June 8, 2023

How to Market Your Home Services Business In 4 Steps | Marketing Strategy That's Simple & Effective

Published May 16, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Violet Harris

As a home services business, you know that marketing is essential to bringing in new customers and keeping your business afloat. But with so many different marketing strategies out there, it can be tough to know where to start.

Luckily, weve put together a simple, four-step marketing strategy that will help you get more customers and grow your business.

Step 1: Define Your Target Market

The first step in any marketing strategy is to define your target market. Who are your ideal customers? What do they look like? What do they do for a living?

Answering these questions will help you create marketing materials that are more likely to resonate with your target audience.

Step 2: Create Compelling Content

Once you know who your target market is, you can start creating content that will appeal to them. This could be a blog post, an e-book, or even a video.

The key is to create content that is interesting, informative, and helpful. If you can do that, youll be well on your way to attracting new customers.

Step 3: Promote Your Content

Once youve created some great content, its time to start promoting it. There are a number of ways to do this, but some of the most effective include social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

Whichever method you choose, make sure youre promoting your content in a way that will reach your target market.

Step 4: Measure Your Results

Finally, its important to measure the results of your marketing efforts. This will help you determine what is working and what isnt so you can make adjustments as needed.

There are a number of different metrics you can track, but some of the most important include website traffic, leads generated, and sales made.

By following these four steps, you can create a marketing strategy that is simple, effective, and will help you grow your home services business.

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thank you so much everybody my name is

Keith Kalfas thank you for having me

here it's a great pleasure and

opportunity to present and share what

I've learned about marketing and

developing systems to automate the sales

and marketing inside of your service

business raise your hand anybody here

who considers themselves an expert at

marketing your business anybody here who

is intermediate like you know how to

market you spend some money on marketing

and advertising but not a pro and raise

your hand again let me see okay who here

is in is a novice at marketing you know

some about it but you're it's so busy

out working and doing the work and and

running the business that it's very hard

to find the time to actually do the

marketing even frustrating

what do you okay and then who here is

like pretty much doesn't know anything

about marketing and you're just kind of

flying by the seat of your pants but but

you're getting a lot of word-of-mouth

and leads organically like that okay

cool cool what I want to talk about

today is based on the back of the

competency progression model and going

from learning absolutely nothing about

marketing your business to all the way

to the point where you're fully

competent like you're unconsciously

competent you know it you're fluid in it

just like you speak the English language

and then you can start to delegate those

tasks to to other people so you're not

staying up all night doing it I have a

landscaping and window cleaning business

in Michigan and I still find myself up

at night that till 2:00 a.m. doing the

marketing it gets very frustrating

because you'll start something and then

as soon as your hand isn't on it it

falls apart when you do it so you you

have a business to run and you have a

million things to do but anyways this is

called the the marketing a progression

pyramid and how this works is the very

first stage of the pyramid at the bottom

here is unconscious competence you

literally you don't know that you don't

know so does anybody has anybody ever

heard of the competency progression

model can you tell me a little bit about

what it is here you go

the best way for me to explain

is along with them one of the

definitions of that model is an inchworm

and it's wormholes it stretches out and

then it pulls its back up and it

stretches out as it walks and it pulls

its back up and then keeps catching up

to us so so as you learn through the

model here you're improving your day to

day you're better yeah that makes sense

so Europe you're blind and you don't

even know it until you walk a mile and

you see a mile so the first steps are

unconscious incompetence like the very

very first is you don't even know that

you don't know so you don't even know

what questions to ask and you're just

blind out there trying to do whatever

you can to quote-unquote get work and

keep the hopper full now that's like you

know nothing the very very next step of

that is conscious incompetence pardon me

I am slightly dyslexic so so conscious

conscious incompetence with your

marketing is that when you get to phase

number 2 and that's where you start

asking questions

you start looking out at what other

people are doing in their marketing like

you get mail that people are marketing

things to you you see it all over the

Internet you see all over the place then

you start seeing marketing everywhere

everybody's trying to sell you something

everybody has something for sale there's

a marketing piece and marketing really

is it's creating a promise hello Jeff

it's creating a promise that you'll

deliver a specific result to XYZ

audience or person or potential client

you're creating promises okay so when

you start looking out that's kind of

dangerous as well because in the second

phase it's called copycat marketing if

you don't know why you're doing what

you're doing you don't know marketing

psychology then what could happen is you

start just copying what everybody else

is doing it because hey it looks good it

seems like they're working for them I

don't know their data I don't know their

analytics I don't know if they're even

getting any results but this company's

website looks like that so I'm going to

model what they're doing

but because of the copycat marketing

literally 80% of the people out there

that are doing marketing they're

actually just copying everybody else so

it's all copycat marketing going on but

we don't know specifically what is the

message we're putting out and what is

the direct response we're looking to

elicit to get the phone to ring to get

to somebody to fill out a contact form

on our website and the whole reason

we're talking about this is so we can

get leads flowing in like crazy so we

can make the phone ring all the time so

not only are we getting leads coming in

when it's really really busy but also

when it's slow so you're never in that

position where you're you're worried

about like is the phone gonna stop

ringing am i afraid to hire somebody

else can I make this next move or

elevate my lifestyle would up the work

stops so learning all this and the

reason why we're talking about all this

is so you can have leads coming into

your business all the time and you don't

have to worry at all ever again about if

you're going to quote ahead of money

coming in has anybody ever worried about

you know what if all this on the work

stops or does it get really slow

especially for you guys it gets low

interesting so goes like this but it's a

roller coaster and it falls off a cliff

okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna share some

things that I've learned that are really

phenomenal low-cost and no-cost ways to

market your business because when I

started I was completely flat broke and


apartment with my wife we had an

eviction notice at one point and I

didn't have any money to spend or

experiment on anything so getting really

good at things called a guerilla

marketing tactics are things that can

help you a lot and I want some of your

input as well but as right now you have

business cards door hangers Flyers

magnets bandit signs that you could put

out and then you can get into targeted

marketing like anybody do postcard

mailings yab send Jim postcard mailings

those work as well and doing define

marketing and target areas another thing

that's amazing right here is anybody get

into ringless voicemail and said Jim yep

does anybody do email marketing you do

email marketing as well okay so what

happens on this journey is when you go

from stage two to conscious and

competence you go to conscious

competence like this is where you know

how to do marketing now sorry so you

start to get excited because you're like

you you learn oh my god when I'm

creating a flyer on my website how many

colors do you want well actually a

maximum up to a bear a total maximum of

three colors but you want maybe two

colors max two fonts max if you have too

many colors and too many fonts going on

it becomes confusing to the customer and

then they they they don't know what to

think there's like there's just for some

reason has anybody ever looked at a

website and it doesn't look trustworthy

but you look at a major corporate

website and it looks like very

trustworthy they're just something that

happens in the subconscious mind where

you like I'm in the right place and I

know I can trust this because it's

everything is formatted it looks

extremely clean so once you become

conscious about this and I want to give

you some resources right now that you

can write down and take notes is anybody

listen to audiobooks there's some

phenomenal books that you can pick up

and listen to why you work that'll like

enlighten your mind on all of this so

basically we're gonna write here

literally everything by Seth Godin

he's written books like the linchpin he

wrote a book called permission marketing

what is that purple cow is an amazing

book he talks about here's a good

example there's a plumber in Michigan

where I live literally the entire side

of his van is like a half naked dude

sitting on the toilet but when he rolls

down the window

it's him driving so like that's a purple

cow you can't miss that by doing things

that are bold that other people notice

and they can't forget it could just be

in the way you serve your customers

maybe you send all your customers

gourmet brownies and you knock their

socks off when you become bold with your

marketing and you start to become really

conscious and competent about that then

what happens on this third phase right

here when you're getting really really

good at it you start to get not only

experimental but you start to have fun

with it are the batteries Diane's is it

J you start to have fun with your

marketing you start dabbling and

Facebook ads launching a Google Ads

campaign does anybody do Facebook or

Google Ads okay so you you get excited

about your marketing but the next thing

is you can get overwhelmed and

frustrated because you're trying to run

a business all day and then you're

trying to manage the marketing at the

same time and at night cool check check

cool all right one second okay so I want

to give you the tools that that you can

use to take the marketing in your

business and house and take it into your

own hands so you can control it when you

hire other companies to do your

marketing I won't say who they are but

some of them they'll actually they take

hold and now you're basically leasing

that property in that real estate from

them so if you ever stopped paying them

money all the work that you've created

with them they can they take

down or they can take away from you at

any moment does this make sense so but

you might get afraid to take the

marketing in-house or you're

apprehensive about that because you

actually you don't have the time to do

all this stuff if you do I say over the

winter in your downtime go crazy and

start creating a huge organic marketing

campaign inside of your business by

creating blog posts here

I need more place to write here doesn't

I'm going to do a search engine

optimization in their business write

blog post articles okay so most of you

are so extremely busy running the

business that it's hard to do all this

right so I'm gonna get to the next step

here in a second which is the thing that

just like blew my mind and changed

everything for me

but so blog post articles you obviously

started an Instagram page for your

business a Facebook page and all domain

Authority sites you want to time to find

the top 50 domain authority sites and

you can look this up and you should

create profiles on every single one of

them because these domain authority

sites have strong backlinks that you're

gonna link back to your website Yoast

yak's local SEO every single locus local

business listing that will allow you to

create a profile on it for free you

should do this and spend the time it

might take you like 10 hours to do it

but if you do it and you make sure all

of your information your business

information your phone number your

contact the biography everything just

like you were to create a profile and

LinkedIn make sure it's matching across

all of these domain Authority sites as

much as you can do this is something

that you might pay a company a thousand

dollars to do that's all that they're

really doing they're just creating an

interconnecting spiderweb of backlinks

on the internet and running it all back

to your website yes so Google's BOTS

what they're doing is they're running

scripts everything that you publish on

the Internet whatsoever all you

everything a picture a blog post even a

post on Facebook

Google's bots are always scanning that

and they're reading the keyword density

what is it about and they're

categorizing it through search engine

optimization they're categorizing it to

a library imagine if you walk through a

physical library and you see like drama

section this is the section a health

care plant it takes the information that

you're publishing online and it puts it

where it belongs based off of whatever

the content is so when you start

becoming aware this and deliberately

creating information in your business

like um let's just say you shot a

YouTube video about you have a lot of

landscapers here okay you shot a YouTube

video about landscaping you put heavy

keywords and the title saying best

landscaping service near me and Atlanta

Georgia with the zip code and then

inside of the description you write a

whole description about the landscape

project based off things that customers

that are actually locally typing and and

searching for and then you fill out all

of the tags on YouTube and now you

publish those videos like once a week

right here I want to show you something

can I actually like raise this up we're


alright check this out my only worry

today is that I like don't overwhelm you

guys like can I turn this off where is

it oh there it is sweet

sweet okay yeah so here's what I'm

talking about here's the top of your

funnel right here and when I talk about

the top 50 domain authority sites your

gobs are gonna have your Facebook you're

gonna have Instagram you're gonna have

LinkedIn you're gonna have xed any local

citation website that will allow you to

create a presence just literally look

this up top 50 local top 50 local small

business search sites it'll pop right up

in Google you can find this there's

there's something called yext Y ext they

want you to pay for the service and

they're just literally doing this for

you but you don't have to pay for them

you could do it all yourself so all of

these lead sources are you know Google

Ads you have Facebook all of these are

all of your lead sources now probably

20% of your 80% of your leads are gonna

come from 20% of your lead sources which

would be probably Google my business

I probably word-of-mouth but you still

want to have a presence on all these

other sites because you're creating

these backlinks a backlink is is

basically the custom unique URL that you

get like your facebook.com/ ford slash

your business link 10.com forged slash

your name these urls

when you place them on your website and

then you embed them inside of what the

Googlebot is searching say if it's on a

blog post article a YouTube video a

description they say this is a blog post

anything that you're creating and

publishing online that has these

backlinks going into it that's linking

back to your website which is your main

home page of your landscaping business

with a contact form and a phone number

what it's doing is its powering up your

website because you have the more

backlinks than anybody else so Google

and the Internet is built completely on

backlinks and keyword density so whoever

has the most of this stuff and it's the

highest quality and it's the most of

what a human would actually do I'm not

saying hiring somebody to just post a

bunch of crud on the end

but doing something genuinely sitting

down and writing blog post articles and

creating YouTube videos and Instagram

posts and things for your business that

not only satisfy Google but satisfy real

people who are looking on their phones

and laptops trying to find your business

for instance like a landscaping video on

YouTube that's saying hi I'm Joe with

Joe's landscaping in Atlanta Georgia

nice to meet you

today we're doing a project for a client

right down the street from you and we're

building this retaining wall we're

putting in a waterfall and I'm going to

show you a before and after sequence of

video footage of what this property

looked like before during and after so

you're getting the results in advance

and you're seeing exactly what you'll

get if you hire us come along you don't

have to be an actor you don't have to be

anything you could just use your cell

phone and create a video like this and

then type all that stuff in the

description now if you create a blog

post article and attach it to your

website and you embed that video and

then you transcribe everything that you

said and to text and clean it up now you

have an SEO rich search engine optimized

blog post with the video text and links

linking everybody back to your website

so you're driving everybody to your

website ok so if you only have one or

two lead sources going on like you're

just doing Google Ads

or word of mouth you're limiting

yourself got all these other sources of

leads getting your phone ring contact

forms jobs money then you're really

limiting yourself because you might not

be aware of everything that's available

for you know the frustrating part is how

how do you make the time for all this

you can get really good at this stuff

I would wake up in the morning before

work a half an hour early anybody wake

up and first thing you do is grab your

phone ok so it's like the worst thing

you should

but I would wake up in the morning and I

grab my phone and I'd go on my my blog

so what's the best blog wordpress.org

you can create your own free blog if you

have a website hosting domain you can

create you can open up a blog page and

start writing blogs so I'd sit there and

I would type an entire blog about Kalfas

window-cleaning and Sterling Heights and

everything that they're gonna get here's

an example we have three different

distinct packages one is we clean all

the windows on the outside - and here's

the pricing and here's pictures three we

do the inside outside tract sills and

screens we were proudly serving Macomb

County and Oakland Township we've done

4,000 clients were licensed and insured

highly referred and just write all this

stuff and a whole story about it with

all the links linking back to the

website then you take that post and you

share it on Facebook and share it all

over the page place and you publish it

and then you share this with your

clients it's you're creating search

engine optimization to make your phone

ring okay I literally have been in a

drive-thru at like Tim Hortons anybody

have Tim Horton Oh


Starbucks typing up a blog post while

I'm waiting for the coffee and then

publishing it so the next thing is when

you're doing this you're creating

YouTube videos and blog posts and you're

posting and you're creating what's

called a here you go you you you you

basically have like in your marketplace

as a small business owner you are you

could be a generalist the next step is

you can become a specialist and then the

next step is you can become an authority

and then the next step is celebrity and

then celebrity Authority so when you're

publishing information online blog posts

articles videos Instagram posts you're

creating Facebook ads and you're putting

this out there for your customers to see

and putting it directly in front of your

target market what happens is they begin

to know you like you can trust you

before they even meet you so they're

picking up the phone because they've

already seen your work they are to see

what you're doing and they like it

versus calling somebody that they don't

know I call this guy on Google

he's got three reviews this guy has 50

reviews and they're gonna see on Google

all this these extra links and sites and

authority sites attached to your

business name if they look you up

they're gonna see videos popping up

they're gonna see blog post and now they

can go whoa okay this company has been

around for a while they're an authority

they have more credibility because

you're getting them results in advance

and you can actually intentionally yeah

I used the word yesterday I was like you

can manipulate the system and and he was

like you shouldn't use that word but you

can attentionally create this authority

effect in your local marketplace - now

where customers want to hire you because

they saw you in the video and they like

you does this make sense

okay so once you start to get all this

down and now you get good at doing all

this the hardest part is because you

become you're in handcuffs to your

business in a way and you're trying to

do all this marketing stuff and you're

trying to make these videos and these

blog posts and now it's at the point

where like up until Sunday night at 2

o'clock in the morning doing all this

crazy marketing stuff okay do we have

any questions yet because I'm gonna move

in the next thing we raise your hand if

you think of it because I definitely oh

what is it


for specifically for actually Joshua

Latimer and Brandon Vaughn if you write

down their names they have something

called the marketing super course it is

mind blowing yeah you have guys like I

won't name off all their names but it's

phenomenal it's like a thousand dollar

course but if you watch that thing

two-three times you'll be if you'll

become fully equipped even Joshua

Latimer I'm talking about


yes so when you create the blog post

there's there's something called keyword

density and link stuffing which is a

blackhat SEO technique which you

shouldn't do and I'm glad that you asked

that question so you want to be careful

and just pepper these links in here and

they're like you grab it read article on

the internet and it says it'll say a

certain product but it's like

highlighted in blue but you can click it

and then it'll take you to something or

take you to that thing an embedded

hyperlink right so you're creating these

hyperlinks which are actually they're

called they're backlinks and it's

driving people to hopefully your website

as soon as possible and direct response

marketing advertising when it comes to

owning a local business you want to get

customers to your website and to pick up

the phone as fast as possible it's not

something where you're gonna take a

sales letter and flip it on its side and

create this whole long thing for

customers before they buy something from

you so you want to drive them to your

website as soon as possible by embedding

these hyperlinks and then peppering in

these other links because they're

reading back and forth and it's making

you become an authority because you're

connected to all these domain

authorities you're borrowing credit and

then I also have a course called the

marketing ROI course online it's keith

calvess com

slash ROI and it's an entire live event

that I do each year and it's all the

recordings of that live event that teach

you how to market your business what was

the next question anybody here in the

room that gets it I'll literally give it

to you for 70% off so if you buy the

course online I'm not here to sell you

anything but but it's only for this room

specifically so what were you gonna say

so is this the point where you should

try and target your market or is that

later on yeah so when we get into target

marketing this is actually psychology

like creating price transparency you you

want on your if this is your I'm sorry

this is your website if you start

putting packages and pricing literally

directly on your website and you start

using keywords that are specific that

speak the native language to the

customers that you want to target and

talking about the specific areas right

in your marketing like what what is a

city that you live in that you really

want to do work in but you don't want to

do work somewhere else what's the city

you want to do work in Plymouth okay so

when you talk about that in the

marketing you're actually creating these

these disqualifiers that make people who

are reading it say oh that's not for me

I don't even live in that area or oh wow

are those those pricey packages like

$6,500 I was looking for something for

like maybe four or five hundred bucks or

whatever it could be the opposite right

it could be something for $99 but when

you're publishing what what you do and

what you serve to customers in the

marketplace and you're being very

transparent about it and putting that

online and in your marketing materials

people see that and it resonates with

them or it doesn't so when you get very

intentional and realize that you can

intentionally control people's

perceptions based off your copywriting

copywriting is salesmanship in print

then you can get dramatically higher

results bait when

you when you get into the psychology of

it you can learn stuff like this in a

book called oh sorry this is an amazing

book you have to get this inaudible

Robert I'll get to your questions in a

second Chael Dini

has two books the one book is called

persuasion and then the other book is

called pre suasion get those two books

and then also to add to the book

collection you have to get the audio

book by John chance called duct-tape

marketing so it's jom and then I did


then the final book that you you must

get to fill you in on everything that

I'm talking about here is by RL Adams is

there anybody in the room dyslexic yeah

it's fun isn't it like you try to write

one thing in some house

it's called SEO black book the reason I

want you to read these books or listen

to them on audible.com is because when

you start investing your hard-earned

money and marketing and advertising or

maybe hiring somebody to do it now you

know what's going on and you can read

through there be us there's something

called black hat SEO techniques black

hat marketing is where they're cheating

the system back in the day you could buy

Facebook Likes Instagram Twitter likes

and followers with doing something like

that well actually it'll get you demoted

in the search engines and you will

become penalized by Google and they'll

take your website for a first place or

first page and drop it all the way down

to like the 14th page and it will take

you like years to get back up so be very

careful and make sure everything that

you do is a hundred percent like legal

moral ethical and up and up and you can

get educated on all that stuff by these

books by RL Adams there's more questions

before I go to the next phase

yeah if any of you guys buy it I need to

call him loving I need a cut-off this

he's good no but it's it's amazing the

book is by RL Adams on audible.com he

has several of them SEO black book and

his books called SEO 2016 2017 2018

my friend Eric Reno owns a very

successful roofing company and I was

passing him these books and literally

when I talked to him now he's so

enlightened on all this stuff and look

where did you learn all this dude and

it's specifically from the books and and

I watch it happen with people around me

is there any more questions for I go to

the next phase okay that's called the

sales and marketing super course if you

own a service business that will equip

you with everything that you need to

know it's a very very powerful stuff so

the third phase is conscious competence

right now we're going into the fourth


yeah thank you so much which is

unconscious competence in your marketing

unconscious competence is when you

become totally fluid and really really

good at marketing and you have Instagram

ads running for your business to your

local marketplace that's not working

you're launching Facebook Ads

you're uploading your customer list

directly into Facebook and serving ads

for your business directly on your

clients timeline your remarketing to

your customers and clients you're

running email marketing campaigns on

Facebook so that it if you who here uses

a Google contacts Gmail anybody do you

collect all of your customers data

information obviously firstly last name

address notes about them especially

their email you want to take your

customer list this is like the most

powerful thing

you export the entire list to a CSV file

and that and now you import that list up

into Facebook and then so so Facebook

has a hundred and forty different data

points when this stuff is like eat it's

evil right back in the day it was

prophesizes like this is but it's

actually amazing for marketing because

it will go out and it'll find it based

off the email that your customers

profiles based off the email list you

you loaded and now you can serve cheap

ads directly to your customers timeline

on facebook or their Instagram because

Facebook owns Instagram so they're like

wait a second what's going on here so if

I wanted to dominate a local

neighborhood like here's a neighborhood

let's just say it's two square miles I

would go in the entrances of this

neighborhood and I would put these are

wired bandit signs that you stick in the

ground you can get them on signs on the

cheap calm you can get a whole stack of

them I'd stick wire bandit signs and all

the entrances of a subdivision until

they get mad and yell at me then I would

go to son Jim and I would drop a

postcard bomb mailing to all of these

houses because he

the perfect neighborhood you want to

work in right and I would do that

repeatedly not only doing that all the

neighbors that all the people I have in

that neighborhood you can go on your

Google Maps and look at where all your

customers are you'd find the customers

in that specific neighborhood and then

you create a segmented list so you'd

have to sit down for a couple hours and

scrub your email list but you can create

a list of different neighborhoods and

now you can serve ads to clients

specifically in that neighborhood this

makes sense through Facebook so the next

step is you want to go on you could do

send Jim or you can use something called

sly broadcast okay okay I'd sly

broadcast comm this is incredible yeah

you can take all of your customers phone

numbers so I have like four thousand

five hundred customers contact

information you can export all of the

phone numbers and to lists and now you

can create a ringless voicemail campaign

which is like here's the way mine goes

the one I did this spring hi this is

Keith with kalfus landscaping and window

cleaning the reason I'm calling you

today is because I was taking a look at

our calendar and we've done some work

for you in the past and the spring is

rolling around so if you're looking for

any property maintenance if you need the

landscaping done if you need your

windows clean we'd be happy to serve you

and I'm just reaching out my phone

number is five eight six two six five

eight eight one three and my email is

Keith at kalfus services.com okay I'm

looking forward to hearing from you

click you upload that in the sly

broadcast and now you can launch that to

thousands of people it bypasses their

phone it doesn't ring and it goes to

their voicemail when I got a voicemail

now when they listen to that they think

that you actually left that message for

them and maybe they just missed the home

so what happens is that's leverage and

automation what does that go to cell

phones and

whistles that's a good question I think

it goes to all phones the interesting

thing about that is was it yet a

question this one is slide broadcast you

could use send Jim there's a bunch of

them out there now so I don't have time

to get into Gd P R which is general data

protection regulation oh you know about

that so as long as you have explicit

permission from your your clients and

your customers to do this if they put

their name inside of a contact form or

they giving you your email you'd be fine

you only have to worry about doing this

stuff if you're doing it in Mass if you

started getting into well I have to be

careful what I say so make sure you have

your customers explicit permission

before you market to them how about that

okay and then you can also hire a lawyer

but Terms of Use and privacy policies on

your website so therefore anybody who

puts any information why smiley

anybody who puts any information on your

website they're automatically agreeing

in and you're verifying that you and

them you're in compliance with taking

their information and that you're not

going to sell it to anybody

you're not going to expose it on the

black market you're not going to trade

it with anybody that this is your own

private list and in the event if there's

a data breach on anything and your your

website gets hacked any of your

analytics or data that you will notify

them immediately by by law and they have

tacit agreement with you and that you

you have a task of contractual agreement

that that is such so doing something

like if you have a friend who owns a

small business really hey man give me

your email list of all your clients and

I'll give you mine that's like totally

illegal and you could literally uh you

could get in big trouble for that but if

you market your friends stuff on your

email list and they do the same with

theirs that's okay and might not make

your customers too happy unless you've

unless it

I'm sorry okay so there's one more thing

I want to talk about before I go to this

next thing and how much time do I have

okay I want to show you how this live

broadcast works and I want to warn you

about this so if you have a customer

data list of 5,000 people and you import

all 5,000 of those at once and you send

out 5,000 or even a thousand phone calls

you just literally set yourself up for

doom because your phone is going to be

ringing off the hook and now you're

gonna make a lot of people mad it's

smart to take those and segment and

export them to an Excel spreadsheet and

pump those out to a hundred phone calls

at a time lists of 100 and drip-feed

them into the system so you don't get

overwhelmed with a whole bunch of work

there's it depends on how many of those

of those leads are calling you asking

for work so you're gonna have to buffer

it based off of your production

capability and your the capacity in

which you can take on work so if nothing

happens and only two people call go

ahead and drop the next one right but it

takes about a three week turnaround time

from any marketing or advertising piece

that you put in there's about a three

week cycle from which you start really

seeing and looking at the results it's

not always immediate so that's why you

should always stay on the top of your

customers mind by putting out all this

information that I'm talking about right

here you know they might hire you one

time and then you didn't keep in touch

with them by email by a ringless voice

mail by calling them and following up

with them and now they go with somebody

else who maybe not does they may create

a good service like you do you just did

your customer a disservice by not

following up with them it's used to

follow up with them all the time okay so

hope you've all got that written down

slide broadcast the next thing I want to

show you is an email marketing campaign

okay this is insane when you get

customers emails on your contact form

and you collect them from every single

customer you talk to you on the phone

you start to build a list of email

addresses let's just say you have a

thousand you can get an email art

autoresponder marketing sequence

software that starts to communicate with

all these customers on autopilot we all

get them inside of our phones when you

refresh your you refresh your email

every day you see people emailing you

stuff and you know that's automated

they're not typing that to you well you

can start to do the same exact thing

with your clients and customers by

putting out monthly or even quarterly

newsletters so let's say you have a

quarterly newsletter every single time

there's some type of an event or holiday

you can do like Labor Day sales you can

go on and on and on and how you do this

is by creating a ARCA ting calendar and

you plan this out in your slow season

you say this is what we're gonna do for

the year in our marketing okay and email

marketing is a big part of that so

here's all the different reasons why you

can pick why you'd want to follow up

with your customers to keep offers going

out in front of them all the time on

their email so they go oh yeah honey we

do need this project done that's crazy

so or maybe they're thinking about it

and they got the email and they just

kind of save it and then when they're

ready they're gonna call you because you

emailed them and your competition didn't

okay so if you type up an email to a

customer and you do it in a personalized

tone like mrs. Jones you wouldn't you

can you can put their first name in it

and then it'll automate it so their name

actually pops up but you can say the

spring is rolling around and we're

offering these cleanouts pond clean out

spring cleanups anything and we're

giving a a 10% discount for the month of

June okay you type up that one email and

you upload your customer contact list

right and now you can launch that email

to a thousand people

and if that email works and and

customers start calling you and emailing

you back actually yeah I would like I

would like you to come and do a

clean-out or do something like that if

it's a good email then you want to add

it to your autoresponder sequence which

means you put it in the chain of

something that goes out every single

spring this time now so once you start

to build up this whole arsenal of email

marketing newsletters they'll become

automated too and now they just start

going out automatically to your

customers all the time while you're out

on some job site stressing out and

trying to like fix them fire and then

the phone's ringing you're not you

totally forgot that like 3:00 p.m. on

Friday this email went out to a thousand

people and the leads just keep coming in

does it make sense so you're setting up

these marketing systems inside of your

business that it's just happening no

matter what you're doing it's it's it's

a phenomenal way to create leverage okay

so the next step here is number four I

was aware that everything I'm talking

about might be a little bit overwhelming

a lot of information because it is

what's that I asked Chris about email

yeah when I nice when people say hey

just email me the quote I hate that and

they're just numbers but so is there a

good way or a better way to send a quote

that either has to go through my website

or something that gives me better sales

pitch than just sending an email here's

the quote

you can even of them a quote with a

press kit that includes your your

general liability policy a story about

your business and pictures of what

you've done and then links to your

website inside of the email and

attachments that they can get this whole

kind of portfolio you can give them a

nice handwritten quote or a typed up

quote that also redundantly the computer

you type it from triggers a digital

quote as well I hope I'm answering the

question yeah

so because cloning things digitally is

free let's just say you you went on

Google Docs and you started to create a

portfolio of really nice pictures and

pieces of information that you would

like to give to a really big client they

like you I really hope I land this job

on but just put everything in there that

I possibly can so when they see it they

just they want to go with you because

the other guy just sent them a quote

right well what if you did that and you

just duplicated it and you started

adding it to every single one right so

how you actually do it is do you use a

like do you use Java or a software

program QuickBooks okay let's do what's

your email service provider iCloud okay

so say on the desktop or your computer

do you do it on your phone or your

computer both so let's say your phone or

your computer you have a folder with

your your proof of insurance

before-and-after photos of what you've

done a story about your business you can

even include a couple video links to

some videos you've done anything that

you can add in there that creates more

value and creates more trust for the

customer you're just going to drag and

drop those things inside of the email

has attached links just like somebody

went sends you an attachment right so

you throw those attachments in there

each time now that takes extra work that

might take extra 30 seconds sometimes

you don't have that that's when you

start getting into software that does it

for you automatically

and then that'll buy you back more time

does that make sense

so I think that's an extra thing that

you can do aside from just sending a

digital quote and then you can trigger

an email if you do have a basic software

that does it that follows up with them

automatically on the spot says we'd be

very happy to work with you another one

that follows up with them if they don't

accept the quote in 48 hours it

automatically follows up with them and

ieave with an email that's you know hey

we're following oh I have five minutes

ten minutes oh like ten is ugh I'll do

ten fifteen is it okay okay I'll speed

this up when you get really good at all

this stuff then you find yourself like

getting frustrated because you're doing

all this now you're good at it you are

unconsciously competent which means

you're fully fluid at marketing and

you're doing it you have all these

marketing systems set up in your

business the phone is ringing all the

time it's really really cool but this a

double-edged sword because now you're in

handcuffs to doing all this stuff all

the time

some of its automated some of it you

have to keep doing there's a new step

that helped me out tremendously after in

the last two years and that's the that's

the fourth phase and the marketing

progression pyramid and that's hiring

other people to do it for you

I'm not talking about your little cousin

David who's 18 you're like oh I anybody

ever like you just wish you could have

that person in your business and you

start looking for that person to hire

yeah but I can't pay him like 30 bucks

an hour anything for like it's like 10

bucks an hour or something anyway

somebody I could pay cash on the side

they just do it two three hours a week

doing that stuff you can try it for me

it's blown up in my face I've tried to

hire people from like my cousin - my

little sister and I put them in my

office on the weekends and now I'm

trying to teach them how to do it all

and then they're messing it up and I'm

pulling my hair out so I found these

amazing websites and I know

everybody here to fiverr.com upwork.com

you might have even dabbled in the past

and gone on fiverr.com and spent five

dollars to have somebody do something


well these websites have progressed so

much to now where you have real industry

professionals all over the world who are

experts at pay-per-click Google Ads

Facebook ads video editing blog posts

creation internet marketing campaigns

project managers people that can help

you with all of the marketing inside of

your business and now they work for you

you don't have to put them on the books

you don't have to put them in the office

you don't have to pay payroll taxes on

them I have six different virtual

assistants working from me anyway from

my Facebook Ads guy is in Spain he's

awesome my new Google Ads guy is in

Greece my video editor who was just Vox

during me right before this said my new

up now my new video was in Dropbox right

now and he's in Russia I pay him $50 per

video I have I'm not going to tell you

their names you got to find your own but

my other virtual assistant who's part

part-time just when I need her she's a

data entry specialist when I was talking

about exporting these lists and to slide

broadcast like oh my god figuring out

Excel and doing it all then he gets

stuck I just called her up and then

upwork.com I have a contract set up in

an escrow account what happens is my

wife and I were in the office over the

winter trying to do this and we were

like frustrated I try to get her to help

me sometimes because she's a really

smart and good at stuff and she she

delegated the task to the virtual

assistant who was our new data entry

specialist this would have taken us like

I swear to god like nine hours I did the

math we would have been able to go out

to eat on her date night or anything I

send this data to the data entry

specialist and she literally puts it in

spreadsheets like immediately segmented

just the way I want it and she was done

in like 20 minutes and she's 20 dollars

an hour I think I paid her like that

whole week like 12 bucks or something

so for under $1,000 a month I have six

different virtual assistants working who

are experts doing all these things right

so I want you to go on upwork.com you

have to write this down and fiber comm

which is SFI BER our comm and start

looking through the different people

that can help you do the sales and

marketing and all this crazy stuff

search engine optimization inside of

your business exactly

so at some point you gotta pull the

trigger and spend money you get what you

pay for if you try to get somebody

that's like six dollars an hour you're

gonna get somebody who barely speaks

English like my blog post article writer

I had to get rid of because she was very

she had a master's degree she was in

Asia or something she was writing very

like everything was there but the entire

dialect was like a Pakistan and it made

no sense so you can't lie to yourself

you have to get rid of that person as

soon as possible only because it's not

gonna fit with your target market when

your customers are reading this or your

audience is reading this stuff they're

going like this looks like robotic it

looks like it's not even real so you

might want to find somebody at


who is a blog post article writer who

specializes specifically in writing

articles for the construction industry

and has been doing it for 12 years and

has done work for 3,000 people and has a

five-star review

he's gonna cost you like $60 an hour but

you get what you pay for right so also I

have a podcast editor in Southeast Asia

who's $12.50 an hour I think I bear like

a couple hundred bucks a month less than

that so so here's how you would

syndicate all of this information and

delegate it to a virtual assistant it'd

be really nice to have

you say sometimes you get so frustrated

you like oh my god I wish I had an

assistant that would help me with this

stuff because I can't do it all well you

can know you can have virtual assistants

that help you so here's the syntax I'll

be done completely in like five minutes

I'm literally almost done here's the

content syndication marketing strategy

where's Maya this is like the really

exciting part I'll get rid of all this

this is a this part's insane

this isn't like my favorite part

okay that's enough okay this is the

top-down method it's it's what I call

its my content syndication marketing

strategy okay so let's just say you're

on a job site and you take your phone

out and you create an entire video that

shows your customers results in advance

like I was talking about hi my name is

Joe with Jones landscaping in Macomb

County Michigan or Atlanta Georgia the

YouTube algorithm is listening to every

single word you're saying the zip code

is 4804 for its listening and it's

indexing everything you're saying right

speak as if though it was being

transcribed so I know it takes time to

get aware of this stuff in to do it so

it's not going to be easy at first but

anyways take your phone out and make a

video and walk around the whole jobsite

and show your customer everything that

is going on so they can want to hire you

right you take that video and you can do

this yourself or have a virtual

assistant do it you're going to send the

video to rev.com that's 60 cents per

minute of transcription real human

transcriptionists are going to take

everything you spoke in that video and

they're gonna send it back to you in 24

hours typed out okay or you can have

your virtual assistant do this for you

right because I don't have time to even

go on rip comm anymore but it's good to

get good at this stuff so you know

what's going on the next thing is you

want to have your virtual assistant who

does blog post articles go out and

create a blog post article for you a

bare minimum of 500 words if you can get

up to like 2,000 words plus that's like

authority type stuff in the blog post

article you're gonna have a headline of

something very keyword rich about like

the most people don't like respond to

the word the best anymore because that's

so been overused the most luxurious

landscape installations in Atlanta

Georgia or something like that and

that'll be a whole article that you're

gonna pay a blog post writer to take

this transcription and then format and

add everything that you said into a well

worded keyword dense backlink rich blog

post with this YouTube video embedded

inside of the blog post so what you're

doing is you're repurposing this content

all you did was make a video now you

have a transcription and a blog post and

a video embedded inside of it with

backlinks going to all those authority

domains I was talking about going back

to your website but the next thing

you're going to do is you can take and

you can extract the audio from the video

and now you can create an intro and an

outro and you can create a podcast so

everything that you said in the video is

now a podcast so I have a pre-recorded

intro and outro it goes welcome to the

untracked podcast podcast I'm Keith

Kalfas and we talk about all these

things my blog post editor in Asia takes

that and I she now automatically just

takes my latest videos and she puts an

intro and outro and goes on lips ENCOM I

don't know if anybody here wants to

start a podcast I know Paul Jameson

Heslin and then libsyn it's a content

distribution platform it pumps out the

podcast the videos anything that you

want to all these different platforms so

now you have a podcast on like iTunes

stitcher anchor fm all these different

places you didn't even create a podcast

you just made a video you just made one

video on a job site for 8 minutes ok

does that make sense so when you hire

these people to do this stuff these

virtual assistants these v---aids

you can get this entire marketing

wheelhouse going inside of your business

that's just spitting out content all

over the internet that's rich and

specifically to your target

market leading back to your website in

your phone and all you're doing is just

creating one video what's that yeah so

two years of well I mean I started out

here step by step by step then that's a

good question so this first step here

was like one year in starting my small

business then I got really really

frustrated and I went to Phase two which

was like I was copying everything that I

saw everybody else doing and it wasn't

working too well and then I started

investing in us our online courses and

programs of learning how to marketing

and buying all the books while working

out while working out in the field all

day I'd be listening to audio books and

getting competent at all this stuff and

that's what got me up in this area after

about three years

you can speed it up a lot faster based

off what I'm talking about right now

because I'm showing you the progression

model right now if you get the

information and start listening to these

audiobooks in informing your brain right

away then you can skip through these and

I say you could be up to this level

within six months your first slow season

that comes by and you can dive into it

and commit and block out the time on

your calendar say like okay every single

Friday night from six o'clock until I go

to bed I'm going to work on this stuff

and building marketing systems inside of

my business and one by one you start to

implement these systems so I'd say I'd

say six months you can get to that point

with the virtual assistants now all this

I'm talking about so you can syndicate

and repurpose all the marketing kind of

like on autopilot I'd say that'd be

another six months the speed of

implementation the speed that you

implement this into your business is how

fast it will work so what we're talking

about upward calm

pulling the trigger and spending the

money and hiring somebody and watching

them doing it wrong will actually be

more profitable for you because you'll

see oh my god I spent two hundred and

fifty dollars for a person to create

this whole entire remember I was talking

about the email sequence of all those

emails you can actually hire somebody to

write you something called a soap opera

sequence and they'll write the entire

thing out for you and you just go in and

kind of adjust it boom done and they're

an expert article writer who's written

for magazines in the landscaping

industry for 15 years

and you literally just paid them two

hundred and fifty dollars to give you

this whole sequence that now you could

just insert into your business but does

that make sense what's so funny oh okay

so once you get all this down I was up

till 2:30 this morning doing this crap

okay it's a lot of work which brings you

to the final final step which we're

working on right now

which is phase five what Oh phase five

is where you make that hire of the

project manager who delegates to all of

the virtual assistants so you started

from the bottom just like you do in your

business and you're at the point where

you have you know crews working out for

you you've got a secretary you've got a

calling center you've got a marketing

department but I really believe that

this is the new evolution and having

your own marketing department inside of

your business it's through a team of

virtual assistants that are all being

ran by a project manager by coordinator

somebody that you might pay twenty five

bucks an hour to part-time who is also a

virtual assistant not a person in an

office of VA who specializes in project

managers which I'm scoping out and

trying to find this hire right now it's

been three months then once they all are

working for that project manager now you

start to introduce them all to each

other and now they start

it creates a synchronicity effect and

now everybody's on the same page and

then you can ramp up your marketing and

do anything that you want just by

speaking it or sending an email does

that make sense

so at this level now you move into

automaticity that's where like you just

have computer screens you're looking at

stats analytics data and you're just

like flying off your gauges adjusting

things and when something's wrong you

can spot it because you've been there so

any questions I hope that an

overwhelming huh I've written two books

I got a couple of them over there

because somebody emailed me and asked me

they said they wanted to buy a book my

third book is coming out next spring for

sure now and it's called the marketing

ROI how to automate the sales and

marketing inside of your service

business and then so look out for that

that's on it'll be on audible.com and

Amazon you can go into Barnes and Nobles

in you'll be able to order there get it

mailed to you and then I also have a

yearly event called the marketing ROI

live workshop so it's an event that

takes place in Michigan and just go to

Keith Kalfas com if you want to check

that out and come to that there would be

phenomenal industry leaders there

teaching how to implement all this stuff

into your business the last one that we

did in this past September was like mind

blowing there is like people crying and

stuff because not because of the

marketing information but oh it's only a

300 bucks a ticket and it's a two-day

event so it's you you you really get out

what you put in but is there any


my event was going to be this September

but we're pushing it back till November

December my wife and I just moved and

we've had a lot of stuff going on in our

personal life so I don't want to launch

something that spreading ourselves too

thin I really really care about all the

attendees at my event and that they get

the best that they get transformation

and transcendence and so if we have to

postpone that to make it better and

it'll be that much better when it comes

it's called the marketing ROI yeah yeah

so at first I was answering the phone

all the time then I started creating

block time at 11:00 a.m. til noon before

all the guys and we all go to lunch and

then in the afternoon then I got so sick

of that because like a fire will break

out in the business at 11:00 and I can't

do it like you can never stick to the

things that you say you're gonna do

because you're running a business it's

like a chess table that's rotating and

turning in real time it's so frustrating

but if that's that's how you make things

happen but I finally pulled the trigger

and I hired a company called Jill's

office if you go on my youtube channel

it's like five videos down I did a whole

video about it they're a oh you do what

do you use pin collars pink collars

sweet he doesn't pick up a phone from

April until July fourth so I use Jill's

office they have different packages

based on minutes they're professionally

trained virtual secretaries they're like

in Utah my work phone forwards to Jill's

office there's Anna this is genius by

the way there's an entire script because

I was a little frustrated and scared I

was like oh my god well like how did how

are they gonna know how to talk to my

customers what if they send me a bunch

of stuff that I don't even want to do

how's this gonna work and I just settled

down and I went through their process

because when you get to the point where

that pain of changing is less painful

than the pain of staying the same you'll

change so well I stole it from somebody

something yeah when the pain of changing

is less painful than the pain of staying

the same you'll change and I know for me

my personality type I'll wait till

something gets so bad like like we just

bought our first house I always thought

like no mortgage means agreement until

death I didn't want to buy a house and I

was up all night like sweating bullets

and having nightmares

the day before I signed the mortgage

agreement and now we have a nice house

and everything's nice and it's like two

hundred dollars more a month it's like

it's I'm so glad that we did it but

anyways we a hire a company called

Jill's office they're professionally

trained virtual assistants who are

experienced in answering the phone

specifically for service based

businesses so they have an entire script

based off the cat the Q&A forum that

they sent me

they are literally they pick up the

phone ads they're like a little too

happy they're like thank you for calling

Kalfas professional services how can I

help you so I'm getting all these emails

from them inside of their app that says

uh Dave Jones called

we booked him for a window cleaning for

$349 next Wednesday at from 1:00 until 3

p.m. and he's booked I'm like Jing we

literally just show up and do the window

cleaning and get paid because it's

already blocked out on the calendar

because we've systematized it but all

the landscaping closed I have to visit

in person we black out times based off

area I do landscaping quotes and a tight

radius there's like four zip codes where

we live so in the morning I'm in this

zip code and the afternoon I'm here and

in the evening I'm in this zip code

so they book my quotes according to zip

code when they talk to the customer and

qualify them so I'll have like 10 quotes

booked and I just show up at the quotes

because the secretary already handled it

does that make sense

Jill's office

whatever company is they close so they

send them a quote whatever they whatever

they say say that unlike dude

so all these on phone services virtual

assistants we send out we add about 500

closed a year and we're closing 60 to 70

or so and all they're doing is giving

them everything what we're gonna do

there are expectations what they should

expect us to do what they should do and

what gets approved I schedule it and we

just in the system save this yeah save

hundreds of hours here's one thing that

I learned it's not all or none you don't

have to just pull the trigger and hire

someone for like two grand a month

I used to freak out about this oh my god

I got a Lisa office and put a secretary

on payroll you can literally start out

and hire somebody one hour a week just

try it just do an experiment okay I'm

gonna try this but I want to start with

the lowest lowest possible one hour per

week just see if it works okay next and

that will do five hours per week I'll

start out by hiring one virtual

assistant one time on fiverr.com and I'm

only gonna spend $25 see how it works if

it works you know give yourself a budget

one huge thing you could do is start a

brand new business checking account and

peel off whatever it is for you for me

it was 7% of gross annual revenue so

when I did a hundred grand a year it was

seven thousand a year I broke that up

amongst the season did this much a month

I said this is my allowed Aladdin amount

that I can spend on marketing and

advertising every single month so for me

at one time it was five hundred a month

right in my internet business it's a

thousand dollars a month right so if you

have a little bit more money left over

you could start to play peel off the

money in advance to start saving in a

separate checking account so now that

money has set it aside specifically for

hiring your first virtual assistant

hiring a calling center find the biggest

pain point in your business that relates

to marketing everything that we're

talking about and then you can start to

free up your time a little bit to make

yourself busier so you can do more

you know saying so that's the end of my

talk is any more question I hope that

served you it's my honor thank you so

very much


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