June 17, 2024

June makeup recap & channel update - BEAUTY NEWS

Published May 16, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since we've done a beauty news roundup, so here's what's been going on in the world of makeup over the past month!

First off, MAC Cosmetics has announced a new collaboration with none other than YouTube star Jeffree Star. The collection is set to launch in July, and will include an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and more.

Next, beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has announced that she is launching her own makeup line, called Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. The line will include products like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and more, and is set to launch sometime this summer.

Finally, Sephora has announced that they will be launching a new loyalty program called Sephora Beauty Insider. The program will allow members to earn points for every dollar they spend at Sephora, which can then be redeemed for rewards like free products and services.

That's all for this month's beauty news roundup! Stay tuned for more updates in the world of makeup!

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hello beauty news family welcome to

something new yes so we're gonna start

doing Beauty news recaps yes just once a

month so first Monday every month we're

going to do a recap of like the maybe

top 10 ish products that were featured

in beauty news episodes in the previous

month so it's kind of just a it's like a

little way to get the good news from

Beauty news for those who don't want to

watch whole episodes yeah be news like

we are quite aware that Beauty news is a

very long series so each episode give or

take is an hour so if you want to keep

up to date with the sort of weekly news

you have to sit through an hour of

content which you know some people love

other people not so much so yeah we're

just doing this so we can recap and just

see the exciting things from the past

month and cutting out all the random

[ __ ] that yeah people aren't very

excited about sneak peeks of so and so

has a black and white piece of [ __ ] yeah

that's gonna be coming out exactly right

so we're brainstorming how we're gonna

do this and this episode we're just

going to go based on things that we've

picked out that we find most interesting

or you know good for good or bad reason

and then you know people had a lot of

interest in it they liked a lot of or

there's a lot of engagement on social

media and whatnot so that's what we're

going to pick out and talk about in this

episode but from now on we're going to

try to encourage people to comment on

Beauty news episodes and even on

Instagram which things are really

excited about because when we see more

engagement about certain products we'll

make sure to feature them in these sort

of mini episodes yeah but while we're

here let's do a channel update because

we haven't done one in the yeah all


so updates Monday videos might be a bit

sporadic out there they're just gonna be

they're gonna be there when we've got

stuff to create content around so we've

been pretty lucky this year because we

did we were sort of like alright we're

not going to put so much pressure on

Monday videos when we have stuff we'll

film it and will feature stuff and up

until now that's been going really

but there are certain times of the years

where things are kind of slim pickins

yeah and we don't really want to be

putting effort into creating content on

a Monday that we're not really

interested in yeah so I think these sort

of videos where we do the monthly recap

which will be the Monday after the end

of the month yeah these are always going

to be first Monday of the month that

works out really well but when we have

something cool we want to put up we'll

put it up but Monday is probably not

going to happen as much as it used to be

yeah and Wednesday is going to change

slightly and what we mean by that is a

lot of the content that we would put up

on Monday we're now going to interchange

with the make up break up on Wednesdays

so we so we've been doing the make up

break up now for over two and a half

years and it's getting to a stage where

even though we do really enjoy it and

there are some episodes that we're like

this is really fun and we're learning a

lot and this is really cool there are

times where we're like we're creating

content for the sake of creating coffee

it's not inspiring yeah and it's not

cost effective and it feels like we're

like here we are again destroying

another eyeshadow palette just for the

sake of it so yeah we're sort of getting

a little bit bored with it and we know

that probably other people are as well

so we're going to try to have something

in a similar vein on Wednesdays we did

test drive makeup ASMR some people loved

it the other people didn't that's

totally fine that might be something

that we also slot in occasionally maybe

once a month or every two months yeah

people who like it because there are

some people that really love it and

there'll be a little playlist that if it

over the year it starts to accumulate a

few things if you enjoy it and yeah we

happy to keep making it even though

they're not super popular videos but you

know there's something that we're happy

to look into more we're happy to receive

feedback on those and we are working on

things to make them better and if you

have any suggestions on what you want to

see next

we are all ears also we're thinking of

the sort of videos where we focus on

products quite in depth so makeup

breakup style so it's the same

like deep look into products we'll also

put on Wednesday's interchanging with

the makeup break up so when we're

testing marketing claims like does this

actually work does the little washing

machine clean your sponge that's also

gonna go up on a Wednesday because it's

the same kind of concept where you're

analyzing a product close up but we're

not destroying if that makes sense and

probably another one that we want to

play with unfortunately our Jaclyn hill

lipstick that's gone with the wind baby

it was out to my post office and then it

went back to the airport then it went to

Queensland then he went to New South

Wales and now it's been delivered in New

South Wales so I don't think we're ever

gonna see that but we did buy a

microscope camera yeah I'd like deep at

that so maybe another concept that we

can start doing is looking at makeup

under one of those microscope cameras so

if you have any suggestions on what you

want to see under a microscope camera or

destroying under a microscope camera we

are open to that as well so that might

be its own little series as well yeah so

yeah same kind of concept but different

vibes yeah not much changing maybe less

Monday videos yes no no not the

traditional makeup break up every week

yeah so we're going to recap June makeup

releases and we are sort of just basing

them off little categories right now so

until we get like a good top 10 going on

we're gonna tease that out over the next

month but let's start talking about base

products mmm so Papa grass announced

that the skin fetish collection for the

skin is coming in July so we have a

foundation a primer and a powder another

brand that has announced a foundation or

a new foundation is Smashbox so they are

releasing the studio skin full coverage

24 hour foundation that's coming 26th of

July and it's supposed to be waterproof

sweat proof matte finish high coverage

forty shades supposed to keep you from

looking oily

$36 so that one's a bit of an

interesting one for me I'm more the skin

benefit cosmetics also release their new

hello happy flawless brightening

foundation and velvet powder foundations

these are their coming 12 shades and

their 30 US dollars each an extension to

the hello hello happy range yet but it

seems like powder foundations are sort

of coming back to being a thing mmm Too

Faced have also released Born This Way

powder foundation so they've turned

their liquid into a powder form so this

is available in 25 shades and it's 37 US

dollars each let's talk about lip

products so Charlotte Tilbury released

hot lips 2 shades so there was 11

lipsticks in this collection and what

set this apart was that they come in

refillable bullet containers now you

couldn't buy the container and the

lipstick that you wanted and have them

come together

you had to buy specific shades that were

matched with different packaging and

then later on down the track I'm

assuming you'll be able to buy refills

for them the shades were amazing a mole

Jake a magic dancefloor princess red hot

Susan enigmatic Edward angel Alessandra

glowing Jen viva la Vergara Karina's

star in love with Olivia and Patsy red

and there was a beautiful array of

shades their nudes pinks reds deep

shades and there was even a lip balm yep

so this was all inspired by eleven

incredible icons that means something to

Charlotte Tilbury all right I didn't

even realize but early June Geoffrey

Starr released their gloss so these are

the new lip glosses that come in 18

shades they're 18 US dollars each and

there's different finishes so some that

are like sparkly shimmery sort of top of

shades some that are more your

traditional cream gloss there's a black


interesting but they every star is

disbursed ever limit losses they didn't

get the best reception from the

community but NAR a nice I forgot all

about them yeah that says something

doesn't it from Lime Crime we have the

ghosts fail this is a lip primer so 16

US dollars it's available now so this is

supposed to offer an invisible shield

and basically prevent your lip product

from transferring or bleeding or

blurring throughout the look throughout

the day yeah while also like filling in

the sort of imperfections on your lip

for a smoother application yeah so

basically you just apply a thin layer on

bare lips let it dry put on your lip

product and that's it yeah the

interesting thing is that you can apply

it with liquid lipsticks normal

lipsticks or lip glosses so it is

supposed to work for every type of lip

product and I've heard good things about

it it's one that I'm sort of curious

about all right we saw new shades of

Linda Hallberg fantastic lipsticks so

they released five new shades for summer

so some of these are more brighter fun

there's a beautiful nude there's a clear

one with a bit of shimmer there's an

orange like a magenta pink and a bright

coral and these are products that you

can use on your lips or on your cheeks

they also contain SPF which is nice as

well so they're out now let's talk about

palettes now we talked about a lot of

palettes we do how about some that seem

interesting yes sojourn was Pride Month

we saw a lot of pride things but

something that stood out to us was the

morphe pride collection so they had a

what are we 25 pan palette and a seven

piece brush set this sold out so quickly

on the Australian whip brush set did

yeah yeah I should i Pell it I think was

I don't know if it's still available but

I've heard really good things about it

I'm still on the fence about whether I

purchase but this is a palette that I


you're into color and you want some

things that you can work into wearable

looks as well I think this is a really

nice range of shadows in this palette I

think this is probably one of the best

morphe palettes I've seen which is

surprising that's why we want to mention

it melt also released a new palette now

melt is one of those brands that because

of the success of the Gemini palette

people are always like what are they

releasing next I don't think anything

has really come close to being as

exciting but they did release the

impulsive palette so this is to sort of

sum up the founders friendship and

working relationship so half of it was

quite business-related half of it was

partying there was a mix of bright

colors like a red mustardy color some

greens some metallic blues and some yeah

it was it was a thing I've heard some

good things about this and yeah if you

want it it's a it's out check it out

from love luxe beauty we had two new

limited edition nine pen eyeshadow

palettes and these have got some

florescent vibes to them so there's

something gorgeous palette which is 40

US dollars it's bright girly and

gorgeous with warm pinks and coral sorry

cool purples and then we have this

something fun palette 35 US dollars

which was blues and greens with a silver

dotted in there yeah I think for me this

is probably the most interesting indie

release that I've seen in June I'm a bit

bummed we didn't do those recaps earlier

on because I heard a beauty released the

neon pellets in May mm-hmm so this is

the sort of same kind of vibe but I

quite like these I think they're fun so

that was probably my indie peak of the

month one of the biggest things that

people were talking about in June I

think throughout May were talking about

the mini Mac summer fix+ so they had

like the watermelon one and the

pineapple one and the peony and the

white tea was it yeah and the cucumber

but so we had seen there is talk that


talking about them for quite a while but

then all of a sudden Mac released fix+

with SPF 30 there's got a lot of people

interested because this is a type of

product that if you like to apply SPF

under your makeup but you know that it

sort of wears off throughout the day you

can sort of retouch it up with this

spray so this sort of a lot of people

were interested in this it's available

now it's coming out different places

throughout the world and it's still on

my wish list then from lush we had some

limited edition shower gels that were

based on popular bath balm sense so the

sense that we had our goddess sex bomb

intergalactic turmeric latte groovy kind

of love and guardians of the forest and

they're available now everywhere until

stock runs out yeah so online only I

believe but a lot of people were

interested in these because you know if

you have your favorite bath bomb scent

and you love that experience you can

take it in the shower with you and reuse

it multiple times yeah like a bath bomb

yes all right let's go into some

interesting collaborations and some of

nourish our so Mac did lipstick with

mary j blige so this is already released

in the US and it is a new type of mac

lipstick that's actually launching on

the 1st of august so this is the love

me' lipstick which is supposed to be

like a matte finish like a soft matte

finish but has a lot of oils and it's

supposed to be very hydrating and

comfortable but mary j blige did collab

to create this nerd sort of pinky peach

color that looks really interesting but

it's gonna be one of the twenty four

shades released but this is like the

preview of the formula and this one does

have special packaging yes with her

signature on it yeah yeah from wet and

wild beauty we had the Packman

collection he contains the Wacka Wacka

Wacka I shall

I love it I love that noise then there

was the game over color palette ghost

gloss in the shades inky pinky Clyde and

blinky I love that I know that we had

the bonus fruit lip balm and lip scrub

there's the wakka-wakka-wakka powder

brush the high school blush palette and

the power pellets highlighter and

bronzer yeah alright moving on to random

collections we're gonna start with elf

this is jelly pop you guys were look

people are excited you were fangirling

for this [ __ ] so yeah I was fangirling

for this [ __ ] - so this is a hydration

and Joey glow collection it consists of

flush blushes which are like a jelly

type blush yeah they're in our pot yeah

there's a cleanser a do primer

juicy glosses eye and face glosses I

don't know about that okay awesome that

one yeah then we have the water gel

moisturizer and a brush I dig it I dig

the packaging yes this is a limited

edition jelly pop collection and it's

launching 10th of July so when you're

watching this it's already out but they

did announce it in June and people were

very excited yes another collection that

we saw right at the start of June once

again I nearly forgot about this is a

Geoffrey Star jawbreaker collection this

is the summer collection and it's his

biggest collection to date all right so

this collection contains the jawbreaker

pellet which is a 24 shade pellet bigger

than his other ones a mini breaker

palette which has nine shades the

jawbreaker bundles the two then there's

the brain freeze

skin frost Pro palette so this had six

skin Frost's in it then there were new

shades of the Lua liquid lipsticks

they're the matte liquid lipsticks there

are six shades

there's the bundle that you could buy

all six shades the lip ammunition so

these are the bullet lipsticks these

were all the sort of topper sort of


there were six new shades of those three

new scents or flavors of the velour lip

scrubs three new shades of the supreme

frost highlighters and a bunch of

accessories including makeup brat a bags

had mirrors etc so that was a pretty big

and extensive collection for summer from

k'kaw we had a body collection so this

consisted of the body foundation in

seven shades forty five US dollars the

body shimmer in three shades for thirty

five US dollars and the loose shimmer

body powder for face and body available

in three shades thirty seven dollars and

a body brush twenty seven dollars oh

sorry twenty seven dollars and a body

brush thirty two dollars and then they

have been hacks yeah so this brought up

a lot of discussion about body makeup do

you need it why do you need it who will

like it and this I think like I said in

the sort of episode that we talked about

this a little bit more I think if you

are going out and you want to make your

legs or your arms look fantastic or if

you have issues with scarring from body

acne mm-hmm body makeup is actually yeah

not a bad thing yeah not a thing for


no but it can be very not everyone your

best yeah absolutely

some people do like it alright now the

last things we're going to get onto a

colour-pop they've released a lot but

we've just picked out the main

collections that they've released first

up we had the AHA honey palette and

basically everything that they've

released sue to support that palette and

by released I mean actually bundled

together from existing collections well

there are a couple of new releases but

most things were just reap yes yes so

there was the AHA honey palette $12

there was a pigment duo pocket full of

yellow pigment you were twelve dollars

and there catch some Sun brush bundle

twenty dollars and here we glow glow

again for a beauty bundle for $24 and

that did contain the new turmeric face


correct so this was very yellow inspired

I do foresee that they're going to be

bringing more colored capsule releases

out soon people were asking for yellow

they delivered some beautiful looks came

out using this palette but a lot of

people were commenting on the fact that

the glitter in the middle is not isafe

so use at your own caution I don't think

any of their glitter so technically I

say no and that's a thing like sometimes

you know it might be safe for the eye

from usin just yeah what they've played

around with and what they've tested but

technically if you look at the

regulations it's not safe for the lies

so that's how they have to label it and

it's used at your own discretion

they also fleshed out their periwinkle

blue color collections so this is to go

with the blue moon palette that came out

I believe in May and this was a mascara

a gel liner and a pencil liner all in

periwinkle blue as well as a new glitter

so just to flesh that color range out

then we had some new loose glitters

there are seven shades seven dollars

each or you could buy the whole bundle

for forty bucks yeah so this was the

first time they brought out loose

glitters in the same sort of pigment

pots prior to that they had pressed

glitters they had gel glitters but this

is they were all like holographic

beautiful fun glitters they also

released their summer collection this

was the California love collection it

came with the California love palette

for new shades of ultra blotted lip and

two shades of BFF mascara a brown one

and a coral one coral mushara coral

mushara sorry five shades of ultra

blotted lip and coral Michelle and coral

mushara alright so that was our update

and our recap of things happening in

June or that did happen in June and

things that will be happening in July so

if you like this concept definitely give

it a thumbs up it's a little bit more


maybe even like if you want to get

people involved in the beauty news

community and they get very daunted by

episodes so this might be one that it

can be like guys it's easier to watch 15

minutes I don't know how long this is

going to be it's 20 something minutes

but hopeful it's something whatever so

hope it's all a bit more palatable for

new people and people that just don't

have the time yeah you understand yeah

we do we don't blame you

no all right guys we hope you enjoyed it

if you did give it a thumbs up don't

forget to engage engage on Instagram let

us know what you like by leaving a

comment or giving it a I don't know what

do they do now DoubleTap to your heart

or leave a comment on Beauty news

episodes if you do love to sit down and

join us for those young marathon

episodes because we eventually want to

turn these episodes into like sort of

like a crowdsource yeah tell your guys

right yes not a belly wheel I like so we

want to also engage the audience to help

us help guide us yeah with what should

be recapped and talked about and what's

like the best releases or the most

interesting releases of the month from

your feedback all right guys give it a

thumbs up if you enjoyed it we'll see

you in the next one

alright see ya bye


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