July 21, 2024

WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU - Powerful Motivational Speech

Published May 14, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

When life breaks you, it can feel like your world is crumbling down around you. All your hopes and dreams seem to disappear in an instant, leaving you feeling lost and alone. But it is in these moments of darkness that we must remember our strength. We are survivors. We are fighters. And we will never give up.

No matter how hard life gets, we must never forget our power. We have the power to pick ourselves up and continue on. We have the power to create our own destiny. And we have the power to make our dreams a reality.

So don't let life break you. Don't let the darkness consume you. Remember your strength. Remember your power. And never give up on your dreams.

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i don't care how good you aren't telling

how talented you are

i don't care how much you work on

yourself there are some times when

things aren't going to go right

there are times when anything that can

happen will happen life happens

the unexpected the uncalled for

the unintentional we've been damaged

emotionally damaged spiritually

it may be your business it may be your


that is broken today it may be the


in your bank account that is screaming

you are

broke you can break physically you can

break mentally

you can break your heart you can break

your spirit

and all of those are gonna leave a mark

but the mark that they leave can be the

mark of

victory or it can be the mark of defeat

it is staying with the breaking that

produces the blessing

that is not what you go through that

determines where you end up


it's who you listen to because i think

right now

you are walking through a valley between

two voices one is wisdom one is worry

one is gratitude one is grumbling one is


one is faith because

every time you break it in every way

that you break

wow it's a chance for you to give up and

for you to fall

apart but there's also

opportunity to get

stronger and get smarter and get faster

and get tougher and get more stable and

get more

resilient and get better

what i need you to do is i need you to

find a reason to keep going and if you

can find a reason to keep going i know

you're strong enough to do it because

you're human

and every human has what it takes to get

past whatever they're going through

if they decide to push through

it push through it tragedy and trials

come to everybody

only the strong survive

the fight isn't over

the fight is just beginning you have

the opportunity to show the world

what you are really made of


i need you to look at that sickness

that's going on in your life right now

whatever it is

i want you to say i can't beat it i can

beat it i will beat it

i must i got a family to live for i

ain't through yet my life ain't over yet

there's some things in life you don't

need no degree for you don't need no

money for it

you don't need no support for it there's

something like you just gonna get

through when you tell yourself i'm gonna

get through this

regard to what happens to your life

regardless of the adversity regardless

of the opposition

regardless of the trial and tribulation

nothing can stop you the only thing that

can stop you

is you no situation no circumstance no

piece of adversity can define your life

never let the circumstance define

and i'm not retreating i'm not running

i don't care what they say on paper i

don't care if you say we outnumbered

we live by this and we die by this we

don't retreat

we don't run we gonna stand we gonna

live we gonna die by

what we stand for and everybody gonna

know what we represent

and what we're part of i got staying


i got staying power be encouraged today

that no matter what you walk through no

matter how broken your marriage is

no matter how many times you fail there

is within you

a spirit that is greater than whatever


going on around you if you would be

willing to fight your way

through this battle fight your way

through cancer

fight your way through that academic

struggle fight your way through divorce

fight your way through it if you are

willing to fight your way through that

singing career

fight your way through boxing fight your

way through football

i'm telling you at the end of the fight

it's going to come victory

and as you crawl up

and out of that dismal and wretched

place as you rise above

what you were and as you take the form

of who you are supposed to be

you will see that in the very act of

standing up in the very act of fighting


you will become and you will remain




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