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Published May 16, 2023, 3:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

1. Shop around for the best deals: This is probably the most important tip when it comes to saving money while shopping online. Take the time to compare prices between different retailers before making a purchase. You’d be surprised how much money you can save just by doing a little bit of research.

2. Use coupons and promo codes: Whenever possible, try to use coupons and promo codes when shopping online. There are often great deals to be had if you take the time to look for them.

3. Avoid impulse purchases: It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and make an impulse purchase that you later regret. Before clicking the “buy” button, take a step back and ask yourself if you really need the item or if you’re just buying it because it’s on sale.

4. Invest in quality: When it comes to shopping for luxury items, it’s important to invest in quality over quantity. Rather than buying a bunch of cheap items that will fall apart quickly, it’s better to spend a bit more on a few well-made pieces that will last for years.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to save money while still indulging in your love of shopping. Just remember to shop smart and always keep your budget in mind.

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I don't know about you sis but no one on

Instagram or YouTube is going to

pressure me into spending a thousand

dollars on a bag just to fit in I'm not

doing it sorry


what is up you guys and what's good and

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baddie on a budget if you guys are new

to my channel and are unfamiliar with my

batting on a budget series that is where

I show you guys how to look fly and

fashionable all while saving that coin

whether that entails me showing you guys

where I shop how I shop or how I put my

budget friendly outfits together all of

that goes down in the Baddie on a budget

series if you guys want to get caught up

on my battery on a budget series that

I've done throughout the years I will

leave a playlist down below so you guys

can check that out and binge watch

everything you can to get caught up to

speed now that I kind of just jumped

into a second unintentional intro let's

jump into what today's batting on our

budget is about you guys for today's

batting on a budget you guys we're going

to be diving into my four big money

saving tips when it comes to buying

pizzas for my wardrobe and also all of

my secrets when it comes to affordable

luxury shopping so if you guys are

interested in how I save my money buying

things for my wardrobe then just keep on

watching as always if you guys see me

looking down I do have my phone here

with all of my notes I do not want to

miss a thing when it comes to giving you

guys these tips one of my big four tips

is going to be using Google Lens the

Google Lens search feature now Google

lens is a visual search engine that

Google offers on the Google page where

you can either submit a photo or even

take a picture of something and Google

will search every nook and cranny every

website known to man on the Google

platform and find the same item or

something similar and you can kind of

compare the price points that way you

can pick which one is your best bang for

your buck and which one fits your budget

I want to say I started using Google

Lens maybe about a year ago or using it

kind of consistently maybe like a year

ago and it's helped me so much when it

comes to buying my pieces whether you

know it or not you may see one item in

one store and nowadays everybody sells

the same thing let's just be honest

everybody says the same thing from Fast

fashion to your targets and your Walmart

it just depends on how the product is

listed how the title of the product is

worded that's why it's very important to

put in the picture because pictures

don't lie the Google Lens feature has

actually been very good for me when it

comes to being introduced to new brands

new companies new websites I've never

even known before but through Google

Lens I've been able to find so many more

affordable fashion websites that have

helped me out so much some of the

products that I found on Google Lens are

even better than Amazon so Google lens

is definitely worth trying now girl for

this second big tip you will need your

paper your pencil your iPad Notes your

Google Notes your iPhone Notes baby

writer on your forehead put it on your

hands spray paint it on the wall because

I'm about to drop these gems okay the

second big money saving tip that I can

give you guys is one that I love all too

well and that is buying dupes this

probably has to be the highest requested

is that even a word doesn't even sound

right this is my most highly requested

question that I get on my channel almost

on the daily and that is how to either

find the dupes or how to make sure you

don't get bamboozled when it comes to

buying these affordable luxury pieces

first thing I want to say off the rip is

that when it comes to buying affordable

luxury or dupes you should always always

no matter who's recommending them to you

now no matter what somebody said about

them always do your due diligence and do

your own personal

individualized research okay for me

personally even though I have never been

finessed when it comes to buying my

affordable luxury I can't say that it's

impossible to happen that it can't

happen but I've never experienced that

for myself because I do my due diligence

and I do exactly my own research to make

sure I never get bamboozled when it

comes to buying my affordable luxury I

always go buy these four steps


step number one is to always go into

your search with knowing exactly what

you're looking for knowing exactly what

you're looking for will make it a whole

lot easier when it comes to you

searching through the product pictures

and that's because these product

pictures will look a little bit off if

you've searched through these affordable

luxury sites before then you know

sometimes it needs product pictures they

will look similar but some things may be

missing if you know you know if you

don't know you better ask somebody the

girls that get it they get it they will

look a little bit different but don't be

worried because if you go through these

next couple of steps then you will be

ensured that what you're looking for is

exactly right in front of you these

sites have also made things even easier

by also offering a image search tool on

the website you guys can take a picture

from Google or a picture you may have in

front of you and post it to the search

engine and it will find the closest

match or something similar to it in the

search bar the image search feature is

not giving you exactly what you're

looking for I suggest you guys using the

regular type of search feature and

typing in a keyword for your items now

that keyword can be either one word in

the name of your item or something that

could describe your item so for instance

if you want to find the Never full bag

instead of putting the whole name of the

bag including the brand just type in

Never full or Never full bag and then

the search engine will show you guys

affordable options to whatever you're

looking for now after searching if you

found an item that you think just may be

what you're looking for but you're not

sure because it's looking a little

different now you can jump into steps

three through four now steps three and

four are the biggest steps the most

important steps in this whole process

number three is going to be check out

the store or seller ratings the seller

rating will let you know if you found a

gold mine or if you should run okay Run

for the hill assist my rule of thumb is

to go for a seller or a store that has a

90 or above percent seller rating I've

actually shopped with a seller and a

store that has I think at least 80

percent positive seller ratings and

seller reviews however that's just me I

take risks I'm not scared and I'm

willing to do trial and error that does

not bother me however if you guys are a

little bit more skeptical which I'm sure

you are if you're not very experienced

in this affordable luxury game just

stick to the 90 or above rule when it

comes to seller ratings and store

reviews and also along with that stuff I

do recommend you guys also look through

the reviews and find the reviews that

have the pictures so that way it can

kind of give you even a more better

visual gauge of what you're getting

yourself into number four the final step

to buying your affordable luxury and not

getting Bamboozled is to contact your

seller this is very important you guys

you can look at all the pictures you

want all the reviews you want you can

think something is what it is but

getting the info straight from the

horse's mouth is better than honey okay

they do have a contact seller button

somewhere on the product page as well

you contact them asking about seeing

more detailed pictures of the item so

that way you are insured what you're

buying is what you're getting also to

warn you guys since these sellers are

sometimes overseas there's a little bit

of a language barrier but don't let that

scare you away they're often very

friendly and very open to answering any

questions you guys may have big money

saving tip number three is to just make

it make sense you guys okay make it make

sense when shopping before you swipe

that card press pay now always think

back into your wardrobe or even if

you're in luxury of your own home

shopping maybe get physical get moving

pull out clothes pull out shoes and see

if you can make between three to four

outfits out of that piece with pieces

that you already have in your wardrobe

if you can make that happen then this

piece is worth buying because it can

just casually jump into your wardrobe

and you can start wearing it immediately

without having to buy other pieces to go

with it or only being able to wear it

with one item and one item only and

that's how you're easily clocked to be

an outfit repeater because you're only

buying a piece they can only be worn one

specific way if you eat the same meal

every day you're gonna get sick to your

stomach you're not gonna like it anymore

and that's why most pieces end up going

either in the trash can or getting sold

I've been victim of this my whole entire

life I'm finally getting myself together

well trying to get myself together and

trying to be more intentional with my

wardrobe my wardrobe pieces that's why

you guys have been seeing me doing so

many closet sales because I would buy

pieces myself that can only be worn one

specific way I wasn't being intentional

I wasn't trying to get my cost per wear

and ultimately I was wasting money

because with that one piece or that one

item of clothing I had to buy so many

other things to try to make work with

that item which just caused me to power

on clothes on top of clothes on top of

shoes on top of bags and it just wasn't

a good time ultimately spinning and

wasting so much money last but not least

money saving tip number four buying and

shopping from affordable websites

affordable stores I could highly

recommend any of the big tips I shared

with you guys today it would have to be

the fourth and the third shopping

affordable stores and also making what

you buy from affordable stores make

sense in your wardrobe you will save so

much money I know sometimes fast fashion

or affordable fashion can get a bad rap

a bad name but I'm here to tell you for

those that can't really afford higher

fashion brands or just aren't in that

budget or that tax bracket at the moment

to buy higher fashion brands or if

you're one of those like me that just

does not see the value in spending all

that money on clothing then this is

definitely the option for you if you

know how to shop and know where to look

you can actually find some really good

pieces at Affordable Storage you guys I

cannot stress this enough please get rid

of this toxic and small mindset that

just because something is Affordable or

more affordable that it can't last or

that it's not worthy it can definitely

last with the proper care and anything

you buy is worthy no matter what value

it has everything has value you and

everything is worthy now I must admit my

problem has been for a year since I was

a little girl that I don't see the value

in anything no matter if I spend a

thousand a hundred ten or one I just

don't see the value in things which can

be a good thing and it can be a bad

thing something that I'm really working


um I want to work on better taking care

of my things whether it's affordable or

high-end I don't want to make those

things have materialistic value but I do

want them to have value because they are

mine and my things so you guys remember

to make sure to cherish what you have

and make it work for you and yeah you

guys that is the end of my big four

money saving tips as well as how I

successfully shop my affordable luxury

if you guys enjoyed today's video please

do not forget to give your a big thumbs

up and of course that subscribe button

down below y'all let me know down below

if you've tried any of these four tips

how they've worked for you I live by

these tips I love these tips and they've

saved me so much money I I hope you guys

can take some of these tips as well and

use them in your shopping experiences if

you guys have made it to the end of this

video leave me a jewel Emoji a diamond

emoji if I've been dropping Jewels

dropping gems in today's video and yeah

you guys as always I love every single

one of you I thank you guys so so much

for watching but until next time your

crown May tilt but you never let it fall

stay gilded


thank you


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