June 23, 2024


Published May 16, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

It's official, Luke Catleugh is opening a new restaurant in london and we have all the details!

The young entrepreneur announced the news on his YouTube channel, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the process of setting up a restaurant.

Catleugh has been tight-lipped about the location of the restaurant, but we can reveal that it will be situated in the heart of london's West End.

The as-yet-unnamed restaurant will serve modern British cuisine, with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced produce.

Catleugh has assembled a team of experienced industry professionals to help him realise his vision, including head chef Liam Dolan (formerly of The Ledbury) and general manager Stephane Girard (most recently of The Ritz london).

The restaurant is due to open its doors to the public in early 2020. Watch this space for more updates!

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good morning everyone how are we all

welcome back to my channel and to a

little day in town I'm back in town I

feel like I'm coming into Central a lot

more recently which is um it's always

nice it's nice to show you guys it's

fairly early this morning

it's a minute to nine it's currently

Wednesday and we are into a new week I'm

very much looking forward to the little

start we've got this morning I'm heading

to a breakfast spot that is a new to me

I've invited you and along we're going

to somewhere called the Wigmore it's not

new because we've been before it's a pub

that's linked to The Langham which I've

been to Before It's a Lovely Hotel in

London yeah they're very funny invited

me along to try the new breakfast so

it's a pub turned Gastropub and I'm so

here for that I love like relaxed

breakfast sets nothing too fancy nothing

too like in your face so I'm yeah it's

gonna be really nice just heading up

there now I'm literally bang on time so

I'll drop you in a message and see where

he's at but the weather's lovely it's

going to Chuck it down later so I'm

gonna enjoy this on while you can I

think we've seen blue skies in London

like that in quite some time so The

Langham is just up there here we are

we've just arrived at the Wigmore and

they've got a sign outside saying that

they're now serving breakfast which is

great it's such a lovely Pub it's like

so lovely inside so yeah we're gonna

head on in

how gorgeous is this so this is the

Wigmore I love the green ceiling it's so

it's so classic like a British pub but I

feel like they elevated with making it a

little bit more fancy in here it's

usually very very busy on an evening

I've never seen it this empty before

obviously they're trying out breakfast

so yeah here's the menu I'm gonna have a

look through and see what we've got I've

just ordered a coffee so and yeah ewan's

on his way oh and have a little morning

cocktail I don't think I'm gonna go for

that but um yeah let's have a look also

I love that this is very traditional

with ever when you come to a breakfast

in Britain you have HP round source and

Heinz smart ketchup always in glass

bottles I just have to build these up on

my old job way way back and it was a

nightmare but it's nice to see them here

and coffee has just arrived I'm limiting

myself to one coffee a day just because

I feel like I'm having too much caffeine

recently so this will be enjoyed


ewan's here by the way good morning

Justin I really like his T-shirt the

little flowers poking up that's sort of

mate you're better at that I can't even

keep real ones alive so we've just

ordered some breakfast I've gone for the

smoked haddock kedgery which is kind of

like a Scottish dish it's something I've

never tried before so I thought why not

and ewan's gone four mushrooms and

tossed with Marmite and an egg and we've

just had a lovely almond croissant and a

carrot and orange juice arrived so we're

trying to get the goodness we were both

just oh gosh the light we were both just

catching up about and the coronation

yeah we both got a little bit merry just

a bit just a bit dear I put the Vlog up

the one you will have seen I was

screaming take that and yeah

yeah it was when it was then it was the

other class yes I swear to God I'm glad

we were both enjoying ourselves

breakfast has arrived my category looks

gorgeous it's got a porch deck on there

with some lovely smoked haddock and I've

just poured over this looks like a

lemony buttery sauce looks lovely with

Pilar rice and ewan's got two eggs

you definitely didn't say it came with

eggs but you've got a second day yeah

with some Marmite and some mushrooms and

spinach looks gorgeous man dig on in so

I've just ordered myself a decaf

cappuccino and you and you're gonna have

to help me with this croissant we're

gonna have to have a little yes

absolutely I love getting the pastry and

like dipping it in the for me milk it's

just so good but yeah I've gone for

decaf just because I'm trying to limit

the caffeine in the middle of the shakes

so we've just finished up breakfast and

we are back at the store that I used to

work at and they've got the Ikea signs

up now and for those who can't wear it

why not shop online so Ikea Oxford

Circus is coming very soon like they've

even got their they've got the little

signpost there we will be the first

we'll be queuing up we will with our

blue bags already I've um I've got mixed

opinions I feel like it's gonna make

this place Carnage

or you can hear the working on it in


oh my gosh if they're going to be coming

out with Billy buckets

honestly imagine God it's already quite

a busy station as well we'll see we'll

see we'll watch this Vlog back when it's

opening we said it would be like that oh

anyway oh if I just been dripped on


currently in Uniqlo because I fly to

Bologna next week and it's forecast to

rain every single day so I'm taking off

a raincoat I've left it completely last

minute I try and Thrift one but running

out of time so I feel like it'll be a

good purchase to get they've got so many

different sizes but I've gone for a

slightly longer one would be better just

to keep me as dry as possible this is so

lightweight it's about 20 degrees but

raining so I want to be dry but not to

be warm so I'm going to grab this so

we've just used the very fancy checkout

tells me unicorn if you've ever used

this before you just drop your clothes

and then it knows what you've got and if

you download the app you get a five

pound off welcome coupon so I just save

five pound on everything just scan the

QR code and then you can scan every

single time and click points I'm

presuming yeah great all done set for

six days and rainy bologna so we're just

in Primark on Tottenham Court Road and

um we're just having a little look at

some of their summer pieces they've got

even though I've just bought a course

for rainy bologna it's gonna have a look

and see what they've got in store

because they bring out their summer

stuff really early even though it's me

I've got some lovely pieces I'm a fan of

a stripe you know I actually really like

this shirt with uh

sleeve detail that's actually lovely

I'm very tempted by that I like getting

the oversized fit as well it's quite

thick so it'd be good to Spring piece

I'm gonna consider that for sure do they

have my size that's the question oh no

there are any extra largest

ah well that's decided now that is a

very bold very vibrant two-piece I don't

know how I feel about that I think that

could be a cool like wallpaper or a

print but um yeah different together you

definitely stand out from the crowd

they've got some more

bright ones here as well very cool you

can really not watch something I'd go

for but maybe the shorts and they're on

are quite funky just having a look at

some of their beach towels they've got

really cool patterns and Designs that's

nice and these striped ones the very um

Soul house kind of like a members Club

you have here and around the world

they're 10 pounds the olive green is

lovely now nice quality as well they

feel reasonably thick I picked up this

olive green polo because I love the

color green on this is 12 pounds I'm

gonna take this away with me as well as

a smarter dinner option we're trying on

caps I'm very hopeful what the weather

will uh improve but

I love a hot dog

cat I used to wear them so much because

once I've had it like get it out your

face yeah but now I've got no hair

Sun at your eyes yeah that's true

actually you know what I'm gonna grab

that it's quite nice it's a bit

different come for a green I like green

as you can tell yeah I'm wearing green

all right let's go and have a look in

the hallway we are just in the Primark

corn section now to gravitate towards

the artificial tulips they're so good

the whole pot is six pounds like

recycled glass style isn't it yeah I

like it yeah but it's kind of not not


very very nice they've always got knee

bits in the store these cushions are

quite lovely too quite cut kids and

they're good quality is about 10 pounds

hi Mark that's not bad at all and these

bars are always quite funny

you and I just spotted these candle

frames I have some very similar

they are really really nice like a nice

brass color opposed to like a gold four

pounds 50 each they're nice

and I like this cushion a lot this print

is very bold but with the orange detail

I think it looks quite premium that's

eight pounds

I'm impressed with that Primark warm

always do so well especially this time

of year as well I think they've got so

many lovely outdoor protected jugs and

like the AC I think this is like the

wood it's terrible cloth is really nice

so striped it's almost like a linen

material I don't think it's full linen

um 10 pounds

it's really good right in the green as

well quite similar to the beach towel

that I shot earlier that's 10 pounds too

it's always worth looking in Primark

sales section because they've got such

good reductions this is 15 pounds for a

ladder shelf that would look so smart if

you've just moved or you want something

really simple until you figure out like

some maybe some built-in storage and a

couple of years that would be great for

when we do move if we're moving into

somewhere that has nothing I mean what

we've got in our bathroom is an old

um office unit and does the job but you

could pop some bits and Bobs in the

bottom of there 15 pound it's brilliant

Primark storage is actually so good

they've really leveled up and it's kind

of like rival and Horn sense and it's a

lot more affordable at these baskets

three for ten pounds really good value

these leather topped handle ones are

really nice they're quite premium

looking too two storage baskets for 14

pounds like a nice tan leather I love

those I think they're really really nice

I've just spotted this full stackable

shoe box for eight pounds I think that's

such a Fab that will find I've recently

bought some shoes

um could be nice like the smarter ones

as well let's get them out of their

boxes and just make it look a bit

smarter a pound is not bad going at all

I remember seeing this bars last time I

was in store I was really impressed with

that I think it looks a lot more premium

than the price I think it's six pounds

and these pasta bowls are lovely to 12

pounds for a set of four this is the

shoe storage name unbox them boys you

can have a little look I think that's a

really good storage solution just to get

rid of the mismatched cardboard boxes

that I've got it pounds I'm really

impressed urine's just snapping away for

his home account over there he's getting

all of the nice new bits this is a

really lovely selection it's very um it

feels like Mediterranean isn't that

Greek almost it's nice yeah I think I

spotted this last time the little glass

oil pourer that is so lovely two pound


These are nice as well the storage jars

with the lids

I love that it's this classic meal came

in not needing a single thing and then I

ended up getting

some shoe storage some horn bits and a

new shirt and a cap but I am officially

now in possession of Eid very clever

shoe storage and I can't wait to put

these up I'll probably do them when I'm

home and let you know how they are and I

got one of the Primark strong bikes

because it's essential we've just popped

into tiger just to have a look at some

of their some of this they've got some

great little summer items some glass

Sunday balls

they're quite cool and catch aren't they

at 350 and they've got this brass ice

cream scoop

that is four pounds these little lemon

juices are quite nice so I like that

teal color four pounds as well Tiger's

got some great bits and really

affordable prices too lots of picnic

things let's have a look picnic season

is here there's 18 pounds for a fold up

picnic blanket that's pretty good gone

the gingham's cool little picnic sets as

well it's not bad all in and got some

more traditional open top baskets with

the handle if that's your Vibe some

great options for outdoor bits as well

we've got some jugs and some flower pots

I know our balcony definitely could do

with a bit of a refresh we give it a

Hoover the other day but they've got

some great bits

if only this was all available in covert

three years ago would have had a field

there and make do with what we could

order online urine's just spotted days I

often get questions about the meal

planners that we use and the one we have

actually is from Tiger just have a

magnet knot so ours has a magnet on but

you could easily glue yeah you could

glue one on with a bit of super glue and

pop it on your fridge it's really great

to like actually see your meals and add

things on that you need to buy that's

four pounds for this out of three

Tiger's home and kitchenware is Fab I

think it's so good it's a little bit

different it's got like a Scandinavian

Danish feel about it the teapot's lovely

for 15. you've got filter coffee makers

for 11 for these ceramic tiles they're

so nice kind of like retro very cool

cake slices cool as well happiness is a

piece of cake five pounds

These are nice as well I've seen these

before the ceramic tea pots they are

lovely good weight to them as well so

we've just saw this I said to you and it

looks a bit like Chucky I was like what

what is that you can operate on it that

is intestine

it has it on it's small intestine the

liver large intestine what's that one

you just ripped his pancreas out all

right so we've got the heart kidneys

these are the lungs right yeah


didn't pay attention during biology at

school you can tell oh I'm like oh God

storage jars are great as well I

actually bought one from bear Market but

I didn't realize they had them in here a

lot cheaper than bear Market these are

cheap and 50 and I've got the corporate

with the little serving spoon on the


I'm back home with

best welcome back hello I've Ivy always

has to give you like a toy it's almost

like an offering like hi welcome this is

where I'm living now here's a toy what

we got today I've the duck yeah and the

duck you'll notice is missing a flapper

because they had a tug of war last night

and she pulled the flapper off didn't

you you girls did this so Zara's gonna

have to sew it back on yeah

hello and that is why

it is the best having dogs because they

give you a welcome that no human can

give you

you can be separated for someone from

yours we've only been apart a couple of

hours I've only been in town for

breakfast but they just are so excited

oh hello Darlings hello hello nice to

see you oh gosh nice to see you hello

all right I'm gonna take them out for a

nice walk

oh dear I said the word and I'll show

you the um Primark shoe storage in situ

when I need to build it gosh it's so

clammy I should literally a jacket I had

to take it off but it's gonna rain it's

weird weather would you girls like to go

for a walk

she has to go for a walk come on then

I'm Gonna Leave My Vlog camera here

because it's a lot to carry Keys Fawn

poop bags ball treats Etc I'll catch you

guys when I'm back okay I'm back with

two very tired girls look at you punting

I know knock it that was a good stomper

we went for about two two and a half


I'd be thirsty I'm just gonna prop you

guys there I'm gonna make some lunch I

know it feels like all I've done in this

Vlog so far is to eat but we did have

breakfast at 9 30 and it's now 2 30 so

I'm hungry but I'm just gonna make some

beans on toast I know that is a very

typical British thing to make so I'm

gonna use some of this it's just um some

sourdough and I'm gonna booze up the

beans a little bit I like adding Harissa

it's like a really nice like spicy just

gorgeous taste and just makes the beans

have a little bit of something so yeah

I'm gonna do that I'm actually not going

to use Harissa I'm going to use this

three chili pieces give it a bit of kick

make like spicy beans would be

absolutely lovely


this is honestly one of my all-time

favorite meals such classic comfort food

and I love it for me food is all about

Nostalgia and I know a lot of you ask

about cookbooks and it's a cookbook

happening my concept for a cookbook has

always been and will always be about

comfort food and food from the Soul Food

the you know ignites memories and that

for me is what food is all about when

you eat something and it transports you

somewhere that you've been before or I

taste like something that just makes

your heart happy that that's what food

is for me food's always been like a

therapy it's oh it's like a it's a good

comfort and that's why I love comfort

food all of my food is very confident

it's never fancy

but beans on to us for me just reminds

me of home it would be a quick meal that

we'd have at home beans and toast loads

of cheese on the moment didn't really

have a lot of time or a lot of money and

it would just be easy and quick and feed

a lot of people we'd always have it on

like a Winter's day and we got in from

cleaning the snores kids I'd have it at

my nana's house my mom would make it and

I learned to make it I mean it's

actually beans on toast but when you're

a kid that's a pretty big meal and

that's what food's all about for me just

makes in here happy lunch was delicious

so I thought I quickly show you

everything I got on Primark I mean you

pretty much saw it picked up two of

these shoe storage things I'm really

excited to put these together I'm gonna

put them together in a second she has 16

pounds for eight in tall which I think

is really good gone and like I said I

tried them in store and I was really

impressed I ended up getting the cap I

think it's really nice it says on the

front of it health and Recreation Tennis

Club established in 1984 but it's got

like that vintage look about it and I

just think that looks quite cool

I like that I feel like I don't own that

many like colorful caps I'm quite happy

with that and then I actually bought the

oil decanter which I just thought was

such a lovely shape how nice is that so

this was two pounds I'm actually

thinking maybe I could put some syrup in

there for the coffees that we have like

some caramel syrup to pour that out I

think that could be really lovely or

maybe some olive oil panic

I grabbed one of these amber glass jars

with the wooden lid so that fully screws

on so it's an airtight jar I was four

pounds which I think is actually a

really good price for real glass and I

love the color of this oh hello Maggie

hi darling I also picked up some of

these napkins these were one pound for a

pack of 24 just because picnic season is

fast approaching I just think they're

really handy to have in the cupboard so

you can just pop them away and grab them

when you need and then finally I got

this green like Revere Mac Polo so this

is from the chem um Range cam was on

love Island if you weren't aware and

he's got a range of Primark but it's

actually really really nice I love it I

think the pieces are quite Timeless

quite classic and they feel really good

quality I bought a polo from his

collection a while back and I still wear

it now and then I just picked up some

basics in Uniqlo I got a white vest

unicorn just make like the best Basics

and their quality is really really good

so that is a ribbed white vest that's

nine pounds and then a Miller gray

t-shirt I think like I have basics in

black white and gray t-shirts this one's

unicorn as well they wash really well

they just stand the test of time I think

if you spend a little bit more you get

back in quality and and yeah I just like

to have like a couple when Once in a

wash I can wear another one the second

from last thing were actually using the

sale these are some like elasticated

waste really lightweight joggers so

these actually be good for the gym but I

thought these would be good to travel in

I have these in blue and they are so

comfy but I think black will be a bit

more like kind of like smarter ish while

still having that nice element of

comfort they were 24 pounds 90 down to

nine pounds 90. and then the reason I

actually went into town apart from to

have breakfast is also get a ring court

so this is the one I went for again I

was gonna try and find something cheaper

or maybe Thrift one but I'm running out

of time and I also just think unicore

quality is so good like you've had one

call from there in the past and it just

is such good quality since it's really

like weird it's like fall down really

really thin so I can roll it up

um it's slightly longer as well Cyrus

just came off they did have cheaper

alternatives in store but they weren't

as long so I think that'll be perfect to

end the rain which is happening every

single day hello oh yeah I'm just

filming a whole of the bits I've got in

town right I'm gonna pop these shoe

storage boxes together

there was instructions on the back thank

God once I do one I should be able to do

the model

in theory oh this is really

straightforward so that's the actual box

which is like a clear perspex

and then

just pop those through squish it out

like that and then clip them together

now to make another seven all right some

time has passed and I've officially

built four well eight in total shoe

storage boxes which I'm gonna pop those

in my bedroom and then pop my shoes in

which will free up more room in my

wardrobe so I can be a bit more

organized in there

all right there we are after a little

bit of organizing all of my shoes are

now in place which makes me so happy so

all of these are like my smart dress

shoes I've got like my penny loafers in

here wrestling Bromley got some uh there

those are actually my shoes for the

wedding uh coming up in October I've got

more penny loafers those are from look

and then some Monk straps down there

then these are like my trainers so like

my running trainers here my videos that

I had on today uh Converse my new

balance and then these are like my pride

enjoy these are my Fairfax and fever

loafers that I love those are in a

separate box I already had that one so

yeah yeah I mean it's visually not

exactly the most lovely thing but it's

organization and it means that I've got

so much more room in my wardrobe now I

have this whole section now free that I

can pop some knitwear and jumpers there

and it just frees up so much more room

so I've just finished off editing um

another reel and uh I think I'm pretty

much there with all of my food process I

have lots of delicious recipes coming

very very soon and I'm just gonna sit

and crack on with this book still on

wrong place wrong time and I'm about I

think I've got a hundred just over 100

pages left and I was speaking to Zara

about this this morning because she's

read this book and um I've actually had

a couple of you message here that you're

reading it too or you have read it and

Zara's like there is a part in this book

that I haven't gotten to yet because I'm

literally saw that I am questioning

everything it's so so good A little

brief outline and a man witnesses her

child do something and then ends up

living her life In Reverse trying to

find out why the child did this thing I

feel like that summarizes it well

doesn't it I don't know it's just it's

it's it's really good and I was reading

it on the bus earlier I nearly missed my

stop so yeah I'm gonna read some more of

this and then we're going out this

evening I'm really looking forward to it

you know you'd have said to me five

years ago that Lord Luke and uni like

you'll be heading to Mary bone and

you'll be going to a restaurant launch


you've been invited to I've been like

nah so yeah we're going it's a place

called Carlotta and it's new it's just

open so I went to I've been to quite a

few of these restaurants it's a chain in

London but they're a chain by the

difference it's called Big Mama group so

they've got sikolo popolari which is in

fitzrovia jacuzzi which is in South

Kensington if Mario which is in Covent

Garden we've also been to Gloria which

is in like shoreditch East London so

there's quite a few there's also one in

Paris instead of Italian food and I

really like them some people say that

the food doesn't match like the hype of

the restaurants the restaurants are

beautiful and I've never had a bad meal

there and I thoroughly enjoy it I've

only saw it but with my mum and we

really love it so we're heading to the

new launch tonight and then um we're

heading to a book launch after that a

cookbook launch by my friend Callum

who's just launched a vegan cookbook so

we'll be swinging by just to show our

support and say congratulations as well

so it's a busy evening I think we need

to head there at six so

we need to get a wiggle on right I've

opted for a suit this evening the theme

was the Gilded ear just like a Vegas 50s

style party so I'm not particularly

Vegas but we've stretched to it it's

gone for a blizzard with a t-shirt a

little pocket square and I've got my

rustling Bromley burgundy green loaf is

on tying in with the green and Zara's

got green in her dress too so there we

are and fragrance I'm gonna wear this

evening is from the portraits collection

it is the Blaze and Mr Sam

thank you


okay I am back home and I have lost my

voice again I feel like you're barely

repaired after last weekend's Cornish

and Antics and then this evening I lost

my voice again I've had the best evening

that was such a gorgeous event I've

barely filmed anything because it was

quite an intimate venue and there was a

lot of people there and when I say it

was busy it was busy so I got some very

quick clips but

I'll leave call us the links down below

because I think it's gonna be quite

popular it's like a nice 60s lovely

place to have a drink I loved it and I

went to my friend callum's book launch

it was Fab as well but again just really

nice to catch up with people the girls

are here they're loving their life just

down here playing as they always do but

I'm gonna wrap up this Vlog I really

hope you guys have enjoyed it but I'm

gonna stop talking now because my voice

is completely gone so I lots of love to

you all take care and I'll catch you all

very soon in a future video


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