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Published May 14, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Bethany

When it comes to weather, there are few places in the world that can top winter in England. The country is known for its temperate climate, but winter is a different story. The weather can be so bad that it can bring the country to a standstill.

That’s why it’s important to know a few key words and phrases before you travel. Here’s our winter english glossary.


The first thing you need to know about is snow. This is the white stuff that falls from the sky and covers the ground. It’s also the reason why winter in England is so beautiful.


Snowfall is when it snows heavily. This can cause problems for transport and make it difficult to get around.

Ice is a thin layer of frozen water that forms on surfaces like roads and pavements. It can be very slippery, so be careful when you’re walking on it.


Frost is when ice forms on cold surfaces, like car windscreens. It can make driving difficult, so make sure you de-ice your car before you set off.


Wind is air that moves. In winter, the wind can be very cold and make it feel even colder than it actually is.


A gale is a strong wind. Gale-force winds can damage buildings and trees, and make it difficult to drive.


A blizzard is a snowstorm with strong winds. This can make it impossible to see or go outside.


Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is. In winter, the temperature in England can drop below freezing. This means that water turns to ice.


A thermometer is a device that measures temperature. You can buy one for your home to keep an eye on the temperature outside.


Now that you know about the weather, you’ll need to know what to wear. Here are some key clothing items for winter in England.


A coat is a piece of outerwear that you wear to keep warm. In winter, you’ll need a coat that’s thick and insulated.

A hat is a piece of clothing that you wear on your head. In winter, a hat will help keep you warm by trapping heat in.


A scarf is a long piece of cloth that you wear around your neck. In winter, a scarf will help keep you warm by trapping heat in.


Gloves are pieces of clothing that you wear on your hands. In winter, gloves will help keep your hands warm and prevent them from getting cold.


Boots are a type of shoe that covers your whole foot and ankle. In winter, boots will help keep your feet warm and dry.

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hello everyone welcome back to another

edition of learning English Pro in this

lesson we will be exploring lots of

interesting English vocabulary relating

to Winter in fact you'll find lots of

really interesting English words with

over 90 terms so make sure to revise all

the vocabulary with the complete word

list in the description below

there is a lot of vocabulary to cover so

I'm going to break it down into three

different categories weather clothing

and cultural aspects of winter so let's

Jump Right In with our first category

which is winter weather

the main characteristic of winter

weather is that it is cold

but there are lots of other words that

we can use to describe the cold of

course we can say something simple like

it's really cold but there are other

words we could say it is bitterly cold

or that the temperature is a bit nippy

we could also say that the temperature

is quite chilly the cold can also be

described as biting this would be a cold

that you would feel quite strongly and

when it's really cold you can get Frost

outside this is the icy layer that

covers everything like grass and plants

and cars and of course during winter

there's plenty of ice around as well ice

covers lakes and Roads and can make

conditions quite dangerous when there is

ice outside in the environment we simply

say that it is icy outside let's take a

look at some of the other words we can

use to describe an icy environment and

we can also use words like frozen or

Frosty or freezing to describe have an

icy atmosphere and another term we can

use is slippery we would say that the

sidewalks paths or roads are slippery

meaning that it's possible to fall or

have an accident outside another aspect

of winter weather is hail hail are

pallets of frozen rain which fall in

showers and an individual piece of hail

is known as a Hailstone no winter video

would be complete without referencing

snow and while not everywhere will

experience snow during winter we have

plenty of words to describe this weather

event when it snows we can call the

conditions snowy and the fall of snow

has its own word snowfall sometimes

you'll hear weatherman referring to a

heavy snowfall or a light snowfall and

an individual piece of snow is known as

a snowflake if snow falls very heavily

along with a strong wind it can be known

as a snow storm

our next term is sleet sleet is a

mixture of rain and snow it can be

referred to as wet snow or you'll hear

someone say that the snow is very wet we

use the term melt to describe when the

snow starts to disappear when the liquid

from snow mixes with dirt we call this

mixture slush it's typically quite Brown

and very dirty looking

with all this cold weather it's very

vital to where the correct clothing and

use the right Fabrics in winter time

it's all about staying warm and the

first item we'll take a look at is a hat

and a cup is a popular type of hat to

wear in winter to keep your head warm

and with all those wet conditions you

need to protect your feet that's why a

pair of boots are very very essential

and in very wet weather you may need a

pair of rubber boots that's what they're

called in American English and in

British English they're known as Wellies

an important piece of clothing to keep

your upper body warm is a good coat

a shorter version of a coat is known as

a jacket you will commonly hear people

referring to their winter coat or their

winter jacket a piece of clothing which

is commonly worn when it's snowy are the

earmuffs these are great to keep your

ears warm when it snows and they're

available for children and adults a

common material used in Winter Fabrics

is fleece this warm fluffy material can

be found in lots of different types of

blankets and when it comes to blankets

at winter time there are lots of

different options a warm blanket that

you use on your bed is known as a

comforter in American English another

type of blanket found in American

culture is the quilt this bed covering

is made of different layers of fabric

and kept in place with lines of

stitching a blanket which is filled with

feathers and commonly found in European

countries is the duvet this is a French

term so we don't pronounce the T here


getting back to clothing our next term

is gloves these are really essential for

keeping your hands warm another type of

glove which you'll find in winter time

are mittens

these are gloves with two sections one

for your thumb and the other for all

four fingers our next term is British

English the jumper and of course this is

a garment you wear on your upper body

and it typically has a long sleeves and

you put it on over your head in American

English it is known as a sweater

a sweater which is very common in the

winter time is the turtleneck this is an

American term for a sweater with a high

collar in British English it is known as

a polo neck

something which a lot of the items of

clothing we've discussed have in common

is that they are made of wool this is

the fabric that we get from a goat or a

sheep or a similar animal items of

clothing made from wool can be described

as Woolen or as knitwear

my favorite piece of knitwear at

wintertime is the scarf this is a piece

of fabric which we wear around our necks

and on our chest to keep us warm and to

keep your feet nice and toasty you'll

need a very good pair of socks and for

around the house you can get a good pair

of slippers they are really useful

particularly when it's very very cold

our final piece of clothing before

moving on to our next category is the

hoodie a hoodie is a sports top and the

most important aspect is that it has a

hood this is the part that goes over

your head and lots of jackets and coats

will also have a hood to protect you on

a rainy or stormy day our final category

is where we will take a look at how

winter affects our culture and language

as well as different items we associate

with winter time

in the northern hemisphere the season of

Winter Covers the months of December

January and February

while in the southern hemisphere it

covers the months of June July and

August the season of winter can also be

known as winter time

in nature evergreen trees such as the

spruce or fear are some of the trees

which maintain their green color and are

associated with winter culture we call

these types of trees evergreen trees

also in nature plenty of animals such as

bears and bats go through a process

called hibernation this is where the

animal goes into a dormant State during

the winter time and with the changing

position of the sun nighttime hours grow

longer and most countries around the

world change clocks this is done in

winter time to add additional hours of

daylight during the working day lots of

our winter vocabulary focuses on cold

weather and keeping warm so it's no

surprise that fire has lots of

associations with winter and a domestic

fire can take place in the fireplace the

fireplace can usually be found in a

living room area or in a kitchen and we

use firewood or coal as fuel for a fire

the smoke from a fire will emerge from a

chimney and a chimney can usually be

found on the roof of a house if you

don't have a fireplace you might have a

heating system with some heating systems

you may have one or more radiators

around your house radiator is a term

from British English while we can use

the word heater more generally houses in

colder climates will also need

insulation materials like fiberglass can

be packed into the walls and in the

roofs of homes to keep them warm by

trapping heat in the house next up let's

check out some sports associated with


first up we have ice hockey which is

hugely popular in Canada and the United

States of America and our next sport is

skiing which is quite similar to


and if you like to get Ed on the ice ice

skating could be for you a huge aspect

of culture at winter time is of course

Christmas and the mythological character

of Santa Claus in fact there's so much

vocabulary relating to Christmas and the

holiday season that I've given it its

own playlist the link for this huge

playlist is on screen right now and I've

also linked all the videos in the

description below so make sure to check

those out to really boost your Christmas

English vocabulary other important

religious and cultural celebrations held

in winter time include Hanukkah the

winter solstice


Chinese horoscopes and the Three Kings

Day another big moment for celebration

is New Year's Eve on December 31st

of course we have to mention Saint

Valentine's Day A Day celebrating love

of all types held on February the 14th

let's move on to some useful items you

can use in winter time like the Sledge a

sledge is a simple vehicle on Runners

which can convey passengers over snow

and ice and it looks like a lot of fun

as well another handy item to have at

hand is the snow shovel in snowy

climates you'll often see people use

their snow shovel to clear their

driveway and our final item is the

umbrella it might not be too great when

it snows but for all the rain that can

occur in winter time it's definitely an

essential item and that brings us to the

end of this English vocabulary list on

winter I hope you enjoyed it

make sure to check out the word list in

the description below click here for my

holiday season playlist and click here

for an English lesson on vocabulary

relating to Spring the link to subscribe

to my YouTube channel learning English

Pro is also on screen have a fantastic

day and remember keep learning English

like a pro


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