July 21, 2024

Cruise News - Disney Cruise Gets Stuck, Alaska Limits Cruise Ship, and Would Carnival Do This?

Published May 14, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

It's been a wild week for Disney Cruise news! First, one of their ships got stuck in Alaska due to bad weather. Then, the state of Alaska decided to limit the number of cruise ships that can visit each year. And now, it looks like carnival Cruise Lines might be getting in on the action!

The Disney Magic cruise ship was stuck in Alaska for nearly a week due to bad weather. The ship was finally able to dock in Ketchikan, but not before passengers were forced to spend an extra day at sea.

Alaska's governor has now decided to limit the number of cruise ships that can visit the state each year. This move is sure to anger the cruise industry, but it's being applauded by environmentalists.

And finally, it looks like carnival Cruise Lines might be getting in on the action! The company is reportedly considering adding a new port in Alaska, which would allow it to bypass the state's cruise ship limit.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest Disney Cruise news!

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so I'm just uh working on and uh the

idea for video like 10 things that would

ruin your cruise number one I have your

partner cheats on you with the main

hamburger maker at Guys Burger and

number two explosive diarrhea and those

two things could be related

um but it that's a that's a WIP that's a

work in progress uh what we're here for

today is some Cruise news and to answer

the question would Carnival really do


Cruise news in My Views

let's talk about it

hey hey what's up everybody Welcome to

La Lido Loca I'm your host Tony here to

talk you through everything going on in

cruising I got a little Cruise news for

your face and Chris news story number

one uh it was a rough weekend for cruise

passengers on the Disney wish they were

doing just a short cruise down to Nassau

Bahamas and Disney's Private Island

Castaway Key when everything went uh

amiss there was some sort of technical

difficulty with the brand new cruise

ship the Disney wish which caused her to

be late when sailing into Nassau Bahamas

and when guests debart to have their fun

day in Nassau Little did they know that

when they returned to the cruise ship

that night instead of sailing away and

making their way to Castaway Key they

would be stuck in the pirate Republic

stuck in Nassau Bahamas and of course

getting stuck in Nassau Bahamas

overnight it's not the worst thing

especially when your next Port of Call

is Castaway key it's close enough to get

to the very next day and that was the

plan however when they got unstuck from

Nassau the weather was so inclement that

they were unable to go to Castaway key

and that got canceled in addition the

fireworks that were supposed to happen

on the first night of the cruise got

rescheduled I guess all's well that ends

well the fireworks did happen along the

way on that cruise and passengers were

compensated with a 100 onboard credit

and a future Cruise credit for their

troubles but yeah that points out a

challenge when you're taking a short

Cruise if anything goes wrong at all

your whole itinerary might be jacked up

but like I said Disney wished the newest

cruise ship in Disney Cruise Lines Fleet

plenty of stuff to do on board I know

many people don't get off in Nassau

anyways and a missing Castaway key is

just missing a day at the beach I I'm

sure everybody had a good time were you

stuck stranded on the Disney wish over

the weekend how was it for you would you

be angry if that was you leave a comment

below Cruise news story number two and

I'm kind of rethinking that opening

um of course you know if your spouse is

cheating with a crew member that's bad

for your spouse and you and the crew

member but which would be worse so

forget the guy's Burger head burger

maker what if what if they're just

cheating with the you know um you know

Jim from Wisconsin like what if a

cheesehead all of a sudden moved in on

your significant other and you know

they're they're spending time together

and he's talking about Packers football

that'd be would you want that either way

either way well I guess burger maker

cheesehead either way it's bad I might

pick number two like behind or you know

the number two that we were talking


um but no cruising Story number two very

serious uh let's get serious Let's Get


clear Cruise Line International

Association they have been working with

the city of Juno Juno the city of Alaska

you know that one Juneau Alaska and they

have determined that beginning next year

they will limit the amount of cruise

ships that can visit Juno in one day

when I read the headline I was like oh

no this sounds bad they're limiting it

to five big cruise ships a day I don't

know how many cruise ships go into Juno

currently but I would be shocked if it

was more than five big cruise ships so

at first blush at first glance this may

seem bad but it still seems like a lot

of people will be able to visit Juno in

a single day now this new limitation

will not have a big impact on the 2023

season because Cruise Lines set their

schedule about a year in advance so we

do see any major impacts from this five

ship per day limit there in Juneau it

will more likely be reflected in the

schedules for the 2024 Alaska season I

guess the alarmist in me could be like

oh no you better get out to Alaska

before they put some severe limitations

on it it doesn't seem like that it's

coming it just seems like they're trying

to manage it in a responsible way and I

did learn a new phrase today that I

would like to share with you destination

stewardship it really speaks to the

symbiotic relationship between cruise

lines and destinations where they have

to work together to do what's best for

local economies to do what's best for

the cruise business to do what's best

for the consumer it's a complicated

thing how are you feeling about your

destination stewardship today do you

ever feel like um like you've got to

make sure that you spend some money in

the ports that you visit just so that

you're not just abusing the fact that

you can go to a protocol and just walk

around and not spend any money I always

try to spend some money because I think

maybe I'm concerned with destination

stewardship also but interesting

interesting thing uh are you worried

about these limits of cruise ships in

Alaska have you been to Alaska is it on

your bucket list have you ever competed

in the Iditarod

I don't know leave a comment below now

very shortly we will talk about whether

or not Carnival will do the thing that

they may do uh but before I do that I

still have two more Cruise news stories

for you I'll pop them out real quick uh

like you know baby number three and four

I've never popped out a baby so that's

probably a wrong but what I understand

is that when you have multiple babies

the subsequent baby beyond the first

baby they they've come out quicker I

don't know I'm not a doctor uh all right

the silver Seas they've got a big

milestone shipbuilding Milestone the

silver Nova has floated out floated out

at the Meyer verst Shipyard in papenburg

Germany floatout is an important

Milestone that means the ship is on

water and it is floating around this is

all part of it it's prior to the Sea

trials and all those other things but it

is something noteworthy uh

congratulations silver C for the float

out of your latest cruise ship and then

cruising Story number four also a story

about the Alaskan cruise season as

Holland America has kicked off her

Alaska Cruise season part of the 150

Year celebration they've been doing some

interesting things at Cruise ports they

have like a plaque exchange so they did

a very special plaque exchange between

Holland America line and the Port of

Seattle to kick off this latest 2023

Alaska season and which damn ship is

kicking off the season in Seattle why

it's the Euro Dam I had a wild

realization the other day I've spent

more than a month on Holland America

line this year 2023. but I've got I've

got a month's worth of data of insight

to bring to you on that I hope to have

that video out this week so make sure

you stay tuned to the channel and

because of my uncertainty as to when

that video will come out this would be a

good opportunity to invite you to

subscribe if you like staying up to date

with everything going on in cruising and

if you'd like to know if Holland America

is just for old people well the the

easiest way to find that out is to be

notified when the video comes out you

can get all that set up for yourself and

maybe a love one if you want by hitting

the Subscribe button and the

notification Bell it's good for you and

dagnabbit it's good for me it's like a

virtual hug when you hit that subscribe

button you're hugging me I'm hugging you

touching me touching you sweet Carol I

gotta write Sweet Caroline down on my

list like things that could ruin your


Ludacris never sang it's so good so good


there's no karaoke on Holland America

that's a negative one for that

experience all right uh here's the deal

something I've been advocating for a

long period of time is I would like to

see some dedicated workspaces AKA

cubicles on cruise ships so that the

remote worker the mobile worker the

people of the future can have a place to

work on cruise ships and now they're

starting to be conversations about it a

brand ambassador put it to the people

he's got 400 000 subscribers over there

followers he put it to the people saying

would you like a dedicated workspace on

a cruise ship so that as a remote worker

you could get some work done and I for

one say yes and of course I know there's

a lot of people out there that say no so

I thought I would throw it out there so

that you could comment away and you

could put comments down like yes I would

love to work on a cruise ship that way I

could Cruise more or you could say stuff

like you go on a cruise to go on

vacation you shouldn't be doing working

at all you should just be drinking and

have an affair with the guy that runs

Guys Burgers you can have all those

comments that you like down there below

let me do this here's a picture of the

library on the Holland America Rotterdam

7 the seventh version of the MS

Rotterdam here's a little footage of the

game room the place where people do the

jigsaw puzzles on the Holland America

Rotterdam seven what do you think would

you like to see these spaces ripped out

and replaced with some cubicles that

have USB connections and power and I

don't know that I would I think they

could find other places so please

provide some feedback in the comments I

know that the cruise lines sometimes

read the comments of our show and if

you're passionate one way or the other

about whether or not workspaces should

be included on cruise ships for remote

workers please leave a comment and

hopefully we can move the needle wood

Carnival do this I hope the answer is

yes thank you guys so much for checking

out the show today I have to go now and

write a letter to the president of the

cruise line International Association to

see if we can get Sweet Caroline removed

from every karaoke list let's get that

thing banned

we'll never hear it song

this is Tony for La Liga look until the

next time we'll see you see you on the




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