Dec. 1, 2023

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - "It's Nano Tech" | Movie Clip

Published May 14, 2023, 10:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

The 2018 Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War features some of the most advanced technology ever seen on the big screen. One such example is the use of nanotechnology by the film’s villain, Thanos. In one scene, Thanos uses nanotechnology to create a giant sword out of thin air. This is just one example of the many ways in which nanotechnology is used in the film.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field of science that deals with the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular level. This allows for the creation of materials and devices with extremely small dimensions. Nanotechnology is already being used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and even the food and beverage industry.

The use of nanotechnology in Avengers: Infinity War is just one example of the many ways in which this technology is changing the world as we know it. As nanotechnology continues to develop, we can only imagine the many ways in which it will be used in the future.

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give me every choice you are about to

die in the hands of the children of

Thanos be thankful that your meaningless

lives are now closed today

you better pack it up and get out of

here Stone Kiba

does this chattering animals speak for

you certainly not I speak my self in

this city and on this planet where's

your gun I don't know is everybody

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that's the thing right there let's go


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Wizards I can't stand down



where'd that come from

it's nanotech you like it





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