May 29, 2023

Cycling Nutrition | How to Make HIGH CARB Energy Bars

Published May 17, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Making your own high carb energy bars is easy, and it's a great way to get the nutrition you need while cycling. Here's a simple recipe to get you started:


1 cup rolled oats

1 cup almond butter

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup chocolate chips


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. In a bowl, mix together the rolled oats, almond butter, honey, and chocolate chips.

3. Spread the mixture into an 8x8 inch baking dish.

4. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the bars are golden brown.

5. Let the bars cool before cutting into them. Enjoy!

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come into the kitchen its MCS Melbourne

cooking show in this video I will show

you how to make your very own energy

bars and kick your nutritional gains

up to the next level from these wimpy

Clif bars so the bars we'll be making

today will be about 300 to 350 calories

per bar and they will have about 70

grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of

protein so a lot more potent than your

average Clif Bar and be careful because

you will be breaking lots of kayo ends

with these things this stuff I'm cooking

up today should be illegal




the ingredients will be following today

again I'll include the details down

below and the ingredients are really in

three main groups and we'll also look at

the nutritional value of the ingredients

as well so first up we have our dry

ingredients so that includes a cup a

good cup of rolled oats we'll also have

a two serves of our protein powder or

whey powder I prefer chocolate

you also want about 100 grams of

desiccated coconut we also want 150

grams of almond meal and about 200 grams

of peanuts or then not enough of your

choice if you're allergic to peanuts you

probably want to avoid those the next

group of ingredients we have our fruits

so I'll be including three different

dried fruits today of including dried

apricots dates and and sultanas so

they're in equal equal portions equal

quantities about 250 grams of each of

those as well then we have your

important sugars so in the sugars group

we'll have a cup of sugar will include

about 250 grams or half a jar of jam and

also about 100 150 grams of honey and

and finally we'll also include about 100

grams of butter so they're the three

main different groups you've got your

dry ingredients

you've got your fruit and you've got

your sugars now if you play around with

your arm ingredients within those groups

you'll end up with a nice tasty and well

formed energy bar that you can

comfortably carry in your Jersey pocket

or if you're going hiking or whatever

activity you plan to be doing also

similarly we can we can mix and match

the ingredients based on their

nutritional value as well so in that in

that case our our main groups are the

fat and protein so that would include

the whey powder the all the nuts and the

coconut the almond meal and of course

the butter so that's the the fat and

protein group next up we have our

complex carbohydrates in that case it's

really just the Oaks there's not much

deviation or substitution possible there

I pretty much the rolled oats really

formed the the foundation if you like of

the energy bar so you can't really muck

around with those too much and then we

have our simple carbohydrates our sugars

in the ingredients list today that would

include pretty much all of our fruits

the jam the honey and of course the

sugar now you can also for the vegans

out there you can go the vegan option

just replace the butter with two or

three tablespoons of vegetable oil I've

made them like that before though

they're actually quite a nice little bit

lighter and also of course the honey

leave that from the bees let the bees

keep their honey and just add a bit more

sugar or a bit more Jam or if you like

you could include maybe some goals and

syrup or maple syrup as well the maple

syrup is really tasty so that's the

vegan option as well the Bob we'll be

making today I have put that through a

you know like a nutrition sort of

applications on that analysis and each

bar will come to about 350 calories

being about 75 grams of carbohydrates

about 5 grams of fat and about 8 grams

of protein so the beauty of making the

bars yourself is you can you know adjust

the formula adjust the strength of a

type of bar or the type of fueling to

suit your particular needs so that's

great so that works for me but these

ones I have I haven't for example been

out riding and you know start to get

pretty close to the bonk and you know

you start to start to hallucinate a bit

and see you know flying start to see

some you know flying unicorns now I have

for example eat in one of these half of

the half of my these particular MCS

energy bars they um they work really

really quickly so because of the high

sugar content there are very quick

instant source of energy so they're

really good in that regard the big

careful you have been warned carb

responsibly because these things are

pretty potent I don't want you to you

know start snapping chains or pulling

wheels on your boy so be a bit cautious

some other important items you'll need

as well a baking tray or a baking dish

so you can bake your bars you will also

need a

good quality hefty sort of saucepan or

pan pot my wife's away so I'll be using

the good one today and last but not

least it's not mandatory it is an

optional lighter you might like to ask

your mum if she will show you up a cool

bike apron now let's make a start and

let's get cooking preheat your oven at

160 degrees and then you'll need to

start chopping off all of your fruit now

you can use a food processor but

personally I prefer to just get out of

the chopper get out a knife and chop it

all up on the chopping board your choice

use a chopping board or use your food

processor and get all that fruits and

dates chopped up as finely as you can oh

this is I work I'm so tired

we're shackled using my legs anyway

that's the Solana's and we're done mixed

up get your baking tray ready you can

either just lightly grease it with some

butter or some of that fancy nonstick

spray you might have I'm just going to

be lining oil with some baking paper

actually a chain on line I'm just going

to use a bit of butter now we're over to

the stove M against that going to start

cooking so so what we'll do is we'll

start off and melt our butter so we're

just melting the butter here quickly now

I'm just going to throw in the sugar

keep the hot heat of its big line so you

can walk work slowly and calmly so we'll

get the jam in again it's basically half

a jar jam everything's half the armor

don't want it to stick keep stirring

next is the honey this is always can be

a bit tricky

this one's easy just squeeze that's

enough honey we're gonna throw in the

dates as well at this stage because

they're mainly sugar and we want that

sugar to cook through properly the

criticality of cooking the sugar is

really just that and what you don't want

to burn it of course but the main driver

is is that the stage that you cook your

sugar will little influence or result

the type of bar energy bar you'll have

now if you undercook your sugar it will

end up being a very gooey and messy bar

to handle especially when you're out on

the bike and you did very sticky fingers

and you don't want to do to your bar

tape so you don't want to undercook it

under cookies sugar similarly if you

overcook it cook it till I become a

toffee to the hard candy stage it'll

become very brittle and crumbly and also

very hard to eat so we don't want to do

that either now but I'm going to use the

water technique so as I said once it

comes up to the boil you want to get it

up to 250 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit now

I've turned up the gas a little bit and

I'm gonna start bringing this up to

temperature and once I think I'm getting

a bit close I will start dropping some

in a cup of cold water and then just

check the consistency there you can see

all the sugars coming out of the dates

oh my god the smell it smells so good so

we'll just drop some of the mix in the

water I think I want to cook a little

bit more oh my god that tastes so good

oh I just had a little bit of that sugar

needs me divine all right that's gonna

do it now you just basically throwing

all your drying in ingredients I'm gonna

give myself a chance here I'm gonna take

it off the heat okay so let's throw the

the rolled oats in quite like the

outside I'm gonna put a little bit more

than than the recipe let's go with 300

say so adding all the ingredients

they've got the oats in there I've got

it off the flame because I'm not fast


I haven't even opened it in my packet

but we'll just stir through the GAR it's

the easiest way to go all right so and

our coconut let's get you on annealing

me that's 100 the almond meal is 150

grams that's the whole packet almond

meal is in

come on bring it back to the heat now so

keep it moving but keep the heat light

the more dry ingredients you add it's

going to get thicker and thicker and

harder and harder to work so you're

going to work these little you get them

were close it'll winky arms alright so

you can see it's coming to a nice

consistency now so what else we got

there apricots and the Sultana so let's

get those in there as well these boys

are not going to know what hit them

when I pop one of these I'm gonna be

lighting the afterburners so we'll get

the peanuts in there next my old man

he's always hit told me but he's on a

shift but my mom's the chef but I'm he

told me that whenever you're working and

doing stuff like in the garage or any

job you do the most important thing you

need to do is to be neat now I'm not

really that me especially not in the

garage but when I find on making these

energy bars you need to keep everything

as neat as possible because it can get

out of control real quick and this stuff

is so sticky that uh it gets pretty hard

to work if everything gets sticky and it

becomes a mask now I can make a mess in

here and make these energy rise as long

as when my wife comes home everything

the kitchen looks like Nolan's been here

everything is hunky-dory so another

little cooking tip make sure your other

half doesn't find the mess and clean up

after yourself we will be banned from

the kitchen for life but oh my god it

smells so good the combination of the

peanuts and the dates it's like it's

just like a Snickers it's like I mean a

big pot of Snickers here I have

forgotten to put the protein powder I

don't know if I'm going to be able to

get that in here I also don't normally

put that as much almond meal or almond

meal at all in fact I so that's the

other meal is nice it makes it more like

a cake so but otherwise sometimes you

can swap the almond meal for quick oats


quick oh you can put them through the

food processor and it becomes very like

a flower and that works quite well too

now I'm pretty determined to get that

protein powder in because I know that

how important protein is to your energy

bar important to muscles that they get a

little bit of protein as you're riding

it's a good thing an hour so what I've

done is I've just adjusted the dryness

I've just added a bit of water and I

just brought the temperature back up the

reason I don't want to add any more

sugars or honey is because I don't want

to have that uncooked sugar in there so

I've just added a bit of water and you

can see now the consistencies is nice

and soft again and it's a lovely golden

color I've got it on the stove very

gently as well so I'm going to get that

protein powder in there as well so we

said we were going with two serves or

protein powder so that's four scoops in

here if I can get him in let's just go

over three

oh now the chocolate smells coming out

that's all I need this is gonna be so

good the mix is all ready to go managed

to get good three scoops of protein

powder in there so rock on and now we're

gonna give it all into the baking tray

and we will give it into the oven so

that's the next step get that into the


alright so somehow now we're gonna get

all of this into here get it all out

okay now comes the tricky part now you

need to push all this down but it's very

sticky so just start working into the

pan you know this is what I do here I

use a plastic a freezer bag because if

you touch this stuff it's all over so

we'll just get that off and what I do is

I just use a plastic bag freezer bag and

just press it all down not so stupid I'm


oh it's hot you want to get it as flat

as possible because if you die when you

put it in the oven you won't cook evenly

and you also get these the bits that

stick up they'll burn so I mean I'm not

a professional you'll get a little bit

of that anyway

it's just consider a feature of homemade

cooking and we're almost done there's a

couple of holes here I'll just smooth

that out oh my god the best job I've

ever done

alrighty look at that now we're ready to

rock now we'll just get this in the oven

and let it bake for about 20 to 30

minutes keep an eye on it until it's

nice and golden brown on the top okay

let's see how we're doing the smell is

just out of this world

okay then they need a little bit longer

now the smell in this house is is

ridiculous I've been climbing the walls

I could eat anything that's the smell is

delicious you know let's get them out of

the oven and see how they're looking oh

my god they look fantastic check it out

they're a bit overdone now that we've

got them out of the oven and they're

still a bit warm it's a good time to

start cutting them up or at least at

least marking them out so we'll get the

bars cut up and and then we should be

good to go okay so now all that's left

really is I let the bars cool down

completely and put them in a Tupperware

container put some baking paper in

between the layers so they don't get

stuck and I keep them in the fridge so

you're ready for when you need them to

go riding you can just throw as you you

know take a couple out wrap them up in

some baking powder put them in your

Jersey and you'll be good to go they'll

last probably a couple of months at

least so they they came out really

really good I'm quite happy with these I

don't know I think maybe maybe I should

focus on cooking instead of cycling who

knows anyway I hope you've enjoyed the

video and I think as far as I'm

concerned these Clif bars they're dead

to me they're no good to me it's just

basically like counting carrying around

lead weight these things these are the

things these are the way to go well

that's it for today's cooking episode

looks like I've got enough energy bars

here to write to Sydney and back hope

you've enjoyed the video comment below

if you'd like to share your own secret

fueling strategies I'd love it if you'd

hit that subscribe button and thumbs up

if you're a high carb high power cyclist

and thumbs down if you're a ketose

cycling palanca until next time see you




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