May 29, 2023

QUIET LUXURY, "OLD MONEY": An Elitist Trend? Let's Discuss!

Published May 16, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

If you're looking for a new trend to follow, why not try quiet luxury? It's a trend that's been around for awhile, but it's definitely gaining popularity. And, it's perfect for those who want to enjoy the finer things in life without being too ostentatious.

So, what exactly is quiet luxury? It's all about quality over quantity. It's about choosing items that are well-made and will last for years to come. It's about investing in pieces that you'll love and cherish. And, it's about opting for classic styles over trendy pieces.

If you're interested in following the quiet luxury trend, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, focus on quality over quantity. Second, choose classic styles over trendy pieces. And third, don't be afraid to splurge on items that you really love.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for quiet luxury pieces today!

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okay it's just my opinion this is all

this is but I feel like this is just

another Trend and it's in now but it

won't last forever and soon it will be

gone is wearing a logo

out of touch now there is an unhealthy

undertone with quiet luxury

hey everyone welcome to another video I

have had a huge amount of you over the

course of the last month asking me to do

a video on quiet luxury and I know I'm

late to the party with this I have done


sort of touching on quiet luxury in

particular focusing on how logos now

feel quite out of fashion and quite

gaudy and I will link to my most recent

video that I've done on that below if

you want to know kind of more about that

but in terms of quite luxury I want to

tell you a little bit about what it is

although I'm going to briefly skip over

that because I am late to the party with

this and probably a lot of you already

know what it is but crucially I'm going

to tell you what I think about it why I

think it's a trend and also I'm going to

share with you some of my favorite

retailers for where you can go and buy

an add to your wardrobe quiet luxury

inspired pieces and these include items

from high-end High streets as well as

designer so there's like a bit of both

so I just want to start off by thanking

like a lot of you who have asked me for

this video recently including Avon

Yvonne asked me most recently but I have

had a lot of you talking to me about it

so I want to thank all of you for the

video idea so quiet luxury stealth

wealth dressing old money I've even

heard it described as rich wife Vibes

whatever you want to call it quiet

luxury is the art of dressing yourself

in a way that essentially doesn't have

any logos it's a way of looking

ah see this is this is where this this

whole um quite luxury thing clashes with

me a bit because I do feel it's a bit

classist and elitist but it's a way of

making yourself look rich by not wearing

a logo and that's that is where it

clashes with me I'm all for not wearing

logos even though I wear logos

I like a logo you know I like a logo but

I do feel as though there is an

unhealthy undertone with quiet luxury

because at the end of it all it's about

like when people talk about buying bags

with logos I've never watched anyone who

said go and buy this bag because it's

got a logo and it's going to make you

look wealthy said no one ever

not that I've ever heard of but this is

the first

Trend that I've ever come across where

the actual

objective is to look wealthy it to me

dressing in a way to look wealthy

as a trend

doesn't sit right I don't love it I

can't describe it I can't describe it I

hope you know what I mean but there is

that undertone to it which I don't love

but I do I can see longevity in this

trend so the longevity for me really is

to do with the fact that quiet luxury at

its core shouldn't have anything to do

with money it should have everything to

do with buying less and buying better so

buying really high quality pieces that

last and buying pieces this is another

thing with quite luxury it's about the

color palette it's about ditching a lot

of the bright colors that are associated

say with like the Y2K Trend which has

been really popular and is everything

that quiet luxury isn't but it's about

having a color palette that is more like

camel tones monochrome navy blue soft


maybe soft pinks but neutral tones that

all work together so that you have fewer

items in your wardrobe but they're all

interchangeable now this trend has also

been born from a TV series on HBO called

succession now I haven't actually

watched it and if you have watched it

please let me know in the comments if

it's worth giving it a watch or not but

from the research I've done it appears

that there is a segment in this series

where a young lady got I think she goes

to a party pretty sure it's party could

be wrong I think it's a party and she

takes with her a rather garish designer

logoed handbag and it goes down pretty

badly at this party and the people at

this party are said to be quite wealthy

no one's wearing a logo because no one

feels that they need to and she turns up

with this kind of like bright in your

face designer bag and it doesn't go down

well and I actually think yes

this whole quiet luxury May well have

come from that TV show but I actually

think that quiet luxury has come from

something a lot more close to home that

affects every single one of us right now

than that TV show I'm going to tell you

what that is at the end as well as what

I think of it am I going to start

wearing it am I going to get into it

I'll let you know so some of my favorite

brands for quiet luxury and I'm going to

start with some of the more expensive

ones first first of all it's Max Mara

Max Mara are fantastic when it comes to

making really great great quality

clothing that lasts and has an Elegance

to it with quiet luxury one thing I love

about it is that it does promote

longevity it promotes buying fewer items

that last and hang together so that

you're not having to cons like

constantly go and spend money on your

wardrobe and Max Mara is really

fantastic for that particularly their

coats and their knitwear really like

them for that another brand which you

have to check out if you want something

that's more designer and is quite luxury

is lauro Piana this brand has seen I

don't want to call it a Resurgence

because it's always been very popular

but this brand since quiet luxury has

taken off has really seen I believe a

lot more interest than it possibly had

before and you can go into this store

and you can pick up

um beautifully made items nothing has a

logo on it but everything is impeccably

tailored this is the thing with quiet

luxury it's very much about tailoring

it's very much about

wearing clothes that fit you like a

glove batega is also another really good

brand if you want to get into

non-logoed designer clothing buteger's a

good one to go with but some of my

absolute favorite places to go for when

it comes to

quite luxury

stealth wealth dressing old money

oh actually from The High Street and one

of my first favorite Brands is Rhys and

I'm really hoping that for any of you

who are watching from outside of the UK

that you can get reefs where you are

because Rhys make very contemporary

looking clothing that is perfect for

work but you can also wear it into the

weekend I have got a coat from Reese

that I bought in 2008. it's been dry

cleaned so many times it still looks

fantastic just looks incredible their

wool is fantastic like their their

products are just so well made and so

well priced another brand that I love

and it's one that I spoke about to you a

couple of weeks back now and it's called

goelia goelia are very what I love about

them they're very very very anti-fast

fashion but they're very for making

quality clothing that is Affordable so

it's not super super super cheap but

it's you can get a lot for under a

hundred pounds and they sell worldwide

so I will link to them below here are

some examples of some clothing from


um so they use wools cashmere silks

Cottons really really Fine Fabrics to

create their clothing another really

good brand that I love is Lily silk I

haven't spoken to you about Lily silk in

a while but they ooze classic Elegance

and actually I don't like the word old

money or new money or any any of that

but I do think that their items look

quite old money particularly the way

I've seen some of them styled very very

classic their color palettes are very

simple there's no bright colors it's all

very neutral tones and everything gels

together really well and you can

intermix different things together and

then finally two bag Brands the first

one I couldn't not mention is Lorna



I think the whole point of quiet luxury

is it comes down to if you know you know

you look at a T-shirt and you think I

don't know I there's no logo on it but I

know who makes it and that's what you

have with the likes of Lorna there is

that logo on the front but it's it

doesn't literally spell out the word

Lorna it's a logo that if you know it

you know it and if you don't you don't I

think it's a very tasteful logo and also

if you think about the royal family in

the UK Lorna is a brand that was pretty

much exclusively and only the only brand

worn by the queen and the royal family

with with the exception of Diana

actually who did wear a lot of designer

logos from time to time the royal family

from what I understand are not allowed

to wear screaming logos and if you look

at Kate for example Kate really likes

Brands like LK Bennetts which is another

very elegant very classy old money I

hate that saying old money kind of of

stealth wealth dressing type of place

and that's another place you can go to

to get some really well made items but

Lorna is fantastic and their bags are

the epitome of luxury when you order a

bag it takes several weeks for it to

arrive because your bag is custom made

to you you custom pick the color even of

the Interior lining everything is custom

to you and that to me is true luxury and

that doesn't cost you any extra that is

included in the price doesn't cost you

any extra that's how the bag costs how

much the bag costs and it's made to you

and then finally my other most favorite

brand when it comes to designer bags but

again these are fantastic when it comes

to a discreet small logo is aspinal of

London and I'm going to show you here

some of my favorite styles I will link

to all of these below so if there's

anything you like and you don't can't be

bothered to go and try and hunt for it I

will link it to these bags below but

aspinal make great quality ever you know

for things like British made I think

it's all made in the UK pretty sure hope

so I think so

um but they make really good quality

pieces that again are very popular with

the royal family everything is very

classy very Timeless very elegant and

things hold together so what do I think

will I be wearing it

where do I think this has really come

from because I actually think this is

bigger than the HBO series that I

mentioned earlier I personally feel as

though quiet luxury has been born after

several years of the Y2K movement which

has been very much about how big can you

get the logo on the item of clothing

that you're wearing Y2K was very much

about bold colors garish colors garish

prints to a to a degree and also big

logos that's been really popular for the

last couple of years and so it goes

without saying that the next Trend

probably was always going to be a lot

more toned down than that and so I don't

think it's necessarily surprising that

quiet luxury follows the loudness of the

white UK movement but I think the main

reason here is to do with the economy

and the cost of living crisis the cost

of living crisis affects all of us and

it from the cop the impro like the

increased cost of food to council tax

going up to utility go Bills going

through the roof

is is wearing a logo

out of touch now considering the price

of everything

is it garish is it

is it out of touch to wear a logo

would I be wearing quite luxury well

one of the things I like about quite

luxury is it's not to do with going out

and spending a fortune on a new wardrobe

it's about adding key pieces and that's

it I don't need to add anything more to

my wardrobe I've I've got more than I


but the other reason why I don't feel

the need to go and add to my wardrobe is

because probably like a lot of you yeah

I've got things that have got logos on

them but I've got an awful lot of things

that don't have logos on them that I

wear just as much depending on my mood

and the situation that I'm going to go

out in

so I don't feel the need to go shopping

because I feel that I've already got the

box ticked when it comes to Classic

pieces that are logoless but that are

very well made I do definitely feel like

this is a trend

but one of you made such a good point

and I'm gonna put your username in here

because you made the point that quiet

luxury isn't a trend and it's never been

a trend because it's classic and I think

you're really onto something there but

when I say it's a trend I mean

everyone's talking about it right now

everyone's dressing like it right now

but give it a few years and logos will

no doubt come back into style and I want

to finish by saying that for any of you

who are into logos like I'm into logos I

don't think that we should stop wearing

our things just because a trend dictates

it I think if you're into if you we

should all dress the way we want to

dress is what I'm saying you should

dress the way that makes you feel most

comfortable and if that's wearing your

designer bag and enjoying it you should

go and do it if it's to wear uh clothing

that does not have a logo on it maybe

you're into your Artisan leather bags

that don't have logos that's also fine I

think the life is short and everyone

should do what feels right for them so

they are my thoughts let me know what

you think in the comments below I want

to thank all of you who actually have

left comments for me under videos over

the last couple of weeks about this

because your comments have really helped

me to form this video but I would love

to see what you think about this I'm

gonna now go and have a read of the

comments section thank you so much and I

will see you in the next video



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