you're

interested in in what that looks like in

terms of a partnership on us running

your ads and getting you all these leads

for new construction which is my


then um the link is down below but more

importantly here is we need to break


the various types of new because

although i say new construction in new


in one breath there's multiple angles to

this so we need to understand how to

approach them

all right so custom semi-custom and spec

home so specifications homes sometimes

known as inventory homes

custom semi-custom and spec homes so

we'll start with the bottom and then go

all the way to the top so spec home so

production homes

those homes are those


builders are building common floor plans

builders are building

homes that don't have much wiggle room

they're putting out homes this um

the rutherford plan sounds good the

bird plan sounds good the

playing plan sounds good in this in this

lot in this slot in this slide and

they're just going

right so at any one point in time

builders will have those homes that they

just go based off of averages they

understand that this is the plan that's

getting sold the most in all of our

other communities so we're going to

start building this type of plan in

these various spots so when somebody

that's interested in buying a home that

doesn't really want to start from ground

zero and once they get into a home as

quickly as possible we can show them

that home

right so you have these spec homes these

um larger inventory or inventory homes

for one where

a lot of these homes they are already on

the way

being constructed and then two there's

really not much wiggle room you really

can't you can't adjust floor plans you

can't um

think too much about the trimming you

can only for all intents and purposes in

most spec homes is adjust the elevation


what do you want the front to look like

but that's about it so you do one stone

here do you want break here do you want

x y and z here

and a few minor touches here and there

but for all intents and purposes what

i'm trying to convey is those there are

types of builds that are just

pretty standard that are gonna be the

only thing that you're changing are a

few things here and there but for all

intents and purposes the house is gonna

be what it is there's no deviation and

of course that's reflected on the price

so this type of build is generally

cheaper to do

less expensive to do

because there's not much as as much

customization so it doesn't involve

sourcing different materials

specifically for that property and also

it doesn't require

more labor from their builders all right

so then you also have semi-custom builds

semi-custom builds are those that allow

you to make more flexibility in the

homes themselves so there you can look

at adjusting the type of

flooring that you're that you that your

clients want there you are talking about

different cabinets they are talking

about different fixtures there you are

talking about

different things that you can actually

customize and in some cases you can

actually move and rearrange a few

a few rooms right you can actually

adjust well i don't want the

entertainment center over the garage i

want it over the whatever right

so in in cases there in depending on the

semi custom build that builder that

you're working with

that will um that is available to you so

the system

semi-custom builds generally are going

to have a higher price point so again

we're talking about

the different types of bills the

different types of new bills the

different types of new construction the

different types of new homes

so there you're looking at

generally a higher price point which we

already talked about and then it's going

to take generally a little bit longer

right and then we have the fully custom

build this is where you are working with

architects this is where you're working



individual floor plans this is where in

many cases the floor plans are actually

unique to you

and there's not going to be a similar

floor plan for miles if ever so this is

you can get completely custom to where

you really design out what the flow of

your property is going to be how many

rooms you want how large you want them

the style the

the layout the everything right so

there's the fully customized builders

now of course as the name

um and the amenities that we're talking

about as i mentioned those you already

know that it's gonna cost more and with

more cost it's generally gonna take


right so this is unique to you this is

brand new

but completely unique to you so

i bring this up

because we need to understand some

differences as a reminder this is new

construction or new home sales mastery i

want to make sure that you understand

that there's different categories out

there that you'll be working with in

some cases you're going to be working

with clients

they're going to be perfectly fine with

spec homes there's nothing wrong with

spec homes i've bought spec combs brand

new spec homes for investments

myself there's nothing wrong with them

they and they cash flow like crazy in

some cases

right and then you also have semi-custom

so you're going to be working with

clients that you know maybe they

maybe they

maybe they need a little bit more



semi-custom will be the ticket that's

where they need to be

and but you're also going to be working


somebody some clients that need

everything brand new designed

specifically for them because of their


right so you need to be able to talk

with your clients with your home buyers

and understand the differences and

understand that there's different types

of builders that will

that will fit your clients needs because

at the end of the day you're you're the

guide you're the professional you need

to be working with them

all right guys size matters

size absolutely does matter i want

everybody to

recognize that when it comes to new


so same way that we talked about custom

semi and spec home so this is the types

of homes the type of build process the

type of

that jet like i just mentioned type of


we also need to understand the builders

there are

large builders regional builders and mom

and pop builders so there's large

builders like the dr hortons of the

world which are massive they're the

largest builder in the country

there's lennar homes which is another

massive builder

out in this world


there's a lot of others that i probably

that i probably can't even get into but

you have the large builders and you need

to understand that because each one of

them has different quirks

you have toll brothers which is a

massive builder as well there's a lot of

big builders is basically what i'm


and then you have those regional

builders that are not nationwide like

lennar like dr horton like toll brothers

but they're more regional based like

lillian custom homes who i am sold my

first uh

new construction new home

um with

they're more regional so they're not

going to be known everywhere they're

going to be known more

geographically to use so that's why i

put regional and they have the mom and

pop ones the mom and pop ones when i say

that i don't mean that in a derogatory

way i actually enjoy working with those

types of builders but you need to

understand that you are working with

those types of builders in a different


because you cannot approach nor will you

have the same results

by working the same way with the mom and

pop builder that's putting two three

four five homes in the ground every

single year versus those that are doing

two three four five homes every single

hour so

just understand that there are some

differences as we going through the

strategies and the opportunities

understand that

the what we're looking at does have a

lot to do with the type of builders that

they are so if they are fully custom

builders if they're semi-custom builders

or if they're spec home builders or

inventory home builders or if they are


national builders that are putting

thousands of homes on the ground or if

they are more regional builders at that

point they're looking at hundreds of

homes on the ground and more

geographically close to you and then the

mom and pop builders which put a couple

of homes in the ground every single year

right so there's different there's

different flexibility with each one of

those builders

all right so a quick reminder a like is

going to go a long way and also comment

down below have you sold a new build

have you sold a new home before let me

know in the comment section down below i

want to know who is in the audience

today so have you sold a new build have

you sold new construction before let me

know in the comment section

all right so let's keep going i want to

make sure that we get out of here at an

appropriate time so now we've gone

through understanding of the types of

builders and also the size of the

builders that does matter because we're

getting to the important part on how

this opportunity gets to your bank

account and that is through leads that

is through having conversations with

those buyers at the end of the day

have to buy one of these homes

you can have all the information in the

world you can have all the knowledge in

the world and you can know everything

about new homes

but if you cannot find a buyer that will

actually buy this home

that you are not going to be in the

profession long

and that sounds like a very callous

thing to say but i need to be honest

with you

if you are

not finding those buyers or finding a

client to work with and you will not be

watching any of my videos much further

much longer because you're out of the

business and i don't want that for you i

want to give you as much as i possibly


because this is one of the best ways

again for my money in terms of

traditional real estate this is the best

way for you to break into real estate

and have the largest upside because of

all the benefits that we'll talk about

and it's so dang simple i don't want you

to miss it

anthony yes a lot so you're selling a

lot of builds i love it man i love it

martha yes i have

welcome martha i'm glad you're selling

them eighty percent of my va buyers go

new build due to how competitive this

pre-owned market is bam you just hit the

nail on the head the competition right

so there's

although it is competitive and you build

it's much less competitive right so it's

an opportunity for you so i'm glad um

you're having great success there

anthony really good to see that

and then mario great info i definitely

subbed i appreciate you friend

thank you so

much all right so let's go

let's talk about

lead generation

and we'll go into we'll break open into

into different uh into different

strategies so i make it as tangible for

you as possible

all right so let's talk about facebook

marketplace then we'll get into

craigslist then we'll get into youtube

then we'll get into short form then

we'll get into meta ads google has

youtube ads

all right so basically i wanted to give

you some

i want to give you seven strategies that

you can implement today

depending on the budget depending on

your time if you will so you're either

trading time for money or money for time


i included some free strategies and i

also included some paid strategies i

want to break break those open right now


what we're doing at the moment is

generating that client right we've we've

done a very brief crash course i know it

says 45 minutes that we've been on live


i could have gone 40 more minutes just

on one topic i could have gone four more

hours on just everything that we've

covered but i've given you all the

information that you need to know right


to get you to the point where you


the opportunity you understand new

construction and you can speak new

construction in an intelligent way to

your clients i don't want you to feel

nervous i don't want you to feel

stressed i don't want you to feel uh

ignorant when it when you're

communicating with your clients

because there's no need you're gonna

have full full knowledge of what new

construction is not only

from what we just covered but also how

to get your get your clients and also

i'll go through what a buyer sees so

i'll share with you the exact

buyers uh process

so you can coach them along right and

i'll give you some pros not pros and

cons just some things to look out for

that will optimize your

your clients journey or make it more

more rewarding for them and more

enjoyable so let's look at generating

the client this is us

procuring some clients because at the

end of the day

all the knowledge that we just learned

well if we can't find somebody


really share it with if we can't find

somebody that will actually purchase one

of these new builds

it's going to be a tough it's going to

be a tough go in real estate so number

one facebook marketplace so let me show

you this right now

if you want to take a screenshot and

also let's do this i i think um

i haven't done this in a while take a

screen grab this is going to really

magnify the power of youtube when we get

on strategy number three take a screen

grab of this


if you can do me a favor

go over to my ig

and let's see here

there's my ig

go ahead and

tag me in it

so just take a screen grab of that and

then my ig is right down there jaime r s

and dz

and that would be that would be super

cool so if you wouldn't mind just doing

that that'll be

that'll be your gift to me

but anyway so facebook marketplace

facebook marketplace is a place where

you can go and place properties for sale

and get people that are on facebook aka

aka meta


i should have replaced facebook with

meta but let's go ahead and change our

words for a second meta marketplace go

on meta marketplace

and advertise a property that it's for

sale so we'll talk about how to actually

get that property but or just want to

give you the the the strategy so

marketplace going over to meta

marketplace placing a property that is a

brand new home so we're talking about

the new build

posting it there so we can get people on

meta to comment to us so comment um

comment on there and reach out to us

i've done i've actually it's one of my

most recent videos where i cover the

meta strategy in fact it could be the

last video that i uploaded

but i share with you how to post on

marketplace i show you the exact buttons

to press i show you the exact strategy

and how to convert there

the meta marketplace is a place for you

to gain free exposure you don't have to

know anybody in the land you're

marketing a property on meta for

absolutely free and you're reaching

millions of people instantly

craigslist craigslist is also another

strategy that works just like

metamarketplace except it's over on

it's dot craigslist.its.org i don't

think it's dot com it might be.com but

you have craigslist as an opportunity to

highlight a property that again is not

necessarily yours because it's a new

build unless your brokerage has that


or that account

craigslist is an opportunity for you to

place the property

up for sale and you get the lead so

people that start inquiring about the

property that you're posting

you can take them over to the model home

and now you're representing them as

their buyer representative as your

clients so you're posting a property

that is a from a new bill so from a new

builder and you're posting it on

craigslist so you can get and work the


all right so that is also free strategy

youtube youtube right now is completely

underserved so if you do nothing this

week but go to new build communities and

you start making videos about the model

homes and doing tours of youtube

if you do that for this following week i

guarantee you you're going to be getting

and swimming in leads

very soon very shortly we've launched

many channels that that's our sole


so we've launched channels in a lot of

the different states at this point i

don't know how many because i haven't

made that count yet however

that's this is in many of those channels

this is our entire strategy it's just


new home tours

in the area

and that's just us just doing new home

tours they're brand new builds and

people are reaching out to

on our youtube channels

so we can go and get that

sale right so this is a huge opportunity

for you

i will check out your latest video since

i use marketplace to obtain clients

awesome martha good good on you

good on you chuck close one in january

good good good good chuck


all right so youtube is again a free

strategy the thing here is just going in


doing home tours of the of the home that

is completed

or going and doing

tours of the community that's being

built so in new construction

this goes back to

the type of of builder and the type of

homes that are being built

but in many cases those large builders

and the spec home builders


some semi-custom builders

they will buy out these massive areas

and develop the entire thing so let raw

land gets purchased and then it gets

owned if it's not zoned already for

residential then there's the development

meaning they're putting in sewers

they're putting in streets they're

putting in whatever and then it's turned

over to builders so then builders such

as dr horton lennar toll brothers all

that fun stuff

then they'll start building their plans

and there's things called master plan

communities and many of you are starting

to see that where they they're putting

in schools or putting in dry cleaners

they're putting in donut shops they're

putting in all these restaurants all

these coffee shops so it's its own

community its own utopia

you're starting to see a lot of those

around so it's not uncommon for a master

plan community to go up and have 400

homes 800 homes a thousand homes

in one area


in that master plan community i'm just

illustrating to you how to leverage the

youtube strategy here

in that master plan community

many times

it's not just one builder

that is building out all of these homes

either because there's no ban not enough

bandwidth or the developers wanted a

different style home they want to create

a competition a lot of different things

but in these master plan communities

you're going to find multiple builders

you're going to find the production


let's call it well i'll stop bringing up

builder names but they'll have a certain

price point homes

and certain price point builders that

are building on those specific lots

assigned to them

and then in another part of the master

plan community they'll have more

semi-custom homes so generally they're

going to be more expensive so if in a

master plan community the entry homes

are four hundred thousand dollars and go

up to six hundred thousand dollars

that's their entry line if you will then

you're going to have 600 to

900 right so you're gonna have those

semi-custom homes and they're gonna put


a bunch of those

and then in those generally

master-planned communities you're gonna

have the

over a million community so you're gonna

have the or the over a million um area

that will generally be behind a gated a

gated uh a gated community so it'll be

behind a gate

right so you're gonna have all these

different style builders but again let's

remember what we're talking about let's



it has to do with large regional mom and

pop so if you have large builders

regional builders mom and pop

and you also have to keep in mind are

they custom semi-custom or spec homes

because i can tell you that mom and pops

they're generally not building master

plan community in fact none of them are

so mom and pop are the ones that you see

doing onesie twosies right so they're

either doing one for a

a client that is just

there's doing a complete new build for

the client or they have simple plans

well just the emo in me came out simple

plan good good band back in the day

right they have simple plans that they

put into

into communities and generally you're

going to find those communities in areas

that are low income i shouldn't say

generally a lot of the a lot of the 1z2z

builders they're going to put a

200 000



within um the community that the most at

home sell for in that area are 120.

so they'll in those cases they actually

raise the prices in that community now

regardless of what you feel about that

that's what's happening i'm just giving

you the facts

so you have these 1z2z builders that

will put in these brand new homes and

make them super affordable

for those people that

can't afford you know more than that but

they want to live and they want to live

in a quality home that was built

as a one-off so they might have a home

here maybe

three streets down the road that same

builder is making that same floor plan


but they are certainly not building out

master-planned communities is what i'm

trying to communicate to you so again

i'm just trying to get as much

information into you as possible if you

have any questions comment down below

but i just want to make sure that you

put everything into context because it

all matters

and as we were talking about in youtube

before i went off on a tangent

with youtube you can do multiple

strategies you can highlight the entire

master plan community you can be that

professional guide hey in this part of

the master plan community this is x y z

builders in this part of the community


abc builders and in this part of the

gated community is the

blank and blank builders

check out what one of the one of these

homes looks like right so you can do

multiple style videos that will provide

a huge value add to those people that

are curious about the community and also

those people that are relocating into

the community right so into the city all


short form video marketing so we have

built entire companies from this alone

can't get into too many specifics there

because we are we're

we're um we're working a lot of

different angles through short form

video but basically

this is you making very brief

short form videos which is less than 60

seconds and putting it on your instagram

reels on your facebook reels on your

youtube shorts on your tick tock

those blow up


those types of videos are

going to be seen by millions of people

so there you're just playing the volume

game right and it's so simple to deploy

you just show up to the new build you

ask the um generally again depending on

the size of the builder here's where we

get into the distinction if it's a

regional builder or a

national builder so a larger builder

they're going to have a model home and

they're going to have sales reps

they're called new home specialists in

the model home themselves so they're the

new home reps they represent the buyer

i'm sorry the builder

so you would just go into the model home

you would shake their hand this is jaime

with exp realty

just wanted to check out um just wanted

to check out your product here this is

model home blah blah blah blah we'll

talk about the script on how to

communicate with them more effectively

but for all intents purposes what i'm

sharing with you is how to deploy the

short form video marketing strategy

you're only asking for permission

to record the video because you want to

share it on your social media

99.9 of the time 99 of the time

they're not going to care

right they're sit there

they're there they're they were hoping

that you were a buyer but in this case

they know that you're a realtor so they

don't want to spend too much time with

you anyway so i was like sure knock

yourself out record all you want

so you would just record the video and

then either edit it yourself or send it

to your editor to create a very

very action based a very very quick um

very quick real

or short form video that you can upload

a tick tock and youtube shorts and get

millions of views

so if you want my tutorial on how to

create these types of reels i will link

it down below so as a favor if you don't

see it there now actually you won't see

it there now in as

as i'm live streaming this but in the

future when you're watching this on the


comment down below if um if i forgot to

put that um the master class on how to

create these types of reels because it's

so simple

all right so that's we're talking about

procurement we're talking about bringing


leads bringing on clients we've really

gone into depth on

a lot of the

intricacies of new builds new

construction new homes

but now we're actually procuring clients

meta ads google ads youtube ads they're

all gonna work the same and what i mean

by that is when you're spending money on

any platform whether it's meta aka

facebook whether it's youtube or google

or instagram or whatever

when you're spending money with these

platforms you need to have a very

compelling offer

and what that looks like is offering a

a way for clients can so clients can

save money so if you can


your clients or the people that are on

on these platforms a payoff such as hey

you're going to save money when you work

with me that's a compelling offer hey

here's all the homes that are available

right now in xyz community that's a

compelling offer if you are just

showcasing a

a community without really giving too

much of um

without really really giving too much

offer too much to you really not

offering much then you're wasting your


so one of our most successful ad

campaigns that we've run has been in new

construction so as a reminder

i work with national builders right now

not as a real estate agent but from

running their

thousands of dollars worth of ads every

single day


i know what's driving people to their

to their doorstep because i'm driving it

for them so i'm driving people to them

already but i also of course for my

group so i run ads for my group as well


um for all of my agents that are part of

my group

so they're getting these leads as not

these things because that's a different

that would be a conflict of interest but

as far as the leads for my real estate

group my real estate agents they're

getting these leads right now

right so

and all of it is based off of giving the

viewers getting the people that are

watching the ad or seeing the ad giving

them that payoff so one of the most

success one of the most successful

campaigns that we've launched has been

highlighting a property

and highlighting the property without

highlighting the location and the name

so basically we are

showcasing two home buyers that hey

there is a community near you that has

all of these benefits reach out for more

information that's basically it so we're

highlighting a new build community which

we'll talk about how to highlight it

here shortly

highlighting a community

listing out all of the benefits of that


and the payoff for the client is finding


what the community is


homes are available right now and some

additional details that's the payoff

so effectively what we're doing is

highlighting a community without

highlighting what the community actually


right and there's some nuances to it so

you want to do it compliantly

and um i want to make sure that you

understand that but for our instance of

purposes that's the strategy that we go

with with meta ads instagram ads youtube

ads google ads that all works the same


so make sure that whenever you're

spending money with these platforms

you're not burning it

you need to have a payoff if you are

just running asks hey i'm a real estate


call me you're wasting your money

you're wasting your money

all right so let's keep going this is

procurement of the lead so

let's talk about the complete strategy

now we have to we've talked about

the benefits we've talked about what new

construction is we've talked about the

types of new builders we've talked about

the builders and their size mattering

and also we talked about

procuring a client now let's walk

through what it actually looks like

so we're not looking to blow the ocean

so make sure that this is really the

part where you're writing down as many

notes as possible and also please

any questions that you have drop them

down below because this is generally

where the questions come and i would

much rather you get the answers now for

the benefit of you and the

fellow uh people that are joining us

live so i appreciate everyone hanging



chances are if you have that question

the people that are watching this live

stream with you they have the same

question so do them a benefit by you

being bold and asking that that question

that you might have so number one we

need to select a new build community

so and the reason we're selecting one

new build community is because we want

to focus on one builder and get details

all right so let's talk about that let's

talk about that we don't want to blow

the ocean

but we need to deploy the strategies

that we just talked about any one of

these strategies is going to work

whether you put it on marketplace

whether you put on craigslist whether

you run facebook ads or meta ads whether

you're on youtube ads any one of these

strategies is going to work which

strategies are you going to work that's

the question

you know these strategies is going to

work the question is which one are you

willing to work


let's just say i wanted to go out and

get new construction leads right now

let's just say i wanted to go and start

up my part of my business

even though i'm not selling actively

anymore let's just say i wanted to start

that part of my business right now

i would go and search for a new build

community that's around me

and i'll just work it work on one

community that community might have

multiple builders in it that might have

dr horton that might have lennar that

might have mega tail that might have

lillian custom homes that might have

toll brothers that might have


any other

any other home builder that you can

think of it might have multiple home

builders but i'm more interested in one

community let's call it the crescent

springs community let's call it that

this community they're putting down 500

homes in this community

all right so i'm just going to focus on

that one community because we don't need

to bowl the ocean it's a quick reminder

there's no national database that will

let you know these are all the new build

communities that are available in fort

worth that doesn't exist you can look at

the mls they're not all there you can

look at new home source they're not all

there you can look at google maps

they're not all there

right so just understand that but let's

just say i was breaking into the fort

worth market

and i would

i need to deploy this strategy so i've

been asked to select a new build


now i got to find it all right so i


um well let's just say i've been asked

to find this new build community and i

can't find it so one of the questions

comes up is well where do i find them

since there's no national based uh

there's no national

database here's where you would go

number one i would go to google maps i'd

go to google maps and i'll put new homes

and some builders do a good job of

updating where their new communities are

i'm just looking for a starting point

folks i'm not looking to

again there's no national data database

so i'm just looking for a starting point

i go to google maps and i type in new

homes and then i see that dr horton's

building over here i see that lennar's

building over here i see that mega tail

is building over here i see that tow

brothers is building over here i see

that um john houston is building over


i see all these different builders so

now i have a list right so now i'm

writing that list down i'm just writing

it down or putting it on my notion

and then the next step that i'm going to

do is i'm going to search on each one of

those websites

because each one of those websites is

going to have to the best of their

abilities an updated list of communities

so they they are good at least sharing

where they are on their com their

website but not in

not in google not on youtube not on on

meta not on the mls not on new home

source they're good on updating their

website but even then they have some

deficiencies so i'm just going to find a

starting point so google maps number one

number two i'm clicking on all the


number three i'm gonna gonna go to new

home so

source and i'm going to type in new

homes in x y and z

there i'm going to find another a good

amount of people that a new amount of

builders that i didn't find on on

on the google maps

so there i start taking note of which

ones right of which builders are out


then i'm going to go to google so what

do we we've done three so far so we've

gone to new construction

i'm sorry we've gone to google google

maps we've gone to each one of those

websites to see what other communities

are being built we've gone to new home

source we've gone to

google itself and just searched in the

regular search results because some

people blog about them other agents will

build out specific websites for these

new builds

catch what i just said

if you are looking for the


i don't know what minute this is in

minute an hour and 10 minutes we've been


catch what i just said

when you go to google

and you start searching for new homes in

fort worth

and i just shared with you that what

some agents do

one of them may be speaking to you right

now hint hint

they've bought out domains they've built

out specific websites specifically for

new build communities

so when somebody you as an agent you're

looking to find these new build

communities and you find a website

that's built by another agent well guess

how many hundreds of thousands of

clients that that agent now has

all right so i don't want you to miss

that some of you hopefully hopefully

you're catching

catching what i'm putting down because i

can't can't be more direct

that is a phenomenal way for you to

build out an entire strategy on just new

construction it's not theory it's

happening right now

again there's certain people one of them

that you're happy you happen to be

looking at that's doing that at scale

but anyway so we'll keep going so

hopefully those of you that catch it you

absolutely go and deploy and make a

killing and retiring at some point write

on the comment section hey thanks that

strategy absolutely blew up my business

um so i'm looking for new con so i'm

looking for a new community right so

that's what we're still doing as a quick

recap this is where we're at i'm gonna

go and find the new community so once i

have that new build community let's just

say i did find that they're building all

these homes in crescent springs

uh let's see some questions are coming

up sorry

how to effect

how to effect way to create leads for

pre-construction and then do follow-up

i'm going to guess how to effectively

create leads for pre-construction that's

what we're doing right now good stuff

good stuff jr how do you do this for

luxury pre-construction this thing's

like the five to six

percent ones

that is going to be based off of the

build that you're finding

right so there's going to be luxury

places that are being built right now

toll brothers is the most well known

uh luxury slash um

uh spec builder out there



they just they do say my custom so

toll brothers is the most is the largest

most well-known

luxury builders out there so wherever

you find

wherever you find toll brothers you're

going to find a lot of money so go out

and find toe brothers got it

i love it i love it

good strategy

hey thanks no thank you for dropping by

appreciate you

all right so let's keep going now that

we found our

now that we've found our one community

so again we're not trying to bull the

ocean once we find that new build

community we we're calling it crescent

springs for now we need to get some

details and one of the questions that

comes up is

what do i do well you get into your car

and then you drive to that community

and again it goes back to understanding

one quick thing you have the large

regional mom and pop so large and


when i say regional those are generally

in the region so there's multiple homes

that they're in communities that they're

building on

most of the time they're going to have a

model home or most of the time they're

going to have sales reps mom and pops

very rarely if ever will they have sales

reps they're going to actually contract

or hire a agent to list their property

for them so this if you're looking for a

listing strategy on working with

construct new home construction

you're looking for your mom and pop

builders so you can represent them on

the cell


that is one of the best ways to get

listings at scale now just know that

since these are builders and these are

for instance purposes investors they're

not looking for your traditional three

percent i can't talk too much about


um so i i won't but just understand that

they're not looking for what's

traditional in

in in um in commission in your neck of

the woods they're looking for

a discount and that's okay it depends on

how you want to run your business that

would be all okay with me if i would


a couple of points here and there for 20

deals but everyone runs their business a

different way i'm not going to tell you

how to run yours just understand the

nuances there

but as we're going through and we're

going to these builders that actually

have a sales rep in that community

here's what we're doing we're looking

for buyer incentives

most of the buyer incentives will come

from the lender and or title company

now again a lot of it has to do with the

types of builders i can tell you that dr

horton has a

they verticalized everything almost to

the wood cutting so they uh not only can


i don't think they do but

what i'm trying to illustrate here is

the dr horton is the largest

largest builder they've verticalized

everything they've gone so vertical they

have their title company they have their

lenders they have like in-house lenders

they have obviously their sales reps

they have

they still will outsource their builders

but they have their preferred builders

so without getting into too many weeds


just to understand that each

each um each builder is different but if

you're asking the questions that i i'll

show you and i just shared with you on

this screen you're going to sound like

an educated person when you're going to

these new build communities so again

quick reminder you went and searched for

the one community now you're data

finding now you're getting the details

this is you getting in your car and

driving to that community

and here's what you're looking for the

reason that we're going there is to

build a relationship

first first and foremost you're getting

that relationship and secondary you're

going into

fact fat uh fact finding getting those

details the reason that we're working on

the relationship is because of the

history lesson that we just came from

early on if you're just joining us

welcome thanks so much for being here

hitting that like button is going to

really help out um but the reason that

we went through the history lesson that

we went through is because we don't want

to get cut out from the deals

right we don't want to be we don't want

to be the that agent that misses out on

that commission because we didn't train

our client our clients correctly and

then we have to call the

new bill specialist and they don't know

who the heck we are

um and they were trying to force our way

onto the deal

because that that would happen right so

we're building that relationship so when

i go to that new build community i can

call up john and say hey john

one of my clients is is coming in

they'll be there at 2. i am racing there

now but i'm just finishing up an

appointment so if my client beats beats

me to it just know that their name is

becky and joe um but i'll be there about

10 minutes past

and then john would say no problem high

man um i'll see you when you get here

and then we'll we'll work on on getting

this getting this deal closed

that's the relationship you need to have

with your sales specialist but it

doesn't doesn't just happen overnight

you need to do some legwork that's why

we're going through

the amount of training that we've just

gone through in this short amount of

time i need you to get you i need to get

you up to this point so we can really go

fast on the execution of the strategy so


when you drive when you get into your

car and drive to this community here are

the questions that you're asking

will the title policy be paid for

many times it will are you offering any

money at closing

depending on the market that they're in

chances are that they do so they'll have

some buyer incentives

what incentives are actually coming from

the builder

you know and that'll generally um this

is a question that you're asking them

it's a little bit tricky because i put

dashes on these when i shouldn't have

but you're asking what incentives are

coming from the builder and what that

means is

are they

including additional appliances are they

including the blinds are they including

free upgrades are they doing any

any um

design credits

folks when i say that this is going to

be intensive and

fully comprehensive and to the point of

mastery i mean it so hopefully you can

appreciate all the detail that we're

going into because there's not going to

be i can guarantee you that there's no

other video out on youtube

and i would even say that i'm aware of

but i guarantee that there's not another

video out on youtube world that goes

into this level of of conversation when

it comes to new construction because few

people have mastered it the way that i


and that is very boastful but it's true

i have a website i'm a member of that i

can create a page for these communities


most buyers don't know about but i don't

know how to deploy so i can expose it to

the massive how help well good thing you

you've been watching because we've been

we just talked about eight different

strategies facebook marketplace

craigslist let me show you that that

slide again

let's let's bring that up again

martha i have a website i'm a member of

that i can create a page for these

communities that most buyers don't know

about but i don't know how to deploy so

i can expose it to the masses

martha take a screen grab of this please

you have

made a marketplace you can drop that

link there craigslist you can drop that

link there youtube you can make videos

that will reach hundreds thousands

millions of people

you can drop that link there short form

video we just talked about it tick tock

instagram reels facebook reels youtube

shorts you can reach hundreds thousands

into millions of people there drop your

link there meta ads google ads youtube

ads facebook ads there's eight different

strategies that will put traffic into

that link

there's no excuses and i'm glad that you

have that foresight of of pairing the

resources that you have access to most

likely it's because of your brokerage or

because of your lender because of your

association because you're mls or for

whatever reason you have this resource

i'm glad that you know that you have

access to that and i'm very certain i

know which one you're talking about so

use that

you have the resources i'm glad that

you're pairing those two and two

together the knowledge and the resources

the moment that more agents do that the

more successful they're going to be

yes they did i worked for them

oh are you are you talking about dr


marilyn uh


i love that i'm gonna assume that it's

um dr horton that's cool

this is great

even if your buyer is pre-approved most

builders are requiring that you get

approved with their lender if you want

to be placed on the list

got me know that's a great point so

let's talk about that for a second

let's go back here real quick

let's talk about the question so again

just to put things let's put an end cap

on this screen

what i'm what i'm doing here is i'm

preparing you for the conversations

you're going to have with a builder i

wish i had a

i wish this was a live stream where i

could invite somebody on and we could do

role play but

we'll probably do that later let me know

if the role play would be helpful

comment down below

i'll do that for um i'll do that for you

that would be beneficial to you so you

know how to speak with these sales reps

but anyway these are the questions that

are going to make you sound very

educated in the eyes of the new build

sales reps

right so we have what buyer incentives

do you have from the builder we just

talked about some incentives that they

offer what phase is the

is a builder

on any collateral

bomb what's that doing there

oh i'm sorry i'm thinking of a different

type of collateral any marketing

collateral so any marketing collateral

that they have sometimes they'll have

pdfs that we can use for our purposes

again going back to

not needing to reinvent the wheel

a lot of the times the builders already

have the perfect pamphlets the perfect

pdfs the perfect websites the perfect


so we can um so we can leverage them and

we'll talk about a very important thing

when it comes to their websites so you

don't want to miss that

how do i send clients super important

when you're talking to

the sales rep again we're saying that

this is crescent springs we're gonna

assume that this sales rep his name is


hey john

i'm gonna be working with some buyers in

the area i need to know the best way to

send you my clients what how do i do


and most of them will say well just show

up show up with them and you know i'll

i'll you know i'll treat you like the

king or i'll treat you as a as the as

the queen i'll sell you up this side or

whatever i was like cool john but as you

know i'm super i'm super busy or as you

might soon find out i'm super busy

um would it be acceptable if i called

you ahead of time when i know that becky

and joe are coming your way yeah no

problem hyman i'll create the um i'll

create the sign in sheet i'll make sure

that your name is on there and i'll

treat them like royalty

right so these are conversations that

you have ahead of time

right so you don't want to be scrambling

the day of

so that's the question that you're

asking hey how do i send you commissions

i'm sorry how do i send you clients

commission always at the end i cannot

stress this enough always at the end we

as real estate agents we get a bad rap

because we put it on ourselves

we give ourselves the one bad rap of

we're commissioned first

no no no no we're not going in there and

asking hey what's your commission oh

you're offering 1.5

all right that'll be the end of that and

then you leave no if you're that agent

you're not that agent so i won't even

cover it but anyway so commissions

always at the end

you're asking hey you know who's who

pays the title policy um is there money

at closing what buyer incense do you

have do you have a preferred lender

super important going back to gavino's

point that he asked

you're asking all these questions


you're again you're trying to do these

the data finding but also

the commission's questions gonna go

at the end and it's very very very i do

it almost as i'm out the doors oh by the

way do you have any bonuses um this


that's how i ask it they're like well

we generally do two percent for any cell



if you can bring us a client before the

end of the month we're running the

spring special


you'll get two plus two okay cool now i



it's almost so flippant so it's like oh

i almost forgot i didn't forget

i care about money too


i didn't forget but it's always at the

end right so don't lead with hey what

what commission can i expect with you

build community no it just gives off the

wrong vibe it really um it's just not

the best way to do it there's a more

effective way and you're seeing it here


well let's cover a quick question


they are horton cool

i love dr horton i'm in a dr horton

right now

and i bought a dr horton right down the


um as an investment property too

in my market we have pre-construction

boutique condos like bentley wardrobe

asteria ashton martin they pay huge

commissions up to ten percent what's the

best strategy for them

any of these strategies that you're

looking at right now is it

any of these strategies that you're

looking at is it those eight strategies

that i shared seven that are actually on

the slides

they're gonna work

so don't overthink it just

just do it


as you're looking for

the preferred lender i'm sorry let me go

back to it

let's talk about the preferred lender

buyer incentives they're generally

coming from a preferred lender so if

somebody says hey there's money at

closing or hey the title policy is paid


chances are that is is contingent upon

your client working with the preferred


so just make note of that now here's

where the

here's where the

here's where there's a potential issue

it's not even a potential issue but

here's what here's the reality i'll go

ahead and start there

when you're

consulting with your buyers let them

know that there

may be

there may be

it depends on how far do i want to go

back to illustrate this point

it's important to be upfront with your

lin if if your client's already working

with a lender and they're already

pre-qualified and all that fun stuff

it's important to communicate with the

lender that

hey there is a possibility that client


becky and i think it's becky and joe i

forget who who we're using in this

illustration it might be betty i think

it's betty

betty and joe might go in a new

with the new build

and at that point the lenders will

probably know well crap there's a good

chance that i'm going to lose this deal

if i can't match whatever it is that

they're offering

that's okay just know that

but be upfront with your your lender or

be upfront with their lender

because the moment that you get into a

cell into a a

new build community and you go into that

model home

contracts get written up very quickly

it just takes a hundred dollars five

hundred dollars a thousand dollars

a small amount of money

to write your name on a contract as a


so by the time that they do that if

they've heard

as a buyer

if you heard


we're going to give you the appliance

package we're going to give you the

blinds package we're going to give you


we're going to give you like five

thousand dollars at closing we're gonna

pay for your title policy we're gonna

give you all this

and then they say contingent upon using

one of our preferred lenders

they don't care who they got

pre-qualified for because they're they

can stand to lose five thousand dollars

ten thousand dollars i've seen packages

up to fifty thousand dollars that they

could lose

if they work with their lender that

they're working with

right so again it's just

i don't want to call it a problem i

don't want to call situations just a


right so just be cognizant of that so


many cases not all but in many cases

you can go to the lender or the buyer

can go to the lender is there any

possibility for you to match do you work

with this with this builder

in many cases they they can match

sure the lender's not going to like it

because at that point it's literally

coming out of their pocket but at the

end of the day they'd much rather make

the deal than not than be cut out

so when you go it's important to underst

it's important to have this information

ahead of time so it doesn't become a

surprise to you and to the client

because that's gonna leave a bad taste

in the client

where they're they're receiving this

news firsthand and you brought them to

this community and you didn't know what

the hell was going on that

you told the client your buyer you're

gonna get this that this that all this


but you fail to disclose to them that

there's a preferred lender involved that

they can't use the one that they've been

working on for months

that's going to be an issue

at that point it would be an issue so

that the person that looks bad is not

the sales rep because that's what they

do the person that looks bad is you

because you're the real estate

professional that brought them here

does that make sense

so hopefully that this making sense

because that's important to understand

i usually instruct my client instructs

my oh my goodness i've been talking too

long i usually instruct my clients that

they happen to drive by on their own

when they register they can place their

names but to please use my email phone

number and make sure you write down

and make sure you write down who

write down you who you are

a realtor you're working with yeah no

that's 100

it's your responsibility to and you do


very well by informing your clients

ahead of time of that

because again

how you as a real estate agent get paid

in new construction is by your clients

putting your name down

when they put your name down

it's challenging for them it's

challenging for you to get cut out of

the deal it just doesn't happen so just

make sure

that they do that

all right so we we've been talking about

the steps we've been talking about how


we've been talking about how to uh let's

see here

where are we

all right we've been talking about

getting the information

right so we've been talking about data


we've gone through and selected the new

build community we're going to focus on

one builder and get the details these

are the questions that we're asking so

we know what's going on

and be more educated about


the new community the builder you don't

have to be a professional and let me

rephrase that yes you do have to be a

professional but you don't have to be an

expert in the specific plywood that they

use in the specific material that they

use the amount of sears in their hvacs



the rating in their in their windows you

don't need to have all that information

you just need to have some high overview

you need to understand the warranties in

many in many places home warranties is a

one two and ten year

one year front what i call bumper to

bumper front door to back door which is

anything that's that's um wrong

cosmetically with the with the home

within the next 12 months

they're going well i'm going to cover

that later so we'll get we'll get into

that later

all right so we already have the

information right we went out and

procured this information now we're

gonna run meta ads or

meta marketplace

these are the two that i suggest that

you start with i gave you eight

different ways to do it but here just

whittling it down i haven't a youtube

video that actually i give you my ad

copy so i'll link it down below and also

you can find it on my youtube channel

it's new construction or new homes i

actually walk through

meta and show you how to launch the ad

so you can do it and then you can also

use meta marketplace which again the

latest upload that i have

walks you through how to do that

but let's talk about conversion this is

how you actually get that's how you

actually get paid follow up immediately

whenever somebody gives you their

contact information either they opted

into your landing page sent you an email

you ran a lead generation ad through


however you got that information follow

up immediately deliver the goods usually

in an email


remember what i said about whenever

you're running

ads of any kind whether that's meta

whether it's instagram whether that's

youtube whether that's facebook

or well not facebook i'm sorry google

you are offering something of value as

an incentive for somebody to give you

their contact information so you might

be offering


a rebate you might be offering a quick

reference guide you might be offering a

other type of incentive other value

value a valuable lead magnet in exchange

for the contact information so deliver

it if you're offering

a free home inspection or

whatever you happen to be offering

make sure that your that you offer deta

in that case offer details about what it

is that you promise

but most of the time you're going to be

offering information about the property

i'm sorry about the new build community

itself so going back to that meta ad

strategy that i shared where you're

advertising the property with i'm sorry

advertising the community without

detailing what the community is you're


my goodness you're just sharing all of

the details all the benefits of the new

build community

there what you're offering is the actual

community itself you're offering the


of where that community is what it's

called the floor plans available the

price points and all that fun stuff

right so i do have a video that details

exactly the ad copy to run exactly the

the follow-up to do i just wanted to

make sure that we covered it here

so you deliver on the goods quickly it's

usually by email call as soon as

possible the first 48 hours is critical

when you get those leads you have to

call you have to call as quickly as


so let's just go into the full

conversion strategy

when you

market on meta ads and you are offering

where you're detailing that this

community just released new floor plans

are selling homes for under four hundred

thousand dollars which is rare in the

community that you're that you're um

that you're in

is offering to pay the title policy is

offering to give a buyer bonus is

offering to do x y and z

when you detail all of that on a meta ad

people will inquire people will reach

out to you they'll give you their name

their contact information

in exchange for hey

what's this about what are these new

homes that are selling for at a

remarkable price what's the catch

they're going to reach out to you

aka they become leads for you right as

soon as the lead comes in

boom your email is going to trigger boom

your text is going to trigger and then

as soon as you get that contact


you need to be on the phone you need to

be calling as quickly as possible

now i'll share with you our strategy

that we do so you don't have to guess at


first step is double ringing if somebody

doesn't pick up the fir on the first

on the first ring um well not the first

ring on the first time that you call

call them again

immediately don't leave a voicemail just

call them back so if somebody if you

call it rings ten times nobody answers

then call back

immediately don't leave a voicemail

and then here's just a simple script not

that complicated you just requested info

um you just

hey you just requested information about

um the new build community on facebook

did you get it

and the response doesn't matter so what

you're effectively hearing it what

you're effectively communicating is hey

you just requested information about a

new build community from

i keep saying facebook meta

so you just requested information

from meta basically and the reason

you're say you're

bringing up meta aka facebook is because

you want to remind them hey i'm not

calling you out of the blue

you're the one that requested a

follow-up from me so i'm calling you and

i'm referencing meta because chances are

you don't remember

um what you did five minutes ago so i

need to remind you and i'm asking you

hey did you get that information that i

sent you

now the response does not matter they

could say yes

the script is going to be the same they

could say no

the script is going to be the same great

is fort worth the only place you're

looking at

the reason i don't care about what their

response is is because i don't care what

the response is

whether they got the information or

whether they didn't get the information

i know that it's there unless they gave

me a fake email

it doesn't matter i'll find that out


so whenever

i advertise on meta and people give me

their contact information


my um email sequence is gonna fire my

text sequence is gonna fire

and now i'm calling i'm calling as

quickly as possible in order to get on

the phone with them and find out what is

your motive what is your timeline what's

your budget what do you what do you want

to do

what is the meta ad yeah so check that

out on the um

on my youtube channel i'll link it down

below as soon as the

as soon as the live stream is is done

but i basically just went through it um

i didn't give it the exact


the exact script per se or the exact ad

copy but in the video that i that i that

i'm talking about and i'll link down


which you can find right now on my

youtube channel i give you the exact ad

copy so you can just copy it from there


would you say meta if i received a call

with someone saying that i wouldn't know

what they are talking about

you can continue saying facebook

as you can see i sometimes refer

facebook right so wherever it is that

you put that

advertisement from you could put meta

marketplace you could say facebook

marketplace you could say craigslist you

could say youtube you could say


instagram wherever it is that you source

that lead from reference that source

right so just make sure

make sure that you reference that

buyer journey all right so what we just

did is we procured somebody

right we just talked about the

strategies to get

p in front of people we talked about how

to actually convert them get get to them

as quickly as possible deliver what you


call as quickly as possible the first 48

hours is crucial so you need to get a

hold of them quickly and this is just a

very simple script that you can use

let's talk about the buyer journey

because you need to understand how it is


for all intents and purposes than a


than a resale

now again this is going to depend based

off of where you live in the country

this is going to depend on


type of builder that you're working with

whether they're a large builder regional


small mom-and-pop builder which

generally lists with really regular

agents of traditional agents

it is going to depend on all of that i'm

just giving you what's most common so

first they're going to select the home

right so a home buyer from a home

journey perspective what a home buyer

can expect they're going to go and

search for homes so they're looking at

lots they're looking at so where they

want to place that home they're looking

at the floor plans available they're

looking at

at their home so they're they're

selecting a home that is fun right

and then they're going to

be a bit of negotiating

for all intensive purposes and

negotiating it's going to be pretty

black and white

the sales reps they already know how

much they can

how much they can discount the it's

almost like car sales they already know

how much they can discount each lot so

the land itself and how much they can

discount the

property itself if if any so right now

it's so competitive that

you actually have to go into a lottery


where you put your name into the hopper

and hope that they call your name and if

you can execute on that property under

that if you can execute on a contract on

that property on that

within 24 hours you get the home

but in traditional market again you're

looking at negotiating slightly so

here's what here's the hierarchy of

negotiation again keep in mind

the negotiation is pretty limited

the contracts are not the traditional

contracts that you're accustomed to

they're not going to be the resale

contracts or the ones that your

that your commission

your commission gives you some of them

builders will use those those

standardized contracts but most builders

will use their own especially large

builders like dr horton lennar tow

brothers and whatever

they're gonna have their own homes



don't try to get cute with it

you're not going to be you're not going

to be able to strike anything out you

don't put your attorney hat on you're

not going to be able to change it just



all the causes all the whatever

everything that's in there

come heck or high water it's going to

stay on there so the quicker that you

can accept that the better

the better that you can communicate with

your buyers and the more service you're

going to provide to your buyers so just

be cognizant of that

so as far as negotiation goes

i try to beat them up on price

number one that's the first thing that i


i need to beat them up on price because

if they're selling a house for 450 000 i

would much rather get it for 425

that's something that you're accustomed

to doing right so that's something that

you can

attempt to do you're not going to be

successful many times but it's good to

at least be able to try that right so

first i'm gonna beat them up on price

it's gonna be number one

number two

i'm gonna try to get as many perks as


i'm sorry number two i'm gonna try to

get as many closing costs as possible so

it has to do with with money out front

right so i want them to cover as many

closing costs as possible i want them to

uh to cover the title policy i want them

to cover as much as they possibly can

they being the lender they've been the

title company they've been the

builder themselves i want them to cover

as much as they can to help my buyer

right so first i'm going to beat up beat

them up on price then i'm going to beat

them up on

monetary incentives because for them

it's just margin they already know that

they're going to make x amount of money

and if i can beat them up just a little

bit they're going to know that they're

going to make just a little bit less

but as long as the property gets sold

they might be able to stomach that

right so those are the two things that i

would be looking at the third thing that

i'm looking at is

if i can't get them to drop on price

or regardless if i can or not it doesn't

matter number one is the price

number two is the

in financial incentives number three is

going to be the appliance incentives so

the upgrades incentives

uh hey can you put in a fridge in this

new build

uh yes and yes or no it's a yes or no

answer hey can you get some

buyer uh some washer and dryers into

this into this new home

yes or no just depends um some like dr

horton as i was mentioning uh one of my

new builds uh that i bought new

they did what did they do

they gave me

they gave me blinds

this is that third part

because new construction generally

doesn't come with blinds you have to pay

for that they gave me blinds

they gave me washer dryer they gave me

the fridge

which i ended up swapping because it was

a good fridge i swapped that from the

new build and to my my home um what else

did they give me i think that was it

they gave me a garage

no the garage door opener already came

with it but they'll give you some some

appliance-based incentives they're

they're not giving you cash or crediting

you they're just giving you whatever

they um

uh whatever they can or they're willing

to do so that's number three

right so you are asking for

monetary incentives then you're asking

for financial incentives in terms of

closing costs and things that nature

and then three you're looking for

nice little perks who doesn't want a

free washer and dryer that's what 1500

bucks i don't know i um haven't had to

pay for washer dryer um

so you get some benefits there

and then number four it depends on the

builder that you're working with is

design center credits

so if you're working especially in a

custom build or in a fully custom build


there are some options that you as a

buyer you your buyer will have

towards paint towards trim towards


to towards

upgrades basically so

remember it's that's why it's important

to understand what type of build you're

working with if you're working with a

fully custom home or if you're working

with a semi-custom home or if you're

working with a production home or spec

home in the spec home forget the design

center that doesn't exist

because there's nothing for you to

design the house is what it is if you're

with a semi-custom build yeah there are

some there are some upgrades that your

that your client can have access to the

type of paint the type of cabinets the

type of flooring the type of whatever

right so that's where you can go into

again we're talking about

negotiation that's when you go into into

that fourth strategy of trying to get as

much design um design credit as possible

so those are the four strategies that i

that i strongly encourage you to go


number one beat them up on price as much

as you can

number two get as many closing costs and

financial perks within the transaction

to save your client money

number three you're looking at as many

what was number three

i lost my train of thought i saw a text

come through

somebody help me out what was number


i lost my train of thought completely


oh perks my goodness

you know what it was

i was trying to i was trying to get i

was trying to get cute with it because

i'm going to convert this into a real

later so i was trying to recap it nicely

so my editor could just cut this out

but that's a blooper reel so let's let's

re let's let's let's redo this for a

quick second so then i can have that

that clear edit here in a little bit

all right so as you're looking to

negotiate for your clients there's

really four things that you can ask for

number one you're gonna ask

and beat them up on the price you're

gonna try to reduce the asking price as

much as possible so get off of the msrp

right number two you're going to

ask for as many financial incentives

within the deal so you're going to ask

for closing costs you're going to ask

for a title policy to be covered you're

going to ask for all of that

the third thing

regardless if the first two things work

you still want to work for your client

the third thing is you're going to ask

for as many material things as possible

so this is appliances this is actual

upgrade so including your blinds

including garage door openers including


those types of perks and then number

four are design credit perks where

you're asking for as much credit in the

design center because at that point your

client actually has to spend money

except then they don't have to spend as

much money

boom nailed it that'll be a short um

it's been a long day

all right

meta ad equals facebook ad right on jr

don't get cute with it

works to live by right

dan good seeing you go check out dan's

channel it's got a great channel


laugh out loud don't get cute with it

okay so apparently that's

that landed i'm glad i see i try to get

cue with it and then things happened

all right appliances yeah yeah yeah i

appreciate y'all look at y'all coming up

to bat for me thank y'all

cool so let's go back to

what the buyer is seeing as a quick

recap this is the buyer journey so you

understand what your buyer is going to

go through so you can better assist them

in decision making and you sound like

the real estate professional that you

certainly are

they're selecting the home so they're

selecting the lot they're selecting the

floor plan they're selecting all that

fun stuff then they go into negotiation

we just covered the four different

things that you would tackle in

negotiation you're beating them up on

price you're beating them up on

financial incentives so within the deal

you're beating them up beating them up


physical perks with whether that's the

appliances whether that's certain

upgrades and then number four is in the


design center

all right so the qualifying process

just like really you need a qualifying

process the

the dependent if you're going with a

their preferred lender if there's enough

perks there

and your

current lender if they happen to have

one cannot match the perks then you are

most likely going to go

with the

the preferred lender because again

sometimes these perks are just so

astronomical that it doesn't make

financial sense


the clients to work with their lender in

some cases their lender is probably a

not probably in some cases their lender

can even be family members and

families family but business is business

so the qualifying is going to be pretty

simple you're going to look at

from the buyer's standpoint they're

gonna be asked to put a thousand dollars

down or five thousand dollars down they

don't really call it down but

um some people call it a deposit some

people call it earnest some people some

builders call it something different but


effectively going to ask you your client


a couple hundred bucks several hundred

bucks to write their name on the

contract and the contract's gonna be

long so just know that there's not much

that you can do that with that

you're just going to be asked when

you're just going to be asked for a

certain amount of money you're going to

be told we can expect to close right

around this time but don't hold us to


it could be delayed it could be shorter

we just need you ready to go

with the funds in hand when we when we

finish the build

all right so

during the qualifying process this is

where you as a real estate professional

are your weight in gold i mentioned that

is generally easier and it is easier

that's still true but you still want to

be a resource for your client so when

your client has gone to the community

and you with the client have walked the

house and looks perfect or

an a the model of the house or a house


similar to the one that they want to

purchase and they love it well chances

are they won't get into an actual house


three months five months eight months 12

months from that date if

it could be longer

right so once they

write down their check let's just call

it a thousand bucks the ones betty and

joe i feel like their names keep

changing i'm gonna i'm gonna say it's

bad i should write that down

betty and joe

freda pin

betty and joe once they are good to go

they're gonna write their check for a

thousand bucks they're gonna they're

gonna be read the entire contract many

builders will read you the the the

contract or at least tell you what the

the cliff notes are you as the agent

you're there you're just watching

basically and you're explaining just

some nuances here and there but for

instance and purposes the sales rep has

taken over

all right so again this goes back to

let's recap this

large builders

large builders and regional builders

those builders that have more than one

home going on at a time more than 10

homes going on at a time when 20 homes

going on at a time they generally will

have a sales rep that will do that it's

very rare that

that they um that they don't


now that now that your client is under

contract now they wait

right so now they wait and you also wait

while they are going and working with

the preferred lender to

become qualified very similar process

lin in that from that respect that is

the same lenders or lenders and they

will be asking for the w2s they'll be

asking for the tax returns they'll be

asking for x y and z they'll ask for

everything right

so you from the from the agent


you can provide value by

advising your client to get inspections

by you going to the properties and just

dropping by taking some pictures hey

this is what your new property looks

like or taking a video hey just drop by

your new house it looks fantastic i look

i see that they just raised the walls

looks perfect um you by going by you

going not only do you have content for

the rest of your clients because you can

put that on social media but you also

are providing value to the client

because in many cases especially right


sometimes there's these out of state

buyers that have never seen the house so

you're actually the

the person reporting back to them what

it actually looks like right so that's


all right so just

just giving you a quick heads up on that

so as they're going through as they're

under contract

they are expected they being the buyers

to be ready to go when the property is

complete now before the property is

fully complete


your buyers will be asked to go and do a

blue taping or going and

checking out the property themselves and

and blue taping everything so blue

taping is effectively

just don't go into the property and

identifying anything cosmetic that's

wrong with

it right so just going and

and looking at the property hey if

there's a

chip if the

faucet is leaking if the x y and z is

happening they are asked to do that so

that is going to be generally

builders are different sometimes the

inspector goes first so you can you

absolutely want an inspector to go and

inspect the property

prior to so they can

they can get the major stuff out of the

way where they'll be looking at the

furnace they'll be looking at the um

foundation they'll be looking at

whatever they'll be looking at

everything just as a traditional

inspection and they'll detail everything

out so that's one thing the inspector

will go out that you that your buyer

will hire

they'll go out and do just as the

just as you do with resales they'll go

out and inspect

but your buyer and it's a good idea that

you follow your buyer as well

will go to the property and they'll do

their blue taping as well

so you'll walk room to room generally

it's um with

their the builder or the builder's

representative the person that actually

coordinated the building of the property


you'll start blue taping any

defectiveness any anything that's

defective you highlight

because at the end of the day you're

gonna have a fully


construction new home

that gets delivered to the buyer so

that's in the qualifying process the the

buyer is getting qualified and then

they're towards the end as they've

become qualified or about to close the

the transaction

your buyer needs to go in

and blue tape everything so

one of my um

one of my properties that i ended up

buying new

there is a chip

you know there's a in driveways this

driveway had four slabs you know that


where you could technically fit one car

in each one of the slabs had a chip


maybe the size of this coaster so

there's a full slab and then on the

corner there was a chip well it was kind

of like that it was broken someone had

stepped on it and there wasn't enough

dirt on the bottom they had ported the

slab it looked great and all that stuff

but somebody stepped on it and they


and i'm not proud of this but it was new

it was my property


and even if it wasn't my property i

would have been

i would have had the same answer

the builder um the we're doing the blue

tape in this case it was since it was

mine it was just me because i was the

realtor and the


we did the entire blue taping and


and and i noticed that


they asked me if i wanted to to

to correct that like to to fix that


i said well what do you

think and he looked at me like

who do you think you are

but um but i said a lot more kindly but

yeah so they completely

reported the entire slab

because it was new

so think about what would have happened

in a resale

they wouldn't have replaced that

they wouldn't report the entire slab

just to address that little chip it was

it was just this i mean it wasn't it

wasn't anything i felt bad after the

fact but again it's new so




that's what happens from from from the

uh from the buyer side


closing will generally happen a couple

of days

after they they complete the

the uh

after they complete the

the property or finish building the


now it can delay several weeks just

depending but your builders will

would rather cancel the contract and

they have a lot of different clauses to

cancel it on your behalf so don't think

that you simply because you're on the

contract you're gonna get the property

but they're gonna find ways to get out

of the contract if you're delaying

if you are delaying

two weeks three weeks four weeks eight

weeks whatever if you cannot qualify as

a buyer your the builders have clauses

that they'll get out of that contract

and sell it to the next person

right and then post close this is what i

want to talk about with warranties the

reason i love

from an investor standpoint

as well i love buying new builds because

and it's just so everybody knows don't

think that this is a this is a common

thing where builders can buy new


very few builders that will

what did i just say

don't think that investors can buy new

all of the time certain builders

allow this not all builders do this most

builders actually don't allow investors

to buy because they know that they're

they're going to put a a tenant in there

to rent so they don't want that because

that generally will drive down the home

um the quality of the homes or like

the maintenance of the home is not going

to be cared for as much as if the owner

lived in it so owner occupied typically


better kept property right so it's not

nothing it's not anything new just be

aware that but post close the reason i

like buying new from an investor

strategy is because of the warranties

so many builders have the one two and

ten year warranties one year

bumper-to-bumper door-to-door will fix

if the faucet breaks they'll fix that if

there's um

it once a property has been

you know

keep in mind how most properties here in

dallas well in texas in general

are built from


so there comes a time where

come hell or high water so hell i mean

physical hell



there the wood is exposed to the


once everything is enclosed in

and the air ducts and everything in is

there the heating the cooling the


and the foundation has settled in well

there's going to be movement

right so that property at that point in

time that it was closed and every is

everything is touched up

it will move

and in that movement you're going to

find the foundation it'll settle

you're going to find that

the walls are gonna move not you're not

gonna physically see them move but

they're gonna adjust ever so slightly

because now

the wood and everything else is not

exposed to the elements now it's

enclosed right so these will settle what

i'm saying is

you're gonna find some cosmetic issues

where you're gonna see some drywall

separate you're gonna see nails they're

called nail pops they're just gonna pop


so that type of touch-up is going to be

covered in your home warranty so again

it's a one-year warranty

bumper-to-bumper wear

front door to back door where they're

gonna fix just about everything

if there's a crack on the towel they'll

either fix the towel or replace the tile

they're going to

fix everything if there's a leak they'll

fix it


generally after the close not generally

a hundred percent of the time i

encourage you

to inform your buyer

to have an 11-month inspection from a

qualified inspector

and they do this all this time all the



after 11 months

whether you've lived in there or your

tenant has left in there if you can find

a property to rent out

uh a new build to rent out

have an inspector go

to the property and do an inspection as

if it was being sold but they know what

to look for because it's um it's a it's

a it's a actually they call it an

11-month warranty at least the company

that i use

they'll go out to the property and

they'll do an inspection report and then

you just send that over to the builder

many times the builder will say no

that's not qualified i'm sorry no that


we can't cover that because it's


but for all intents and purposes of the

entire list they'll fix a good amount of

them so it's a good

it's a good thing to have so that first

year warranty is awesome the two year

warranty what that covers is plumbing

and electrical most of the time

then this is one of those questions that

you need to ask when you're doing data

finding when you're trying to find

more information about the community so

when you're asking about

when you're asking about all the

incentives when you're asking

what commission they pay and all that

fun stuff make sure that you ask about

the home warranties what type of home

warranties do you have

do you have the one year do you have one

two and ten do you know what that means

many of them do two years they'll cover

anything electrical they'll cover

anything plumbing wise

and then the 10 year is more structural

so if the foundation is faulty if

a wall just falls over

whatever the case may be that's a bit

more mission critical so they do give a

10-year and the appliances will have

their home warranties as well so you

have the hvac unit has its own warranty

the um the fridge will have its own

warranty washer dryer has its own

warranty dishwasher has a warranty and

all that fun stuff so make sure that you

advise your clients very important to

have an 11 month

inspection after the fact so they can go

not negotiate so they can send that

report back to the builder and they can

make adjustments


this has been an absolute pleasure i

know we absolutely um covered a lot of

material if you have any questions

please feel free to drop them down below

outside of that a like is going to go a

long way and i have noticed that over 80

percent of you


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