May 29, 2023

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Published May 15, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Curious George is always curious about everything, and that includes his own body! In this fun and educational video, George learns all about the human body, from the skeleton to the muscles to the organs. He even learns how blood circulates through the body. This is a great video for kids who are curious about how their own bodies work.

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you're a monkey george you're just not

used to kindergarten


george wanted to be a monkey who was

good at kindergarten

what could he do

now castles weren't just for kings and

queens butlers maids cooks and

carpenters lived in them too

lots of people lived in castles

i've always thought it would be fun to

live in a castle high on a hill

overlooking the ocean

in fact i would like each of you to draw

a castle that you would like to live in


yes allie um what if we would rather

live in a submarine

then you draw a submarine

oh uh now i have to go talk to the


i'll be right outside if you need me

george had an idea

instead of drawing a castle

why not build one


a castle for mrs gold to live in


what you doing george


you want to build a castle for mrs gold


let's go




maybe castles weren't allowed in


maybe he should ask

the book shows the water not a problem

but sand in a carpet that's a problem

mrs gold george wants to know if he can

build a castle instead of draw one uh uh


i'll be right there let me tell you

about carpets first you got your shags

then yours your area family uh which is

divided into the short pile in the deep


it's not easy building a castle but

george found a way


with bookshelves and blocks for walls


and a curtain for the roof


and every castle needed a window




george's school tool made a great

construction level

at last the castle was ready

all it needed was a tree


yes well thank you that was most

informative i'm sure it will look oh

oh my

it was george's idea but we helped

when you set a castle you meant

a castle

oh this is wonderful

it's amazing what you can do when you

use your imagination and work together


have a monkey to help you


yay for george yeah


it was good being a guest monkey

but it was also good being a plain old

regular monkey

on his way home


i think there's a picture in this book

here you go see that blob huh that's a



some germs are good for you but bad

germs can make you sick


well that's your body your nose

mouth stomach

those are your lungs


when you sneeze

or cough that's your lungs squeezing

together and trying to force out the bad



enough biology time for you to rest


george didn't want to rest he wanted to

get rid of his bad germ

if only he knew how


george saw a face

a face he had seen before

in the mirror

it was him


george's mouth was amazing

it was like a giant cave


a cave with an echo

a squishy floor which was actually his



and best of all

a spaceship

george could find that bad germ and get

rid of it

just as soon as he figured out how to

work that spaceship




george was amazed

he didn't know gnocchi could drive


george knew they were somewhere above

his mouth

but where


fortunately gnocchi had discovered a

helpful sign

they were in george's nose


you won't be smelling that smelly cheese

down to your belly

i'm bound to your melon

so don't eat a thing that's my

suggestion cause i'll be giving you a

new testament






cause we'll be



super boring


mega boring



now for the paint

geesh that billboard is kind of high

uh george how about

you paint and i'll supervise from here



don't forget the picture


when george got close to the billboard

he could see things he couldn't see from

far away like the fact that the

billboard wasn't just one big sheet of

paper but six sheets glued together


that's it start from the center neaten

his counts i'm here for you buddy



uh hey george are you done uh-huh


uh george


did you paint the picture on the

billboard the same size as this

oh that explains it you painted too

small i'll show you


you can't see small stuff from far away



so george resolved to paint big

he'd cover every last inch of that



oh hi george how'd you do


it looks like you painted only part of

the picture did you run out of room


george wondered how he could get a small


onto a big billboard


he noticed something

the full marks on the picture were just

like the rectangles on the billboard


oh i get it match the rectangles here

with the rectangles there that'll work

here i'll make it easier

six rectangles

paint one at a time and you're good to



this time george was sure he'd get it



what george come down here quick



you're painting the rectangles out of



that's some juicer you've got there

second best invention in the world

the first is my tasty health drink


i know these are delicious but we should

save the rest for later george


okay i think that's later enough


boy that was tasty

are you thinking what i'm thinking


right let's go


where'd everybody go everybody packed up

and left already hmm but don't worry

they'll be back next week



a whole week without juice

what was george going to do you know

george if we had our own juicer we could

make the drink ourselves


there's a kitchen supply store right

around the corner let's go

oh boy

i have no idea how to use this but when

in doubt read the



i guess there are no instructions

oh don't worry between a smart man and a

smart monkey we should be able to figure

it out



yeah i'll i'll be right there

sorry george professor weisman needs me

at the museum they're picking a new

shade of yellow for the main hall

i'll i'll be back as soon as i can


george figured a smart monkey all by

himself should be able to work this



now what did juicy j say he put in that


it's got five fruits and vegetables plus

a special secret ingredient

five fruits and vegetables and all of

them seem to be red

apples are red

and peppers

and strawberries


and watermelons


george didn't know what cabbage was but

it was the last red thing in the fridge

five red things huh

now all george needed was a special



a red fish

why not




so maybe raw fish is not a special juice


lake wanna sink lake is a very popular

place in the summer


wait for me


on a really hot day george's little legs

couldn't get him to the end of the dock

fast enough

oh wow


we have a saying on the dark son look

before you leave



what happened to all the water well the

dry spells lowered the lake quite a bit

don't you know not a good time to dive

off the dock but a great time to

waterproof it

that sounds like a big job do you want a

hand well if you're our friend i'm sure

not saying no



if the water was gone


where were the fish

uh i don't know where they are


oh yeah mr yellow pants we have to go

find the fish


be a good little monkey and girl


we found them

hiya fish


what's he doing

here look at that george he's so lonely

we have to save him

oh you're right we should move him to

the big lake so he can be with his



honey sally just cracked a tooth and i

have to take her to the vet you want to


sorry i'm in the middle of rescuing a


oh well i don't think sally can wait

all right

well i'll come back as soon as i can


for some reason the lonely little fish

didn't want to be rescued by a monkey


smooth strokes you see nice and thick so

the water can't get in


looks simple enough good

fill your bucket you can start over


where's where's my bucket well you

forgot where you put it already i um


that's odd




this fish wanted nothing to do with

monkeys or buckets


if only there wasn't so much dirt the

fish could swim to the big lake all by



george liked visiting professor wiseman

because she did so many different things

this time she was helping out on a

rocket launch

and the man with the yellow hat was

going to ride the rocket

so you're ready to be the first average

untrained person shot into space i sure


there's only room for one george but i

have a special seat for you right beside

me so you can watch


this is dr alvin einstein and professor

anthony pizza


are you related to the famous no i'm not

me neither

the international space station's food

supply has run out

we found a peanut

it was in the cushion of my chair this

man with the yellow hat will bring your

food supply today

so then it's okay to eat the peanut now

i'm not sure yes

yes you may eat the peanut

so uh this is your rocket designed by

professor wiseman


it's up to you to launch the food

payload at exactly the proper moment

after it detaches from the rocket it

will connect to the space station can we

count on you

sure can



professor pizza and i are loading extra

experiments you'll deliver with the food

george wanted to see what these

experiments were

george careful

this is an expensive high-tech



they'll live at the space station so we

can study how they adapt to life in


george could see into all the containers


except this one

what was hidden in there


show them the most important part

these keypads launch the payload you hit

these two keys on each pad at the same


on all four at the same time

yes at the exact moment the rocket

passes the space station


uh i can't i only have two hands

huh the keypads were pizza's idea the

raccoon was my idea the four keypads was

yours oh here we go

check your memos i specifically

remembered when you came up with the

four keypads


oh we have to scrub the mission or find

an astronaut with four hands



and wonder what was in that box

he'd seen how heavy these boxes were so

he gave a mighty monkey tug

and found out he wasn't the only thing

that weighed less in space

toys it was full of toys

ah poor george i hope he's not too

scared being alone and out of contact

george had never seen a top spin so long


space was a great place to play


george wondered whether these toys would

be more fun if he had someone to play


he's coming back into communication


what's happened where's george


george you must put the experiments away

hurry it's almost time to send them to

the space station

at least he didn't free the ants


if ants get into the back they might eat

the astronauts


in food

seconds he'll be in position to launch

the payload



you have 20 seconds to get everything

ready to launch



but george wasn't ready in time


got to do it next time around

george you'll only get one more chance

then succeed or fail we have to bring

you home

we are really hungry

hard to believe but cleaning his room

had prepared george for an important

mission in space






he looks ready

george are you ready to

launch excellent i'll tell you when

oh maybe we shouldn't have sent a monkey

now george



he did now

great job george


thank you george

you're in position to return home pull

the lever to fire propulsion rockets


george pull the lever now or you'll be

out of position


what happens if he pulls the lever late

he could land anywhere top of the

mountain the north pole

george pull the lever now



george was a hero

and he proved just because you're a

small monkey

doesn't mean you can't take care of


down to the tiniest details


when you wake up bleary-eyed normal

things can look odd getting a drink of



and odd things even odder

well i'm training in gravity boots

tomorrow's the big day i'm scheduled to

take my first rocket ride


again uh george it's okay to look just

don't touch anything


well it's good to train for falling down

too i guess


good morning boys



you remember professor einstein and

professor pizza

so are you ready to become the first

normal guy to walk in space

no one on earth is more ready or more

normal just ask my monkey


you know your mission repairing the

einstein pizza space telescope

like this normal telescope it makes far

away things look closer

but our telescope is much bigger so we

can see much much further plus it's in

outer space beyond the ruinous

interference of earth's atmosphere

it gave us these amazing pictures of

distant planets and nebula stuff out in


but the controls got stuck and now it

only points at earth

yes in fact it's aimed directly at

professor pizza's kitchen window

all we've gotten for a month are

pictures of tony cookie and one of his

dog licking a cake

and i didn't see that one until after we

ate the cake




to repair the telescope you'll replace

four cube-shaped batteries

oh here you go

you will also replace three

cylinder-shaped gyroscopes

gyroscopes help aim the telescope

it's hard for you to understand i'll

explain it another time


sorry george too complicated for little


no i i meant you oh



you'll remove the telescope's grunsfield

smith nut using this wrench

when its lever is pushed to the left it

spins left to loosen


to tighten it again push the lever to

the right and it spins to the right


wow you hear that george lefty loosey

righty tighty even in space


it's time to launch

so when i space walk i go out this door

then close it behind me just like at

home oh you don't do anything we

designed it so it closes and locks

itself automatically after you exit

well how do i get back in

i don't see a doorknob

oh there's a secret button isn't there



oh don't tell me you didn't design a way

for him to get back inside after the

space walk

the automatic locking door was pizza's

idea no the automatic closing door was

mine he said let's make it lock too


we have to scrub the mission oh no


what if someone else goes with me and

opens the door from inside

there's no room for another man









five four






george we're in outer space together


i know my job is to push this button and

let you back inside



and don't forget

be a good little monkey space walker


there's nothing a monkey likes better

than a space walk



that city kid really gets around

george knew what he had to do first

remove the nuts using the wrench


didn't it move he knew the rule

lefty lucy

and righty tidy


he wasn't the first monkey to mix up his

lucy and his tidy just the first one in




did i mention george only has enough air

to last two minutes

well you did now

george you must complete the mission


i mean finish up and get back in the

rocket very quickly


putting replacements in was pretty easy



then it wasn't


maybe he needed to put this stuff in

exactly where the old stuff was


oh no

this last hole was a completely

different shape


george you need to head inside now


i'm going out there after him

you can't you don't have a tether

oh boy


why it wasn't a different shape at all

now he needed righty tighty

george you have only five seconds of air


that's it i'm going out

no you'll float out into space


he made it george is safe

yes george george did it the telescope

controls work again


great work guys you're coming home

oh it wasn't two minutes it was an hour

and two minutes

my mistake


ready as promised


ah it was worth living without it for

three long days


i'd rather carry it myself george

you're not gonna wear your hat


i want to keep it perfect till tonight

we're going to the opening of the new

planetarium dome




let's get home before anything happens

to my perfect clean hat




well we made it safely


okay now george when i get back we're

going right to the planetarium so take a



there'll be photographers there i want

you to look clean and fluffy

george was going to take a bath just

like he was told



it sure was a perfect hat

who could resist trying it on


george wanted compass to see him in the

yellow hat it'd only take a second




george saw the hat fly this way but it




the hat was back home and still perfect


george removed the piece of branch as

carefully as any surgeon working on any

yellow hat could

okay there was just a tiny thread there

no problem

maybe he needed to pull harder


or maybe it had to be cut off



george had forgotten that the last time

he used his safety scissors

was to cut his strawberry jam and banana



it was only a small smudge

all he had to do was clean it off


this stiff brush got the grill sparkling

like new every time and the grill got

dirtier than the hat




he may have scrubbed too hard

when i get back we're going right to the


george had to do something fast



hello can i help you

do you want a hat like this one i have

one just like it

uh huh


but it's exactly the same

oh you want a yellow hat



well that's the only yellow hats we have

i'm sorry


gnocchi had never seen george look so


george showed her the problem but cats

think every wiggling finger is a game

they can't help it


maybe he didn't need a new yellow hat

maybe all he needed was something like a

yellow hat



hundley tried not to wonder what george

was up to he really tried


but he had to know


what would make a good hat


same color



hundley had wanted to see what george

was up to and now he couldn't see

anything at all


good color


too floppy


not floppy

but too pointy


if he wanted to be the man with the

drippy yellow bag hat


the man with the yellow ice cream stick




the man with the yellow blow up

george realized that no hat he made

could ever be the man's yellow hat


but the hole didn't look so bad when

there was yellow paper inside

that was it

he didn't need a new hat he needed to

patch the hole


the paper looked good

but something made of more

hatty material would look better


something like a yellow sock



george did hundley drop by for a shower

or is one of our towels running away

from home

george where's my hat

gnocchi don't touch my clean hat

it has to be perfect for tonight



why does my hat have a tail


a hole



george couldn't believe he didn't think

of that

you see it looks great

all right we've got to go did you take a




fixed hat fresh suit clean monkey

i feel like there's something we forgot

to do




george always liked the sights and

sounds of the countryside


the tastes of the countryside were

pretty good too especially the taste of

the rinkin's homemade honey

you ready to sample this year's first

batch of honey george



i packed some homemade bread in here to

go with your honey enjoy


if there was anything george liked more

than sweet honey it was eating it with

freshly baked bread

but this bee wouldn't let him enjoy his



now where did it hurry off to

what could be more interesting than

bread and honey


george wondered how a flower could move

when there was no wind

touching all the flowers was definitely

not as interesting as a bread and honey




who'd be mean enough to take a monkey



a bear

george had never seen a real live bear

wandering around here before


the bee came back

it must have wanted to be friends



that bee thought you were trying to hurt

it george bees sting to protect


now just keep ice on that finger for a

while and you'll be fine


you want cereal again you just had it

for breakfast


no george a bee stung you a bear didn't

bite you

besides no one's seen a bear in these

woods in over 20 years


but george was positive he'd seen a real


hey there george

bill always seemed to know everything

maybe he'd know about the bear



pretty good imitation george did you

know no one's seen a bear around here in

over 30 years


george left those bees alone why

couldn't they leave him alone

that's just a honeybee george


they're going toward my yard

wow when did they build that

i gotta get those bees to leave i don't

want them to hurt my bunnies




it's a beautiful day george

why aren't you outside

come on help me water the snapdragons

they're in bloom see



afraid of getting stung again huh


hmm i have to go to the rankin's place

maybe you should come along

i bet they can help you


hello again george

it's us mr and mrs rankins

oh my is that the beasting we heard

about it's his first now he's feeling a

little nervous around bees

oh perfectly understandable

that's why you'll like this

bees can't sting you when you're wearing



you want to see something really neat

well look there

don't worry we're protected

george you ever wonder why bees like to

crawl inside colorful flowers

oh they're gathering nectar you can get

close and watch

now as the bees get their nectar their

legs transfer a fine substance called

pollen from one flower to the next

it helps more flowers to grow in the



here at the hive the nectar turns into

the bees food supply can you guess what

it's called george

honey george

the same honey you like on your bread


the bees make more than they can eat

that's where we get it here's another

jar for you enjoy

george was amazed something so tasty

came from something he'd been afraid of

he wanted to say thanks


not too close george bees will get angry

if you disturb their height


i'm staying to help with the hives

george i'll be home soon



george george i figured out a way to

move the hive this is my homemade

anti-bee suit maximum protection come on

i jump on this plank to launch these mud


they knock the hive loose it falls in

the can

then i take it to mr rankins

yeah it's not the proper way to remove a

hive but i need to act fast before

bunnies get stung

george knew bill's plan was going to

make the bees mad





who are you guys

now bill you know there's a proper way

to remove a hive


let's get those bunnies somewhere safe

and call professional bee removers huh


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