May 30, 2024

Sewing and Knitting THRIFT HAUL- Thrift Shopping Haul, Vintage fiber crafts, Sewing Machines

Published May 15, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

As a young hunter, I love to go thrift shopping for vintage fiber crafts and sewing machines. I always find the best deals on sewing and knitting thrift haul by The Copycat Stitch. I recently found a great deal on a vintage sewing machine that I'm going to use to make a quilt for my mom. I also love to knit, so I was thrilled to find a great deal on a knitting machine. I'm going to make a scarf for my dad with it. I always find the best deals on thrift shopping by The Copycat Stitch.

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have been a sea of notions

is this a dream


hello welcome i'm bigly i'm the copycat

stitch on instagram and youtube this is

annie she's an actual cat

that thinks she's a lap dog


i wanted to make a special video today


i definitely wasn't planning on making

this video but my mom wanted to go



obviously i agreed i love thrifting i

haven't been in a long time so we drove

to ithaca and we uh went to four stores

in ithaca three thrift stores and one

antique store and i found

so much cool fiber craft stuff like i

can't even wrap my head around it and i

just wanted to share it with someone

that would appreciate it so i thought i

would just do a kind of

thrifting haul video so i can show all

of this neat stuff that i found at these

four stores

so the first thing i want to show is

actually well it's two things the first

two things i want to show are things

that i knew i was going to come home

with um they are there's a couple singer

antique sewing machines that my mom

got for me from a friend of hers so they

were for free i didn't get them at the

thrift stores but i knew uh when i met

her today she was gonna hand them off to

me and i'm pretty excited


so i haven't really looked at either of

the sewing machines very closely yet i

just got home from my thrifting

this one is very rough it's clearly

meant to be in a table but there is no

longer a table because the bottom is

only hinges

it's pretty rusty it's

i believe was petal

operated but

there's not a lot left to it but it's

still i it's probably going to be

decorative for me anyway because

i'm not an expert in

restoration and this one looks like it

would be a pretty rough job to restore

but it's still really neat to have like

i said it was free

excuse me

so this one

is the second one this one still has its

little casing

so the second machine

also from the same person um has this

cool casing

so it doesn't latch correctly

still has the logo on the front

pretty dinged up around the edges but

still pretty cool

oh my goodness

oh this is so neat

so i'm definitely gonna look it up

because it's like all singers it's got

the serial number on it

it looks like it's missing a lot of

little bits and pieces

and this one also hinges up i wonder

what the

original situation was for this one

maybe i'll get more information later


this one is electric

still got the leather band on it i

wonder if it would work oh my gosh i

would have to look up a lot about how to

take care of it before i even try that

but it's got

well okay i guess

i guess it will not work as is

that's pretty funny


still pretty cool i wonder if it's

possible to have somebody look at i

don't know that's really funny


this is great

it's very pretty either way

so i think the easiest way for me to

think about it is to talk about the four

purchases separately so at the first



i got

all this stuff for eight dollars

including the bag which is crazy um

i got three


wooden picture frames i love solid wood

picture frames

i got

this bag of threads

spools of thread

i got a bunch of circular nylon needles


vintage nylon circulars are my favorite

i have so many of them

and i always want more um most of the

ones i have are either

marcia lynn this brand or the susan


um i think they're called circulons i

love them i've never seen this kind

before from boy i wonder if they're

awful because

not many of them have survived but

they're like

based on baleen but there's like a whole

blurb on the back about how they're not

real bailey and obviously because

they're made in like the 80s or

something but still i got six sets of

nylon circulars which is amazing

and uh

dig down to the bottom here

okay well i got a couple little

loops of buttons i love vintage buttons

but i've found that

i only use them if i have a set i have

huge bins full of loose buttons but most

of them there's only two or three if

that many

and they never get used so i love buying

like a whole bunch of vintage ones that

i can use on a dress or on a blouse or

something like that

and there's more of those to come

and then i got some sewing patterns

i honestly don't sew as much as i would


but i have such a collection of stuff

it's like so hard for me

to turn them down when they're like 50

cents or a dollar or whatever you know


all of these things

basically each of these the buttons the

bag of thread the picture frames the

knitting needles and the sewing patterns

were each marked for one dollar a piece

which would have been a great deal as is

it probably would have been about twenty

dollars but my cashier was one of my

favorite types of people and that is

thrift store employees that don't feel

like counting and just go huh that's

about three dollars worth so that's what

she did i got that whole bag of stuff

for eight dollars total uh

which is really cool to me it's a really

really great deal and i it was a good

start to my day right because that was

the first store i started at like i said

so the second store i got a little bit

less but still some good vines i got

some vintage zippers

i always stock up on zippers that i find

at thrift stores because

i'm never sure when i'm gonna need one


if i do need one i end up paying too

much for it

i got some

just facing tape

which i probably will never need but it

was 10 cents i mean

and then a cover button kit i love some

covered buttons i love buttons of all

sorts but i love how cute covered

buttons are especially

i also got this thread organizer at that

same store this was three dollars and

it's wall mountable which is what i plan

on doing with it i do have a little one

but it's already full up of thread and i

did get some more thread today and it

would be nice to have room to grow

the last thing i got at that store was

an issue of simply crochet which is not

vintage at all but i do like simply

crochet and

it was like a dollar and

it's only from december 2019

i'll look through it later

i love to keep things if you haven't

noticed i love to accrue things and just

have extra stuff on hand

at the third store i went to i literally

only got one thing but it is many things

and this is the one i'm most excited to

look at

uh i haven't really delved into it

myself yet

i got

uh sewing stuff

this was one rubbermaid bin


full of somebody's sewing supplies this


14.99 sold as a set and it did not take

much for me to just pick this up and pay

for it and i barely looked through it at

the store i openly opened it up and saw

a couple things and thought yep that's

definitely worth it i definitely want to

dig through this in more detail at home

and be a little bit more surprised by it

so this is actually mostly the nexus for

wanting to film this video because

this to me is like the coolest kind of

thing this is i love this kind of stuff

and uh nobody else in my life shares

that enthusiasm right now so i'm hardly

going to dig through this with my

husband who will pay no attention so




this is one of the items that i did see

that i was really excited about is

a buttonholer and i have no idea if this

will work with any of the machines i

have uh but it's really cute and it's

worth a shot

there is a lot


um already

it's this looks like a ufo to me


piping filling this is they piped some

i don't know what this was

but i will probably extract the filling

from this and then

uh put the cabbage in my cabbage bin


so many simplers


guys oh my goodness so here's the

instructions for the button holder

this is great

okay zippers zippers zippers

why do i love zippers so much i don't

even sew that much i just

i love the notions do i love notions

more than i love sewing

yeah yeah i'm pretty sure like

i don't know why i said that like a

question i'm pretty sure that i

genuinely love

the tools and the supplies more than i

love sewing but it doesn't matter this

is so fun


uh all sorts of elastic all sizes of


excuse me

a little bit of some

sparkly polyester black fabric

some flexi lace seam binding so i guess

it's like elastic lace

eye closures

more elastic

usable interfacing

more fusible interfacing


very strong velcro i don't know


that's like

an inch two inches wide


i'm sure it can come in handy


some ribbon

more velcro

more elastic

biased tape

more of that elastic lace

that piping is just a cat toy


that's not healthy don't do that

this looks like

user manuals for a machine

i wonder what this works with micro


i feel like that can't work really well


would be cool if it could

so it's a little tiny serger attachment

i have no idea what sort of machines it

works with

well probably

you know

this machine

fusible interfacing

and several attachments and disks

for different

vintage singer machines again i have

several vintage singers i have no idea

what works with any of them but maybe

these will go with the ones that i have

a couple more of the elastic


the pattern

it's cut out pattern pieces


pretty cute actually

oh no i'm just kidding i thought it was

for the blouse it's for the pants

more for my collection

so the last store we went to was a

little antique store this was the only

one that wasn't a thrift store and i've

been there before and i was excited

because they usually have some like old

fabric and

buttons it's one of those places that is


absolutely packed to the gills you feel

like you can't move or your purse is

going to knock over something valuable

and everything's on top of other things

and there's baskets upon baskets of


so we looked for probably half an hour i

feel like i only scratched the surface


i i

you know it

you can only take so much

so i just got a bunch of vintage sewing

stuff again um

this is probably

just for decoration but

vintage school of a bunch of thread it's

very discolored thread

i picked out this little box as i was

shopping to put all the little notions i

was picking out in

it's just a little green quilted box but

i knew it would match

i picked out this doily they had a whole

bunch of little doilies and hand


uh dish towels and handkerchiefs and all

sorts of things like that and i

i didn't know where to start but i do

love little doilies and things and i

thought this one was pretty and kind of

matched some of the ones that i have

from my great-grandmother anyway

so i picked it up

got a little hook and eye



spool of thread which they had many many

spools of thread but

i don't know i just love pink this one i

just thought was so pretty

and why not

and again the owner of the store was one

of those that was kind of like

why count so she gave me a great deal on

this stuff

i think for the whole thing i paid

maybe 15 i don't i don't quite remember


and lastly

all of these buttons i can't

again i'll only really use vintage

buttons if i have enough for my project

so i got these

sets because there's so many of each

so to sum up my thrifting haul

i got a 1910 singer sewing machine for

free a 1927 singer sewing machine for


at the first store i spent 8 dollars and

15 cents on vintage nylon knitting

needles picture frames

thread buttons and some sewing patterns

at the second store i spent 9.98 on

vintage sewing supplies a thread

organizer and the back issue of a

crochet magazine

at the third store

i spent 16.19

and i got that box of miscellaneous

sewing supplies including all of those


sewing machine



piping and edging and things

and at the last store i spent

dollars in 12 cents

and i got the little green quilted box a

bunch of sets of vintage buttons some

vintage thread and that handmade doily

at the end of the day i brought home all

of this for under fifty dollars

all of these vintage fiber craft

supplies and tools cost me total forty

nine dollars and forty four cents


so thanks for checking out my thrift

store haul today i hope you enjoyed it

please stick around and check out some

of my other videos and i've got more

similar stuff to come




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