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Published May 14, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Drama Technology - science and technology

The world is changing at a rapid pace and technology is playing a big role in it. We are now living in a digital age where almost everything is done online. Even our entertainment is now digital with shows and movies being streamed online. This shift has also led to a new form of entertainment, known as drama technology.

Drama technology is a form of entertainment that combines elements of drama and technology. It usually takes the form of a short skit or play that is performed by a group of people. The skit is often recorded and then edited together with special effects to create a final product that is entertaining and informative.

One of the most popular examples of drama technology is the show, "MythBusters." This show takes a scientific approach to testing out popular myths and urban legends. The show's hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, use their knowledge of science and engineering to test the validity of these myths. Often, they will use special effects to recreate the myth in question.

Drama technology is not only entertaining, but it can also be educational. By presenting information in a fun and engaging way, drama technology can help people learn about science and technology. It can also help to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

If you're looking for a new and exciting way to learn about science and technology, then drama technology may be for you.

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hello everyone i am akshay guna i am the

team leader of techno guys today we are

going to do a skit about science and

technology let's go into the video

hey go go kill him kill him kill him

don't interrupt me i'm playing free fire

oh my god whenever i hear this free fire

my stomach is firing now

dead don't disrupt me if you want to

discuss with me anything important you

just watch me

i came to ask for a dirty clothes star

to ask did i need to answer with this

don't accept me for the silly things i'm

in goal 4 i would say there is cyclone

da come and see outside please send the

pictures of them to my whatsapp i will

post them in fb will get likes there

will be a power cut for two days my


oh my god my mobile list was rough power

bank is also charged out oh god what i'm

going to do what the hell is this my

hands are shivering i can't live without

them my phone my phone my phone my games

my son needs treatment i have to take

him to a doctor

sir my son needs your advice he's

addicted to the cell phone

no no no i don't want anyone's advice

please give a sip in charger

oh that's the problem okay i will treat

him and send him home you can leave no


you will message me or make me a call


first of all you switch off your mobile

sir your side will be recovered

dear what's your name

hello sir i am akshay underscored rocks

that underscore and rocks was named by

your parents

no sir my parents named me as akshay and

my insta id is akshay underscored rocks

you can also call me like this

i am clear now

sister send those patients to my room

everyone said

here a patient need a shock treatment

send everyone


doctor who all are they

they are my recent patient on treatment

sir why that man speaking alone

hi dude my office work is over i am

ready for the next project you can email

me i'm so glad please wait my wife is

online please forgive me i'm coming home

i'm on the way there's a buffalo on the


what's he saying sir

yes use his bluetooth unconditionally

and become crazy towards it now without

using his headset also he speak like

that i also use bluetooth sir will i


definitely definitely for sure

sir why that boy's face is like that and

what happened to his face hey dude come

on come on let's take a selfie come on

sir sir uh sir what happened to him sir

ask him to leave me sir he's crushing me


actually he takes too many selfies

making this type of funny faces and his

face become like this

i can't imagine my face to become like

this sir

and what about this guy sir

he is a messenger mentor

i can't understand sir

you just talk to him you will understand

hi friend how are you

i am yeah

h a t a b o u t o u m y f i e n d


he just said i am fine what about you my

friend oh he speaks as he types okay

spiderman spiderman does whatever a

spider can

hey hooray man

i am a devil of nowhere


sir why is hitting me sir

no he didn't do it purposely he is a

gamer mentor what

is playing pubg he lost his normalcy and

become like this i will not leave you i

will kill you come on guys catch him

catch him

sir i'm afraid will i also become like

him definitely definitely

no akshay it's not too late if you

understand the complication of using

mobile phone and using them correctly

you cannot become like this


we cannot taste the benefit of science

and technology but should not allow it

to eat us


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