July 20, 2024

25 EASY Science Experiments You Can Do at Home!

Published May 14, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Looking for some easy science experiments you can do at home? Look no further! These 25 science experiments are perfect for anyone looking to learn more about science or just have some fun.

1. Make your own lava lamp. All you need is a jar, some water, oil, and food coloring.

2. Learn about surface tension by seeing how many pennies you can stack on a penny.

3. Make a homemade volcano.

4. Learn about the states of matter by making your own slime.

5. See how plants grow by growing your own bean plant.

6. Experiment with chromatography by separating the colors in a highlighter.

7. Make a tornado in a bottle.

8. Build a balloon-powered car and race it against your friends.

9. Investigate the properties of magnets with this simple experiment.

10. Learn about the greenhouse effect by making your own mini greenhouse.

11. Create your own crystal garden.

12. Learn about osmosis by conducting this egg experiment.

13. Make a homemade barometer and predict the weather.

14. Build a simple circuit and light up a LED light.

15. Learn about the Bernoulli principle by flying a paper plane in a stream of air.

16. Experiment with static electricity by making your own static electricity generator.

17. Make a paper cup telephone and see how sound travels.

18. Build a straw bridge and see how much weight it can hold.

19. Learn about the properties of air with this fun balloon experiment.

20. Make a homemade lava lamp.

21. Learn about the states of matter by making your own slime.

22. See how plants grow by growing your own bean plant.

23. Experiment with chromatography by separating the colors in a highlighter.

24. Make a tornado in a bottle.

25. Build a balloon-powered car and race it against your friends.

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where today we'll be looking at 25 crazy

science experiments simple enough to do

in your own home for 25 gum wrapper fire

starter this is a great way if you've

ever had a bad situation need a quick

fire you'll need a double a battery and

foil gum wrapper and maybe some gloves

for added safety to get the most out of

your wrapper to cut it in thirds

lengthwise then cut your wrapper into an

hourglass shape but not too thick where

nothing will happen or too thin where

it'll burn away then place a foil part

below the battery and on top of it and

shall last long enough to get what fire

going if you need to number 24 fireworks

in a jar for this experiment you'll

first need a glass filled with 3/4 of

the way with warm water then mix enough

oil to fill in a separate container with

colors that are different with food

coloring and pour it in a glass of water

now watch the magic happen

number 23 change the color of your

flowers flowers are dying

well liven up their last moments with

some color and let them go out with a

bang simply mix some food coloring of

your choice and water and pour it into

the flower vase like normal within a few

hours you'll begin to notice a beautiful

change in color number 22 instant ice

here's a simple way to get a nice cool

water on a hot day take a water bottle

and put it in your freezer for about two

hours and forty-five minutes just before

it freeze into ice times can vary though

for different freezers at this point the

water's well below freezing it just

needs some little bit of help so with a

nice tap and there you have it

you can also gently pour it into a glass

and drop a piece of ice into it with the

same results you can also do the same

trick with so enough for a delicious

awesome result number 21 elephant

toothpaste not literally what you'll

need to do for this experiment is pour

10 percent hydrogen peroxide because

this is a safe version into a flask with

a little bit of dish soap and coloring

of your choice then in a separate

container mix yeast with warm water pour

into the flask and you've got yourself

toothpaste for a lifetime number twenty

firebending finally my dreams of joining

the Fire Nation have finally come true

but on a real note this one is extremely


for those of you who don't know hand

sanitizers pretty flammable and just by

lighting it again be safe don't actually

try this it will cause fire but it's

actually reasonably safe to grab and

hold just not for too long of course and

keep your hands in motion in to help and

also again as a side note please if you

do try this make sure you have parental

guidance and you're safe about it

number 19 glass candy here's how to make

a delicious peppermint candy what you'll

need is baking spray 2 cups sugar 3/4

cup of corn syrup 1/2 cup of water and 2

tablespoons of peppermint extract but

really you can use any clear extract you

like but blue food coloring is pretty

awesome I would suggest Ballou it's my

favorite color

but anyways cover up a tray and aluminum

foil next fill a heated pot with your

sugar corn syrup and water until it's

all liquefied at around 2 to 85 degrees

also make sure no sugars on the side of

the pot for the best results once boiled

add your peppermint extract and drop a

food coloring and stir until you get a

nice color finally add the baking spray

to your aluminum sheet and pour your

concoction in and then let it sit for

about 30 minutes to harden break it

however you wish number 18 fire snake

first mix 10 grams baking soda 240 grams

sugar in a bowl fill it with sand and

pour lighter fluid into it pour the

baking soda and sugar mix over it and

light it up however you can honestly

it's wild and it just keeps growing

number 17 levitation

what is this sorcery oh just science and

a little bit of luck okay so if you have

access to an air-compressor gun all you

need to do is direct the air compressor

just to whatever object you're using in

this case a screwdriver and just try to

find the right angle where it will float

it's simple but it's also difficult so

on that no good luck number 16 noodle

rocket first you'll need like a small

little mason jar and poke a hole into

the lid that's about the size of the

hole in your noodle not the entire

noodle just the hole of it and the small

jar fill about a quarter of it with

hydrogen peroxide and half a teaspoon

with dry yeast and try to tighten the

lid by pressing on it shake it up to get

the reaction started place your noodle

on the lid and light it up now you have

a miniature rocket engine number 15 turn

water into wine for this experiment

you'll need 2 glasses that are the same

wine water and something thin like a

card or plastic layer fill both glasses

at the top one with water when one with

wine and place your card over the glass

of water apply pressure sword up to get

a little vacuum seal and place the glass

of water above the wine then gently pull

the card until there's small enough gap

for the liquid to seep out eventually

the wine will fully replace the water

number 14

walking on eggs okay so this is

extremely wasteful but pretty cool

layout however many cartons of eggs you

wish in the path that you can walk on

but make sure they aren't cracked

because you know some grocery stores are

a little bit snake like that then go

ahead and walk on them this is possible

because it's very very difficult to

crack an egg on its edges and having a

lot of them also helps it also helps to

distribute your weight more the cartons

of course they play a part in the zoo

number 13 crystal ball first mixed

together about three parts water to one

part dish soap to make a bubble solution

then in a bowl pour enough warm water to

get an inch of height using a heavy-duty

glove which is important place two to

three pieces of dry ice into the bowl of

water then dip your fingers into the

bubble solution wrapping it around the

rim of your bowl to make sure not to let

any fall in next run a piece of long

cotton fabric into a bubble solution and

run your fingers through it to remove

any excess solution finally run the

cloth across the bowl to create the thin

bubble layer then the dry ice will cause

the bowl to grow and look like a

beautiful crystal ball number 12

exploding lunch bag start by filling up

a ziploc bag with half a cup of warm

water and half a cup with vinegar then

add some baking soda to a tissue

make sure to wrap it up so none of it

gets out of the bag right away now while

holding your tissue seal the bag up nice

and tight and let the tissue drop boom

science baby number 11 it can walk

here's another trick that you can do

with static electricity rub a balloon on

your hair or a towel and you can

manipulate a can into rolling whichever

way you want number 10

rainbow paper for this we'll need a

piece of black paper in a room with

decent lighting drop it on a container

filled with water and use an eyedropper

or something to slowly pour in drops of

clear fingernail polish once the nail

polish has dried after a few minutes

pull out your paper and remove any water

set it down on somewhere like newspaper

to let the whole thing dry number 9

suck an egg for this experiment you'll

first need a flask glass or container

that's thinner than the egg at the top

make sure your egg is hard-boiled by the

way come on I mean we're not magicians

next set a piece of paper on fire and

place it into your container place the

egg onto the neck of your container and

watch what happens

if you want the aide to come out again

just blow some air into it and voila

number eight lava lamp this one's

actually lit first you'll need to fill a

glass with one cup water that you mix

with Colerain in this case obviously red

then add three cups of oil into the

glass gently so that it doesn't mix let

it settle then drop in either an

effervescence tablet or alka-seltzer

number seven invisible bottle to do this

experiment you'll need a glass a smaller

bottle and glycerin fill the glass with

a reasonable amount of glycerin then

pour the rest into a bottle until it's

close to the same height very carefully

place the bottle end of the glass and

boom you can't see it anymore this is

because glycerin refracts or bends light

making it very difficult to see the

bottle number six

lemon volcano first you'll want to cut a

lemon in half and in 1/2 drip any

desired food colorings onto the lemon

and mix it in

then add a spoon of baking soda and mix

that in as well for a stronger reaction

squeeze the other piece of lemon over it

number five bouncing bubbles in a cup

mix three parts water in one part dish

soap then you use something to make a

bubble like a wand or maybe you can even

use your hand to make a circle with your

fingers then simply blow your bubble

over your hand with the Contin gloves on

your a bubble bender now apparently

number four invisible ink first cut a

lemon in half then use either paintbrush

or toothpick to take a bit of lemon

juice at a time and write your message

out on a piece of paper then use a

source of light and heat maybe a candle

and run your paper over it to easily

reveal the message number three liquid

layering so you know the same blood is

thicker than water well that's true of

course but to the point that some

liquids have higher densities than

others which you'll see here well you

can use as an empty bottle something

tall a measuring cup dark corn syrup

dish soap water vegetable oil rubbing

alcohol and food coloring to mix with

alcohol measure how much your bottle can

hold by ounces or millimeters and divide

by five because of our five liquids then

pour each one and carefully into the

bottle in the way we list it so corn

syrup first and alcohol last looks

pretty cool right

number two waterbending for this you'll

need running water either from the tap

or you can have a bottle of water with a

hole in it either way just have the

water running gently next you can either

use a PVC

type in a towel or just run a comb

through your hair but we're trying to

get a static charge here then just play

around with your pipe or comb near the

running water and you can control which

way the direction pore is it's actually

really awesome to watch and finally

number one optical illusion this one

next we'll test your drawing skills I

mean kind of but yeah they will first

draw out two separate drawings that

could go together if drawn on the same

page like a fish in a bowl cut out both

drawings on two separate pieces of paper

and tape them around a pencil if you

spend the pencil fast enough they'll

look as if the fish are in the bowl this

happens because your eye can only see

images at a certain speed and with that

being said and done that concludes 25

craziest science experiments you can do

at home if you've enjoyed the video make

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different annotations to different

videos so if you've enjoyed this one go

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and have yourselves a wonderful safe and

awesome day


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