May 29, 2023

Retirement Travel Idea Suggestions - Will You Do These?

Published May 15, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

When it comes to retirement travel, the options are endless. Whether you want to stay close to home or venture out to new and exotic locations, there are plenty of options to choose from. And, with the help of This Is Our, you can easily find the perfect retirement travel destination for you.

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the newcomers to our Channel We are

continuing norm and we really are an

ideas Channel that's all that we do is

we come up with ideas to share with you


a lot of them are based around

retirement and retirement is a great

time to explore new travels new

destinations and so we've put together a

bucket list for you of ideas for you to


so what do we have today in well I think

one of them could be known that um how

about exploring one of the Seven Wonders

of the World wow that's very biblical

the kind of very exotic isn't it it is

so the seven wonders of the ancient

world and the modern world so there's a

Google project for you take a road trip

maybe with family friends or with your

loved one

um go and explore your own country how

about visiting all 52 States

in America or all the provinces in

Canada including the territories

actually we love doing road trips don't

we Norm there's a lot of fun about

picking the places where to go where to

stay along the way very much and you can

go at your own speed

um whenever we're driving with these

types of things we'll

we plan to be in a hotel around 4 4 30

in the afternoon so we're we're not

doing the long distance driving anymore

six hours is absolutely plenty for us

we're going down the Comfort route

aren't we hey so we can stop and have a

nice dinner and uh enjoy the place where

we end up being so take a road trip

good idea I think another one too Norm

could be how about a cruise

um a cruise is a great way that you just

have to unpack your bag once and they

take you to whatever the itinerary is

including whether it's seven days or 10

days or 14 days all the different places

you don't have to unpack you've already

done it and you get to see all these

different places we've done a lot of

cruises well we think it's a lot of yes

um and as Tina says you get taken to

places you're not having to find your

own way there it's very restful the food

is amazing all cruise ships these days

um and depending on your income brackets

or your wealth

um there's world cruises that you can do

yeah you can call it ship for a year

there's one that was just advertised for

three years and I think it was thirty

thousand dollars each per year wow we're

not quite yeah well

that'd be a long time to be away Norm I

mean we really like 21 day cruises yeah

between yeah in fact we did a wonderful

one through the Panama Canal on that and

we really enjoyed it

um that went from Fort Lauderdale to

Vancouver it was a great Cruise

how about a safari helpful

going to see the wild animals

actually that's something that we

haven't done yet have we Norm no but it

wasn't on the top of our bucket list

but you know another interesting thing

as well as seeing in the animals is that

um you could then be meeting different

people in different cultures in a

different place so you can get um an

idea of different culinary ideas and

customs in the same place where I

believe that's what we would like we we

like these cultural Wing encounters

where you can maybe go to a a small town

and uh interact with people and it was

just wonderful and the food is nearly

always uh fascinating let's say another

very popular trip for North Americans

Canadians Americans is a trip to Europe

because for many of us Europe is a long

way away and

um I know a lot of people like to take

their vacations while they're working in

North America and go down to Florida or


but how about Europe it's it's a it's a

compact continent where you can go

through three or four countries in a day

yeah um and the architecture is just

absolutely fascinating we we love that

so a trip to Europe should be on your

bucket list and I think there could be a


um great places to see Norm like the

Eiffel Tower in Paris or possibly the

Coliseum in Rome there's just a couple

of them I was going to say a trip to

Rome we were on a cruise and um so we

managed to see Rome yes randomly that

that tours was absolutely breathtaking

to see those buildings

um we had a fabulous day didn't we we're

in fact we took a day trip from the

cruise that included everything there

was a tour and there was a wonderful


was amazing trip so that is a very

memorable memory for us isn't it it is

I think another thing to Norm is um how

about a culinary tour

yeah we've actually done a couple of

those when we have been on cruises we've

actually taken like a culinary tour

haven't we yes in Puerto Rico we um we

did a food tour and where they took us

what a sand place it was great wasn't it

it was a Walking Tall yeah we didn't go

too far but but it took you into the old

city yeah and finding restaurants we

would never have found was Puerto Rico


um some of the restaurants they took us

to we got appetizers and some places we

got specialty drinks didn't we yeah and

and a lot of it was local food and stuff

like uh with we there was one that I

remember where we had to mix it all in

it has some water well that was great

fun but one of the things was nice that

it was just a very small amount of

people on the tour all I think there was

maybe only eight of us on the tour yeah

so it was great we really enjoyed doing

that we did and we found that tour

on uh yeah we've actually found a lot of

tours on there haven't we had so

colorator and you and you could go uh

Thailand places like that and learn have

a cooking course to learn the local food

as well so have you been able to see the

world's largest waterfalls

we're not sure which one is which but uh

we're fairly close to Niagara Falls

which is absolutely stunning

you know it's very commercialized but um

just to see the power of the water and

if you stay in one of those hotels on

the Canadian side and you get a high

enough floor then you get a dramatic uh

view not only of the falls but by day

but at night and many times they have

especially in Winter they light The

Falls up the other memorable Falls are

Victoria Falls yes we haven't been to

that one yet have we no but it equally

is impressive yeah probably not as

commercial as Niagara Falls so find

something that's

um one of the biggest things and go and

see that only bucket tour

I think another thing to Norm is how

about festivals

um there are a lot of different

festivals in different countries and

that kind of brings one home to us is

that when we've been in Portugal

um the newly Festival is a huge Festival

it is it's I'm gonna say it's almost

like a mini Brazil would you say


that's what we're trying to get to so

yeah it's a wonderful place so you can

do that in Portugal or you can go to

Brazil and see the real thing which is

pretty impressive plus this music

festivals team as well absolutely also

we'll see some old rockers rocking

just all great different ideas hey it

really is and I think let's not forget

the simple things like a Beach vacation

yeah it you know if you don't have to go

far generally for a lot of people to get

a beach and you get those fruity drinks

as well that you can have on the beach

which is very nice we we actually

enjoyed our vacations to all-inclusive

resorts where the food and drink is

included in the price you can get away

in winter time uh get some warm weather

some sunshine get you vitamin D

but it's relaxing anytime you buy the EC

it's it's calm and uh it is very restful

isn't it it really is and in actual fact

in a strange sort of way that's still a

beach is when we go to the trailer we're

not far from a beach there either but

that's on a lake yeah but it's a

different type of beach experience isn't

it it is

um but it's still a big body of water

and to us it looks like the open but

it's it's a lake still very enjoyable

isn't it so those are some ideas to add

to your bucket list or if you don't have

a bucket list there you go you got one

now we've got this started you off and

early in retirement is the best time to

do this because your health is going to

be good your energy levels are high your

Mobility is good so get off the couch

go pursue your bucket list we crossed

one off recently by doing the train trip

yes we did and it was awesome wasn't it

hey so I hope everybody is keeping well

and staying safe and until the next time

bye bye bye


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