Feb. 28, 2024

BREAKING NEWS 5 Shocking Disney World Announcements This Changes EVERYTHING

Published May 14, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

In the last few years, disney World has made some pretty big changes. Here are 5 of the most shocking announcements they've made that have changed everything:

1. They're getting rid of the FastPass+ system

For those who don't know, FastPass+ is a system that allows guests to reserve time slots for their favorite rides and attractions. This system has been in place for a few years now, but disney has recently announced that they're getting rid of it.

This is a pretty big deal because it means that guests will no longer be able to plan their days around FastPass+ reservations. This could lead to longer wait times for popular rides and attractions.

2. They're raising prices on annual passes

disney has announced that they're raising prices on annual passes. This is a pretty big deal because it means that more people will have to pay more money to visit disney World.

3. They're changing the rules for bringing food into the parks

disney has announced that they're changing the rules for bringing food into the parks. This is a pretty big deal because it means that guests will no longer be able to bring their own food into the parks.

4. They're changing the rules for stroller rentals

disney has announced that they're changing the rules for stroller rentals. This is a pretty big deal because it means that guests will have to rent strollers from disney instead of being able to bring their own.

5. They're changing the rules for park hopper tickets

disney has announced that they're changing the rules for park hopper tickets. This is a pretty big deal because it means that guests will no longer be able to visit more than one park per day.

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hello everybody I'm Chris Provost and we

have breaking news breaking Disney news

now before we even get to that breaking

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started this is 100

for Magic Kingdom and Florida Florida

and all the parks in Florida this is

does not and does not pertain to

California though I'm I'm expecting some

changes to be happening for California

shortly but right now everything I'm

talking about is for Florida the big

there's five changes that they just

announced ready so let's get into it

number one no more reservations are are

required for bait date no more

reservations are required for date based

tickets now what does a date based

ticket that's like you call somebody you

buy your ticket you're like I'm gonna be

going on October 7th through October

10th if you buy those tickets you put a

date you will no longer be required to

get a reservation

hallelujah hallelujah this is huge a big

big deal because this was a kind of a

pain point for a lot of families a lot

of families would travel all the way in

have bought their tickets but have

forgotten to make their reservations so

they couldn't get in the park it was

causing a huge point of contention and

dizzy stated that they are trying to

have a better guest experience for their

guests when they attend the parks and

these five things are uh because of

those bad experiences that people happen

they said they listened to us and that

they are remedying and rectifying these

problems so the first thing is no more

reservations are required for date based

tickets that is huge we're getting back

to the way things were

oh that's so good all right now the

second thing that they talked about are

called what are called Good To Go days

now I know some of you are thinking well

that's great about the date based

tickets but what about the annual

passport holders or what about cast

members can we go back to the park yes

but there are some caveats and then

Disney wasn't really fourth ranked they

didn't say they didn't give us a whole

bunch of information but this is what

they said

I said there will be some good to go

dates where you will not need a

reservation and will be on the Disney

calendar on the app you'll see that

those dates there and if it's a good to

go day they call it good to go day uh

cast members can go and annual passport

holders they can go to the park with

zero reservations but they didn't say

the weird part is they didn't say when

those good to go dates are going to be

and they said that it's going to be

based on a park capacity and what's

going on and the holidays and blah blah


but there will be on the Disney app for

the Magic Kingdoms uh parks there will

be good to go days on a good to go day

you will not be required if you are an

annual passport holder or cast member to

have a reservation anymore you are just

good to go

see what they did there good to go and

you're good to go all right let's talk

about the number three thing that they

talked about this one I thought was a

little bit interesting

um they are bringing back the Disney

Dining Plan

the Disney Dining Plan for those of you

don't know uh the Disney Dining Plan is

going to be brought back for people who

stay at a Disneyland hotel starting on

January 9th 2024. this is the Disney

Dining Plan I'll be coming back looks

like January 9th of 2024 you'll be able

to purchase this Dining Plan it allows

you to kind of if you're familiar with

the dining plans that people are very

excited about it if you don't really

care about Dining Plan not a big deal

but this allows people uh to purchase a

Dining Plan there are some caveats so

you have to be staying at a Disneyland

Resort Hotel in order to purchase the

Dining Plan and it won't be available

until January 9th of 2024 so about seven

months away being able to start

purchasing the Disney Dining Plan Disney

World hotel he said Disneyland did I see

Disneyland okay I mean Disney World

sorry I got Disneyland on my mind but I

mean Disney World dining plan

all right so the number four thing that

we're gonna be talking about I thought

this was very interesting that the

Disney made a huge announcement about

this because I kind of felt like this is

something going on and maybe they're

changing it I'm not exactly sure it's

called more part time for uh Disneyland

hotel property guests

oh my gosh

time for Disney World Park guests if

you're staying at a hotel a Disney

Resort Hotel they're gonna allow you to

have early entry and if you're staying

at a deluxe hotel they're gonna have the

extra hours at the end of night now they

already kind of have that going on right

now so I'm not exactly sure why this is

such a big announcement but it looks

like it's going to be going on all the

time for any of those Resorts those

Disney World Resorts you're staying in

you will get that extra early uh entry I

think it's a right now it's 30 minutes

we'll see if they change that and if

you're staying at a deluxe Resort then

they give you two hours after the park

closes on certain nights that they'll

let you go to the park and it sounded to

me from the announcement it looks like

they're gonna be doing this all the time

but that is unconfirmed right now right

now they only do the extra hours like

two or three times a week and the early

morning is is pretty much all the time

so this is we're gonna see what they do

but they're making their Disney uh made

a big huge Fanfare about hey more part

time for guests and everybody's excited

so I like that that's kind of cool now

before we and get to the last one

because the last one I think is the

probably the second most important the

most important one is the reservation

thing I think that's awesome

particularly for families going on

vacations I'm very thrilled for that I

would like to hear what you guys think

about these changes down in the comments

down below I want you here I want to

hear you're like oh my gosh it's amazing

all right it's about time or is this

ever gonna happen at Disneyland and I'd

like to hear your thoughts so put your

thoughts down below so I can read those

thoughts I feel like I get kind of

educated I learn more about Disney

sometimes from you my our viewers here

at Provost park pass seriously put down

the comments down below all right this

last one number five is the biggest I

think one of the biggest pain points I

had and if and if we have listened to us

and they're finally acting upon it it's

Genie plus and keep in mind again you

guys this is only for Florida just

Florida nowhere else just Florida I

don't want people to get all excited


right now the way that it works is it's

kind of a pain you can only use the

genie Plus or purchase a genie plus day

of right the day of so a lot of people

what they do on their vacations is that

they wake up at like midnight and then

they would like quickly like try to

purchase Gene plus then they would set

their alarm again to go off at seven in

the morning because then you purchase an

individual lighting length the day of

before they sell out Disney has

announced that they're going to start

they're going to roll out a way for

guests who are coming that they'll be

able to purchase Genie plus and the

individual lightning things you know

that when you want is purchase just that

one particular ride before you get into

the park so when you're buying like your

vacation package you'll be able to

purchase the genie plus and also the

individual Lightnings before you even

get to the park this is huge this makes

a a mountain of difference and thank you

Disney for listening people were upset

and I thought it was really funny

because in the press release when Disney

announced this they said we are going to

allow you to purchase Genie Plus in

India Village of lightnings before your

vacation begins that way you can spend

more time with your family which I

thought was a really funny way because

that's what people were a lot of funny

way to say something because people were

complaining that they're always on their

phone they're like I'm on my phone I'm

trying to get a reservation I'm trying

to buy the individual anything okay now

they're just trying to stay here we're

gonna remove that stress you do not have

to worry about it so this is exciting

now these changes will be starting to

happen on January 9th 2024 January 9th

2024 so reservations are still gonna be

going for the rest of the 2023 but

starting January 9th 2024 uh you will be

able to you won't need reservations for

date base tickets now there are some

specials going on right now if you want

to buy tickets I'll tell you right now

to save some money

you could go ahead call this number one

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get these amazing benefits I want to

hear what you guys think put down the

comments down below breaking news here

this just happened this was just

released about 16 minutes ago I hope you

guys are excited about this I'm thrilled

for families who are planning vacations

going to Florida let's see if this is

going to happen here in uh Disneyland

soon hopefully it does we'll see and I

want to hear what you guys thoughts are

you guys are fantastic and amazing and

you make the world a brighter place did

you know that I am talking to you all

right guys I'll talk to you later



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