June 23, 2024

Dollar Tree Store Haul - Chocolate, Eggs, Easter Painting Crafts,

Published May 15, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

Hey there everyone!

I went on a little shopping trip to dollar tree and I thought I would share with you all what I got! I got some chocolate, eggs, and easter painting crafts!

The chocolate is from the brand "Dove" and it is the dark chocolate eggs. They are so good and only $1 for a pack of two!

The eggs are from the brand "Cadbury" and they are the mini eggs. I love these because they are the perfect size for snacking! I got a bag of them for $1.

The easter painting crafts are from the brand "Creatology" and they are the easter egg painting kit. This comes with everything you need to paint six eggs! It was only $1 as well.

I am so excited to have found all of these great easter craft items at dollar tree! Be sure to check out your local store for these great deals!

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are you ready for some more Dollar Tree

haul oh yeah you are so ready for more

Dollar Tree here we go okay so here is

what I found at my last trip to the

Dollar Tree store but I am so excited

okay as you guys know Easter is gonna be

here before you know it so they started

putting out some cute little Easter

decorations boo can help you these are

little window decorations where you can

totally decorate your window with the

cutest little springtime animals Oh

aren't they just so cute look at this

super fuzzy little brown little rabbit

there's a little gray rabbit look at

this one this one actually has like

little Easter eggs and there are little

Easter eggs here and three here and a

whole basket look at the little duckling

and this little chick is actually

dressed like a little bunny

so you just easily just peel them and

stick them to your window just for a

little added and cute little Easter

animal fun and oh I also found these

little Easter ceramic painting sets so

you can actually paint your own little

Easter ordinate - aren't these cute so

it comes with everything you need to

decorate each one of these little

ornaments so this one is a little chubby

bunny we've got a cute little duckling

and an egg that you can paint any way

you want see it even comes with the

little paint pots here comes with three

little paint pots and a tiny little red

paintbrush as well so these are gonna be

so much fun to craft and to paint with

these just look awesome so let's just

open these up here's the egg whoa

so here is the little ceramic egg here's

the paint and the paintbrush get the

duck whoop ears a little ducky and a

little putty so let's just go ahead and

paint them so it's got our yellow my

paintbrush just paint my little ducky

and of course because this is a creative

project you can paint these little

figures any color you would like you do

not the paper you make your own rules

when it comes to crafting and creating

so I'm going to paint my little yellow

chick so there's the yellow duckie open

up the red now I'm gonna mix

I'm gonna mix of my yellow with some red

and get orange here's my orange color

hate my little duck beak and use a

little blue on the back of my paintbrush

for the duckies I went ramp ramp ramp to

dab it on now for the rabbit actually

gonna open up a blue take some blue out

mix it with my orange that I created

there we go and I kind of get like this

purpley brown color had more yellow in

there here we go now we've kind of have

a Browns gonna be like a chocolate

rabbit there we go little chocolate

bunny he'll even mix up a little bit

more red do a little touch of yellow

again and again on the back of my

paintbrush and I'm gonna create a little

tiny nose for my little bunny there we

go and I can try to do a little blue eye

but you probably won't see it very well

but I'll put it there anyways there we

go for my little bunny there we go so

now I have my adorable little chocolaty

bunny and now to paint my egg take some

of my yellow that touch of blue mix it

up and create a green and maybe on my

egg I can just kind of paint some

designs on it just go around those paint

brushes aren't the best but just got to

work with what you got maybe a little

like that then we'll add in maybe some

dots back of the paintbrush Boop

you can paint anything you want on here

you can paint your name anything paint a

little design doo-doo-doo

so there we go you can see just how

simple and easy it was to just paint

these adorable little Easter Egg little

chick and bunny saw you okay what else

do we have in here oh I found some

shopkins tissues so I am totally gonna

keep these with me so we've got six

different little packets that had

different little shopkin characters on

it like apple blossom strawberry juice

up cards sneaky wedge hmm kooky cookie

and cheeky

you know just for $1 I can't believe it

I love finding shopkins stuff at Dollar

Tree oh I also found these a little foam

Easter Egg so they're just really really

lightweight little glittery eggs in the

most beautiful little pastel colors ever

so it says that there are 36 little

Easter eggs in here let's see them open

em up

these are like Nene oh there we go oh

look at all the glitter there's so much

sparkling glitter here so these are just

great for like doing like little table

Easter displays or even just playing

with just little sparkly glittery egg

looks like I mean do you need a reason

to like them they're just cute you just

tiny and Manny I can even surround my

adorable little DIY with them look at

that look at how cute that is

okay so SuperDuper adorable very cute oh

how awesome is this

this is create a town a little sticker

scene and this is oh sweet so you can

create your own a little scene however

you want it to look however you want

your own a little bakery to look let's

open this up oh you can totally see the

stickers on the back everything is

totally sweet inspired the tree even has

candies growing off of it look at all of

the cotton candy there's a plate of

chocolate chippy cookies so let's create

a little sweet scene what is it here we

go okay so here is the scene perfect

looks like we've got a little sweet shop

themed we've got the front door which

kinda looks like a chocolate bar to me

we've got a little table here to

decorate we've got a girl at the counter

ready to serve up any sweet treats you

would like there's like a cupcake

there's a cake and some lollipops and

look at that a jar of chocolatey chippy

cookies oh I love it so much oh and not

just one but two sheet of a sweet

inspired stickers gummy bears you guys

know I have an obsession with gummy

bears there's a gummy bear right here

there's even more cookies there's even a

Ring Pop so let's do this let's create a


well I'm going to take this bubblegum


place that right here bubblegum machine

will place a little cake little cake

slice and put this little candy tree

right here next to the door right when

customers walk in they can see it mmm

somebody baked a pie put that on here

YUM whole row of cotton candy that's

gonna go right here YUM we've got a

plate of cookies we'll put that on the

table maybe somebody's can I take one in

eat one got a little jar of candy put

that on the display shelf ooh another

cake slice YUM and of course I'm gonna

have a whole shelf of they're gonna be

like right behind the shop girl like

they're like a special item hmm

oh I love gummy bears so much I mean my

name could have been gummy swirl see I

love them that much but I love chocolate

chippy cookies ooh ice cream sundae

we'll put that on the table to another

jar of some candies put that on the show

ooh a jar of lollipops put those here

next to some cupcakes she's got just a

little bowl of sugar here just pure

sugar put that next to the cookies and

maybe she's ringing somebody up for a

lollipop oh and we have a caramel apple

ooh I love those too

YUM okay look at this SuperDuper sweet

scene this is so wait I am loving it

everything about it so SuperDuper sweet

what else did I find at the Dollar Tree

oh I found some coloring books Oh a

coloring book this is a jumbo coloring

and activity book which is just so cool

because I just love anything shopkins

you guys know that so here we've got

kooky cookie

oh it says identify three of these

sneaky Sally's are the same circle the

one that is different ooh can I tell

which one is different oh they look all

the same to me um okay which one okay

the faces are the same the lace

are the same is the s the same up this

one's got extra little stitching see

that little stitch marking it's a little

bit different although cool you can

finish the picture BK selfie

okay so lots and lots of cool little

shopkins little artwork in here -

totally color and then the other one I

found was this animal rescue one that

has the most adorable little animals on

here and look at that pony who's like a

little bunny on here there's a puppy and

a kitty which I really believe in rescue

animals I love rescuing animals I have

rescue animals and they completely warm

my heart I love them I love them I love

them look at all those puppies how many

puppies are here this is the puppy count

yeah this kitty cat wants to follow the

string to the yarn

oh this puppy doesn't like rainy days

kitchen kitty does draw food for your

future pet that's cool look at the mayor

and fall they're looking for a new home

okay so totally cool - coloring books oh

I also found I couldn't believe they had

them there at the Dollar Tree but Oh

Cadbury eggs alright this is how I know

that Easter is around the corner

whenever I start seeing these creamy

Cadbury eggs in stores so these are so

rich and so creamy off they're so so so

creamy they're so sugary it's ridiculous

how good they are look at these little

chocolate eggs oh wow

they have like this creamy creamy gooey

gooey Center in the middle that is just

oh so good I also fans totally troll

tastic so their character shape little

gummies so I totally want to see what

these are all about - cuz look at them -

roll so which to roll gummy is this oh

it's branch singing

you see branch and look at his hair look

at that I love that his body is painted

but yet his hair is like blue like a

teal blue who else

oh that's why diamond this is totally a

gummy guy diamond troll and hoppy can we

find poppy

there's poppy hello poppy so they all

have the same color combo going on blue

hair pink bodies but YUM yeah it says

that the flavor is totally to the max

strawberry bag so they're just little

baggies that have little roll characters

on each one so this one is probably my

favorite because we have a very very


poppy design and she's surrounded and

happy smiley cupcakes and sprinkles too

so there is a poppy bag oh this one's

cute too though we've got a whole bunch

of trolls on here

we got fatten inch nilgai diamond poppy

DJ Sookie and Cooper so that one's

pretty awesome this one it says good

friends and we have snitch DJ Sookie and

of course poppy on here kind of a

cartoony version of them and the last

one is whoop ass the glitter guy diamond

so these are just big little shopper

bags that you can open up and put

anything you want on the inside perfect

perfect perfect just for a dollar

alright cookie fans thank you so much

for hanging out with me I'm so happy

that you're enjoying my Dollar Tree haul

videos woo you never know what random

fun I'm going to find I hope you have

the most excellent day possible today

we'll pass the glitter and then pass on

over to my next video see I will see you



all right cooks pants remember which one

of these three troll gummies did I find

first were they good Anne paape

or branch no do you remember



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