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Published May 15, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Are you looking to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? missfitandnerdy has got you covered! Here are her top tips to help you get on the path to fitness success:

1. Set realistic goals. It’s important to set goals that are achievable and realistic. If you set goals that are too lofty, you’re more likely to get discouraged and give up.

2. Find an activity you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the activity you’re doing, you’re less likely to stick with it. Find an activity that you can look forward to doing, whether it’s going for a walk, taking a yoga class, or biking.

3. Make a plan. Once you know what your goals are and what activities you enjoy, it’s time to make a plan. Decide when and where you’re going to exercise, and put it in your calendar. Set reminders if necessary.

4. Get a buddy. Having a workout buddy can help you stay motivated and accountable. Find someone who has similar goals and schedule a time to exercise together.

5. Be patient. Making lifestyle changes takes time, so be patient with yourself. Remember that you didn’t get out of shape overnight, so you won’t get back in shape overnight either. Take it one step at a time and celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

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good morning everyone today I just

wanted to take you through my day and

also give you so much my top tips for

how to make health and fitness a big

part of your lifestyle lose a part of

your lifestyle doesn't have to be like

your entire life but a lot of people

find it really difficult to make the

shift from not really focusing on health

and fitness to making it a priority in

their life so these are my tips to help

you do that but first I am making the


I'm just making something that literally

this is just been my staple the last few

days it's really all I have in my fridge

I'm just making roasted sweet potato and

I can have Somerset sweet potato from

last night leftover so that's nice too

how bad the roasted carrots roasted

cauliflower and then I actually have a

bison steak then I'm gonna make so that

should be fun but no joke this is like

my staple meal while doing AIP because

it's so easy and it's good like you get

the sweetness from the sweet potato and

the cards and carrot like roasted

carrots are freakin delicious

I just love cauliflower so much plus

it's super nutritious got my cruciferous

vegetables so you know it's good the

first tip that I wanted to give you guys

for how to make Fitness a part of your

lifestyle is the time aspect because

that's one of the biggest excuses that

people usually have for you know not

going to the gym not taking the time to

make healthy food or buy healthy food

it's that they just don't have enough

time and I am very well aware of how

easy it is to feel like you don't have

time to do other things that you know

are important this is something that I

really struggled with in my social life

and still do I never feel like I have

time to be social but that's like that's

a me problem it's a hundred percent a me

problem I can make time any last few

months I have been making a huge effort

to make time I have found time because I

prioritized it but before I like took a

deep reevaluation of my life and

realized it was a problem

I was just continually making the excuse

that I didn't have enough time so this

tip actually comes with a book

recommendation I finished listening to

the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss like

a little bit ago and the reason I

started listening to it was because I

personally was trying to figure out how

to make more time in my life not only to

you know be more successful in business

and do everything that I want to do but

also to find time to focus on healing my

body because that's something I'm really

struggling with right now and so I'm

listening to the 4-hour workweek on


obviously it's basically about you know

taking your work week and condensing it

down to four hours and figuring out that

you can still be profitable and run a

strong business and only work four hours

a week and well this is not practical

for everyone like if you have a specific

profession you want to do you can't

really follow everything that he talks

about but there's still a lot of super

super valuable advice and tips for just

how to condense your own work time and

even your own like a non work time to

make more time for yourself to do things

that you want to do or need to do in

life outside of work so there's some one

things you don't have enough time to go

to the gym cook healthy meals meal prep

whatever it is that you're struggling to

find the time to do definitely recommend

you listen to the 4-hour know I just

realized I didn't wash my cauliflower

where is my fini I found the thingy okay

I recommend you listen to the 4-hour

workweek because there are just a lot of

great little nuggets in there that you

can apply to kind of any lifestyle any

job that can drastically increase the

amount of free time that you have or

that you perceive that you have and for

me it wasn't into an absolute game

changer like I was not aware of all the

things that I was doing that we're just

destroying my productivity enough

cauliflower yeah I think that's enough

cauliflower that's a lot I got carried

away I was just chatting I forgot what I

was doing as always this audiobook

recommendation is brought to you by

audible the best audio book loosening a

platform on the planet and the only one

that I use because it's the best if you

go to it's like Marissa

texe Marisa - 500 500 Oh get yourself a

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listen to 4-hour work week so that you

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that's a pretty cool perk as well again

that's slash Marissa or text

Marissa - 500 500 for you and wondering

this is two days after I filmed my last

video with my skin update as you can see

my face is doing so much better

I swear being consistent with doing my

red light therapy castor oil packs and

taking my net CBD oil game-changer


I think it's dead I think it needs to go

the trash figuring out where and how to

make time in your life it's kind of a

very individual things you know we all

have different jobs different lifestyles

different things that we prioritize in

life so where you can make time is not

really something that I can explicitly

tell you but what I can tell you is that

it is very just dropping everything

today it's very easy to look at your

life and say I don't have time it's a

lot harder but a lot more necessary to

look at your life and say I doesn't look

like I your time but where can I make

time sometimes it's our prior

sacrificing things that you really enjoy

but gotta do what you gotta do to take

care of your body your help yourself and

here we have a relatively quick

delicious nutritious breath it's so nice

and simple and it's healthy that's kind

of a key Herat already I just drove to

Verizon because I need a new phone and

that brings me to my next topic which is

money financial investments in your

healthy lifestyle first of all I want to

clear up a misconception that living a

fit and healthy lifestyle is expensive

it doesn't have to be at all supplements

not necessary you don't need a gym

membership in order to have an effective

workout you don't need to buy a bunch of

fancy things yes if you want to eat like

super organic and kind of eat the way

that I do with really high quality meats

that's gonna be expensive but you don't

have to eat that way to be healthy just

focusing on a whole unprocessed foods

gets you like 99% of the way there you

know for me personally I think it's

pretty obvious that they do spend a

decent amount on the food that I eat but

what you don't see with my lifestyle is

yes I do spend a good amount of money on

food and high quality food but I don't

really spend money on anything else I

wear socks with holes in them because I

just don't spend money to buy new socks

like I don't enjoy spending money on


I don't enjoy spending money on like I

don't even know what other people spend

I use my brother's Netflix account like

I just 100% prioritize health and

fitness and food and so that is where my

money goes and that's why I have the

money that I do to spend on it because

I'm just spending it on other things

other than like rent and insurance and I

do want to acknowledge that yes there

are some people that literally like

cannot afford things like the even you

have the best budget in the world and

you aren't spending excessive money and

you still don't have excess money to

spend on health and fitness or anything

else like if you're a single parent with

two kids working two jobs like props to

you but for a lot of people you know if

you do something as simple as going out

for drinks with friends three times a

month let's say you spend like $30 you

get like three drinks $30 ish I don't

know cuz I don't spend money on alcohol

cuz I don't go out and spend money on

things but let's say it's like $30 three

times a month that is $90 a month that

you have that could buy you a freaking

amazing gym membership I would love to

make a video eventually just about

finances and health and fitness in

general and kind of how to budget and

what really is and isn't necessary and

how to live a cheap fit and healthy

lifestyle but the point is that learning

how to budget and learning financial

literacy go so far in literally anything

that you want to do but if you want to

prioritize health and fitness and you

want to be able to spend more money on

your health and fitness learning those

things is absolutely key anyway these

shadows are really obnoxious let me know

down in the comments if you want a full

video on kind of budgeting for health

and fitness and what you really don't

need to be spending money on and maybe

should be focusing on spending your

money on if you're trying to make

progress cuz I'd love to go into that

and kind of share all sides of it are

you gonna Verizon to activate my new

phone what else waste of time turns out

Verizon doesn't do the free like

transfer your data between phones thing


you have to buy iCloud storage it's

trying to save money just you know

trying to try to not spend any money but

no have to buy iCloud storage it's only

99 cents but see this is I don't spend

money on things so now I have to go home

and do it all myself

with Wi-Fi and pray that I don't break

my sim card and ruin my warranty on my

phone but that's okay I

came to this area anyway because I

wanted to go to mother's market which is

now right behind me it's like like a

very specialty grocery store it's like

Whole Foods but very hipster older

cousin that's a little more mature but

standoffish basically the first time I

came to this store I discovered so many

new vegetables and fruits that I like

literally never seen before cuz I have

so many crazy they have camel milk here

like they have all like the weird cool

things that you want in a grocery store

so I don't go in there and see if I can

find anything new because I am honestly

eating a little bit tired of sweet

potato carrots and cauliflower with

steak so maybe I can discover some new

vegetables or at least get some other

vegetables that's also a tip is variety

is fantastic especially if you can fit

it into your budget if you just are

trying to eat healthy and you're only

eating like broccoli and rice and

chicken every day that's get real boring

real fast you're gonna hate life you're

gonna give up you're gonna eat all the

donuts and all of the cake not there's

anything wrong with donuts and cake but

24/7 donuts and cake is not advisable so

my tip is to look at this as a way of

experimenting playing around having fun

testing your culinary skills and just

seeing what new things you can

incorporate into your life and having

fun with it like treating it like it's

playtime rather than something that you

have to do or something that's annoying

christina rice does a thing called new

food November where you're supposed to

try new foods in November that's like

the extent that I know about it but I'm

hopping on board with that because I'm

trying something very new for dinner

tonight and I figured you know getting

some new vegetables that have never

tried for Mother's be a great way to do

that add some variety spice up my life

being healthy does not have to be boring

literally the best grocery store ever

also expensive not recommended if you're

trying to budget and live a healthy



ooh this is new what is this squash

I don't think I've ever had okra before

I can definitely try some okra no idea

how to cook it Oh or what it's good with

but that's an option Oh what the heck is

this for this horseradish just like

really big horseradish Janka roots I

think I've tried this before oh this is

what casabas made out of yeah it's

boring no thanks and a low I don't want

a low for dinner

I didn't even notice that there's a

banana squash I've never had a banana

squash before either that looks like it

would be massive in like whole squash

form that sounds good so I'll show you

all the fun new stuff that I got when I

get home but I also got a bag of these

they're gonna be gone by the time I you

know guaranteed I already opened them

we're snacking on him it's happening

they are so good so good I try not to

get these too often because when I open

them I eat the entire bag every time

because they're just they're too good so

I try to not get them too often but

every time I see them I get them they're

really good okay don't judge me so

eating an entire bag of these guys

switch I have this much slack now not

necessarily the best for your house I

will be the first to admit that it is a

processed food admittedly it's a very

clean processed food like there's a lot

of bad ingredients that would make it

not a good decision but it's still a

process if it's like eating an entire

bag not like the best thing to do all

the time but where it's a bad thing is

when you feel guilty for eating an

entire bag of something I personally

feel guilty and I absolutely love it but

if you are struggling with that kind of

thing you get a bag of something to eat

the whole bag something you feel guilty

what I recommend working on first is

your relationship with food your

relationship with your body instead of

trying to restrict or limit your access

to certain foods you need to instead

evaluate why you're feeling guilty and

switch that mindset before you can

safely kind of restrict yourself from

eating those unhealthy things if that

makes sense anyway time for a new food

haul so I ended up getting

the banana squash I don't know if I'll

eat this tonight but I'm very excited to

try it

I also found some dandelion greens you

guys know I've been having my dandelion

tea but I have to get a root tea so I

figured having some dim Malayan greens

would be like a good addition that never

tried those before lemongrass no idea

what I'm gonna do with this I guess a

rutabaga which looks suspiciously like a

turnip and they were right next to the

turnips I don't know the difference we

never eat a bag and I turn up but I've

never had a rutabaga before so I got one

and then this is not necessarily a new

food but it's a food I don't consume

very often I got some sunchokes I've got

these from the farmers market before I

like them they're kind of very mild and

taste but they're fun I found these uma

Valley mango coconut balls I finally

once before they're a great AIP snack

they're literally just mango and coconut

in tiny package so I figured yeah then I

got some sweet potater

I got this one and this one and this one

then guys zucchini and a receipt

excuse me get your BPA's off with my

zucchini thank you that's it there's a

little many fun and new food grocery

haul in the spirit of new food November

I went all out for dinner okay not all

out I could have used all the new foods

I didn't use all of the new foods I have

three new foods on my plates the first

is I think it's lamb heart to think it's

with the package said I've tried dear

hearts really liked that

maybe it's sheep art our goat heart it's

some medium-sized animal hearts so

that's new but I cooked it in chopped up

lemongrass and onion lemongrass is also

a new food and then I think I also had

some like garlic and salt and stuff then

I have my dandelion greens and I just

cook those up will to them a little bit

also into some lemongrass and onion you

don't make you guys with one last tip

for how to incorporate Fitness into your

lifestyle and really make it part of

your life one thing that I get asked

about all the time is motivation and how

to stay motivated to go to the gym eat

healthy make whatever lifestyle changes


that you're trying to make and here's

the thing motivation is great like it

can get you places really fast if it

sticks around but the thing with

motivation is that it is fleeting

it is not reliable and as such it's not

something you should rely on to help you

achieve your goals like when you have

motivation great use it but don't depend

on having it in order to keep yourself

doing what you need to do to get to

where you want to be instead of worrying

about whether or not you have motivation

what you should be focusing on is

cultivating and building a discipline

and a practice around the things that

you want to be a part of your life

motivation is easy because it comes to

you naturally and you don't have to

chase after anything to get it but it's

fleeting and it's on a reliable

discipline is reliable and if you're

trying to build a lifestyle around

something you want to build it around

something reliable not something that

might just go away tomorrow so as soon

as you start thinking of exercise and

eating right making these lifestyle

changes is something that you're just

going to do rather than something that

you have to be super motivated to do you

can put yourself in the mindset that

you're gonna do it no matter what even

if you don't wake up feeling super

motivated to go to the gym you don't

have to feel excited to go to the gym

you don't have to be excited about kale

to eat kale or to eat healthy I like to

compare it to brushing your teeth or

taking a shower those are both things

that you do purely because you know that

you should it because you need to do

them to take care of your body take care

of your health take care of your hygiene

you probably aren't like super motivated

every day to go brush your teeth you

don't feel like a motivation and

excitement to go shower I mean wash

hours are pretty darn nice but like

usually it's something you do because

it's something you're supposed to do so

you do it and if you treat exercise and

fitness and nutrition and health that

same way then it just becomes part of

your life rather than something that you

have to force yourself to do

so if you're someone who is struggling

with motivation because you keep losing

motivation then I really recommend just

reframing your mindset about all of it

as soon as you realize that you don't

need motivation to live the life that

you want to live the sooner you can live

the life that you want to live the TLDR

is stop waiting start doing all right

ended up with a tiger nut latte with a

little bit of vanilla coconut butter

just a smidge of tumeric cuz they don't

really like the flavor but I just wanted

to put some in there and some 46 Matic

reishi it ended up not needing any

sweetener which was absolutely amazing

so I'm gonna finish this and then start

getting ready for bed because I am

sleepy and that was all the tips that I

have for you today so I'm gonna leave

you here if you like the video please

give it a big thumbs up if you have any

more tips for how to incorporate health

and fitness into your lifestyle and

really like solidify it as part of your

life let me know down in the comments

below so that we can all share our tips

and tricks if you want to see more

videos from me all about health and

fitness you can check them out over here

share this video with your friends your

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you very very soon buddy


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