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My Little Reviews: A Health of Information

Published May 15, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

When it comes to our health, we often turn to the internet for information. We want to know what the best foods are to eat, what supplements we should take, and what exercises we should do. However, with so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

This is where Tesla YT comes in. Tesla YT is a website that provides reviews of health products. They test and review everything from supplements to skincare products to ensure that their readers are getting the best possible information.

One of the things that sets Tesla YT apart from other health websites is their commitment to transparency. They believe that their readers deserve to know exactly what goes into each and every product they review. This way, you can make an informed decision about what you put into your body.

In addition to their in-depth reviews, Tesla YT also offers a variety of other health-related content. Their blog covers topics like healthy living tips, workout routines, and healthy recipes. And, their YouTube channel is full of helpful videos on everything from how to make a healthy smoothie to how to get started with meditation.

If you're looking for reliable, unbiased information about health products, Tesla YT is a great resource. Their reviews are thorough and their commitment to transparency makes them a trusted source of information.

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it's the zecora and fluttershy episode


i guess


we start off in a swamp


what are you doing in my swamp

was that too easy i'm not sorry we're

actually here looking for a rare kind of

moss for fluttershy's nature center

remember that's a thing that's a thing

of course i know where it grows so it's

not much to ask though retrieving it has

been a difficult task

oh but the oxen visiting sweet feather

sanctuary next week will surely

appreciate it zecora falls into the

water and gets blasted by some smoke and

now she has the chicken box or a rare

horse zebra thing going on yes sir i

have brought my pet zebra to the horse

hospital can you fix it i think it's got

something on its butt hey here's a

question why can't sakura kill herself

at the very least it might have helped

if she tried before you know cutting to

the doctor i guess the chorus potions

for helping sick people are not all

they're crapped up to be

so fluttershy taking responsibility runs

to twilight to get her to help after a

long night fluttershy cracks code with

twilight doing nothing

huh that's how my videos get done

that was a joke

and the disease is affecting zecora so

much i should probably stop rhyming

before it loses the touch

but really who wants to watch some

noxious dilettante keep up a review all

in rhyme obviously i can't after we get

to the location we have to look for a


in an army

of trees

any pony who lives in a tree is okay by


are you sure about that

guide my sword


and okay one more reference for the road

sit down at my table

put your minds at ease

if you relax it will enable me to do


so we find out after a confusing

flashback and some more readings that

there is a cure for this thing but it

has to do with killer bees i feel like

we've done that before all right is

anyone gonna mention the fact that these

masks with the long noses are like based

on plague masks you know the ones that

wiped out like most of europe's

population back in the day


must leave


i'm sorry for using the new beauty and

the beast movie don't judge me with that

idea fluttershy who's been in a coma for

like three days and i like how twilight

couldn't figure out anything like

twilight this stuff is kind of your job

man horse whatever the point of this

twilight is useless in this episode

fluttershy though is able to figure out

the plague math so the key to success

through some weird flashback where

voodoo pony sounds like that one chick

from scooby doo that one time the ghost

is real of course if you're too scared

to go the flowers poison didn't affect

the flash bees and if they were immune

to swamp fever their honey could be the


like think about it was too close like

tara strong was right there and they

didn't use her i do think it's kind of

confusing that the writers in the

flashback kind of implied the mask with

a key and the characters don't know that

but we as the audience kind of know that

and i know that's called dramatic irony

but it was kind of too obvious dramatic

irony and you were just kind of waiting

for the characters to figure out that

the masks were the key stop nerding out

and i'm going to shut up now

so i like this episode but i have to ask

the important questions like is this

whole episode a pun about how fluttershy

has always wanted to be a tree you think

about that yeah no she's not a tree

right she's not a tree dashie i'd like

to be a tree

i speak for the trees let them grow

let them grow you have a character named

dr horse did you just give up or what

but this episode is actually a really

good one zecora actually has something

to do for once and we again see some

positive character development in

fluttershy here as she's assertive as

in this one she said several times

that she ain't stopping for no one and

that's a good thing even though she

neglects herself and outreach twilight

but it really does say a lot about the

underlying relationship that secure and

fluttershy have and if you think about

it they have a lot in common both being

nature oriented ponies where's the ship

for this one guys like come on we get

some fun world building some great

fluttershy the implication of

overarching plot mysteriously

disappeared my ass and the return of dr

horse can he please become a thing

um subscribe if you want to please

subscribe please

that's all folks except it's not time

for the ending gag

there it is

i've got the plague don't worry it's


clean up on aisle three




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