April 21, 2024

COOL 3D PEN AND HOT GLUE CRAFTS || || Homemade Ideas with 3D PEN And Glue Gun by 123 GO! SERIES

Published May 16, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Looking for some fun and easy crafts to do at home? Well, look no further than your trusty 3D pen and glue gun! With just a few simple supplies, you can create some amazing diy projects that will spruce up your home décor in no time.

One of our favorite things to do with a 3D pen is to create unique vases and planters. For example, you can take an old mason jar and wrap it in colorful yarn or fabric. Then, use your 3D pen to draw on a design of your choice. We also love using hot glue to create 3D art. Simply draw your design onto a piece of paper, then use hot glue to build it up into a three-dimensional masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your furniture, try using a 3D pen and hot glue to create unique designs. You can use hot glue to create swirls, dots, or any other design you can think of. Then, use your 3D pen to trace over the hot glue and fill in the design with whatever color you’d like.

Another great way to use a 3D pen and hot glue is to make your own jewelry. You can create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by simply drawing a design onto a piece of paper, then using hot glue to build it up. You can also add beads or other embellishments to really make your jewelry stand out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative with your 3D pen and hot glue and start crafting!

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yikes these shoes aren't gonna win any

fashion awards thankfully we have a 3d

pen to help perform a makeover it's time

for a glow up to turn these shoes from

boring to beautiful they look better

already so grab your 3d and glue pens

and get ready for some awesome ideas to

make your life more colorful and

interesting than these shoes

steady can't ruin my picture now done

now this is art i might frame it

is that supposed to be a tree

keep practicing hmm i'm so handsome hold

on is that no a hole i'll get rid of

this thread

come on how long is this

this must be a world record it's never


at last i can't go out looking like this

uh where did this come from did a spider

poop on me my jacket is ruined i have a

date what'll i do hmm tricky one let me


hold on my 3d pen might come in handy do

you think it'll work of course let's try

it start by drawing a circle around the


start filling the circle in


covering the hole while working your way



next add some details with different

colors no more hole or ruined jacket who

needs a tailor


this is awesome i love it thanks you

look great

seriously the jacket looks so good time

for my date i need to find a picture

frame for my tree

shh nice and easy can't make a noise

yoo-hoo mom whew close definitely asleep

i'll take this the perfect crime i love

drawing it's so fun hey look what i've

got wanna have some real fun

no that's mom's she'll be mad if she

finds out whatever you're such a baby

am not i need to finish my drawing

i love this color

wow i look like a model

what's next

i know i'll give myself a cool new



just a little cut


now for the other side can't look silly

i'm gonna be the prettiest girl in


oh this might have been a mistake

whoa what was that

might have guessed what's wrong oh got


how does it look is it bad

it's not good wait i think i can fix it

i'll just use this 3d pen first take a

small piece of paper use the 3d pen to

draw shape like this

start to fill it in let it set


now put a small dab on one of the ends

fold the edges in pressing the stick


now it's time to personalize it use a

different color to add some decorations

a quick and easy hair clip

here use this

for what

do i have to do everything stand still

that looks much better

really i'm beautiful

thanks you're the best sister ever is

that my makeup

she took it blame her all her fault


keep going this is the best we've ever



not now i'll be right back but the high

score fine i'll do it myself hey check

this out oh forget the game i want to

see this i wonder what it is my new



i love them they're so cute aren't they

yeah they look great i'm so jealous my

shoes are so boring

but they don't have to be

draw flour on a piece of paper

start to color in the petals using a 3d


use any color you want

but we're using pink for this one

just make sure to stay in the lines

use yellow to complete the flower

for the next shape let's try some fruit

a nice juicy strawberry start by drawing

the outlines

now use a green 3d pen for the stalk

the red for the actual strawberry

looks good enough to eat

next let's make a shine with a star


once you've done your shape all that's

left to do is decorate your shoes

these look amazing wow

this is definitely an improvement


what do you think i love them the flower

is so adorable you can have it wow

thanks oh i nearly forgot

if i get bored with the strawberries i

can slip these on

watch this


that is so clever

hey we still have the high score to get

let's do this

and you'll never guess what she did

exactly can you believe it this book is

so fascinating i can't put it down okay

bye mom oh i'm late for class

suppose i should go too i'll put this

book away for later

huh where's all my things

pom poms i'm not a cheerleader


i get it it's not my bag

oh this gives me an idea

use a piece of paper to draw out a shape

then fill it with a 3d pen

be as creative and imaginative as you


using different colors makes it stand

out and fun


no one will take the wrong bag now

once it's finished make a hole and use a

keychain to attach it to your bag

go team whoo time to get to practice hey

what's this jen but that's not my name

oh this isn't my bag

yeah it's mine

oops here you go this is my bag lucky i

have this name tag

this is epic i love this game what a


so boring must

stay awake i could be doing laundry it'd

be more fun

this balloon is the most exciting thing

here i wonder how big this can go


i've nearly completed it

ah my balloon

wow look at it go watch out huh what was

that quit throwing balloons around well

there goes my only fun

it's a party guys behave

wait a minute this gives me an idea i

know how to make this party really fun

don't go anywhere

yeah sure

fill a balloon with water


then get some moisturizer cream and

spread it on the balloon

rub it in making sure it covers the


next take a glue gun and apply glue to

the balloon

draw shapes with the glue just like this

let the glue dry and you'll have

something like this


pull the end of the balloon and hold it

take an empty cup and snip off the end

of the balloon


pour the water into the cup


the balloon will now slip out without

breaking the glue


hey guys let's really get the party

going with this


i don't think you know what a party is

where's my balloon prepare to be amazed

i'll switch my phone torch on places

over it

dim the lights


let's dance now this is a party

this is more like it


best night ever

what a delicious lunch mom made i can't

wait to try it all first things first

the napkin hey can i sit here uh if you

must just don't put me off my food


french fries i'm so hungry

it's like being in a zoo

i need to take a pic for the gram

what a great idea i'll do the same

wait i can't do that oh well i'll just

eat my fries

is she actually gonna eat any food


ugh this angle is so bad

i need to get me and the food in the


i can't believe i'm gonna do this excuse

me could you take a picture please

me yeah of course just let me get rid of

the grease don't want to get it over

your phone just wait got it

let me act natural

yeah that's totally natural let me get a

grip of this oops

wow i caught it did you see that



hang on

that spider's web gives me a great idea

place your phone on a flat surface

take a marker pen and use a 3d pen to

create a loop around it

remove the loop and rest it on the phone

use the 3d pen to draw a line on the

phone with the loop at the center

add more detail to make a spider's web

just like this


now go around the side of the phone with

the 3d pen

a sprinkle of glitter will add some


shake off the excess glitter

looks pretty cool huh

this turned out really well all i need

to do is slide my finger through the

loop and i can grip the phone smile

that's it let's do another

looking great

okay i'm bored now give me the phone uh

what's this wow this is so clever

now i can take the perfect selfie not

bad thank you

no problem i think she likes it these

fries are so yummy


oh i'm so winning here

ah time for a little break

staring at screens make me sleepy

oh yeah



oh what was that

it wasn't the cat was it


madison's glasses

oh she's so gonna kill me

oh me and my big old butt and second


this pen how to fix things

first outline the lens like this then

pull it off the edge

keep going until you go all the way


look familiar now all you have to do is

connect them

now for the ear pieces

and you're done

looks pretty brilliant to me


that was close


they're just your size huh

did i sleep with my glasses on oh god


that's weird


nailed it

starting the day off with some suds


gonna need that

this new soap smells so good

uh where do i put this thing



watch her step bella

she's going down


i'd better check it out


you okay bella

i got soaped


help me i hate when that happens

but maybe i can help

with a hot glue gun you can create

friction on the tub's surface

use sparkly glue too if you like

once you've made a square add in little

rivets like this


once it's dry put the soap on it



welcome wow vicky thanks

now you can sing to your heart's content

just maybe no dancing

there you go

time for my morning shower


gotta keep my hair dry though

and here's my body scrub

oh yeah i'm gonna get nice and sudsy

okay that should be enough


scrub scrub scrub i love clean skin


oh i can't

reach my

back come on i just got a stretch


wait maybe if i use the wall


nope that was an utter failure

hmm what if i

eureka come here glue gun


i'll just make some squiggly lines

good and now to add some dots


this is actually a pretty cute pattern

okay that should do it let's see if this


hey not bad

i'm scrubbing my back without using my



all right here we go

we've been practicing so hard we got


that looks like it hurts

i can't believe you dropped me my jeans

are totally ripped



not for us next

thanks for the opportunity


look at these two with the holes in

their pants losers come on let's go

i can't believe this happened we worked

so hard there's got to be a way to fix


look a 3d pen this could work

watch just give me your jeans with a


i'm gonna start drawing with the 3d pen

lines all the way to the center of the


good and now some circles too all the

way around i'll do a little wave with

the next ones it'll give it a cool

spiderweb vibe there we go all done

see now it's a cool design and not a


wow you're a genius come on we can still

save our challenge

aren't these two the ones with the holy


looks like the hole is gone we'll allow


this time we'll get it right


yes i didn't follow this time

very nice much better tens across the

board i knew he could win thank you

whoa this is a big monitor


it's gonna be so great though

okay looks like there's some cords

oh a lot of gourds

why so many

i think this one goes in the back

this one here

and then these ones

oh that was a lot of work

now there's cords everywhere though i

made such cute

rings oh wow she's in a tangled mess


you've got a lot of cords here huh

hey i think we can use the 3d pen to fix

things look i'll just put the cord here

and then use the pen

see it's holding it in place

organized and colorful now

it's ready for me to finish plugging in


oh my gosh thank you so much

it looks so good too



it's freezing

i fell asleep on the couch again

whoa hello tangles there's my comb

and a whole bunch of other junk

gross this stuff's covered in cobwebs

better than nothing i guess

this thing doesn't work like it used to

why are these not so bad ouch

this knot is major

this is ridiculous



come on

this used to be attached to my head

how did this weak thing do all that

oh whatever

my claws will have to do

or not

anything else handy around here

what about that spatula of course use

the 3d pen to make the bristles this may

take a while but the result will be

totally worth it you can make the

bristles as long or as short as you want

keep going until you cover the whole

spatula time for a trim halfway should

work well

there you've got yourself a brush

my tangles don't stand a chance

my hair's gonna be so silky smooth and i

didn't spend a dime

how great does my hair look now being

creative is great and exhausting


excuse me i've got to get into my locker

it's so weird that she's studying right


shoot there's the bell hey how did my

skirt get caught in the locker oh it's

really caught in there i better just

yank it free

and yank free of me instead

no i better not try that


there's a huge hole

wait a second yes my 3d pen

i'm so glad i brought this to school

i'll just draw a cute little design

around the hole in the skirt


now to start filling it in

got to make sure the hole's covered

okay now for the next color

and to cover this part of the hole too

there the holes hidden now for extra

details i'll fill in the ears

and now for little eyes

can't forget a nose and mouth either

oh the box turned out so adorable

the hole is hidden and my skirt's extra

cute now

hey there ava you sure are sparkling


is that real



is that david

no my hair that was supposed to be

flirty oh stupid long hair

that's better

he doesn't even notice me

ava gets all the attention


let's try this again it's all good


all my stuff fell out of here

this day just keeps getting better

hi david


look at annie's earrings hey


excuse me where are you going

ugh you really like them they're one of

a kind too


just message me on insta

ugh annie thinks she's slick

her earrings are pretty cool

i like your ear candy


i'll help you make some

trace a picture of a leaf with a 3d pen

color it in too


looks like a real leaf see once it's dry

attach it to a chain


then add another leaf down below you can

mix and match them



annie thank you

at least they look expensive


this sun feels great huh

what you're reading

that's some fancy stuff

someone has jewels on the brain brb

hey there have anything like this

you're in luck sir how's this look

i don't know if i can swing that


even more expensive

what about this

oh man

hold on hell what do i do


see this marker use a glue pen to create

a fun design


keep going and make sure it wraps around

take it off once it's dry



pick a hand


one okay

this one


is that for me

it's so unique

a real ring and it's mine

i won't be needing this anymore i love


this hair is ready for class

now where are those books aha

i sure need a lot these days


what am i missing

where are my pens i swear i left it

around here somewhere


oh god give them that stupid mouse i

really need those okay

i can't believe this

hey an old chip can

i can work with this

put hot glue along the sides like this

then zigzag it


now turn the can upside down and put

glue along the bottom's edge

don't forget about the middle

a crisscross pattern is good

there now turn the whole thing over and

take the can out stick the top and

bottom on

and snag a zipper

pencil case anyone

wow i sure am crafty when i need to be

don't want to be late

how am i going to memorize all this

the exam's in two hours


gotta love brain food


maybe you should have set down a



oh no it's lana's phone

she'd kill me if she saw this mess


she's coming

have you seen my phone adam



why don't you watch where you eat

just look at this thing


i feel really bad lana

whoa wasn't expecting that

be right back okay

did you know noodles can be art

instead of using wet sticky ones

make your own

squeeze out candy clay into a syringe

doesn't look like noodles does it

just you wait

take a clear plastic phone case and

squeeze out the clay in this pattern


kind of looks like ramen noodles right

the more you squeeze the more real it



add accents like little cracked eggs


aha look at that tiny piece of bacon

hey sorry i missed your call




whoa check it out are those the noodles

i spilled

get your own noodles adam

time to do some cleaning

hey wait a second

oh no all my stuff is messed up

i should check my jewelry box too

oh this is a super tangled mess

guess i'd better get untangling



how's it going not fun my jewelry is all

messed up oh bummer

well i can at least keep you company

hey hold your hand like this for me

thanks now i can hang these on your


wow you have a lot of jewelry

i think you need some better


time for the 3d pen

i'll start by drawing an oval

and then i'll just add layers to build

it up

back and forth and back and forth okay

good and now for some circles on the top

gotta build those up too just keep

spinning good that one's done now to

finish the second one

there we go the last finger is done

wow that hand turned out great

hey look what i made you


look see your jewelry can stay organized

wow that's amazing


now i can put all my jewelry here


this is so fun too

so much better




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