May 30, 2024

Make money with GOOGLE TRENDS | Google trends and ChatGPT Makes you money

Published May 16, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

When it comes to making money online, there are always going to be trends. The problem is that most people don’t know how to capitalize on them. They either get caught up in the hype or they just don’t understand how to make money with them.

If you want to be successful in making money online, you need to understand how to use trends. google trends is a great tool that can help you do just that.

google trends is a tool that allows you to see what people are searching for on the internet. You can use it to see what topics are popular and what keywords people are using to find them.

You can then use this information to create content that is optimized for the keywords that people are using. This will help you rank higher in the search engines and get more traffic to your website.

In addition to creating content, you can also use google trends to find affiliate programs that are related to the trends. This can be a great way to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you can find a trend that is related to a product or service that you promote, you can promote it through your website and earn a commission on the sale.

The key to making money with google trends is to be creative. There are a lot of opportunities out there and if you can find them, you can make a lot of money.

So, if you want to learn how to make money with google trends, chatgpt is the place for you. They will mentor you and show you how to use the tool to your advantage.

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want to earn online with the help of chat GPT

something like this then this video

is for you

. Yes, friends, how to make money with google trends plus

. or real countries Pakistan UAE Assalam Alaikum If you

belong to any country in the USA, so you can use this method

to use our latest technology plus

able to earn online by using Google trends. I

consider it necessary here? Let me give you an idea of ​​how

how Google will do all this method. First of all, you will be

, there will be top trending topic that will earn daily

basis which will have millions of traffic. Don't worry about the

the help of chat GPT, we will take the article above these topics,

will generate a unique type. Our next step will be that we

With the help of Google trend, we will take the topic above this topic, with

we will take copy rate free images, but we will not find them, so how do we

will create in front of you last but not the least how we

will get our traffic by placing that article on our website and will be on Google

line. If you don't have your own website here.

topic . I will give you a free website, how will you go to your world

can create a free press website. She is also

you the process of telling all the traffic . So follow everything step by step

. If you go to the top trending online in a proper and real way in the long run,

want to earn Google in front of you. So this video has opened very

going to be everything to me. So let's get started. Hundreds of friends

important trends for you. Here you can see that we

this window will be opened. Here's what's happening in Google trends.

so that people who come to Google and search for anything

it gives you its analytics

example, here's the world cup. In which countries has the world cup been seen?

Here's the country. Wise, I am going to tell

. Here's where football and sober are in the United States. For

of King Verses here , which is in front of

you. Yes, all the things are being told to you, but you have

Here's what's below. Two thousand twenty two is the top

They have featured the story

seen the recent trending people, that is, in which countries in the whole world

who's doing what. Here,

see what is trending in the Philippines.

? You can see what's trending in Italy, followed by Colombia,

What is really trending

Saudi Arabia, and

what is the topic that people are searching for

here? In other words, what

were the most searched things in 2022, 2021,

2021, 2019, 2018 , and

name it so friend is very big for you here online

so what we have to do is

see here, you will see three bars,

on it. We are going to discuss about the trending searches here,

click on it, here you have to

or not, you have to click on it, this SIM, all the things you

you can also SIM from your mobile. Open your google chrome or

any other You can also do all this by opening the browser

, here you see three things in front of you, you

. Daily search stand has been visible for three months.

search stands and after that see this country we will do that here

will have to select the country

You can select any other country, but we are searching while

will select here. Because their CPA rate is high,

earning chances of earning from there earning rates are also higher than

see this here, we ranked the United


about the latest searches. We will be told if people are US

living in the United States. Most of all, you

Saturday, January 7, two thousand and twenty-three. Today is the day. Today's

see this in united states these things in america this top

click on it , you have to click

see the top 50 trending, going to the NFL season.

on it, you can see it here. One million searches. Today is

I have done it here, see this on 7th January today in

One million searches have been done on it. When you click

will tell you properly which are the top websites. Or

. Here

you can also take the article from here, but what we have to do

you have to do things a little differently here. Check it here and

second number is also one million plus searches. Go to the trend. I'm

. You can also see ES,

, the article of the PN people is going to the top, you can see

. People are searching for all the information about it. The

just one day here you can see that so many searches will be here, then it

topics are happening here.

you write an article by pasting this article,

They are also based on the help of chat GPT

are posted and their articles are written.

and tell you now and where you should post

ones. I'm going to tell you about them here. See them below. Let's see them here today

States at the bottom here, here at the twentieth number, also

, thousands of searches have been done so far, so you understand here,

you have to come here on daily basis, you have to see trends from here

There are topics to be taken from here. Here I will tell you one more thing

. Real times means the time in which these videos

making it. What are people searching for at this time? Here are the

very amazing. Google trends. Check it here. Thirty is

three minutes ago, but here it was told to me, see it here, it's done

are above the topic. Look at the search above. In this case,

whatever payment receipts are visible in front of you .

on my link, you will find many topics that

but do it here. Look at this. They are great salt

. Look at this

trend. It has been done so far with

go to online searches pass twenty four hours and so far

you getting real time searches from here

you understand one thing. It is said that you have opened Google trends and Google

topic and after opening its trends, you will find their differences here

take topics from it and we will write on it and from which we will

line here, how to do it, for example, what we have

find them on daily searches. We will write the top ones,

select the second one, the third one, the fourth one,

here. We will take the


the help of Friends Chat GPT. Yes, friend chat GPT

write a free article on Google Docs for free, we will enter the article properly

write the article and put it on our blog website.

through which we use google to earn online Check

so before selecting the friend topic you have to

You have to click on Docs and here you will

open six here and here you will open the blank sheet and

what will happen to it? This will make it

and we will paste them here so that people can start searching for our big

come to the color article, which we have to write on the tops and we have

possible to see the paragraph of the article that you want to take, out of the one million searches, you will also get a thousand searches,

go from America, then you see how many dollars you make,

become twenty thirty dollars at the American CPA rate.

yes friends believe me you will get very high cp rate

, so friends, we will copy this topic here. See

we went to the NFL and our chat. In GPT we will go here

so we wrote this here we He said that they will only be going to the top of the NFL,

article. It should be written in six hundred words.


so friends here chat GBT we

we can write a proper article on it. Start writing the

Here you can see that he has entered

We have started writing the article according to our request.

it which is pledge reason free It will be done and you can see this in front of you.

writing a proper article so its whole history is about

I will tell you everything, it

see here such a big article, he has written it in front of you and you are

you. You should write national on the top trending topic.

above the football league if you were yourself you would


n't see you trending topic one billion searches have been done today

if you write a blog on it write an

article on your website traffic do

. Believe me, how much money will you print? One I just dated

a query is written in front of you here, see how much

has written a big article and given it

The whole article has to be copied from here, you can see here

and we will copy it


? Check here. Your entire article is written here

, it's still not complete


You may be wondering which websites we posted them on

, you have to do this. Here, let me tell you. You have

to post on your website. For example, look at my website

are looking here see this Are you seeing ads

here . You will

write on top of the top trending topics, for example

see what I wrote on Kinema, which was a trending topic,

I got a good traffic in the previous stage and better than that

special online. You

. See what kind of website you want to make. Creating a website is not difficult. When you

, I will make a special website for you for this kind of website

I will give If not, you should like this kind of website news

I will make you the same. You can make me.

so that you have a good traffic which is above the world press. In this way

. If you like this, if you only want to make the sports channel in the target

you want to do more, make a website like this. See

how much more can you earn daily

make you a website in three months.

is related to you or you can create a website like this. Look

or you should make a website like this. It is all the

news website. For example this website, this template is available with me

site free, how can you make

the whole process for this, you

go up to hostinger dotcom slash nineties minutes and this video

will find this link in the description of this link, when you click

will come to the top of hostinger's website with the help of copy right, so you

see this save as

to write a proper blog like this

nine dollars per month, which would be two points nine nine dollars. I will tell you

is running for seven nine dollars per month plus it will

. The offer that is running in the offer is

only a few days offer. New year, their sale is going on. It is

. Select any plan

how you will get your discount.

See it here. Add to card. Premium web.

hosting on it. You will click on this window,

Come here. You are twelve months old, twenty-four months old, forty-eight months old,

could have written such a big article by yourself

the plan you can see. Here you can see how much is being made

appear in front of you. And only here you can see

is thirty three dollars it is being made but we need to

get more discount, simple and simple, you have to go to Eva coupon , you

here, you have to add the code, you have ten more percent

discount on top of secure payment. See this on top of that. It is thirty three. You will get a further

discount of thirty dollars. It will cost hosting. If

will get a percent discount

the detail debit card credit card in chat GBT and

click on the website secure payment on top of this simple press. You will get a

one three one at gmail dot click send me

then you give the payment receipt Bilal BILL dot A.

After clicking on the deal HMAD

I will see in the receipt that you

Link Stinger dot work, I have bought this hosting, so I will

more. You will also say that this is all

the timetable of all the websites. In any website, you will

I will make it for free, on which you can use Google trends to

your chat to GPD. Articles will be written from this. Writing articles will

will post on your website after national football league n you will get traffic

and your through online earning Word


the approval quickly. It is very user friendly, you

make good websites for you, now we come to the

top of our article. Now see how we have to post the article, you also have to

told that there are many people who do not know how to post articles.

? Even after creating the site, we still have to do a lot

work on it, but the biggest question here is to change

have to select all of them, after selecting, it will

should copy this article after copying. You've got your

come inside the website after coming inside the website you

on it see us here word press here But what you have to do

click on the new button, here you see, you will

, after that you have to click on post as soon as you post.

click on write, your next window will open

write me an article about it here we

write the title later here first we have to buy hosting from this article

is simply paste it here. Look at this. If

, we have given this whole article. It has appeared in front of you, you have to

now we want its title same again we chat GBT

will come, we have written the NFL block title on it. OK,

yes, with the help of chat GBT, the title of the

here, see here five reasons why NFL

popular here instead of five reasons, we write reason here and

Ok, here, simple and simple, we have written why NFL

is popular in united states simple. We have given the title of this article.


ChatGPT article here

is attractive

picture simple or simple, we will write it on Google and write it

. Here it will go to see images.

here on our blog. We can take these images. simple, we have

it? After clicking we did it from here.

here for your website do n't get copyright

what you have to do. I will tell you that too. Save it.

After saving, come to Canva. Canva is a free software

from here you can change any image. Simple

here and write a thumbnail. Thumbnail I am telling

and from here you have to open the blank canvas. See

you the whole process. Not leaving you in the way. You

, I am telling you step by step guide that you should make it

done here. You have to open the blank here you canva

use the billion free version there is no problem ok you are

simple and sample it has been opened but see it here please

canvas has also been visible to us, now we will earn the upload button

and click here. Click on the upload file and upload

then what we have to do what we just downloaded

picture here from there see this here we have to give it

to upload this, after uploading, we will take this picture here,

see now if we see the same as it is picture

then we may have a copy rate problem. What should we do

, we have to do it, so what we have to do on top of

bring copyright. We have seen this here. Ko Karna Hai Ko Karna will come to

, after we have seen this here, it has come on top of it. After doing this,

. We


. Let's take it. Now

it is to go here and if we put it a little bit here,

. Look, we can do it like this, we will go to the top of the shade

we'll give it above and see it here other again

we will go to the element, here we will give another shade,

we want to change them. You can do it like this. You can

. And we can do it in another way, we have

different ones, we will change the color of the red one and here

but again we will go to this We will make the transparency

ok, we have to change the picture so that we

n't come here. After that, what do we have to do to download it? Click on the button,

do that image here, see here, let's go to the jpg file here and get

will download it, simple very very simple, in this way we will make three

upload it here

. Now we will come to our blog. Here we have

add an image. I have changed simple, we add,

click on the media and here we have to

to upload it here. OK, what we have changed now, do

see the image is visible in front of you, simple and simple, you


but went down here we Here you will see the full size of the large size

click on insert, here you

you can see that the image has also come in front of us. After that, you

what do you have to do with copyright free chat GPDK left here. Go to the left side

After going to the page, here you select it above the set of feature image,

click and here also you have your thumbnail which will be

. You have to select a different picture

, this is what I am currently doing and here you have to open your category

to select the traffic, in which category you can post this,

are looking for me. From here you will select your category

and after that you have simple and simple. You have to preview it and see

how your block post looks like. You have

. It is coming, you have to

have to color

same picture because I have just put the same picture

earning a lot , its proper, the entire article is previewed in front of you,

it is so simple,

the top trending topic with the help of Google trend with the help of

You have to write the above article inside the block, when you are getting

from it, see it here, one million on a daily basis

traffic on it, you will only get one thousand traffic

get proper blog traffic. Believe me, through your Taking

that they will also do a rear in dollars and legitimize for free.

have explained here, chat using google trends.

You have to write a blog by using PD and

writing is to be done. Here, see its preview and

, simple, take your card here, you have

. With the help of Canva, the complete process of e-

I have explained to you in this short video

further today


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