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In today's fast-paced world, it can be hard to find the time to sit down for a meal at a restaurant. Luckily, there are plenty of great restaurants that offer fast food options. Here are 10 of the best fast food restaurants in the United States:

1. McDonald's - With over 36,000 locations worldwide, McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food restaurants. They offer a variety of menu items, including burgers, chicken, salads, and breakfast items.

2. Burger King - Another popular fast food chain, Burger King has over 15,000 locations worldwide. They offer a variety of burgers, chicken, and fish sandwiches, as well as salads and sides.

3. Wendy's - Wendy's is a fast food chain that is known for their fresh, made-to-order square hamburgers. They have over 6,500 locations worldwide and also offer chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides.

4. Taco Bell - Taco Bell is a fast food chain that specializes in Mexican-inspired cuisine. They have over 7,000 locations worldwide and offer a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos.

5. kfc - kfc is a fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken. They have over 19,000 locations worldwide and also offer grilled chicken, sides, and salads.

6. Subway - Subway is a fast food chain that specializes in sandwiches and salads. They have over 44,000 locations worldwide and offer a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

7. Dunkin' Donuts - Dunkin' Donuts is a fast food chain that specializes in donuts and coffee. They have over 11,000 locations worldwide and offer a variety of donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee drinks.

8. pizza Hut - pizza Hut is a fast food chain that specializes in pizza. They have over 16,000 locations worldwide and offer a variety of pizzas, wings, and sides.

9. Sonic - Sonic is a fast food chain that specializes in burgers, fries, and milkshakes. They have over 3,500 locations worldwide and offer a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sides.

10. Arby's - Arby's is a fast food chain that specializes in roast beef sandwiches. They have over 3,300 locations worldwide and also offer turkey sandwiches, salads, and sides.

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what the heck is this

hello mcdonald's

thomas mcdonald's here is is this a

mcdonald's is this a new mcdonald's it's

opened up it's got a menu sorry we're


we don't do deliveries

no only pick up what is this it's an

in-store thing i think i got a knock

hello sorry just one second i'll put you

on hold

uh yep

welcome to tommy's mcdonald's tommy

woody what are you doing here didn't you

know i started a mcdonald's franchise in

our house this is awesome

yeah uh so the menu's here so there's a

few things that actually we don't have

for breakfast yes it's breakfast now we

don't do the milk cheese we don't do

them with spaghetti and we don't do the

mcburrito okay they're only lunch and

dinner so if you want those you gotta

come back lunch or dinner okay all right

i like that oh this is so awesome all

right so can i get so you've got

mcnuggets 10 piece but only want five

can i get a mcnuggets five piece

you can but you're going to need to pay

the same price though what

hey this is mctime that's a ripper

tommy's where negotiation isn't a thing

that's a rip-off sorry that's our policy

this is not man

negotiation isn't a thing

all right fine i i want the nuggets so

yeah mcnuggets by piece okay for the

same price as 10 piece

it's ridiculous yeah okay i also want my

mcchip so can i have double that same

price mcchips yeah double

double yeah no you paid double the no

what how does that make sense

listen you either make the order or you

don't need to order here no okay okay

okay i'm hungry i'm hungry

i come hungry okay

i've got a lot of paying customers

calling in everything okay all right

i'll just i'll take them with chips just

normal size okay

mc chips you're gonna need to pay double

for that what just because i don't like

your attitude i'm kidding okay

oh man i was i was gonna freak out okay

uh we got also a chick wrap chicken wrap

that looks delicious myth


this is so going to be awesome and i'll

get a mix soda

that's the sunkist version


one second all right yep

okay you ready to go to your seat uh

yeah okay i'll take you to your seat

awesome come with me

this is where you'll be dining today

beautiful in my fine thomas's mcdonald's

establishment oh


your food will be to you in five minutes

any later than that and it's all free oh

okay let's hope he takes his time

hey he forgot about payment which means

i think i'm getting away with this meal

for free anyway

i'll take that that's awesome i

shouldn't have said that too loud he

might have heard me but that's all right

all right five piece mcnuggets the

mcchips chicken wrap i'm just gonna

start on the mcnuggets and the chips


all right here's my chips

here's my mcnuggets

and these are for the chicken wrap

that's going to be nice

let's do the heat test see if the oil is



it's ready so we're gonna start off by

putting in the chicken

that was the most uncomfortable feeling

and these mick chicken nuggets he only

wanted 500 feet

it's a nightmare

this is going to be a nice meal

what are you doing here hey i'm just

here making sure it's fresh making sure

it's fresh of course it's fresh yeah i

don't know it's easier

yeah sometimes they can be non-fresh i'm

after the fresh stuff listen this is

thomas's mcdonald's we don't do not

fresh here we'll see about that now

let's put in his i don't even know what

size fries i'm gonna give him i'm gonna

give him large though

that's a bit of spillage so it's getting

a bit more bit more chips than he paid

for do you know behind them

listen did i need you to question me and

my cooking

you sit down and you eat this yeah i'm

just uncertain

don't think i've forgotten you're gonna

pay for this still

unless i don't do it in five minutes

time it's already been three minutes no

it hasn't

look at all this guys it's almost ready

doesn't this look like the nicest food

you could imagine look how nice this

looks it's golden it's crispy

he's gonna love this food i'm gonna get

a repeat customer from johnny that's for


now it's time to make the masterpiece

so we're gonna separate his nuggets that

are still very hot

there's his five nuggets still pays the

same price that's because


we don't negotiate

they're for the wrap we're going to make

the most delicious chicken wrap you've

ever seen

but we need to solve this

if you're not mixing chips like that are

you really even making chips

by the way in australia we call them

chips in america you guys call them

fries that's just

you gotta taste test them

good thing it's not working

i can see you through the reflection

say what beating my chip what do you

mean those are my chips hey

hope you're not

ah a few minutes and your food will be



how's it looking huh

give me chip put that down

did he honestly just reach in

go back to the seat or i won't give you


let's make the right time for the

chicken wrap a nice tortilla right here

we're going to pop that in the pan then

we get the chicken

and you know you could put them in like

this but look at that it doesn't look

very good that's what we're gonna do

because it tommy's mcdonald's we don't


we're gonna

professionally chop this up look at that

look at that guys doesn't that just look


can you go back to your seat

you're spoiling the stuff you're



he keeps trying to sidle up here

okay now we're gonna

and don't worry guys i've definitely

washed my hands they're clean how could

i run an establishment with dirty hands

get his nice chicken bits in like that

it's already looking good i can tell

everyone at home is just hungry right

now i'm even hungry pickles

i'm gonna sprinkle a few pickles in here

just like that


customer yeah what sauce would you like

on your wrap


whatever sauce you think is best

but can i have sauces on the side as

well like tomato sauce yeah i'll put a

little cup for you so most people would

put the tomato sauce after but because

i'm gonna fry this

i'm gonna put it now

just a little just like that

and then for the best part


now we grab it like this and we flip it

upside down

turn that on grab this bit of olive oil

and we let that cook for a bit now we

flip it

look at that perfect flip time

the cheese in there has gone crispy here

let's get this on the plate

so we're going to basically wrap

everything around this wrap because

that's the main part of the meal we have

is five piece nuggets

we're gonna

present them so that when he sees this

he wants to eat it and he's going to

enjoy it eating it we also have three

left over here so we're going to give

these as a bonus because he had to pay



now look at that guys you told me you

see this plate you just went to

mcdonald's you ordered this stuff you

see this plate you're not going to want

to eat that i want to eat that i'm

hungry but you know what i'm running the

store i can't eat it right now i'll make

it later tomato sauce in one bowl and

mustard in the other

now we take it to it

order up yes

all right

pick up is here yup

are you for the five piece mcnuggets the

mcchips the mcchicken wrap and the

mcsoda yes that's me that's a total of

15 20. 15 20 can do


keep the change

this is a 50 keep the change

that's like a 35 you know what i like


it's a pretty big tip i'll take it

all right

well i hope you enjoy this meal all


there's your sauces thank you and



this looks incredible all right let's

try one of these first up

i didn't even order these


oh this is so good

oh wow

this is delicious


time for the big boy


that's how you cook on my chicken right

the dark ones oh

this is delicious


talk about

high quality servers

that's what this is

i've got to go give my compliments to

the shop i do right now

i can't even wait i've got them


uh yep just push it down

ah compliments to the shaft that is

magnificent ah i'm glad you enjoyed it

and uh

my pickup order staff said you gave us a

50 instead of 15 yeah that's a pretty

big tip

i thought you deserved it that meal is

incredible thank you you've done

magnificent if you want nice food we

sell different food at lunch and dinner

so i'm probably going to come back for

lunch so i'm hungry again be sure to

come on by to tommy's mcdonald's all

right sounds good

all right

let's see i'm back it's lunch time baby

that food this morning was so nice i

need to get more all right i'm thinking

this time you know what just gonna order


uh be with you in a moment nah open now


yeah one moment hi what's happening hi


we're very busy here yeah i know i know

so i just wanted to make another order

always open whenever you please okay

yeah we're very sure he's got a lot of

customers on back order but i'm your

main customer you're the one that's here

in person but they come and pick it up

later i'm the main customer though okay

i'm your favorite customer

what's your name uh jonathan jonathan

nice to meet you i'm thomas good this is

my mcdonald's establishment good okay

what would you like um so i'm thinking

i'm a cheese

looks delicious mccheese yep

half the price i can't pay is that one

make a cheese yeah just one cheese one

but half the price because i can't pay

the full amount how many times do i need

to you said it's negotiable no we don't

negotiate here well it's up to you half

the price on a cloak that gave us 50

when you only needed to give us 15 in

the morning that is true it is i am not

pork so what are you trying all right

fine i'll pay the full man all right

make cheese

can i get a mcchips one with chips


mcchips and i think old chips don't you

yeah i do

i think i'll get actually instead of

make chips i'll get mcnuggets mcnuggets

okay so cut the machine mix

nuggets and one mcflurry

and one


flurry okay so that'll be all that will

come to a total of

uh if my calculations are correct 16.50


you paid us 50 last time so we're going

to give it to you on the house

really yeah

you are a good man you are a good man

this is why you've got a good business

running are you ready for your meal it's

going to be very hot i'm ready all right

so we're going to start off with the

mick cheese so that is a very delicious

burger so we're going to start off with

the mints and we're going to make the

patty from scratch so

we're going to

season it with salt now it's these

flavorings that make the patty delicious

so we're going to get some onion powder

we're going to put that in it we're

going to get some garlic powder

put that in it

mixed herbs

this is how i like to make a fresh patty

and this is one of the nicest parts of

the whole thing print it all together

some fresh



i also like to squeeze a little bit of

olive oil just to get a bit of moisture

in there

gloves on

because this is a dirty messy

process and we

mix so we mix all this together to get

the flavoring throughout the whole thing

we want to measure out about how big our

patty how big we want it to be so that

much mince meat uh excuse me


excuse me

yeah this is taking extraordinarily long

what this is taking really long it's

only been a few months hey i've been

waiting it's only listen don't don't get

smart with me all right this is a free

meal i'll go to the head of this

franchise is that you or is that

something that is no that is me okay so

i won't go to that

hey come on


after that disturbance which listen was

really i have the control in this little

mc4 you want me to lock it okay fine you

won't get go all right all right it's

lunch and it's like i know it's lunch

but you won't get dinner okay making

this right and that's it you know that

you're the only food place i can come to

i do know that and that's why i'm able

to stand strong

okay so we add olive oil into the pan

now this is the part that makes this

burger next level

bacon so we're gonna put in

two pieces

two pieces of bacon into our pan right

here like this

i'm sorry are you all right what are you

what do you want here what what do you

want you see me what do you mean how did

i see you watching i closed this and it

was open so there's only one way that

happened i was just watching to make

sure it's fresh

i'm all about eating fresh fruit you've

used the same line a few times okay

watch them watch and enjoy my favorite

meal i think i've ever eaten last night

it was really good

ever in my whole life one of the best


make sure you know about it i'm not

gonna burn it i'm the chef this is a

michelin style restaurant i mean it's

just a matter so i don't know

michelin star means like the top of the

top high quality and he's telling me

that this isn't a michelin star

restaurant i earned those michelin stars

on ebay alright it costs quite a bit to

buy five chicken nuggets

all right

see this this is your party

don't be too harsh with it i'm not

looks like you're hearty

hurting it now we get it into like a

ball shape like this flatten it out a

little bit

we turn this heat on

did you just take my phone huh put my

phone back

i need that for orders people call in

all the time we want to push our thumb

down in the middle there let's make


now we want to add just a little bit of

butter this is going to give it a really

good flavor


the order's nearly ready

what is that fire alone ah no i'm just

gonna make the fire alarm go

about that are you actually gonna chest

the grate

we got a chef there's a lot of smoke all

right we got a chef with the fire along

don't worry about it

see it's off it's off now

it's off it's off it's off now all right

you're lucky this time the patty is done

it's time for the bun right now guys cut

this open all right so we're going to

cook this on both sides

we're going to just lightly cook it we

don't want to burn this thing alright so

take a look at this guys that's how you

want it to look we're going to start off

by putting a little bit of mayo

mixed with some mustard and some tomato

sauce we want to get a bit of that and

put it on the top as well then we put on

the patty

then the bacon then we put a slice of

cheese and another piece of bacon

close it


jonathan yeah would you like your

mcflurry now or after your meal ah after


order up oh yeah here we go

all right


uh order for jonathan or one mccheese

one mc sorry one mcnuggs and one

mcflurry yep and i was told that this is

free and your mcfly's coming up oh yeah

this bargain looks incredible thank you

oh my goodness

oh this burger is going to be one of the

best burgers i've ever been into

was right

that was one of the best burgers

i've ever eaten

oh my goodness look at that bacon

gherkins cheese tomato sauce

mustard oh


and the bacon adds so much flavor to 10

out of 10

oh my goodness

all right let's go after we can start

the mcflurry

uh yep uh this window

for order so um can you start making my

mcfly you're mcflurry uh sarah history

doesn't say that you ordered i ordered a

mcflurry everything was free charged

with cheese

oh you're jonathan yeah yeah one mcfly

how would you like many m ms with that

yes okay good thank you be in a few

minutes awesome time to make this

delicious mcfly of mini m m's bottom


one scoop of vanilla few more m ms we

get choc chip a nice

clunk of that

and then

we put a bit more m ms

now we add in cookies and cream

right on top

look at that

and a little bit of chocolate

just to make the party a few of these on


and then we get our little chocolate


then we get our dessert spoon

put it in like that

look at that

who wouldn't want to eat that who

wouldn't want to eat

all right here we go mcflurry time


uh jonathan's

yep yeah one mcflurry yup and this was

on the house as well oh thank oh my

goodness thank you that is all right oh



i love ice cream this is so nice

mmm mmm

just add that flavor


look at this

all the way through

just delicious ice cream oh all right

dinner time alrighty i'm thinking mm-hmm

i think i know what i want hello

mcthomas you there uh yes we are very

busy yeah i know know that right i know

i know i know hundreds of calls listen

from this establishment every second see

another call one sec okay

yeah mom

mom hey

open up no i'll be home i'll be home

yeah i know i'm running a mcdonald's

establishment mum he's talking to his

mum he said he's got lots of customers

it's just his mum i know his only

customer no i'm not a bludger i'm

working right now


does this guy even walk is this even

real that's the biggest order we've ever

had call in

okay so ever i've never had an order

bigger than i could hear it was your mum

putting on a facade i can see straight

through it what are you talking about my

mom this isn't it was your mummy i'm a

fully grown adult sure sure sure sure

all right all right whatever anyway it's

none of my business i don't have to be

part of that okay so

what i want so i'll take the spag bowl

hold on hold on let me just go speak to

my head sous chef see if he can make

that okay it's hey

hey listen

we know there's only one of you and you

were speaking to no one we know there's

only one over there

there's only one of you and there only

has just over there

there's no one there he's making stuff


yeah come here

he wants this bag ball he's got it

locked oh yeah so we can make the spec

ball okay it's just his fingers holding

it we can make this bag

i want an apple noodle actually no apple

pie apple pie apple pie yeah and i'll

take a ten piece mcnuggets i'll take

chips i'll take a mcchicken wrap okay we

don't do the mcnuggets chips or chicken

wrap at night okay apple i mean apple

pie apple




much burrito uh do you want ice cream

with your apple strudel yes definitely

with ice cream vanilla ice cream okay um

i'll take

three mick chips with spag bowl you want

mick chips three of them yeah three i'll

take six

mcnuggets ten pieces like maybe

we don't do mcnuggets what game are you

playing at sir

i'm not playing a

game we're close wait what

i'm hungry it's dinner


wet clothes no i'm hungry okay so no

mick chips no chick nugs no more chips

no okay apple's turtle make spaghetti

and a

mixer yeah that's what i'll tell you all

right cool that'll be with you within

the next

hour what


hour hello

what do you mean an hour

good thing i already have the spag bowl

prepped hey


so this is the



bolognese and the apple pie already

pre-made see this

hand crafted

it's difficult but

what can you do you got to put in effort


some vanilla ice cream on the side of

his apple pie oh looks like we only have

mcsolo left all right

here's my pasta

it's hot and ready


all righty

i'm here

are we we'll miss you what your

spaghetti polisher awesome i don't know

why you changed yeah it's hot why is

this plate hot do you very can you

microwave this be very careful it's hot

at the bottom

and your

is this my handmade apple pie smells

good handmade apple pie i think it's

minecraft and earlier you said that me

the sous chef and the simple you're one

guy i can push down that's the same

person it is the same person what are

you talking about you got the same face

we are completely different people can

you not hear my accent john john will

approve this it's changed about three

times but don't worry about that okay

okay goodbye thank you good night good

night you forgot my drink oh i'll bring

it to you okay

uh yeah one drink

you're the same guy three different

people one establishment come on yeah

well same guy same guy all the time what

did he say what did he say he called me

the same guy as you two sure i know what

is he talking about i know he's

different guys different guy we all

different people you know hey i know

he's crazy what

what's going on huh

there's another call yep delivery

he just got revealed that pickup true

all right let's eat okay uh that will be

with uh within the

within the hour here we go within the

hour for delivery


pickup will be


later next december this is good

this is very good

oh wow

mmm how are you liking your food


was good very good your plate was hot

you microwaved this didn't you i didn't

do anything the sous chef is in charge

of that


there's only one person and it's you

behind there

what's your name

thomas and what's the sous chef's name

sir thomas

and what's the other person's name

the collector yeah

sir thomas the third


why is that so hard to believe



is this



that frozen

but you see me

what do you mean is that frozen

is that frozen let me get the sous chef

he'll be able to answer all your

questions yeah he needs you okay okay

yeah what what is wrong

so are you

sushi officer thomas sir thomas the

third oh so thomas so that is the other

man thump sir thomas the third i'm the

sous chef i know no no i

i just wanted to see you because you're

funny and i know it's you pull this down

now that he's gone i'm glad tommy

uh yep

i want to say thank you for all the food

i'm glad you enjoyed it it was delicious

it's been very fun yep smash a like and

subscribe and comment down below what

was your favorite meal we'll see you

guys in the next one

see you later guys i'll see you later



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