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Published May 14, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

fashion is something that everyone can enjoy. It is a way to express yourself and your personality. It is a way to show off your own unique style. There are many different ways to enjoy fashion. You can wear it to work, to school, to a party, or just to go out on the town. You can also find fashion in many different places. You can find it in magazines, online, and in stores.

There are many different types of fashion. There is casual fashion, formal fashion, and even sports fashion. You can find fashion for every occasion and every season. You can also find fashion for every age group. There are fashion trends that come and go. Some of them are popular for a few years and then they fade away. Others are popular for a longer period of time.

fashion is always changing. What is popular today might not be popular tomorrow. This is why it is important to keep up with the latest trends. You never know when something new will come along that you will absolutely love. fashion is a great way to express yourself and your personality. It is also a great way to show off your own unique style.

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hi everyone welcome to my Channel 10

ways to wear it your home for relatable

wearable and affordable fashion I'm

Alicia and today's video is a huge

Amazon haul I told you all that I would

be bringing you these videos

periodically when I build up my

collection and today I am offloading

over 30 items on you guys and they are

all so so good you know when I bring you

an Amazon haul it's gonna be worth your

while honey so I have some really great

items to share with you all I have

fashion items home items kitchen items a

little bit of everything so if you want

to see what I have that's new and pretty

awesome from Amazon let's go ahead and

jump right into this video


been right into this haul the first two

items I'm going to be sharing with you

all are going to be some home items

starting with this really gorgeous five

piece basket set now let me go ahead and

stack it up you guys it's gonna get in

the way for a second but this is what

the baskets look like as you can see

they are very very nice let me let the

camera adjust they are nice and Tall

they provide tons of storage you guys

these baskets are huge you can put these

in your bathroom you can store these in

your living room they look just that

nice as you can see really really nice

baskets so there's a lot of places you

can actually put these but they also

come with really cute tissue holders

inside of the smaller basket so you have

two tissue holders so if you have two

bathrooms like me you got one for each

bathroom and they hold the standard size

tissue box this is what they look like

and it comes with two of these so you

get three baskets one really large one a

medium sized one and a smaller one and

then you get 2 two of these tissue cover

holders which are really really cute

y'all know I love me some Rattan I love

like natural

or natural looking

materials in my bathrooms and so these

are really really nice for the bathroom

that set is super nice the next item I

have is going to be another storage item

and that is a six piece set of storage

containers I showed you guys these

storage containers when I gave you a

tour around my apartment I love these

containers they're very very Sleek if

you have like a small home or you live

in an apartment these containers are

ideal they're not bulky they're not

cumbersome they're very very Sleek

looking when they're stacked up they

stay flush against the wall and they

just look really really nice so this is

a great solution to put away some of

your like fall winter items if you want

to switch them out for like your spring

items you can put away your flip-flops

in here like all of your slides I have

one that contains a bunch of different

slides these come in handy for a lot of

different things so I love this six

piece set and it's very affordable and

very very useful the next item that I

have is going to be something that I

kind of got hooked on last year and I've

been using them for a while so I can

kind of give like a really good

testimonial on these and that's going to

be these face wipes these are lint-free

face wipes and I stopped using towels to

like dry my face I tried to use only

these occasionally do I slip yes I use a

towel once in a while for the most part

when I wash my face I use these they are

amazing they don't leave any lint on my

face one of them dries my face

completely so I don't have to use a

bunch of them so they last me a long

time and they're just really really nice

I also picked up the

um tissue holder for those so this is

what I actually store them in inside of

my bathroom and I could just kind of

pull one out like that and the next one

comes right out and this looks really

Sleek has a bamboo top a clear bottom it

also comes in Black I think but I love

this holder for my face tissues and I

keep these inside of my bathroom so that

when I get out of the shower or you know

out of the tub I can just kind of take

this and blot my face look let me blot

off some oil right now but blot off my

face and I don't have to worry about my

face being full of lint or anything like

that so I love these particular tissues

which I'll link as well as the holder

for them the next thing that I have for

the home is going to be so

APS that I found now y'all know that I'm

a game girl when it comes to my laundry

detergent I love gain I've always love

game but I have found something new and

it's going to be these rose scented pods

these are from Amazon they buy a brand

called home I guess yeah

and they come in the packs of 32 I buy

these packs of three because I like to

stock up on my laundry detergents I like

to stay stocked up but these smell so

good and they make your clothes smell so

fresh they have like this beautiful

light Rose scent so when you wash like

your Linens your pillowcases your

comforters and stuff with it it smells

so good like you just smell so fresh I

love to wash my uniforms with these

particular pods because they just make

my uniform smell so florally and fresh

like it's not an overwhelming scent it's

not like a strong scent like the gain I

do occasionally still use gain but for

the most part I have switched to these

rose scented pods and they are just

amazing I'll take one out of the pack to

show you guys real quick

but this is the pack that they come in

super cute and um just very Compact and

I've fallen in love I can't even believe

it like

using Game pods for years guys and I

never thought I was supposed to say

anything else but I love these pods okay

falling in love the next kitchen related

or home related item that I have is

gonna be these glass bottles these come

in a set of four and I have these all

over my home I have two in the kitchen

on the counter I have one in each

bathroom they are so nice and sleek and

they're a great way to keep your cleaner

handy so like I have one sitting on each

of my bathroom sinks so that if I need

to wipe down the sink wipe down the

toilet spray it down I have my spray

right there and I put like a nice good

cleaner in them that's kind of tailored

to the space that they're in so for my

kitchen I have like a vinegar-based

cleaner inside of here and it's mixed

with like a lemon verbena cleaner so

that I have like something that's kind

of gentle around my food and then in the

bathroom I have something that's a

little bit stronger with a little bleach

in it but yeah I love these bottles so

mine came in it's like um a pack of four

I think they also might come in a pack

of six but I love that they're glass

they just look really really sleek and

they are very very nice so you can store

those wherever you need to have some

like cleaner in the area whether it's

your kitchen your bathroom your back

porch whatever these really do come in

handy the next thing that I have is

going to be a bathroom item and it's

going to be this really cute back caddy

this is also something that I've

completely fallen in love with this is

adjustable so you can like adjust the

width of it by just pulling out the

little things here it has a place for

your book to sit it has a place for your

cups your candles your wine glass to

stay stabilized I love this that caddy

and when I tell y'all I use that baby

every Sunday I use it every Sunday I'm

inserting a clip for you guys right now

so you can see it's set up in my tub but

I love that thing and it's adjustable so

it can adjust to any size tub that you

have as long as you have like a little

bit of ledge on each side of your tub

you can use it and if you're like

reading the Bible or reading a book look

or if you just want to set up your iPad

and read something or you're listening

to a book put on your headphones get in

the tub lay back with your glass of wine

or your nice glass of lemon and lime

water baby y'all know that's my vibe

every Sunday but I love that bath caddy

so so nice and you can get it wet you

can get it soaked nothing has happened

to it I literally use it every Sunday

the last home item well I don't know if

this is a home item that I want to share

with you guys it's going to be this

really cool toothbrush set this is a

bamboo toothbrush that comes with a

bamboo toothbrush holder and it comes

with a bamboo toothbrush stand so you

have two options here so you can either

keep the toothbrush which is inside of


this is the toothbrush it's made of

bamboo and it has a charcoal brush so

really really great because charcoal is

detoxifying for your teeth and it

actually really does a great job of deep

cleaning and whitening your teeth so it

has charcoal embellished bristles a

bamboo brush and then you have the

holder which you can put your toothbrush

inside of there and just store it like

this and it looks so much sleeker than

like your typical plastic ugly cheap

looking toothbrush holder or you have

the option of putting the toothbrush in

this little stand here so you can sit

this right on your sink just like that

and it actually stands up on its own so

if you like a toothbrush to dry out and

be you know out in the air every time

you use it this is a really great option

as well so you have the option of

putting the toothbrush inside of the

holder like this or on the stand and I

love this toothbrush this one is

actually going to be for my boyfriend so

let me stop touching it and put it away

but yeah really really great way to

store your toothbrush and it just looks

a lot more Sleek than like your typical

you know plastic cheap looking 99 Cent

Store toothbrush cover in your bathroom

so really really love that and it says

that it's made from recycled materials

and this company is also I think helping

to save trees or something like that so

yeah really great item and as you can

see I have stocked up on these because I

recommending my bathroom right now and

it just looks so much better than what I

had there before so love these home

items now we're going to go ahead and

move on to some kitchen items so moving

on to the kitchen I'm starting you guys

off with this gorgeous three-piece Bowl

set and I'm being careful not to drop it

because it will shatter if you drop it

these bowls are made out of a special

type of plastic but they actually feel

like clay they stay cold and they're

pretty awesome looking I love the Sleek

look of these bowls and I think they do

come in a couple of other colors but I

had to get the black as you can see they

come in a three-piece set and they come

with like a bamboo lid I'll fold one up

and show it to you all really nice Sleek

bows and you can use these to eat out of

you can use it for storage you can use

them to you know present things to the

table like a really nice salad I just

think they're so attractive looking so I

have them actually sitting up on my

counter but I do use them when I make

salads and things like that because

they're just so convenient to like toss

your salad in but I have something else

awesome to show you guys like I'm

excited about I'm looking at it it's

gonna be these Ramen Cooker bowls they

come in a pack of two

and these are our awesome I actually

discovered these when someone used them

on a YouTube video like a little YouTube

short and I was like oh hell no let me

find them like let me find them because

all you have to do is add water up to

the fill line that's marked inside of

here and then you just paste a little

pack of ramen in there when you open

this up it fits in there perfectly and

then just put it in the microwave take

it out add the seasoning Stir It Up it's

not going to be too watery it's going to

be like that Ramen where the seasonings

actually stick to your noodles

obsessed y'all I am obsessed with these

goals I have used one of them but I went

ahead and kind of repackaged it to show

you guys but I have been using these

because I love ramen this is like one of

my go-to things like during the week

I'll take me out some Ramen chop up some

green onions maybe a little spam and

that's something that I eat all the time

so those bowls are going to get heavily

used but I have some other great items

to show you the next thing I have here

is a bacon cooker yes Alicia loves her

bacon I'm weak for bacon

um I love my bacon but these this is

called the bad boy bacon maker and it is

like a patent-pending type of items

they're little Loco looks like bad boy

bacon maker I like that it's kind of

catchy but this is what it looks like

and basically this is another thing that

I discovered on a YouTube short

basically you take these little straps

off of here I haven't used this yet I've

only seen it used by other people and it

definitely looks like it were works but

you open up the little things here it

looks like an accordion and you put your

bacon slices inside of here and then you

sit this on top of like a paper plate or

a bowl and it'll catch all of the grease

as you can see it has like holes here to

allow the grease to drain out as the

bacon Cooks in there and it keeps the

bacon nice and straight so once your

bacon is done cooking it's crispy it's

straight and it's like very very pretty

I've seen it used and I can't wait to

use it myself I wanted to show it to you

guys before I use it because I know once

I use it's going to be greasy and it

might look different after I use it I'm

not sure so I wanted to show it to you

guys first but I think that's a really

really cool item the next item that I

have here is so cute and I think this

would be like a really good Mother's or

Father's Day gift but it's this little

glass bottle and cup set now I'm the

kind of person who loves to keep a

bottle of water next to my bedside but

it's not exactly aesthetically pleasing

having like a plastic bottle next to

your bedside so I wanted to pick up one

of these sets but I wanted like a really

pretty one

I found it you guys here is the bottle

and here is the little cup and these two

FIT actually perfectly

to each other just like that so you can

sit this on your nightstand your bedside

table instead of having like an ugly

bottle of water that's like making noise

as it's popping out in the middle of the

night like you know how you squeeze a

bottle of water and then over time it

starts to ignore that crack crack I

don't want to hear any of that this

looks so beautiful look at it it is

absolutely stunning and it comes in a

few different colors so I think it also

comes in black and gold so if you're

getting it for you like your dad it

would be great to get in black and if

you're getting it for your mom I think

this is so so pretty as you can see but

yeah nice little bedside table set that

you can have when you wake up and you're

thirsty and you want to sip off your

water you don't have to do like the

crackling water bottle anymore you can

have something a little bit classier the

next item that I have here is going to

be a microwave cleaner now I have a

weird obsession with keeping my

microwave clean like I have a microwave

cover in my microwave I have little the


um what do you call that

I don't know what you call that material

silicone microwave cover over the plate

in my microwave so I can just take it

out and wash it but I hate my microwave

being dirty I wipe it out all the time I

like it to be clean or I've discovered

this easy steam microwave cleaner it

comes in a set of two and it's super

easy all you have to do to use it is

take off this little plastic top part

it's like silicone as well and then it

has a line in here that you feel up to

with vinegar and then it has a second

line that you feel up to with water so

you make like a vinegar water solution

inside of this little cup here cover it

up and then you basically just cook this

in your microwave for like two minutes

and it's gonna steam your microwave so

good the vinegar is going to release

that acidic air that gas that's going to

kind of help everything to release

itself that might be stuck in your

microwave so if you have food stuck to

the walls of your microwave or the door

of your microwave it's going to release

it and then you can just go in with like

a rag or paper towel and easily just

wipe it so it makes keeping your

microwave clean so easy so it's no

excuse for y'all out there that have

like really really nasty microwaves

where like you open it it's like you're

scared that the stuff stuck on the roof

is going to fall into your food we don't

have to live like that y'all this item

it's actually really really cool and it

really does work so I would say pick

this up it's an easy way to clean your

microwave and keep it clean another item

that I have I don't know if this is like

a kitchen item but I guess you could say

it is because it is utensils now I

generally like to try to pack my lunch

during the week I don't do it every day

but even when I don't I like to have my

own utensils and I've kind of gotten

tired of like trying to find or keep

plastic utensils to take so I found this

really cute set of utensils from Amazon

it comes with the Chopsticks inside of

it these are the two chopsticks it comes

with a spoon which is like a nice size

spoon for like soups as well as regular

foods and then it comes with a fork

inside I'll take it out so you guys can

see the utensils but they're so sleek

and cute these are like little

Chopsticks right here and then you have

the spoon and the fork right there and

it all just stays together in this cute


box here that has a top to it

put it right in there and you can put

this inside of your purse inside of your

lunch bag inside of your cooler if you

take a cooler to work and so you don't

have to worry about like finding

utensils or trying to figure out what

utensils you're going to use to eat your

lunch at work it's just a really Sleek

way to you know have your utensils with

you and y'all love it I actually picked

it up in the black that you just saw and

I also picked it up in pink because I

knew the pink was going to be cute and

yeah it is it is you guys I actually

haven't taken the plastic off the pink

yet let me go ahead and and show you

guys the pink real quick oh it's so cute

oh my goodness but yeah this is

something that you that really fits me

because like I said I like to have

utensils with me at work when I'm eating

my lunch whether I'm bringing my lunch

to work or whether I'm gonna be buying

my lunch you know you still need

utensils so these are really really cool

and I just think they look so adorable

you can keep these at your desk you know

and if they have like events and stuff a

lot at your job you don't have to worry

about like digging for utensils so

here's the pink you guys

oh adorable right isn't this cute

I love it it's just so ladylike imagine

pulling that out at like the lunch table

like if it work is like that's cute

where you get that from girl got it from

Alicia on 10 ways to wear it from Amazon

get it girl it comes in a bunch of

different colors and that is just such

an adorable item and it's a cute little

gift to give somebody as well the next

item that I have is gonna be what I'm

calling a grown-up bento box and it

comes in a set of two and this is what

they look like they have really large

compartments four of them and these

little compartments are actually

removable what I like to do is take two

of them out and put like my sandwich or

my wrap in there or like a bag of chips

in there and you have a place to put

your fruits you put your salad in there

if you want to have like a really large

salad you can put that in there and like

I said these are removable so you can

take those out and it makes the cleaning

process of this containers so easy as

well so I just love these like you can

really have some fun like making your

lunch with these because you have four

compartment put stuff in they're all a

really nice size

sandwich here some chips here like your

you know trail mix here you can have

your yogurt here and fruit here granola

here like you can definitely have some

fun with how you use that container and

I will insert a clip of how I've used it

in recent lunches but yeah love this and

I love that they come in a set of two

and those are dishwasher safe so you can

throw them in the dishwasher if you

don't want to wash them but I find them

so easy to clean so yeah love those

grown-up Bento boxes the last thing that

I have in the realm of like kitchen or

kitchen related or container related

it's going to be this really cute Sleek

peel box I loved this box when I saw it

not only did I love the size but I love

how secure it is it has like a little

snap here you open it up it has labels

that you can put so you know what

everything is but I love this for my

vitamins um these compartments are

actually changeable as you can see

there's nine right now but you can

actually pull these out and change the

size of these compartments so you can

have like one big size for all of your

fish oil one side for your multivitamin

multiple sites for like your other

smaller vitamins I love that because I

do take a select


I guess you say a collection of vitamins

I take fish oil I take black seed oil

and I take vitamin D3 and K2 on a daily

basis and I also take a couple of

gummies that's pretty much all that I

take I don't even take a multivitamin

anymore because I try to get my

nutrients from food now because

multivitamins tend to not even break

down in the body like that so I stopped

taking a multivitamin I take my fish oil

my D3 and K2 my black seed oil and

that's pretty much all I take so I'm

gonna have those convenient so this fits

like perfectly under my little bedside

table inside of one of my little

containers I pull it out in the mornings

pop my vitamins super easy very Sleek

very nice very grown up so you don't

have to worry about having like all

those little tiny little Monday Tuesday

Wednesday peel boxes and things like

that no I can put all of them like

literally by the bottles dump them all

in here I know where they all are so

love this little container and that

comes in a couple of different colors as

well now that you've seen all of my

kitchen item us we're going to go ahead

and move on to my favorite some fashion

items let's do it so I'm going to kick

off the fashion items with accessories

first so that I can get those out of the

way and then we'll get into the clothing

items this is going to be the biggest

section of the haul y'all so let's Jump

Right In now first of all I know I had

said that I wasn't gonna buy no more

purses I know I have said that but I had

already bought these when I said that

and these probably were the purses that

kind of made me say okay girl enough is

enough but I had actually already bought

these purses and I'm kind of thinking

about who I might give them to for

Mother's Day because I actually still

have the full packaging for them so I'm

thinking about giving one or two of them

away not all of them though but it's

gonna be these gorgeous striped bags you


I love these bags they are so so

gorgeous I have them in multiple colors

and honestly I was tempted to buy more

than this but I have the bag in red I

have it in the pink and white and I have

it in the black and white and these bags

are so so nice you guys let me show you

some of the details on them so first of

all they're nice and big you can

actually fit a full-size binder in here

a laptop they're that big and they

really have some really great details

they have these huge gold rings and gold

locks on the sides here they have a

zipper on the back so you can put like

your ID or money or cards in there they

have plenty of space inside I'll show

you the inside from the black and white

one but they have lots of room inside so

if you like a nice size purse this is

the price for you and if you love like a

pattern purse like a striped purse that

really like makes a statement

these purses are it they are so so nice

this is what the inside looks like so

you have multiple compartments to put

things inside of you have this middle

compartment you have this one you have

two pockets here on this side at the

bottom here so lots of places to put

things inside of these purses and I just

think they're just really classic and

cool looking like when I saw them I fell

in love and I was so tempted to get the

Navy one as well but I said you know

what girl stop and I did but I really

like those bags they're very affordable

under forty dollars and the quality is

great another bag that I picked up

before I said I wouldn't go buy more


ah now you know this is before because I

actually styled this one in a few reels

like a month ago so this bag is not

brand new but it's so cute it's this

little basket weave bag as you can see

it has black detailing and Gold Hardware

it's so cute it snaps open and closed

right here this is what it looks like on

the inside nice and roomy it's just such

a cute little bag for like summer and

spring it goes cute with like all of my

little striped outfits and my little you

know girly black sundresses and things

like that this but this purse is perfect

with those that's like a short handle

then it has a crossbody handle Gold

Hardware just a really really cute bag

and this one was also very affordable

and the quality is just

A1 hey you all so quick interjection

here I had a change of heart on these

bags originally I purchased this bag

which is like a satchel and I really do

like it however I wanted something a

little bit more structured I love the

hardware on these bags like the nice

really popping Gold Hardware is nice and

the bags themselves are gorgeous but I

wanted something with a little bit more

structure and a little bit more hold so

these bags are actually better and I

went ahead and returned the other ones

for these particular bags I have both of

them in this shot but I actually

returned the other three and kept these

these have a lot more structure they're

sort of like a suitcase style of satchel

they do have a long strap inside and

they just look so much better to me and

they look like they'll last a lot longer

and I just like that they stand up on

their own that you don't need like

something inside of them to make them

stand up so I actually exchanged them so

I had to share that I'm gonna link these

bags instead of the other ones because I

think they are better so yeah I bought

all three colors and I'm gonna keep them

for myself y'all because I really do

like them but I did go ahead and order

the Navy and white for my mom for

Mother's day but yeah I'm gonna link

these instead of the other ones you guys

just FYI the next item that I have is

going to be a pair of shoes I'm gonna

show you guys a couple of shoes the

first is going to be these really cute

furry slides I fell in love immediately

when I saw these I thought these would

be really really great to have to walk

around the house in lately I've just

been so into looking cute when I'm home

like I actually care about how I look

when I'm here y'all even if it's just me

yes even if it's just me I try to look

cute but yeah I thought these were so

nice I picked them up in my regular size

you'll see them on in the insert and

yeah I love these they come in a few

different colors I got them in this like


um I guess you could say khaki-ish color

and there's just adorable they have like

a double buckle Gold Hardware just such

a cute pair a little slides y'all I had

to get them like I had to get them and

they look so cute with all of my little

homey loungewear outfits my little cute

loungewear and stuff those are perfect

with them the last pair of shoes the

last accessory I have to show you guys

is going to be a pair of loafers these

are by the brand soda and this is what

they look like nice little chunky pair

of taupey colored loafers I really like

these to go with like my neutral outfits

where I just want to do something super

casual on the feet Oops there's the

paper super casual on the feet and they

are just really really nice and they

give me a little height boost as well so

you'll see them on in the insert I

picked them up in a size seven and a

half because on the reviews a lot of

people were saying that they run like a

half a size big so I didn't want to

chance it I went ahead and got the seven

and a half because I'm generally a eight

eight and a half and I'm glad I said

they're actually a perfect perfect fit

and they're so so comfortable and like

like I said these are great to just go

with like those neutral outfits if I'm

wearing like a tote Blazer white T-shirt

and some jeans white button down and

some jeans I can throw those on and

create like a really nice preppy yet

comfortable look so love those now we're

gonna move on to some clothing

alrighty the first clothing item that I

have to show you all is something that

went viral on like Tick Tock Instagram

and like a few other places that I don't

really care about Hope but it's gonna be

this sweatshirt and I guess it's because

Justin Bieber wore either this

sweatshirt or a similar one it probably

wasn't this one but it said essential on

it and so this brand made it on Amazon

the essential is plastic like you can

actually feel the texture if you all can

see that but you'll see it on in the

insert I got it nice and oversized in a

size extra large and this sweatshirt is

nice actually mine is in size large you

guys sorry about that mine is in a size

large I do believe it comes in men's

sizes it is a nice thick well-made

sweatshirt and I think I paid about

forty dollars for it very good purchase

on Amazon like it's honestly something

that I'm happy that I discovered because

for those like cooler nights when I'm

like doing my bonfires with the girls or

whatever that will come in a clutch okay

and you you all saw it on it's a really

cute sweatshirt and there's a lot of

ways you can style you can style it with

jeans you can style it with leggings you

can Style with biker shorts you can do

something cute with it on the bottom

like a skirt or something like that so

yeah I like it the next item that I have

from Amazon is going to be this gorgeous

beige and taupe leopard print cardigan

this was something that I found like a

couple of months ago and it comes in a

bunch of different colors a couple of

years ago I actually bought a lime green

and black one and a red and black one

like this I didn't feature it in any

kind of Amazon haul band but when I came

across this one I was like why didn't I

share that item so purchase this like

maybe a couple of months ago and I love

it you all will see it on in the insert

I'm wearing it in a size extra large and

it's a very very nice well-made cardigan

and like I said it comes in a few other

colors so if this is not your Vibe you

can definitely go with one of the

brighter colors I have some like I said

in other colors as well but I love that

cardigan it's just really really nice

simple easy throw on item right there

the next couple items that I have are

going to be two really cute two-piece

loungewear sets like I said earlier I've

been so into like looking cute around

the house and putting on things that if

I need to run out real quick I feel

comfortable going outside in and these

sets are definitely that it comes with

this cute little crop top here this is

the top to it and it also comes with

these leggings that have like this boxer

or Brie style of outline if you guys can

see that you all will see this set on me

in the insert I am wearing it in a size

extra large keep in mind that I am not

exactly in my summer body right now

y'all so don't come don't at me but um

the girl's a little thick right now but

yeah I really like this set it's so so

cute I got it in this taupe color that

you're looking at it's kind of like a

natural beigey khaki type of color and I

also picked it up in this grayish blue

color so here's the tank top in that

color it's so nice I like this color as

well and then here are the bottoms and

you'll see the set on in the insert

right now I'll pop it up for you guys so

that you can see both colors but yeah

these look so nice to wear just around

the house with like a cardigan on top or

something like that but these are also

something that you can always throw on

like some cute sneakers with and step

out in and if you look at the we views

on these sets you'll see that in a lot

of the photos the girls are actually

wearing them out you know so this is

something I wouldn't mind or feel bad

stepping out in if I needed to because

it's just that cute so and this set

comes in quite a few different color

schemes so if you don't want these like

earthy neutral tones you can definitely

go with something a little more bold so

love it the black one's like really

tempting but I said I'm gonna stop at

these too

the next item that I have for you all is

going to be something that I am loving

and it's this really cute tank dress

this is like a really soft material very

stretchy tank dress I love this so much

I have this in one two three four five

five colors I got it in this black I

also got it in this sort of tan type of

color I got it in this hot pink here

it's so so nice y'all know how I feel

about some pink I also got it in Olive

such a nice color I've been feeling

Olive so much I mean I've always been an

olive girl because y'all know I love me

some um camouflage so I always have

loved Olive but I but I also got it in

this reddish orange color and you'll see

a few of these on in the insert right

now I am wearing this dress in a size

extra large it is a fitted bodycon style

of dress but when I tell you it's just

perfect to wear like around the house

when you want to look sexy you want to

look cute maybe a man is around your

husband's around and you just want to

throw in something nice rather than your

usual like biker shorts and oversized

t-shirt you want to have on something a

little more snatch that dress is perfect

because the softness of it makes it

super super comfortable so you could

feel just as good laying on the couch

watching TV and that as you would like

actually stepping out going to the

grocery store and it like it's that

comfortable but it's also really really

cute and you all saw it on definitely a

good item to get and that's why I have

it in So Many Colors because that dress

is just it's everything it's so easy and

you also on the insert not only did I

have it on like just by itself but I

think I styled it with a cardigan and a

couple of different ones so you can

definitely throw on like a cardigan with

it and actually step outside in it it's

also something you can wear to work you

know if you have working like a casual

environment where they don't really

where they don't really trip about what

you wear that dress is probably

something you can get away with because

it's overall pretty Sleek looking when

you put it on especially if you style it

with like a cardigan or something on top

the last fashion item that I have here


sexy yeah I found a cute little

four-piece lingerie set on Amazon that I

had to share with you guys it comes in

about 10 different colors I actually

picked it up in this really cute

I don't know if you call this mint green

color here as you can see it's very very

shiny oh they got a little sexy panties

but this set comes with four pieces so

it comes with these little cheeky shorts

here very very cute as you can see

they're trimmed in lace it also comes

with a robe here

so as you can see the robe is also

trimmed in lace very very nice I love it

and then it comes with like two little

lingerie type pieces it comes with this


bra thingy here like lace

bra so cute and then it comes with the

panties which are on the floor still

here yeah I'm sorry

it comes with like little cheeky thongs

so super cute so like let's say you're

going on like vacation with you and your

husband or you and your girlfriend or

you and your wife and you want to do

something sexy but you don't want to

take like a whole bunch of stuff you can

definitely wear like

this and this one night like the little

um satiny shorts and like the little top

one night and then you can switch out to

this in the little you know thongs one

night you know the night

but um and then you can always just

throw the robe on top when you want to

but I love this

like I said it comes it comes in

mini color schemes so if you're not into

this like pastely baby type baby color

type of set you can always get one of

the more darker sets I think it had hot

pink red and black burgundy and black

purple like there was so many other

colors and there were a lot of other

soft colors too like baby pink and

lavender as well so this is a really

really nice set to take on like a little

you know romantic vacation or whatever

y'all know I had to bring it to y'all on

that last little item so I really hope

you all enjoyed all of these items all

of them will be linked in the

description along with my sizes so yeah

the fashion part was my favorite part

but I do have a couple more things to

show you these are going to be like some

miscellaneous items we'll go through

those really quick okay so wrapping up

the video the first product that I found

recently on Amazon that I am loving it's

gonna be this tree hut Bear Shave oil I

have been loving this I have found that

in when I'm using this I get no Nicks no

cuts no ingrown hairs no weird stuff

going on with my shade and I do shave my

legs a lot y'all know I'm always filming

so I don't like my legs to be hairy or

stubly I like them to look as smooth as

possible and I've been loving this shave


um I got it in two different scents I

have it in this coconut lime and I also

have it in this Tahitian vanilla bean

and this is what the bottles look like

the bottles are very aesthetically

pleasing I like the way they look

they're actually really really nice and

they're nice and compact to fit into my

little drawer with all of my products I

love them they actually come in a couple

other scents I think they have like a

rose scent and another one I also picked

up along that line the tree hut bear

Tahitian vanilla bean post shave

soothing Mist so this is like a spray

like an aftershave type of spray and

it's something that you spray on your

legs your arms after you shave them to

kind of ensure that you don't get any

ingrowns that your skin is nice and soft

and supple and moisturized and it smells

so good so I picked this up in the

Tahiti vanilla bean as well I love using

these two together so yeah really great

products if you shave a lot I shave my

arms and I shave my legs so I need

something really really good to help me

not Nick myself so these have been

working perfectly the next product that

I've found that I've been taking for

quite a while is going to be these

chlorophyll gummies if you don't know

about chlorophyll it has so many

benefits it's on here it just says some

of the benefits skin Health cleanse and

detoxifies the body immune support

internal deodorant

uh okay so internal deodorant make it

smell good from the inside okay but yeah

chlorophyll is also known to be a

cancer-fighting type of mineral so um I

drink chlorophyll water I drink put

chlorophyll drops in my juice and so now

I take these chlorophyll gummies so you

can buy them in a pack of two as you can

see I've already opened it because I've

been taking this one buy them in a pack

of two um there's two gummies for a

serving size and they're just really

really good they taste good they give

you your daily dose of chlorophyll and

if you want to research more about

chlorophyll you can definitely do that

but these also have ashwagandha in them

which is known to like relax your nerves

help your nervous system and things like

that so yeah really love these it says

they have six thousand milligrams of

potent chlorophyll and then 27 000

milligrams of ashwagandha so yeah really

loving these gummies from Amazon the

last item that I have I don't know if

you call this a product something you

wear I don't know so I just thought I'd

do this this last and that's going to be

this little three-piece set here it

comes with the little headband so like

when you're washing your face you can go

ahead and put on this little cute bow

headband and then it has the little

wristbands that you put on to prevent

water from like running down your arms

when you're washing your face so you

just kind of want to slide them down a

little bit don't put them like right at

your wrist slide them down a little bit

and then so that way you're not wetting

them when you're washing your face and

then you just wash your face and like

that way the water won't be like one and

all down you know how that goes but yeah

I thought these were so cute so I

actually got

this and I also got it in this little

striped black and white color because I

wanted to have more than one for when I

need to wash the black set so I got it

in this set as well so it comes with the


cute little big bowl headband and then

it comes with the two

wristbands and this is like a dark gray

and white stripe almost looks like a

tiger type of print but yeah love these

little sets for when I'm getting ready

to wash my face and do my nightly

skincare routine I go ahead and pop

these on so I can look cute when I'm

doing it so yeah I wanted to show y'all

that and that is everything and if

you're interested in the top that I'm

wearing it is also from Amazon

unfortunately I will not be able to link

my pants because they are from Amazon

the drop and the drop has dropped it was

Carla Rock Morse drop and I don't think

it's coming back but hopefully maybe

she'll do another one because hers was

really good but yeah I will link this

little cute little sweater for you guys

I think it's so adorable yeah so if

you're interested just look in the

description I'll have outfit of the day

and then I'll have all of these products

listed in order so yeah I know you're

gonna want them thank you all so much

for checking out this huge Amazon haul I

really hope you enjoyed it I hope you

liked all of the items that I picked up

per usual all of these items are listed

in the description I've separated them

by category so you'll find the Home

items in one area the fashion items the

miscellaneous items and so forth and

I've also listed them in the same order

that you saw them in the video and for

the fashion items I also listed my sizes

so you have a reference point to go from

but I really hope you all enjoyed this

video I will definitely be bringing you

more as I kind of build up my

collections of Amazon items I will bring

you these videos I like to build up a

good number of items I don't want to

just bring you like five Amazon items I

like it to be big and go hard you feel

me so stay tuned for more make sure you

are subscribed if you're not subscribed

yet hit that subscribe button right now

I promise you will not regret it I bring

you a little bit of everything on this

channel but everything is also really

good so you'll definitely want to join

my family hit that subscribe button to

all my regulars I hope you enjoyed the

video stay tuned for more I love you

guys and I will see you all on the next

one bye y'all


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