Dec. 1, 2023

Haunting Events Caught on Camera You Won't Believe!

Published May 15, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

1. Haunting events caught on camera: You won't believe what happened when these people decided to film their surroundings.

2. Many people have a natural curiosity about the world around them, which is why some people choose to document their lives through video.

3. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to capturing some truly disturbing footage.

4. Here are some of the most spine chilling events that have been caught on camera, from a family's eerie home movies to a woman's final moments before she was brutally murdered.

5. These videos will have you questioning what is real and what is fake, and they'll definitely leave you feeling uneasy.

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In the quaint town of Port Huron located

on the US-Canada border, residents have been left baffled

by a series of unusual images capturing a strange

colorful light shooting up into the night sky.

Facebook user, Patricia Forrester Mcauley

shared these perplexing images with us

asking if anyone knew the source of the phenomenon.

Port Huron is situated across the lake from Chemical Valley

an area known for its abundance of factories.

While the townspeople are no strangers to

seeing the sky illuminated during factory burn-offs,

this recent event has left them puzzled.

According to Mcauley, the images she posted were

unlike anything she's ever seen before.

The images depict an eerie bolt of light, varying in color

from red to orange, piercing the night sky.

Intriguingly, some have drawn parallels

between the red light and the upside down

from the popular TV show "Stranger Things".

As the images circulated, more than a hundred comments

poured in from viewers attempting to unravel the mystery

behind the unusual sighting.

Speculation ran rampant with theories ranging from secret

government experiments to extraterrestrial activity.

Others, however have suggested more mundane explanations,

such as an unusual reflection of light

or even a camera glitch.

So what do you think's been captured on camera here?

I'd love to hear your theories on this strange sighting

in the comments down below.

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On August 19th, 1987, during the 4:00 PM edition of KNBC's

channel 4 News in Los Angeles, a shocking scene unfolded

as Gary Stallman, a man on a mission to expose

a global alien conspiracy,

infiltrated the NBC Burbank Studios and

took news anchor David Horowitz hostage live on air.

- All right, let's see what it says.

- [Producer] Alright, he's got a gun to his head.

- [Kallen] Armed with what appeared to be a gun,

Stallman pressed it to Horowitz's side

and demanded he read a statement while live on air.

- To read this, this, this copy, which was just handed to me

you wanna tell me your name or not?

What is it? - Gary

- And Gary, where are you from?

- [Kallen] While viewers were captivated

by the unfolding drama, KNBC News director Tom Capra

made the decision to take the newsfeed off the air

within 28 seconds of Stallman's appearance.

- [Announcer] At that point, the control room was ordered

to go to black, kill the studio mics,

and put up a standby slide.

- [Kallen] The station then displayed the NBC logo

with a voiceover message explaining technical difficulties

before broadcasting promotions for its evening programming.

It was later revealed

that the gun was nothing more than an empty toy prompt.

- I was warned in 1981 by someone with connections

to the CIA to stay off the computers that they

didn't trust people on computers.

- Stallman a 34-year-old from Tallahassee, Florida,

was the son of former KNBC pharmaceutical reporter

Max Stallman.

He had bypassed the station's security by exploiting his

father's former position and enlisting the help

of a TV newswoman who granted him access to the studio.

During the tense situation,

Horowitz remained calm despite his inner turmoil.

- When I began receiving disturbing calls from my parents

which led me to believe

that something terrible was going on.

- [Kallen] Stallman's statement contained an alarming mix

of claims surrounding alien conspiracies, UFOs,

and the replacement of his family members with clones.

The incident was a culmination

of a long and harrowing journey

for Stallman who believed he was fighting

against an alien plan for global domination.

The bizarre incident prompted discussions

on security measures in television studios.

Stallman's actions born out of desperation

to share his beliefs ultimately led

to a frightening and unforgettable moment

in live television history that rocked the world.

- I was warned in 1981 by someone with connections

to the CIA to stay off the computers, that they

didn't trust people on computers.

- [Kallen] On October 1st, 2022,

a terrified Tennessee mother,

Ashley Scott, came to believe her home was haunted

after receiving a chilling video

of her baby appearing to be pushed by an unseen force.

Scott was grocery shopping when her partner Chris Geisler

sent her the unsettling footage captured

on their home security camera.

The couple now fears

for their one-year-old son Gavin's safety.

The video shows Gavin crawling into his parents' bedroom

where his father is watching TV.

Watch what happens.

(baby fusses)

The baby stops on all fours, glancing at his dad

for a moment before suddenly jolting forward as if shoved

from behind.

Gavin nearly face plants and then turns around as if

to look for the source of the push.

But there's nothing there.

Scott's convinced that a ghost was responsible

for the forceful push and she's now fearful

of what other forces may do next.

Both Scott and Geisler have experienced

other unexplained occurrences in their condo

since moving in three years ago,

such as inexplicable noises and crashes.

However, this is the first time they've

encountered something they perceive as violent

which has heightened their concerns for Gavin's safety.

Scott, a stay-at-home mom has always believed

in the paranormal recalling encounters

with mysterious figures during her childhood.

The couple is now on edge and considering moving

if any other further incidents occur as they worry

about what other forces may be capable of harming their son.

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A recent social media post has drawn attention

to a series of alleged ghostly encounters

on a road in the Tolima region of Columbia.

The accounts describe a young girl's spirit

haunting the area with travelers

on the route reporting unsettling experiences

particularly when riding on motorcycles.

Due to these strange occurrences, locals have even

been requesting accompaniment from authorities

when traversing the area.

According to one witness,

a photograph captured the alleged ghost girl hanging

onto the back of a truck traveling along the road

at nighttime.

The person who previously didn't believe

in supernatural beings was driving with friends and family.

When they noticed the girl.

Initially, they believed her to be a real child

and took photos to document what they perceived

as the truck driver's irresponsibility.

When the group caught up to the truck

and informed the driver about the girl, he calmly stated

that he didn't have a girl traveling with him.

He also said he was already aware

of the strange ghostly girl stories.

Residents in the Cuelo rural area

of Tolima have corroborated these claims,

noting that motorcyclists often feel the presence

of the girl sitting just behind them.

The community expresses concern for the restless spirit,

saddened that the young girl has not found peace.

This is just one

of the many mysterious stories that have emerged

from the region, including legends

of goldfield pools guarded by the devil himself.

As word of the alleged haunting spreads,

locals and travelers remain both apprehensive and captivated

by the ghost girl's presence on this strange Colombian road.

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This next strange sighting comes out of Ecuador.

It's some puzzling CCTV footage that's been shared

Fabricio Mendez 215.0.

Take a look.

At first, you might think this is nothing more

than a security camera glitch.

However, the incident becomes more puzzling when a

second security camera captures the exact same sighting.


In both pieces of footage captured by separate cameras

simultaneously, the man walking along the street

seems to vanish into thin air.

Naturally, the bizarre capture has spurred a range

of spectacular theories.

Everything from time traveler to ghost to someone slipping

into an alternate dimension has been suggested.

Unfortunately, there's very little other information to run

with regarding this bizarre sighting.

So for now, I'll throw this one out to you the viewers.

What do you think's been captured here?

Let your theories rip in the comments down below.

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A TikTok arm by the username

irish.blood101 has sent shivers down the spine

of social media users with an unsettling video

and captured during a repair job

at a disused emergency care home facility

in Conroe about 40 miles north of Houston.

The reason behind the facility's closure remains unknown

but the TikToker was assigned to fix some leaking pipes

on the property.

- [Man] I'm not sure why it closed down,

but it's pretty spooky.

I'm supposed to be looking for a leak in here.

- [Kallen] In the footage, the property appears

to be abandoned.

- [Man] Creepy hallway,

real spooky place.

- [Kallen] However, as the Tiktoker explores the area,

a faint whisper can be heard.

- [Man] Another bathroom.

- [Kallen] We listen to that again

it sounds like someone says, "I see you."

- [Man] Another bathroom.

- [Kallen] The spine-chilling encounter doesn't end there.

As the TikToker looks up a flight of stairs,

something truly eerie happens.

(rapid footsteps)

It sounds like someone running towards the camera holder.

(rapid footsteps)

Collecting his nerve and realizing

that there's no one actually there,

he continues searching for the leaking pipes.

- [Man] (heavy breathing)

There's a lot of natural lighting in here.

I probably don't need the flashlight right now.

- [Kallen] Towards the end of the clip,

more unexplained banging sounds echo through the facility

ultimately sending this Tiktoker running in fear.

- [Man] Creepy.

Okay. Now, I'm getting the fuck outta here.

That was it.

- [Kallen] With these mysterious occurrences documented

in the video, viewers are left wondering

if the abandoned care home could be haunted

by the spirits of its former residence.

(rapid footsteps)


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A Pennsylvania mother of four was left so shaken

by a ghostly figure captured on her security camera

that she couldn't sleep, and her family's now

contemplating moving to a different home.

Amanda appeared here at age 34,

recounted her chilling experience to the mirror,

describing how she woke up

to heavy footsteps in her house at 3:40 AM on October 21.

When she checked the security camera,

she saw what appeared to be a ghostly figure standing

in her kitchen doorway.

(eerie music)

Pitt immediately woke her husband Jeffrey

and sent him downstairs to confront the possible intruder.

However, they found no one in the house

and no evidence of a break-in.

The family's dog, Ollie was found pacing around the kitchen.

Unable to sleep, Pitt watched some TV

and repeatedly checked the camera hoping

that she had imagined the figure.

The family who moved into the home

in 2020 has experienced other unexplained occurrences

including receiving security notifications when

there's no one home and hearing strange noises.

The first truly bizarre event was captured

on camera when a door in the house opened by itself.

And on another occasion, the kitchen sink turned on

without human interaction.

Pitt who previously didn't believe in ghosts, admits

that the recent events have made her question everything.

As the family grapples with their unsettling experiences

they're considering moving to a different home to

escape the seemingly haunted property.

So what do you thinks been caught on camera here?

Is it an intruder or a ghost as the family suspects?

Love to hear your thoughts

on this one in the comments down below.

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