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Published May 16, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Courtney

There's no question that vlogging is one of the most popular genres on YouTube. And while there are plenty of YouTubers who simply vlog for fun, there are also those who use their vlogs as a way to educate their viewers. Dr. Dray is one of those YouTubers.

Dr. Dray is a vlogger who focuses on topics related to health and medicine. In her videos, she discusses everything from the latest medical research to her own personal experiences as a doctor. And while she covers a wide range of topics, she always makes sure to provide her viewers with accurate and up-to-date information.

One of the things that makes Dr. Dray's vlogs so informative is the fact that she is always willing to answer questions from her viewers. Whether she's responding to comments on her videos or interacting with her fans on social media, she always takes the time to address her audience's concerns.

In addition to being an excellent source of information, Dr. Dray's vlogs are also entertaining. She has a great sense of humor, and her videos are always enjoyable to watch. Whether you're interested in learning about health and medicine or you're just looking for a good laugh, you're sure to enjoy Dr. Dray's vlogs.

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happy Thursday I just wanted to share

some things with you all huh that I

don't know I haven't gotten a chance to

mention first and foremost this came to

my PA box how adorable it is a card from

one of you and I'm just loving it with

the cats and the phones is kind of

quirky and cute and then look at the

adorable washi tape I I need to find

this washi tape that you've used because

I love that little cat I had a cat like

that a Japanese bobtail she passed away

unfortunately but I love anything with

that little cat on it so thank you that

card is so cute um okay skincare update

for the European crowd and particularly

her first up Eucerin

very high protection fifty sensitive

protection you'll recall I tried this

out for you guys a while back on a

Thursday flog actually and when I tried

it like first impression that it did

this weird thing where it peeled up off

of my face I don't know what was going

on that day I have had no issue with us

since then and have really been enjoying

it it does have a pretty strong odor of

alcohol so if that bothers you you would

want to avoid it but it's actually

pretty moisturizing it's not super

greasy it leaves a little bit of an

emollient show

but phenomenal filters if you have

rosacea this might sting now because of

the alcohol denature and the alcohol in

there which is just added so that the

filters work right in the formulation

they need to be dissolved and that's

what it's doing so you know it's not the

dead wall just can cause issues with

people with sensitive skin anyways um

this I got on Amazon and I think it's

still available if it's if so I'll link

it down below along with that this is a

urea cream and comes from Germany it is

fragrance free and wonderful if you

recall back to my video on urea I talked

about how wonderful it is as a humectant

how it can be a like keratolytic it's

great for rough dry bumpy skin and this

hand balm is fantastic

not only is it great for dry kind of

dull discolored skin just improving the

appearance of it it also is great for

your nails if you have brittle nails

urea is a good ingredient and a hand

cream it can help hydrate the nail plate

and improve the appearance of brittle

nails so I wanted to share that with you

guys I'll list it down below for you if

it's still available well hey guys

what's up it is the end of the day and

I'm headed out to run errands

interesting I was reading your comments

on my melatonin video and some of you

guys were like I don't care what those

daycare workers said that's just crazy

giving a child

Oh melatonin supplement have time it was

like yeah you know I agree with you guys

it is crazy makes me uh you know kind of

grateful that I don't have children so

the things you have to worry about it's

absurd you know when I was a child I was

in day care and I was very I was not on

board with the mandatory and a half hour

I just you know it did not super

biologic clock in other words I always

hate it now so I'm not an app take her

and I feel I got like it's just a waste

of time and I felt that way as a

five-year-old uh so I imagine you know

kind of I wasn't disruptive I was chatty

I probably pushed some buttons on my

daycare workers stress level they may

have wanted to slip me in something

stronger than melatonin is probably

can't hurt his shut up but yeah you know

raising children nowadays

I feel be parents people raising kids

there's just so much to worry about and

stress about that when I was growing up

you didn't to worry about

but speaking of kids teen pregnancy is

out a whole time low in this country you

know the media was emphasized negative

things but that's good you know chill

teenagers are not having babies when

they're not maybe boy ready to so that's

good a birth rates in general are down

in 2018 there are an all-time low it

seems as though women are delaying child

birthing until later years in life so

that is a difference but it's good that

you know the teen pregnancy rate is down

the media never emphasizes positive

things although you know me being kind

of let's look at this multiple ways type

person I do question what is responsible

for the high just trend is it I can't

imagine it's that teenagers are suddenly

less exploratory with one another than

they ever were like I can't imagine that

I you know I wonder if it's just overall

fertility it's going down so much so

that's even even teen teen pregnancy is

going down because teenagers don't have

as great fertility which is really kind

of scary that's just a theory that I

have like cuz I mean I can how can you

explain that is I mean you know somebody

might say well we have better sex

education yeah I doubt that

you know I mean sex education is

extremely important don't don't get me


not not dismissing that whatsoever but I

don't really think that it's changed

that drastically she suddenly you know

make teenagers be less you know more

responsible I don't know maybe it has

has it changed I'm really not that up on

sex ed curriculum to be frank I do know

it has shake quite a bit like when I was

a you know going through sex ed you know

it was

it was like one of those old-school

videos that they had you watch they

separated the boys from the girls I

don't know like do they still separate

boys and girls we had actually go to a

special camp for sex I had some bizarre

but it was like a retreat that we had to

go on and it was like an overnight thing

and I mean they threw all of these all

of these things out us in this span of a

24 hour period time so it was like this

cap it's like camp that we had to go to

I was a field trip and we stayed

overnight and there was a cabins for

girls and cabins for boys and I was so

stressed out about this I actually made

myself sick just through it sheer

anxiety I mean of this event so they

separated us into boys and girls for our

respective sexual education talk it

wasn't just sex ed like this is what sex

is it was like this is why puberty is I

mean they they crammed it all into one

one intense session like I was just I

left the room my head was spinning and I

practically made myself sick

and so yeah anyways at the conclusion of

the sex ed ceremony they then brought us

back together for our first boy-girl

dance I don't know what that was like

yeah I imagine things are different now

that was probably not the most

sophisticated sex education curriculum I

hope that it's gone through some

different renditions but maybe it has an

ID on them interesting those of you with

teenagers maybe you can affirm or refute

but yeah

I don't you know I had a happy childhood

and happy adolescence I don't only have

any crusher

sure as heck would not want to go back

to to that week that that 24 hour time

period oh it gave me anxiety just the

idea being trapped with my like being

trapped with your teachers and your

classmates having to talk about stuff

like that you know when you're without a

a just like awkward made myself sick

yeah I got ya I got sick at sex ad camp

I'm over here in the books at Costco

side-down I started last night I started

purity by Franzen on hits really good I

stayed up an hour later than I probably

should have getting started reading in

anything by this author before I know

some popular books but if you're looking

for a light beat beat read this is my

favorite I'll have one of my favorite

authors Dorothea Benton Frank she writes

this Beach reads you know light light

light reading but entertaining

lying on the south

I I really did not enjoy this book that

much I have to tell you guys it was a

right but I don't know I found it a

little slow and didn't enjoy it as much

as I thought I was going to when life

gives you Lulu

almonds that's cute all right from

Costco this week I got the three berry

blend of blueberries raspberries and

blackberries and I got in the bag of the

Normandy style vegetable blance blend

very convenient and I go through that in

about two or three weeks and I got

another bag of four one-pound bags of

rice Colin Colin okay I almost had a

heart attack because I accidentally left

my spinach in the trunk and the cooler

and I didn't realize I had not brought

it in I was like did I leave my spinach

in the Costco parking lot

oh no but it was just hiding in my car I

also got some halos these are they lost

forever and they are very easy to peel

my favorite little citrus citrus treats

from Costco Costco this week I also

elected to get asparagus have not had

asparagus in quite some time and so I

went with that the side note the celery

that I got last week it there was some

foul pieces on the interior and I got

into it and probably I probably made it

through two-thirds of the bag and then

the last third of the bag was just not

good so I ain't bought it this week but

yeah I went with asparagus instead I

also got zucchini from Kroger and then I

got some carrots haven't purchased

carrots in a while I got them from the

bulk section just purchased them loose I

also got more chayote squash I have um

videos by the way because I always get

questions about how I prepare these I

have videos in a playlist you can just

find if you go to the playlist tab on my

channel you'll find my says lifestyle

and recipe and I have a ton of recipes

in there but yeah huge fan of the

chayote squash and

this was on sale so I'll probably polish

this off tonight as my dinner salad this

classic garden mix of iceberg carrot and

cabbage no it looked appetizing um I

also got two white onions numerous bags

of radishes I put these in the airfryer

and I also got a thing of ginger um and

then two heads of savoy some more come

quite come whites kumquats I'm really

liking those and then on I bought ah

I believe almond breeze it was almond

breeze was on I bought if you're not

familiar with I bought it it is the

grocery rebate app that I use and I get

cash back on stuff like this almond

breeze chocolate almond milk it was I

got the unsweetened one it doesn't have

any any out of sugars your grams of

sugar so I got that and I also got the

silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk

also with no sugar I technically get

brown lentils but red lentils cook a

fraction of a second faster in the oh


I mean I they cook much faster yeah I

wouldn't haven't got these this week

change it up a little bit they have

slightly less iron and believe and

slightly less protein than brown but

they were Purdy somebody asked me have I

purchased these true lime lime aid

sticks in a while and I have not so

thanks for reminding me how much I love

them I elected to get the black cherry

flavour this week if you aren't familiar

these they're just water flavor packets

they're pretty good they have a

watermelon one that is really good so I

got the black cherry only one gram of

sugar in a stick that's not too bad and

then I had a coupon for these they were

on sale these are the unsweetened

applesauce pouches by simple truth

organic I wanted to get the large

container instead of having these little

pouches but they didn't have any of the

unsweetened available so I went with

these little pouches and I got another

thing of stone-ground mustard from

simple truth Organic love this stuff

it's really good on the bake tranches

and simple truth is having a sale

Colonel I like all the simple truth

stuff is on sale so I wanted in got some

chia seeds rather than go down the

rabbit hole of purchasing chia seeds

from Costco and having like a lifetime

supply of little black seeds invariably

spill all over the place yeah I just got

the the cause of the Kroger smaller bag

anyways that is everything and that I

got this week

so yeah that's everything I got a Kroger

in Costco this week hope you guys

enjoyed the blog if you liked it give it

a thumbs up share it with your friends

and as always don't forget sunscreen and

subscribe I'll talk to you guys tomorrow




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