Dec. 1, 2023


Published May 16, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

There's something so exciting about new makeup launches. Every time a new product hits the shelves, I can't help but feel a rush of anticipation. Will this be the one that finally gives me the perfect cat eye? The perfect red lip? The perfect contour?

I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the beauty world, and I have to say, there's been some pretty amazing launches lately. From drugstore to high-end, there's something for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorite recent beauty launches:

1. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer is an amazing budget-friendly option for those who are looking for full coverage. It has a doe-foot applicator that makes it easy to apply, and it doesn't crease or cake throughout the day.

2. The Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations I've ever tried. It's affordable, it has great coverage, and it doesn't make my skin look oily.

3. The Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting makeup Setting Spray is a must-have for anyone who wants their makeup to last all day (or night). It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it.

4. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is my all-time favorite concealer. It's super creamy and blendable, and it brightens up under-eye circles like no other.

5. The MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy is the perfect nude lipstick. It's not too light, not too dark, and it has a matte finish that lasts all day.

These are just a few of the many great beauty launches that have happened recently. I can't wait to see what else the beauty world has in store for us!

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it's new makeup time you guys we haven't

done a new makeup like review or first

impressions in such a long time okay you

know I'm a creature of habit I love to

use my same makeup on The Daily but the

new seasons Upon Us spring is coming

baby and with that comes some fun new

launches everything to make our skin

fresh and dewy I've been trying out some

new things I have picked up some new

things I have been sending some new

things and I just wanted to have a good

blab and chat with you today apply some

of the products on our face we'll kind

of get ready review products as we go

have a little chat about our feelings on

some of the things and just have a good

old time so before we start how cute is

this little dress I bought it from h m

it's a long slip dress

I'm gonna start with nude sticks because

they actually have a ton of new launches

that I kind of want to Breeze through

because there's a lot of new color but

they actually came out with two new

shades in their nudes green and

sunscreen which I'm very very excited

about the original ones are cool warm

and hot I believe are the names and then

they came out with nude and tan which

I'm so thrilled about because the warm

was like way too dark for me and in

order for me to like get that nice tint

I had to mix the two shades so I'm very

much hoping that this is gonna be the

right shade for me the shade nude

because it's a beautiful sunscreen I

love the packaging you guys know I love

nude sticks nude sticks is my fam so I

was so happy when they announced this

shade expansion in their nude screen

lineup so let's see how the shade nude

oh whoa whoa whoa It's actually still

it's still pretty dark honestly but but

I did in fact put a tan on last night so

I've got quite a tanned body and quite a

red face so hopefully this will be okay

I just love this formula is so juicy

it's so wet on the skin oh

brought these out this is very much very

exciting also this is insane this

mountain that appeared ugh how dare my

body do this to me I mean honestly it's

still it's still pretty deep so that was

the shade nude then it goes tan then it

goes warm so even though this is the

expanded shade range it's actually still

pretty deep for me anyway obviously so

perhaps we'll Reserve that for the

summer because I do feel like this will

be the perfect shade in the summer what

I do like about it is that a lot of the

tinted sunscreens even if they are a

little bit more deep they're usually

just like very warm so they look very

orangey and sickly on the skin obviously

there's the few that I have found that I

love but I do like that this is actually

much more cool toned so but there are

two new shades in the new six lineup so

that's exciting then they also came out

with a sunscreen lip balm I think

they're calling it the lip primer

nudescreen lip primer SPF 30 and from

the looks of the photos online it does

seem to have a little bit of a tint to

it but I thought this tiny little

package look at it next to the SPF how

cute is this little mini if they were to

ever come out of travel size of these

which I had begged them I was like

please they're like oh no but if they

were to come out with travel size like

that's what it would look like how cute

would that be for your travel bag so

let's see this oh sorry I just squeezed

so much of that out

well you can see it has color

very nice mint

mint little tint if you wanted a little

tinted lip balm that is also an SPF that

is something that I often forget about

when I am putting my SPF on like I kind

of ignore my lips and often like my

eyelids that's like where the super goop

SPF eyeshadows would be great but this

is nice it feels really nice love their

minty lip balm new little lip primer

from nude sticks we also have the

beautiful new shade hot fire from

glamzilla herself this is the new collab

that nude sticks did with glamzilla

absolutely beautiful packaging hashtag I

am hot fire to glamzilla congratulations

this is so beautiful this is the shade

here hot fire it's kind of like a really

um beautiful deep like ready pink from

certain angles it looks like it would be

red but it's actually quite just like a

strong bright deep pink that that sounds

like it's opposites but I hope you guys

know what I mean really beautiful this

is going to be perfect for the summer

time when the tan is popping especially

with the nudies you can put this on the

cheeks and the lips I think this is such

a beautiful lip color super excited to

play with that congrats again to

glamzilla That's so exciting beautiful

beautiful shade then also from nude

sticks this is actually very lovely

because sun kissed is one of their like

best-selling blushes it's one of their

classic Shades and they kind of did this

big expansion on the sun kissed shade so

this is the sun kissed nudes collection

they have three new shades of the

blushes new sun-kissed lips which is

very exciting and then they also have a


bronzer shade which actually I thought

it was lighter than Bondi Bay we're

gonna have to give a little Swatch here

so Bondi Bay classic endless forever

favorite from nude sticks and they have

a new shade called Bandai Bell

okay this is interesting so it's deeper

but it's more cool toned so this is

actually going to be a perfect like more

sculpting shade so this is Bondi Bell

and this is Bondi Bay so for me like for

my skin tone I love Bondi Bay as a

bronzer but to have a little sculpting

more cool tone shading option in Bondi

Bell that is perfect definitely was

missing in the new six lineup so that's

very exciting a new bronzer launch from

nude sticks we have a lot of bronzers to

cover so sit tight we'll get there in

the end I just wanted to Breeze through

because nude 6 has a lot of exciting new

things and you know I have a little

discount code always running on the

nudestix website if you wanted to shop

that I'll link it below but lots of

newness from nude sticks let's move on

to some primers I actually have been

doing a little series on Tick Tock I've

only done two of these posts but I did a

viral makeup products that I didn't like

and that's because it was kind of like a

trending thing on Tick Tock so I wanted

to hop on and I did a couple and I

already talked about this on Tick Tock

but just in case you don't have Tick

Tock you guys I tried out the new cosis

glow oiv product as well as the Cali Ray

primer and this isn't technically new

now but it was sold out for such a long

time and I had seen so many people

raving about this on Tick Tock

specifically and I wanted to try it I

was so excited I was on the waitlist for

a bit tried both of these and I'm just

letting you know now I did not like them

whatsoever so the Cali Ray primer I was

excited because it literally says

Plumping hydrator it says nourishing

moisturizing Plumping the skin juicy

look beautiful collagen peptides but it

also does a clean blurring primer so

when I first looked into it and when I

saw people raving about it and what it

promised I was like this is going to be

the perfect like juicy primer for me I

thought the packaging was really cute

and it just looked so fun so after

waiting for it for so long I finally

ordered it was so excited and when I

squeeze it out to put it on I was like

wait what this isn't what I was

expecting at all it's literally like a

siliconey blurring pore primer it

literally feels like the benefit

porefessional primer to a tee like it's

thick it's siliconey it's goopy and for

those of us who like a more like juicy

watery wet looking makeup this pill is

under absolutely everything I tried it

with three different bases

um like three different combinations and

even right there oh my God even just

wiping it you won't see this wiping it

on my hand it's literally pilling up

like it was just a no the elf putty poor

primer is the one for me it's not that

like slippy siliconey feeling it goes on

kind of like a lotion but it has that

effect so I just wasn't expecting that

from the description of this primer so

it was just kind of one of those things

where it was like not as advertised you

know I'm sure there's so many people who

love this style of primer and there's so

many skin types that will benefit from

this primer but just for what I was

looking for and also what I thought I

was getting when I bought it was not

what I thought so that was a no-go for

me and then the cosis glow IV I got two

shades of this because I didn't really

know what to expect and this is the

shade spark this is the the shade

radiate and oh my gosh you guys it was

so awful it was a tin man like a

terrible pilling Tin Man experience

again very specific to my skin type but

I kind of thought that this was going to

be their version of the Charlotte

Tilbury Flawless filter and even though

I don't like the Flawless filter I was

like oh cosis like juicy glowing

beautiful based under your makeup or mix

it with your foundation whatever this

could be that style of product that I

would like this shade in particular

because this is going with my skin tone

more uh it's literally silver chunky

bits of glitter and it's just like when

you're rubbing it in it literally feels

chalky like it feel you can feel the

pigment bits in it I don't really know

how to explain it it probably looks so

beautiful like in the camera but this is

one of those products where it kind of

glooped up and the silver chunks of

glitter sat in my pores so visibly and

it was just not cute and I actually in

comparison the radiate shade even just

rubbing it on the back of your hand

feels so much more juicy and I thought

this could be another one of those

Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin

Foundation moments where maybe it's just

the lighter shade that is a little bit

more chalky in texture because this one

felt a lot more juicy it's just way too

dark for my skin tone so it's something

I could potentially mix into my makeup

but then there's also like the L'Oreal

lotion for that you know that doesn't

have the silver bits because even though

this is the warmer shade the Shimmer

bits in it are still silver I if I'm

like going for something bronzy I want

warm Golden Glow I don't want like

silver like my silvery cool tone things

are reserved for a specific look if I'm

putting warm bronzing glow on it's just

not what I'm going for so those were a

no-go for me and based on the tick tock

a lot of you had that similar experience

so that was just a quick little Roundup

on those two that I had tried out over

the last few weeks so

okay let's actually put something on our

face so guys this isn't technically new

but it's kind of a big piece of beauty

news because after so many years

glossier has officially launched at

Sephora and I nearly fell out of my

chair because I never thought I would

see the day glossier has been around for

so long and I just I never thought that

I would see the day but I guess Mac went

to Sephora so I also never saw that one

coming yeah glossier was at Sephora so I

decided to pick up some of my old

favorites because if you've been around

my channel for a long time I used to

like eat drink sleep breathe glossier I

was obsessed oh my God and then they

kind of I don't know if it's one of

those natural phases where you use

something for so long and you kind of

just get sick of it and you want to

switch it up and try something else but

they also had switched up a couple of

their formulas they changed all the

shades around and it just I don't know

it's just been a while since I tried it

so I used to live love the glossier skin

tint so I did pick up two shades of

these to revisit because this is also

going into spring and summer having this

little Barely There skin tint is a very

nice option so I wanted to revisit it

and yeah now glossy is at Sephora so I

got uh two shades I don't know why I

bought the shades that I did if I'm

honest I opened them and I was like did

I mean to do that but I got G9 and G11

in the skin tints and now that I'm

opening them I'm like should I have just

gotten G10 probably but for now I'm just

gonna mix the two of them into my hand

and oh

it's been so long

does it have SPF oh no but I had SPF in

my hands didn't I anyway I have no idea

if this formula has changed or not

throughout the years I actually had one

in my collection but it was just so old

I kind of just I had done a little Purge

of my very much older potentially

expired products in my collection but I

just love this it's perfect for those

like really good skin days if you want

something that's barely there a little

skin tint just kind of adds a little bit

of evenness just a little glow Across

the Skin and maybe you're not

necessarily having a breakout but you

just want to add a little something

something that's when I reach for a skin

tint so it's definitely not a product

for those of you who would be looking

for any coverage but yeah it just adds

that layer of juiciness and

deliciousness and yeah I feel like my

skin is looking a little bit muddy from

that Deeper Shade of the nude sticks

sunscreen so I'm just going to go over

this with a brush and try to even that

out a little bit I'm so curious to know

if any of you have continued food to use

and love glossier over the last few

years like I don't know why it just

totally dropped off the face of the

planet for me but I was happy to revisit

it and I also picked up the stretch

concealer because people like Anna for

example have raved about this forever

and I was like let's give it a little go

again same Shades I got G9 and G11 this

is G9 this is G11 G9 is obviously going

to be a little bit deep for me but let's

just do a little mixing of this the G11

is actually a little bit more of a pink

undertone so this is going to be really

nice underneath the eyes oh speaking of

that actually Oola Henriksen has

launched those vitamin C under eye

sticks like the color correcting sticks

and I kind of like listen I do not need

another under eye corrector I feel like

I just refreshed all of that but I do

like that it's from a skincare brand so

I'm curious are you guys intrigued by

that has anyone picked it up what are

our thoughts would you like to see me

review that because I did see a few

people raving about it and I was like

ooh that looks fun from what I remember

of this concealer it's just kind of

matching the tint with that very natural

like more dewy finish yeah it's just

blending out and sinking into the skin

so easily I'm gonna take the Deeper

Shade and just put that around oh you

know what it actually just looks very

orangey in the tub but it's pretty nice

on I know I can't talk about orange when

I've literally turned myself Green from

this big down oh my God I do think it

was an expired bottle

I gotta deal with that but we're living

in it for now okay just very wet dewy

makeup is perfect for my flaking skin

right now because it's just soaking

right in there's no dryness left over

from these products whatsoever which is

very nice for me right now how lovely to

be reunited what do you guys think of

glossy I got Sephora okay let's move on

to cream Contour because there's a lot

of new cream Contours on these streets

okay we got the Bondi belt from nude

sticks but then there's also two new

launches that I wanted to mention one

from Tower 28 this is their new

sculptino their sculpting cream contour

and they came out with four shades of

this I love Tower 28 as a brand as a

whole I love their packaging I think

everything's super beautiful I didn't

actually like their bronzers I know like

Katie Jane Hughes every time I saw her

use it I'm like why why doesn't this

work for me and I don't know why I don't

know why I just love their blushes love

their glosses love the mascara like so

many things from Tower 28 so I was very

happy that they brought out this matte

sculpting cream so gonna try that they

actually sent me the shade Getty which I

feel like I could have gotten away with

broad as well broad is their lightest

shade this is the second lightest and

then there's two deeper Shades so we'll

give that a go love the packaging but

then you guys I had I thought this was

really funny I was not expecting this at

all but milk makeup used to love milk

actually I was going back through my

orders because I was trying to see when

I first bought the milk makeup baked

bronzer and it was 2017 2017 following

that I did a full face of milk makeup

then in 2021 I did a second full face of

milk makeup being like revisiting this

where has milk makeup been I wanted to

revisit the brand and I had bought like

all of these travel size mini products

does anyone remember did any of you see

that video 2021 these were the three

products that I bought and I was like oh

I love the minis I love the travel size

their other ones were like quite big and

bulky it almost looked like a big

deodorant stick it also had a lot of

product in those so I had bought these

travel size and that's what I used in

that like revisiting milk makeup video

okay so I saw that they launched their

sculpt sticks and I was like no way I'm

so excited I know I used to love their

baked cream bronzer so let me pick up

the sculpt stick and take it for a ride

so I got my Sephora order in I ordered

it online and when I opened the box I

was like wait what like I didn't buy the

mini did I accidentally buy the mini I

didn't mean to I wanted to buy the

full-size product the full size was also

32 dollars so I was like oh started

looking into it had no idea that milk

makeup discontinued they're like full

old size product I had no idea and so

their original minis The Minis that they

used to sell the minis that I have

purchased are now the full size this is

the main size and they actually posted

or like I don't know where they posted

it but I found this little image of the

comparison between the old one and the

new AKA their old travel size just

talking about like wasted product

um the amount of product that you get in

this and I just did a little scrub

through to compare and like the nude

sticks cream bronzer as well as this new

sculptino from Tower 28 like they

actually all have like around the same

amount of product in it so even though

this is like the old little mini mini

milk just used to have a hell of a lot

of grams in their old size of the cream

bronzer so this is the new regular size

it is so small so tiny look at how tiny

and mini that is but for me for someone

who travels a lot and if any of you just

have like one makeup bag it's actually

very nice to just have these little

minis in there so very cute totally

missed that one had no idea laughed out

loud when this came in the mail so

anyway this is the new milk makeup

sculpt stick I got this one in the shade

toasted love this little packaging and I

love that they differentiated the color

because even the cream bronzer and the

Highlight are the same shade so I like

that this one is differentiated you can

tell in your makeup bag like okay that's

my Contour I do love the mini it is so

cute so I know that these won't be the

same shade exactly but just to try them

out let's just apply one to each side

and see how it goes so I love this for

the precise application as they wrote in

their little fun fact sheet very cool

tones very very cool toned indeed Blends

out like a dream as I expected it would

because all of their other cream

products are positively glorious so I

think because of this shade this is

actually something that I should have

just truly just used for a shadow on my

cheekbone I'm kind of going all over as

I would apply a cream bronzer but I

think for this shade because how great

it is this is exclusively for that

sculpting and I would still pair this

with a bronzer because that does look a

little wild so we'll go over that with a

cream bronzer after but that Blended out

so easily beautiful creamy

fun new sculpting stick from milk let's

try the tower 28 sculptino in comparison

this one does seem a little bit warmer

even though it is their sculpting shade

yeah much warmer much more bronzer feel

for me but for everyday makeup if you're

wanting to just condense the routine I

do like to use a warmer shade so that I

can just sculpt and bronze in one but

you know obviously if you want that

extra shadowing extra sculpting you can

use a product like the milk one to do

about sculpting for you yeah this is so

beautiful what a beautiful shade it's

literally like night and day on my face

it's so much more of like a healthy warm

glow on this side

we'll save that for my pale days I'm

just gonna run over that with the tower


listen listen things are getting a

little muddy they're getting a little

muddy with all that oh we're gonna need

to do some major powdering but we're not

done with the creams yet because we have

a few new blushes to talk about now I

know that we've got a whole new lineup

there's so many beautiful new shades

from nude sticks but I also wanted to

pick up a couple other shades for spring

too I saw that Merit came out with new

shades and they're flush bombs so I

actually picked up the shade Stockholm

because it had my name written all over

it and look at the beautiful little gold

packaging how cute how cute love a merit

blush and Stockholm looked to be this

lovely beautiful pink shade for spring

this is absolutely gonna go straight

into my spring blush wardrobe how

beautiful is that like stunning also I

just I am I am a packaging hell I love

that they have it in this beautiful gold

that just screams everything that I

would like in my makeup bag and for on

my face so that's new from Merit but I

really wanted to try this because in my

little viral makeup products that I

didn't like one of the products I

mentioned was the Charlotte Tilbury High

blush aka the highlighters because

people use it as a blush some people use

it as a highlighter but I just didn't

thoroughly love the experience so when I

saw that they came out with the matte

Beauty blush ones I was like oh see

that's way more up my alley way more

blushy than highlightery uh they had

three Shades in this this is the Pillow

Talk pink pop matte Beauty blush wand

easy liquid blush now I have to say like

in general I don't I don't love this

packaging from Charlotte Tilbury even

with the Contour I feel like you have to

be so careful like a little bit goes a

long way but also it does get very very

goopy and messy like for a liquid blush

the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

blushes are so beautiful because they're

just they're just easy to use all across

the board so you just have to squeeze

this out oh that's a lot more peachy

than I thought it would be

it looks much more pink in the photos

online unless but I have already seen so

many people talking about this and

loving it so let's go in with my refer

04 brush and apply that onto the cheeks

yeah I don't know like that's Peach to

me that is a peachy shade to me

very easy to apply actually it's almost

like a coral almost it's almost a coral

how would you guys classify this I'm

leaning to Coral even though I thought

it was going to be pink look at look at

me though I'm a freak like I have so

many pink blushes I literally just

bought that one but it's the shade that

I like and feel the best in you know I

usually don't like a true coral on me I

find it kind of makes me look a little

bit sick sometimes but this is nice it's

more neutral but I think in terms of

just like shade preference I love the

shades of my Laura Mercier blushes a lot

more just as an equivalent Provence and

LA pacine are my favorite Shades yeah

it's cute I mean in terms of formula

this is definitely my preference versus

their High blushes their other versions

of this so I do love that they came out

with this matte one it's matte but it

still has that like natural kind of dewy

skin finish it went on really easily I

just don't love that shade I think it's

it's nice but it's probably not

something I would reach for in an

everyday makeup bag scenario what do you

guys think do you like this shade

let's talk about powder let's set this


so I have been pretty much married to my

Givenchy powder and I have no intentions

to switch that up however Nars did come

out with a new powder this is the soft

matte Advanced perfecting powder love

the packaging it's very thin beautiful

Sleek very purse friendly packaging it

also has a mirror so if you're setting

your makeup on the go that's a very nice

option to have they actually sent two

shades this is the shade Cliff this is

the shade Cove Cove looks to be a bit

more yellow like that kind of banana

powder which I might want to try and it

feels so soft so soft and they included

a fun little fact sheet here eight

Shades lovely it delivers a matte finish

without the dry cakey feel blurs

imperfections for 24 hours infused with

skin smoothing and niacinamide talc free

formula control Shine minimizes the

appearance of porous and skin texture in

four weeks so allegedly it's improving

your skin as you use it how exciting

okay let's do that let's give it a try

and I feel like because now we're powder

people I know the feeling of the powder

that I enjoy so let's give it a go with

our little triangle puffy puff shall we

you know

that off oh I mean it feels nice it does

feel very very silky


I kind of like the yellow my Givenchy

powder is pink you know and there's some

people who have always used like hello

the Ben Nye Banana Powder is a classique

in the makeup world oh that's very dry

though I don't know if you guys will be

able to see this but it has already

started to oh like curdle up right here

instant dryness giving it the benefit of

the doubt that I am particularly dry

right now so I'm definitely gonna have

to test this at a later date when my

skin is a little bit more sorted out or

you can also just apply it more lightly

with a brush which I think I'm gonna do

actually around my mouth does the

minimize shine absolutely yes check

um already just from this like first

initial application I can tell you right

now it's already way more dry feeling

than my Givenchy one I do really like

the yellow shade though it's got a very

very apparent immediate brightening

effect underneath the eyes definitely

mattifies it's definitely a silky

feeling it is just a little bit more dry

in comparison to the Givenchy one but

it's also different this is a pressed

powder the Givenchy one is a loose

powder so it's not like a direct

comparison you know I do love that this

one's very Sleek to be able to touch up

on the go you can't really take the

Givenchy one on the go that would go

everywhere oh my God if that's filled in

your purse that would be a tragedy and

it really did have a lovely blurring

effect instantly under the eyes so what

do you guys think First Impressions on

that powder I'll keep you updated I'm

just gonna quickly set that all in with

my benefit professional setting spray

and I've also been sitting here this

entire time with my brows filled in but

I hadn't put any brow gel on it yet so

allow me to set the Brows with my

Benefit Brow gel oh my gosh it just

occurred to you guys I didn't put any

bronzer or Contour on my nose who am I

quickly on my eyes I'm just going to

take a little bit of that Tower 28 shade

and just run that on my eyelid

I'll just do a healthy little run of

that down my nose

and then I'm going to take a little bit

of the colourpop Mighty Morphin Sparkle

On Top just for a little bit of a

shimmer I don't have any new like

eyeshadow products to talk to you about

just still weeping over the

discontinuation of my Shiseido Oreos

and this is a beautiful option if you're

in the market for a sparkly lid topper

the colourpop Super Shock Shadows

they're amazing it's just not creamy

like this is a powder although it is a

little bit more creamy for about a

powder but it gives you that same effect

I'm also going to take a little bit of

my makeup forever anywhere caffeine and

just run that on my lips

and then let's jump back to eyes for

mascara I wanted to talk to you guys

about this beautiful YSL mascara that I

had picked up a little while ago I also

did a tick tock on this the first time I

used it a little first impression this

is the Lash Clash mascara and this is in

the brown shade I have been wanting to

incorporate a brown mascara into my

everyday makeup routine and saw this one

new at Sephora wanted to try it the

packaging is beautiful the wand is very

big and thick and I've been loving it I

really have been loving it

um the Estee Lauder double wear mascara

that I've been wearing every single day

it's like a tubing mascara you know when

you wash it off it kind of comes off in

clumps and lumps which can sometimes be

annoying obviously it's like still easy

to remove but I was really surprised by

this one it's not a tubing mascara but

it comes off so easily with my totally

cleansing oil like it's just a breeze

and it wears beautifully I haven't

experienced any flaking with it any

raccooning I'm obviously still planking

like a

but it has passed my driving test when I

drive for an hour downtown if I'm

wearing makeup oftentimes prior to using

my Estee Lauder one by the time I made

it downtown my entire under eye would be

covered in Black from my excessive

blinking that happens while driving but

this one passed the test and I like that

it's just a little bit softer like it

still makes the lashes dark it's still

there but it's just like a little bit of

a softer look when you look up close

you're like whoa it looks so nice it's

like kind of a toasty warm Brown and

it's just a slightly softer effect than

a black mascara and I really like it and

obviously it's super volumizing super

lifting really pretty really pretty

mascara overall I have no complaints

about it I have thoroughly been enjoying

it obviously it's on the more Luxe end

of the mascara Spectrum but I wanted to

test it out and I love what I've tried

thus far so if you missed it and you

wanted to see my little Tick Tock the

first time I used it I will link that in

the description box for you but

otherwise hopefully this is giving you a

good visual of how it looks on the

lashes so to finish off let's talk about

some new lip products first of all Dior

has come out with some fresh Shades in

their lip maximizers now I'm not gonna

lie I'm a Dior lip oil gal okay I love

the lip oils I have a lot of Shades and

lip oils but I always love to have a

nice fresh gloss on hand this is the

shade 001 and I think this is just a

really nice like juicy pink gloss it's

much more minty and much more light

feeling on the lips the oil is like very

thick and like makes your lips look

super big and super juicy even though

this is called the do our lip maximizer

ironically but I think this is just a

nice like classic gloss love the shade

love the packaging always it's really

fresh and bright it's got a little hint

of pink super nice option for spring

then we've got some new shades from

Hermes and this is their little summer

vacation collection how adorable is this

how adorable is this container look at

look at the little lipstick go in here

that is the cutest thing I have ever

seen and also the updated packaging to

celebrate the warmer Seasons ahead how

cute it just reminds you of the like

beach umbrellas in Positano in Italy all

those fun photos that we always see so

three little Shades in this collection

this one is giving I'm tanned on the

beach this one looks like a really

beautiful nude actually brilliant beige


gorgeous satiny finish love that color

oh my God I love the packaging so pretty

and then this is the shade Coral parasol

which I think would actually go very

well with the very corally blush that we

have on oh it's got like

Shimmer bits in it like it feels like a

lip exfoliator like you can feel the

gritty bits it's cute on the lips but

yeah there's little there's little

shimmers in there I don't know how to

feel about that one but the color

does go with that very corally Charlotte

Tilbury blush yeah I literally just

wiped that off and I still have little

glitter bits Left Behind the only

glitter I want is on my eyeshadow topper

and last but certainly not least we have

the new juice bombs from Tower 28 they

have four Shades here which one you

think I'm gonna go for

obviously a classic cutie little crayon

packaging love the colors the pink and

red that's so cute this is the shade


I love that this feels like nothing on

the lips even like so many of the

juicier lip balms that I use like the

Revlon lustrous shines the Dior lip oils

like they feel like it's a thick layer

you know it's very juicy very layered on

the lips this is giving that juicy

feeling but it's so thin like you don't

feel anything going on your lips you

know I like that color too this is very

perfect for one of those throw on

everyday lip balms and it feels so

hydrating instantly on the lips love

that that's going straight to the

everyday makeup bag oh okay the shade

mix is also so nice Perfect Light beigey

nude shade love that oh that one's way

more pigmented

that's the shade drink oh that's right

oh sorry I did see that mix and Shake

are sheer and then these other two are

much more pigmented wow okay that's


I feel like we have to try that on just

to see on top of everything else that's

already on my lips

oh that's gorgeous what a beautiful wash

of color and I'm sure if my lip was dry

in that exact moment that would be a lot

more pigmented on my lips hey you guys

okay first of all how fairy Picante

looking doesn't it okay this is the

shade squeeze it's a little bit more

pink here your lead astray a little bit

by the orange packaging but this is in

fact a bright like pinky Coral shade but

that's the shade squeeze right there for

comparison that's nude sticks and

glamzilla hot fire that's Tower 28

squeeze so hot fire is even a little bit

more pink this is a little bit more of

like a bright orangey red but you can

see how they differ they're beautiful

though super pigmented squeeze is just a

little bit brighter a little bit more of

a neon touch in there how lovely I do

love this one though it's a gorgeous

shade I'm gonna end it there my friends

listen we covered a lot of products

today I feel like we just did a lot of

blapping but it was a good little chat I

hope you guys enjoyed let me know your

thoughts on the new products and again

if there's anything that you want to see

me review here please do let me know in

the comments down below also please tell

me any product that you are loving at

the moment would love to hear from you I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if you

made it this far love you dearly I hope

that you're all having a beautiful day

and I'll see you very soon for a new





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