June 8, 2023

WEEKLY VLOG | busy week of events, home tings & long hair is back? | Octavia B

Published May 15, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

Hey everyone!

This week was a busy one, with a lot of events going on both at home and elsewhere. First off, my long hair is back! I know some of you were missing it, so I decided to give it a try again. It's definitely been a busy week, but I've loved every minute of it.

One of the highlights of the week was getting to attend the Octavia B. show during New York Fashion week. Octavia is one of my favorite designers, and I was so excited to see her latest collection. The show did not disappoint - it was absolutely beautiful. I also loved getting to meet Octavia herself. She's such a sweet person and it was great to chat with her about her work.

Another highlight of the week was having dinner with friends at one of my favorite restaurants. We had such a great time catching up and laughing over good food. I always love spending time with my friends, and this was a really nice evening.

Overall, it's been a great week. I'm looking forward to what the rest of the month has in store!

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hey guys okay so Renee and I are in the

city we have come to an event it's an

event hosted by peacock for the what

season finale of The Ultimate girls trip

for like real housewives and you know

where you use fans of that so somebody's

got a night where we're pampered drinks

things and we're gonna watch the prim

mirror they did say to come make a free

which is kind of like did you do I'm

gonna do anything a light B oh your skin

looks amazing oh my god

um yeah bare-faced

yeah no makeup and Spa attire that's why

they asked for

um I am having I have like a tour

tonight going on with leggings it's

gonna be like ski trip but I do feel

like because it's kind of chilly today I

felt like it was appropriate anyways I

have my vlogging camera

um we'll do oh it's proper Oak oh my

gosh Renee's wearing the lazy set

America 's outside so cute on her

yes sir

obsessed with this that guy









thank you


good morning guys this morning I woke up

feeling so good in terms of like


where my allergies are concerned I did

not wake up with the

you know what I mean I didn't wake up

feeling that way so I do think my

allergy medicine is starting to work I

am on two different kinds I really hope

it's okay to take them together I really

hope because if not

it's gonna be a problem because it's the

only way I'm able to like be okay so at

night I take Benadryl and I take two of

those because I need to one does not do

anything and then in the daytime like

when I wake up around maybe like six or

seven I take my zycal and then it kind

of makes makes me drowsy for like

an hour so I wake up early to take it so

I can like go back to sleep a bit

and then throughout the entire day I

feel pretty much protected from the

little tiny yellow pollen so I do feel

pretty good and I think I have a really

good system down I've also been doing

like little nasal washes with like salt

water if I really want to like you know

I know it's like really really gross and

I've also just been like making sure

that I eat the local honey from both

this area and in the South where the

house is so I've just been like really

just trying to like stay on top of like

everything because I've just really been

suffering and it's been really like

affecting like my work like my swelling

Nest to Vlog my willingness to do

anything like I just don't want to do

anything because I'm suffering and my

eyes have cleared up also like they're

back to normal this one is a little bit

irritated though uh meaning that it

keeps like watering but I'm trying not

to like touch it too much because that's

also like a big issue like when you're

touching like surfaces that aren't clean

you you know you itching your eyes

during bacterial all that stuff really

AIDS and just getting your eyes red and

everything so I don't know if you guys

care about that or not but I I felt like

I would update you guys on how I'm

feeling because you guys felt really

like sorry for me especially those of

you who know the struggle you guys are

like girl we get it do your thing just

feel better take care of yourself so

I love that but yesterday's event was so

so fun I didn't really do a lot of

vlogging it was just like one of those

events where it's not like it's like an

interactive kind of event so it's not

like sitting down and like vlogging the

room it's more so like being involved

and a lot of the stuff involved like

being pampered so they were facials

massages and you know because it was

such a pampering event I wanted to enjoy

it of course because I also need to go

through this TV unit it has a bunch of

my books so I just want to like pack up

my books and like just go through what's

in here because I do know that there

might be like important stuff in there

so I just want to make sure that I don't

misplace these to those things

um during the packing process and just

really make sure that I do a good job at

like organizing those like things so

yeah I'm gonna do that also tonight when

I go to the event I want to do my makeup

using all my new products from Sephora

because I got a bunch of new makeup

stuff that I really want to try out so

that's why they're still in the bag that

way I don't forget but also I ordered an

item from my luxury wish list

um it's the Laura Piana

um like summer charms loafer


which is seven


I feel like it was very difficult to see

like if I should get true to size or

size up definitely fit true to size

I mean if I wanted to I could get a size

and a half but I feel like

these are okay

they actually look so good on





guys okay so I'm in the car heading to

my event it starts at five o'clock

and it's now 4 54 p.m not too far from

the event so that's good but I am I was

running late so I just like cut the

camera short and like hurry hurry hurry

but I'm swearing something really casual

I'll shake it in my outfit once I get

out the car I have a little thing on my

chin and it's kind of like annoying me

yeah but

it was able to like do my hair


is that it's smooth like obviously when

you get it done at the salon but it'll

do for now


thank you


so from the Nespresso store I was really

intrigued by this one the sweet vanilla

but then he convinced me to also grab

this one it's the wait have I tried this

one before it's the tropical coconut I

feel like I have I definitely have oh

anyways I want to try some new ones but

that's okay

this container is also from the espresso

store but yeah

also my rings are from Jerry this is the

dome ring and gold Vermeil and then on

my thumb is the stacker ring

um in 14K gold

okay and my earrings are the chunky

Huggy Hoops by majori

um and this is their Serpentine necklace

I wear this all the time as you guys

probably know on this hand I have a

Slimmer version of the dome ring this

top one here is by majerry and the

bottom one is by Clarissa Lee jewelry

and I just love that like if you kind of

look closely there are two different

tones of gold so I just love how that

looks and yeah outfit um top Zara

bottoms by lazy blue oh my God my

apartment's a mess I can't tomorrow I am

so not feeling my hair right now that's

why I wore like a little unit last night

but whenever like you know your pixie

cut starts to grow out I cannot stand it

like it starts to do the little flip

thing in the back

when the wind blows like this just you

know what I mean I can't I'm really

trying my hardest I'm really trying you

guys to push through I'm really I really


I don't want to cut it again I want to

start growing it out but the growing up

process is just not cute like it's going

to start giving mullet very soon I

already know and I'm gonna scream I'm

getting ready I really want to wear

these earrings that I got from Amazon

they're the the Bottega dupes I think

they look so nice right but with the

shortcut I just feel like it's giving

it's too much so I'm gonna try it on

with like a unit and I'll be here

because this I think this looks way

better so we're gonna do this tonight

top is from mauricia and oh pants as

well and I also love that because the

hair is longer it's kind of like you

know snatching me up a little bit

because I did not put on shapewear

so yeah all right go for fragrance we

need to start off with a hair Mist

because one thing about me when I have

extensions on my head I'm 100 more extra

it's going to be a lot of this so I need

to make sure that I smell good right so

I love the floors London cherry blossom

but I also love my nasheen

what's this

100 sideways

I want to do both I can't decide

okay I'm gonna do both


what am I going to put on my body what's

gonna complement this and not Clash I

might just go with that Delena

yeah I'll just do this and this is the

Delena exclusive

I'm sure you've heard about this

fragrance like loads

um she's kind of strong okay

she's kind of strong so I don't do too

much just a little on the wrist

all right


guys I made it to the standard for the

roller rink opening event

um Mimi and Alexi are both inside and

Renee just pulled up she's looking for

parking so I'm just out here waiting for

her I think I see her but yeah let me

just give you guys a little b-roll of

what we have going on here


thank you


you look at me like I'm crazy

when I shot my feeling down you look at

me like I'm Different still you stay

cause you feel something real get so

lost in my moments doesn't mean I don't

need you




fell in love with your colors they kind

of tell me what I'm thinking

I fell in love with the way we are

and the way we're losing

something different about us

and the reason why we say


we fly around like Paper Planes they

never know where we will fall nobody can

see it still they wanna tear us apart

there's something different about the

way we are



all right guys today is Saturday and I

really don't know where I left off with

you guys because the past

couple hours I've been cleaning I so I

started cleaning yesterday around like 6

30 7 and it's now three o'clock on a

Saturday and I'm still like finishing up

some stuff I mean I've done like the you

know like the cleaning cleaning but now

I'm just folding laundry and organizing

and decluttering and then that that sort

of stuff just because I want to just

enjoy my Saturday night you know relax

edit and just do the things that I like

so yeah I ordered some lunch though so

let me do a little

let me just serve out my lunch because

I'm so hungry

and this is how you know I've just been

out of it because I haven't cooked a

single meal

I've been eating my jar soups the past

few days but now I'm sick and tired of

it so I'm just you know just ordering

doordash a lot oh wait one second

I'm just ordering a ton of doordash

because I am not cooking and I just

ordered some groceries but not a lot of

groceries because I'm going back to the

house soon so just some stuff to kind of

hold me over for the next like four or

five days so from my local Thai place I

just ordered some vegetable spring rolls

that looks like that that's what I would

have just been snacking on it's my first

meal of the day I ate one spring roll

just so I wouldn't drop down because I

was so hungry

I also got a Thai Chili I'm sorry like a

chili sauce thingy

and whoops

oh my gosh

I also got a chili sauce thingy and I

just got shrimp in it

it's really really good it smells

amazing too and I put in notes extra

spicy and I think they did that because

it's literally burning my nose

so I'm just gonna eat this with some

white rice


I'm gonna put some white rice in here

I'm gonna eat this for lunch and then

I'll just save some of the rice for


so it's just like

it's just a saute I don't know if you

guys can like see anything but it's

basically a saute

you know with like veggies

and then a cup of shrimps

something simple I'm gonna put some of

that sauce on the things here


and maybe a spring roll

so this is what it looks like you guys

more not for the longest time you were

growing inside of mama's belly

and then also

right there



what are you looking


to touch me

all right guys so today's Sunday I'm

gonna get started on editing the editing

this Vlog now because um the past few

days I've just been cleaning so now that

we're done the apartment is feeling

light fresh and like springified or

whatever so I'm really excited I feel so

much lighter in my mind my body my soul

my spirit my energy everything just

feels lighter and I'm just so happy with

just like the space I still have loads

of lengthy cluttering to do because I

really just want to get rid of a lot of

things that I just no longer use instead

of like just hoarding them so I really

want to start doing that

um I think that would also be like

another level of just like really

shedding you know what I mean

so yeah I also did a little bit of

redecorating very little I mean I only

did one thing I swapped out the coffee

table because I just felt like it was

too big for this little area and I also

just wanted something lighter for like

the spring summer season

um without having to go out and purchase

a new furniture piece and I'm gonna just

gift it to my neighbor he said that he

wants it so I said he can have it so I'm

just gonna use uh one of my nightstands

and just put it here to kind of like add

a little like you know like a little

different look out here but yeah I

really do like how everything looks the

florals everything just makes places

feel so much nicer because it was

definitely feeling Grim before because

of like all the black and white Decor I

had going on which I found out that I

don't like I don't like black and white


it's very chic very chic

but like for me I need a little pops of

color and little pops of something so

yeah I learned that throughout the

process but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I'm gonna make a cook with me

for you guys today as well I'll see you

guys soon okay bye


thank you


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