May 29, 2023

Gluten-Free Basics & Beyond | GF Tips, Ingredient Swaps, Guides, Recipes from America's Test Kitchen

Published May 17, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Looking for gluten-free recipes? America's Test Kitchen has the ultimate guide to gluten-free cooking with recipes, ingredient swaps, tips, and more.

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so you want to take a favorite recipe

say a birthday cake or maybe some fried

chicken and make it gluten-free well

forget about doing that yourself because

when you take out the wheat flour those

recipes they just do not work out

so for good gluten-free baking you need

to rebuild the recipe from the ground up

and for that you're going to need a test

kitchen we use science and obsessive

testing to recreate all of your favorite

recipes everything from muffins and pies

to chicken parmesan and lasagna

this was by far the hardest topic we'd

ever tackled here in the test kitchen

our team of test cooks worked for over

two years to develop 300 foolproof

gluten-free recipes for you to make at


there are a lot of gluten-free products

on the market and many of them are not

very good from bread to pasta we taste

tested them all and we're going to tell

you which brands are best

so after all that testing what'd we

learn well we learned that gluten-free

baking is expensive but don't worry you

can save money if you make your own

blend and it's going to taste a lot

better now if you plan on doing some

gluten-free baking you're going to need

a kitchen timer that's because you can't

just look at something in the oven to

determine when it's done now sometimes

food looks underdone and a little bit

mushy even though it's fully baked

through that's because the gluten-free

starches don't set up until the baked

goods are completely cooled so for

gluten-free cooking you're going to need

to relearn the basics we've done all the

hard work and made all the mistakes for

you right here in the test kitchen so

you can make foolproof gluten-free

recipes at home



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