June 8, 2023

Disney's Plan To FIRE Kathleen Kennedy Just Changed! Here's What Happened (Star Wars Explained)

Published May 14, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

In recent days, the internet has been set ablaze with news that disney is planning to fire Kathleen Kennedy, the current president of Lucasfilm. The news came from an article by Mike Zeroh, a well-known Star Wars YouTuber and podcaster.

In his article, Zeroh claims that disney is unhappy with the direction that Kennedy has taken the Star Wars franchise, and that they are planning to replace her with someone who will take it in a different direction.

While this news has sent shockwaves through the Star Wars fandom, it is important to remember that nothing has been confirmed by disney at this time. However, if there is any truth to Zeroh's claims, it could mean big changes for the future of Star Wars.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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all right everyone welcome back we are

now getting through the month of May and

given that June is going to be like the

month for John and Dave to really

promote the Ahsoka Tano series before

they have that final trailer that's

going to debut by this July there's a

lot of other things that Disney and

lucasfilm are focusing on to really kind

of steer things in the right path for

not just the Star Wars Community but

also for themselves as a business this

is Mike zero subscribe if you're new and

like this video to see future Star Wars

updates I'm also on Twitter at mike01 I

thank you also very much for the great

and kind support and without wasting any

time let's get into exactly what's going

on here now we know that there's a lot

of things going on between Kathleen

Kennedy and her time at lucasfilm as

President right we know that there's a

lot of conversations that Disney has

been having on and off throughout the

past couple of months about how they

want to get rid of her or when they want

to get rid of her and how a lot of those

plans have been getting a lot of

revisions for the past couple of weeks

now the latest revision that I think is

a little bit worrisome just a little bit


to a lot of Star Wars fans especially

out there has a lot to do with their

overall structure of their plan to get

Kathleen Kennedy fired to get her out of

lucasfilm finally and to just kind of

get somebody else in there to run all

things Star Wars and call it a nice day

right now when you look at that we all

know that at the end of the day there's

a lot of Disney Executives that are

loyal to Kennedy but the majority are

actually in favor of what John and Dave

are doing with Mando season four and

Ahsoka season one and two and all the

other projects that have yet to have

been announced that will be by the way

at this year's d23 event in September

now moving on

with both a Disney and lucasfilm

beginning to develop multiple new Star

Wars shows and films that will be

announced by this fall the plan to fire

Kennedy by Bob Iger and the executives

has been ever evolving and recently got

more complicated specifically the

revised plan by the executives is that

Kathleen Kennedy will only get fired if

Indiana Jones 5 becomes a failure at the

box office and through fan reception if

they did not reach a specific goal

worldwide now the initial plan was to go

by domestic numbers specifically but now

Disney is focusing and revising that on

worldwide numbers to be more accurate on

the failure or success of Indy 5. this

is going to determine if Kennedy stays

or leaves lucasfilm in the worst case

scenario if she does not get laid off

and indy 5 becomes a smash hit by Disney

the plan is to only keep her until her

contract ends in 2024 as they are still

very unhappy with both the Acolyte and

skeleton crew now mind you guys about

acolyte Leslie Headland talked about

this I talked about this too on Twitter

go ahead and check it out Leslie

Headland says the best way to describe

Indiana Jones or not the best way to

describe acolyte is it's a mixture of

frozen meats Kill Bill and this is kind

of like what Kathleen Kennedy talked

about with Indiana Jones 5 is what I

meant to say there in Indiana Jones 5

she's combining elements of major

franchises together in Indiana Jones the

dial of Destiny which might actually

very well turn a lot of fans away if

you're gonna throw in themes from a lot

of other franchises in Indy five it's

going to be a very odd theming all right

and the way that Leslie Hedlund

described the acolyte how its Kill Bill

meets Frozen some fans were like really

confused about what that even means even

myself here was very confused about what

that even means the the only assumption

about the Frozen aspect is that it could

be about the sisters in the acolyte

series since you know Frozen has that

element as well now moving on to the

next big thing here all right as acolyte

will be a 2024 release Disney will be

basing that as a backup this will be

their backup plan to go by fan reception

to determine if they truly want to end

her contract if Indy 5 comes to be a


now with Indie 5 already going through

some production issues however nothing

major Kennedy is trying to revise the

movie as much as possible to

intentionally make it come across as

better than it already is if Indy

becomes a better product through

Kennedy's revisions this could spell

Doom for Star Wars fans of her staying

at lucasfilm until at least sometime

next year now however there are many

Executives that don't have much faith in

Indy five believe it or not the dial of

Destiny is planned to alter some aspects

of the Indiana Jones lore and history

now you guys may or may not know but the

dial of Destiny yes it is going to

change a lot of aspects

of basically what you love about Indiana

Jones as a franchise now does this have

something to do with time travel

specifically could it be some kind of

Time Warp who knows what they're gonna

do but we always know that Kathleen

Kennedy there's no doubt about it always

likes to really kind of just steer

things away from the core fan base and

there's been a lot of talk about Indy

five about how their marketing plan is

going to be subpar that it's not going

to really meet the expectations I think

that's why to this day we have not

really been seeing that much marketing

going on for Indiana Jones 5. guys get

it it's coming out next month June 30th

whatever it is right and we're not even

getting TV spots or big banners on Times

Square in New York City or anything like

that or for example

not even ads anything like that you're

not seeing that really kind of being

displayed across multiple media aspects

and so I think that could very well

spell a very big sign as to what's going

on Kathleen Kennedy is yes revising this

movie in a desperate move to make it

better than it already is it's kind of

like just polishing something that is so

flawed in order to make it a little bit

more of an eye candy piece so again look

I'm not trying to be pessimistic against

Indy five just for the sake of being

pessimistic let's be real

I can't judge this movie until it comes

out or at the very least until I see

actual footage besides you know a

trailer or a TV spot because you gotta

remember the Last Jedi TV spots were

stunning trailers were outstanding let's

go by that let's look at that as a great

example that we're not quite sure what

Indie 5 even is just yet thematically

all right so on to the next thing here

is that

something fans may come across as very

controversial is that they will be

changing the lore now with Disney now

going to of course worldwide numbers to

go by it's difficult to say if this is

either better or worse for Kennedy's

chance of losing her position as the

president of lucasfilm regardless Disney

has Replacements on standby when and if

that time comes by based on Indy's

performance now guys we went over this

just the other day

um we have people like Simon kinberg at

the second part of the list on top of

that we got Dana brunetti on the very

bottom we got Neil H Moritz those are

the three big candidates to replace

Kathleen Kennedy if Kathleen Kennedy

fails with nd5 all right and I know a

lot of fans out there may not like Simon

kimberg because of what happened with

the latest X-Men film uh so look I mean

it's really hard to say exactly who's

the best fit for lucasfilm's president

so it's interesting to see what's going

to happen next month with Indiana Jones

5. look I really feel they got that they

got to start marketing this thing within

the next week or two if they really

wanted to perform

very well they have to get it out there

you know they've so far you know they've

had like two trailers and I just feel

like a lot of fans that I know and a lot

of people that I know in person that are

fans of Indiana Jones 5. a lot of them

didn't even know that the second trailer

existed it wasn't really kind of

displayed on television all that much it

was mostly an internet thing so overall

guys you know fill me in below in the

comments what you all have to say about

this and if you guys did enjoy the

content for today make sure to drop a

thumbs up on this video to support the

channel and I will catch you guys next





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