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ChatGPT Automate Resume Creation with Open AI's ChatGPT | Easy Guide

Published May 14, 2023, 7:20 p.m. by Bethany

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A technology -driven world has its perks, and one of them is the ability to automate the resume -creation process using open source artificial intelligence (A.I.) chatbots. You no longer have to spend hours formatting your resume and ensuring all the information is correct; you can now simply chat with a chatbot and have it do all the work for you. This guide will show you how to easily create a resume using a chatbot. What you need, to follow this guide, you will need: A computer with internet access. An email address (optional). Step 1: Find a chatbot. There are many different chatbots available online, but for this guide we will be using the chatbot "chatgpt." To find this chatbot, simply go to the website m and search for "chatgpt." Once you have found the chatbot, click on the "Try it now" button. Step 2: Start the conversation.

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so the first thing I'm going to show you

how to do is how to get chat GPT to

write you a resume so what we're going

to do is we're going to engage with the

chat to have it write a resume for US

based off some information that we give

it and what I've got right here is a

general overview of what I've done and

like who I am so what we can do is we

can start out by asking to learn what we

need to tell the chat we can ask the

chat hey what do I need to give you in

order for you to write me a resume so

let's ask it that first

now the time on this it may take a

couple of seconds but usually this

outputs really quickly if it doesn't up

in the top left hand corner you can hit

reset thread or you can just refresh the

page and this should refresh for you

great so it's giving us some information

and what we can do is we can write this

out just kind of like where a human can

talking to another human and just say

hey in general you know here's what I

want you to do right so I made a a fake

explanation here so I said hey for my

resume my name is Micah J and my contact

information is this my LinkedIn profile

is this and I am open to relocate I know

all these things I have this education

background from a fake University that I

made up

I previously worked for a bunch of

places I just made this up to kind of uh

paint a template for you so you can

follow this exact template and I will

put the templates down in the resources

here for your class or in the

description you can go look for that and

right here we're writing out the

timeline of when we worked we could be

more specific with that down to the

month and then down the line uh you know

with all this information we we just go

put that in there and then

um it's going to spit everything out

right so it's providing this is building

this for us now it's got a nice format

there with a name it's outputting this

kind of as in a in a code format but

when we copy this over it says copy code

but it's not necessarily code but yeah

it's writing this out it's giving us a

format for our skills that's nice and

clean and professional you know top to


you know skills um experience right it's

breaking out all of the positions one by

one uh it's got a little summary there

you know for it and everything so this

is a really uh really good effective way

to get a resume generated and all we did

was we just told the chat

hey here's kind of who I am and here's

what I've done and here's sort of my

education background


um I made up this thing at Elon Musk

personally recognized me with the SpaceX

employee of the year award in 2015 and

that's just kind of like uh just a kind

of add-on type of situation to

um like the job I just said like oh I

was at this job and I got this award and

then chat GPT took it and made it this

like really professional sounding thing

in this um this resume right and at the

bottom throws out education


and and laid it all out so this is

basically as good as any resume that

I've ever seen but one of the things

that I wanted to add to this was just

like an about me

um statement at the top uh

you know say hey can you provide a

general about me statement that provides

a message about you know that I am you

know driven professional and I'm

constantly learning and evolving and you

know all the things that employers want

to hear right and so I'll say hey make

this short and professional put it

at the top of the resume right so I'm

saying like um hey just take this

information and just put this at the top

of that resume

so it's going to go in and it's going to

consider what I've asked to do here and

we're looking at a load time right now

that might be running up against where

chat gbt at this current time when I'm

using it is actually

um not super responsive yet it's under a

lot of load these are you know the early

days of its use and

um you know so if you see the load time

going for a little bit longer than you

think it might be time to refresh

usually give you an error message but


here we go

cool so I've got like an about me

statement for the resume it just

spit that out

and I could even tell it's something

like hey can you make this sound smarter

or more interesting

um some you know a very broad statement

just like what I would communicate to a

human so I'll say like

can you make it

make me sound more interesting and use

fancier words

okay then it's going to come back

with whatever version it thinks right so

I'll also just give it a thumbs up

and I'll just say that was awesome


all right cool now it's actually it's

going above and beyond to give me an

updated version of my resume with the

About Me section in there and it's


the words right so

it's got the summary for people to read

That's combining my skills with the

about me statement and wow this it says

a lifelong learner with a passion for

applying data-driven insights to solve

complex problems and drive Innovation

wow like when I said fancier words it's

exactly what I meant and this just

natively knows that so we're getting

some refinement here this is all kind of

auto-generated fake information about

the role that I'll have to go tweak and

make it uh tailored to you know the real

things that I actually did at that job I

would not encourage you to copy and

paste with the AI generated because of

course if you didn't really do it then

you're basically lying but what you can

do is you can give it a statement say

hey for principal data scientists at

Acme Inc can you specify that I worked

on this project and really help this

department and then you put that in


and you know you should you should start

to get you know a return back where it

will modify this resume continually in

the same chat interface where it's


um this information out so overall that

is how we can write a resume out in chat

GPT that's how that works and I hope

that this was helpful I will see you in

the next video


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