June 17, 2024

I Opened A Free Apple Store!

Published May 15, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

When it comes to shopping for crafts, there's no better place to go than the Apple Store. With its wide selection of products and its user-friendly interface, the Apple Store is the perfect place to find everything you need for your next project.

And now, there's even a free Apple Store! That's right, you can now get all of the same great products and services from the Apple Store, without having to pay a single cent.

To get started, simply head to the Apple Store website and create an account. Once you've done that, you'll be able to browse through the wide selection of products and services that the Apple Store has to offer. And best of all, you won't have to pay a thing!

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for crafts today at the free Apple Store!

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I'm about to open up a free custom Apple

Store we have hundreds of iPhones

airpods MacBooks Airtex and so much more

this is going to be insane welcome to my

Apple Store here are a few of my store

employees hi everyone

the store is officially

open all right and we have our first


uh do you guys want to go ahead and pick

something else oh so this is so worth

like missing finals wait you missed


it didn't take long for them to start

picking out some items

she made her choice this is proof that

these are real iPhones

but I was already looking at this one I

really like the design on them all right

let me ring you up

okay here you go and those are just our

first two customers we still have tons

of people in line and hundreds of

products to give away


take out any item

of course

of course this is a very pretty one

you've never had a phone this is your

first phone mom is is this okay

well at least I got a hug from the

moment take this one honestly speaking

this one's my favorite

THC that's six customers down let's make

this the best day of their lives one two

three Apple Store

wait a second did you skip school

oh why not did you guys subscribe


all right you guys get these for free we

have officially gone through our first

10 customers from here on out things are

about to get interesting for our

remaining customers we have various

challenges to determine what item they

will get for these next 20 people I'm

gonna let them choose which side of the

store they want to stand on one side is

heads and the other is Tails and I also

gave my employees a choice if you choose

the correct side I'll give you a raise


right now there's a lot more

wait real quick before I reveal it does

anybody want to switch sides again





Michelle McKenzie you two get raises


oh man no race for you I'm sorry all

right I'm sorry you guys didn't win

iPhones but if you look behind you

there's still a ton of really nice

custom airpods if you guys want to grab

one and for you guys pick out an iPhone

14. it's a win-win pink airpods

outside and then when we came in I was

like I'm taking it as soon as we win and

he chose

there are still so many people in line

so I sent Jake and Michelle to go check

in on them we skipped school to be here

hey YouTube if anybody is being mean to

Michelle Chin you send them my way okay

what did you tell your teachers you

don't love me I'm gonna give these next

10 customers a choice take a pair of

custom airpods or play me in rock paper

scissors for a custom iPhone 14. I'm

nervous for you I hope you win all right


good luck all right are you ready Rock

Paper Scissors Shoot nope Rock Paper

Scissors Shoot oh

I watch you guys a lot with my daughter

so I'm gonna get her a phone oh that's

so sweet I think I'm gonna choose this

one space and I lost again his father

bought him a phone last time so he's

gonna repay the favorite and again for

my girlfriend she needs a new phone her

phone is terrible wait wait none of you

guys are getting this for yourselves and

again I'm on a losing streak right now

but it's okay because because all of

these are gonna go for free anyway I'm

shaking right now and again best Apple

Store in the United States and it looks

like my employees are also having fun

hello right goodbye

did I just witness a real life NPC

employee you're fired okay all right we

only have 10 iPhones left out here so I

think we have to do a restock time lapse

we just restocked the store and the line

is still massive it's 3 30. school just

got out and it looks like a bunch of

kids are coming over to see what's going

on the street is getting filled with

people and we even have some cops on the

side to make sure things don't get out

of hand for the next few groups they'll

get to choose mystery boxes one box has

a plushie one box has a custom Air Tech

and one box has a custom iPhone 14.

let's see if this first group of 10

people gets the custom iPhone you guys

are going with this one inside we have

they got it they got it I'm gonna be

watching a YouTube video with my iPhone

14. it's my old phone it's seven a seven


that was so fun I can't believe they got

the iPhone the next group chose the box

in the middle

you guys ready



Apple Store brings friends together I

could not believe two groups in a row

just got iPhones after you give away all

these you're gonna be broke I'm already


turns out one of the customers was an



I'm tired thank you after the portrait

we went back to the mystery boxes the

next few groups won Custom Air tags

phone cases and plushies from

zhcstore.com this next group was having

a hard time choosing a box all right

I'll give you guys one more chance to


all right you guys get the

looks like they made the right choice

what made you decide on the middle I saw

three flies flying around the middle

before we keep going I just want to let

you guys know that I'm gonna give away

15 of these to you guys that can't come

to the Apple Store so hit that subscribe

button if you haven't already for a

chance to win one of these 15 custom

iPhone 14s look how pretty they look for

the next 100 customers I'm going to have

them spin a giant wheel let's see what

they get oh

God please no

for this next group of people we're

gonna do a drawing Challenge three two

one go everyone gets to pick out

something from the store but the top

three gets something special I'm shaking

three two one pens down to determine the

winner I let Jake pick his favorite

three first place

second place

and third place and it turns out two of

them were related hi is this your son

okay so you get the artistic talent from

your mom I see

and to remember this Monumental

achievement I'm going to have every

customer that comes in sign the world's

largest iPhone this is honestly really

crazy for me just a couple years ago I

was at my apartment doing drawing

tutorials and now I get to open up a

free custom Apple Store thanks to you

guys so thank you guys so so much for

supporting me and I love you guys here's

a kiss for the mic and now back to the

video it's almost time to close but

there are still a ton of people in line

we still had a bunch of stock left over

so we put it all out and let people come

in and pick something out I want to make

sure everyone had a chance to win so to

finish out the day we're doing a real

life raffle

all right congratulations I hope you

enjoy your airpods max


congratulations this is your free

customized iPhone 14.

this is for you sir congrats Road thanks

so much for coming today thank you for

doing this congratulations this is for

you guys

this is so cool Isaiah you got our

second to last customized iPhone 14.

let's go


whoever this is

we love you three guys

AJ you're our final customer here is a

free customized iPhone 14. thank you so

much thank you so much for coming man

bye everyone

we are officially out of business


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