June 19, 2024

Healthy Weeknight Meals Done In 30 Minutes

Published May 17, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Looking for some inspiration for healthy weeknight meals that won't take hours to make? Look no further than Joshua Weissman's cookbook, "The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook." This book is full of recipes for delicious, healthy, and quick meals that the whole family will love.

Some of our favorite recipes from the book include the Crispy Chicken Thighs with Lemon and Rosemary, the One-Pot Salmon with Fennel and Orange, and the Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Bolognese. And, all of these recipes can be on your table in 30 minutes or less!

So, if you're looking for some healthy and delicious weeknight meals that won't take forever to make, be sure to check out Joshua Weissman's "The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook."

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let's be honest eating healthy is not

always the most convenient you come home

after work you sling your bag on the

floor you want something easy but more

importantly something healthy but

delicious so here's my solution


at the beginning of this year I set out

with the goal to become shredded by July

4th and the clock is ticking with my

Trader nor who's yoked watching my every

move I have to stay consistent these are

the top three meals that are all done in

under 30 minutes nor is here to clarify

if we are on diet or not let's begin

I've got three meals you can make any

weeknight that will keep it feeling like

it's the weekend if you know what I mean

I don't know what you do on the weekend

but I hope it's legal option one steak

Euro rap option two tikka masala and

option three chicken alfredo none of

these seem macro friendly but they are

calorie and price breakdowns will come

at the end as we finish each of these

first stake gyro now our 30 minute timer

begins a very basic feta garlic sauce in

a blender combined 4 ounces or 113 grams

of feta eight cloves of garlic half a

cup or 140 grams of low-fat Greek yogurt

pause I'm not a huge fan of low-fat

ingredients I think they're typically

gross in gimmicky and like how did you

take the fat out of that but I do think

yogurt is one of the few exceptions

because it's simply made with milk

that's been skimmed of its high fat

heavy cream add a splash of water and

blend on high speed until as smooth as

possible anyway follow that with one

tablespoon or 14 grams of extra virgin

olive oil yeah I know right after

talking about keeping it low fat add a

splash of water now season that mixture

to taste with salt optionally strain the

sauce through a fine mesh strainer

season it taste with salt and whisk

together and you're done this makes a

lot of sauce and you're only going to

use about two tablespoons of this per

gyro all right we're five minutes in 25

minutes left next are topping in a

medium-sized Bowl add half a seedless

English cucumber thinly sliced you can

use a hand death trap or you can use a

knife whichever you prefer half a red

onion also thinly sliced optionally you

can rinse your onions under water to

tone down the spiciness one teaspoon or

half a gram of finely chopped fresh

oregano one tablespoon or three grams of

finely chopped fresh parsley one finely

chopped jalapeno salted taste and one

tablespoon or 15 grams of red wine

vinegar tossed together till combined

and it's like a little refreshing

crunchy Garden waiting to sit atop your

perfectly luscious gyro and that took

like what maybe five minutes leaving us

with 15 minutes remaining look our steak

is simple make a very basic rub

consisting of two teaspoons or five

grams of fresh ground black pepper one

teaspoon or three grams smoked paprika

one tablespoon or 15 grams of kosher

salt half a teaspoon or 1 gram of

coriander powder and half a teaspoon or

1 gram of ground cumin makes a joke of

Mind wrestle yourself a 12 ounce or 340

gram flank steak padded jar with paper

towels split your steak into two evenly

sized pieces and season both sides

generously with your steak

now to cook the steak you use a regular

pan a grill pan or just a grill I went

with a cast iron grill pan because well

I couldn't find my grill don't ask why I

don't know heat that over medium high

freeze the grates generously with

cooking spray and then one at a time add

your pans here for about three minutes

give it a flip and sear for an

additional two to three minutes now

we're sitting at around nine to ten

minutes left give or take your steak

should be a beautiful medium rare and is

ready to come out of the pan unless you

want to leave it in there longer and

hurt my feelings so you can take it to

medium if you desire that there is no

well done allowed now take it out of the

pan rest for three minutes and we're

sitting in around 24 minutes total so

take your remaining six minutes slice

your steak eat your pita bread over an

open flame until hot and lightly charred

about 15 seconds per side now look this

serves two people so you only need two

pitas and your two pieces of steak so

slap half your slice steak on a hot Pita

about two tablespoons of your feta

garlic sauce followed by your cucumber

salad as much as you like and maybe a

little fresh parsley for garnish repeat

on the other Pita boom all done in 30

minutes or less now let's get our macro

calorie assessment look at that I like

it nor will confirm later next our tikka

masala start the 30 minute timer this

serves up to six peoples but if you're

eating it by yourself it's arguably

better after sitting in the fridge and

allowing the flavors to marry looks like

the Tikka is getting more uh action than

you are first in a large bowl come on

one cup or 300 grams of low-fat Greek

yogurt a half inch knob of Ginger grated

4 cloves of garlic grated or minced two

teaspoons or eight grams of garam masala

one teaspoon or two grams of turmeric

powder one teaspoon or three grams of

paprika one and a half teaspoons or four

grams of ground cumin two teaspoons or

10 grams of kosher salt 1 teaspoon or

three grams of ground black pepper whisk

together took a mine and then added two

pounds or 900 grams of boneless and

skinless chicken breasts that's been cut

into one and a half inch cubes 24

minutes left mixed together until nicely

coated first we'll quickly sear all of

our chicken feed a shallow pot or saute

pan over medium-high heat crease the

bottom with cooking spray now once

that's hotter than a seatbelt sitting in

direct sunlight for hours in a parking

lot add your chicken and go ahead and

sear it all at once look in most cases I

recommend against doing that but this is

a weeknight meal let's be honest you

want to get it done in and out and if

you have your temperature at the max

heat and do not touch you'll get at

least one side of most pieces to get a

decent color now sear that for about two

minutes lip each piece it's here for one

more minute 21 minutes left to get out

of your cooking vessel yes it's still

raw I'd advise you don't have a little

taste test quite yet reduce the heat of

your pan to medium and add one medium

yellow onion sliced season lightly with

salt or cloves of very finely chopped

garlic and a one inch knob of Ginger

grated and saute for three minutes or

until the onions begun to soften then

add one teaspoon or two grams of ground

coriander one teaspoon or three grams of

ground cumin half a teaspoon one gram of

cayenne powder serve it around let that

saute till fragrant about 30 seconds

then add half a cup or 120 milliliters

of chicken stock a 15 ounce can or 425

grams of crushed tomatoes and a splash

of now season lightly with salt increase

heat to medium high bring that to a boil

and as soon as it starts boiling add all

that to a blender blend on high until

smooth as possible then return to your

pan with a splash of water reduce your

heat to low to a nice slight simmer add

your chicken back and simmer for 10

minutes or until the chicken's cooked

through and the mixture has reduced now

finally add one cup or 240 milliliters

of half and half not heavy cream unless

you want to blow out the calories on

this simmer for three more minutes

season it taste with salt and serve

immediately look optionally you can

serve this with one cup of rice per

person obvious want to start the rice at

the very beginning and we're done with

five minutes to spare which I guess you

could say that time could be applied to

cutting onions or measuring or whatever

else needs to be done but let me be

honest I think this one cuts it a bit

close to the 30 minute mark it depends

on your skill level but I think that's

still pretty good pal now totaling out

at a macro calorie composition of this I

mean are you kidding me last and

arguably our easiest is Chicken Alfredo

30 minutes begins now look you want this

to go quick heed the advice of how we

work in restaurants if multiple things

take time then do them at the same time

right if you have multiple things

working at the same time don't like

start your pasta and then just stand

there playing with chat gbt on your

phone get multiple things working at the

same time and they'll finish at the same

time so first off our pasta get two

large pots fill with water and add to

your stove and bring them both to a boil

season both of them generously with salt

now look it's gonna take about five

minutes for them to come up to a boil so

while you're waiting go and do something

else in this case you'll take one pound

or 450 grams of a large boneless

skinless chicken breasts slip those bad

boys in half so they're thin and flat

and now we have 25 minutes left drop

your past stay in the Boiling Pot number

one and one whole head worth of

cauliflower that's been cut into florets

in pot number two boil your pasta for

nine minutes and your cauliflower for

well the same amount of time you want

your cauliflower mushy now all those are

cooking heat a 12 inch pan over

medium-high heat previously with pan

spray then Pat your breasts dry the

chicken breast season them with whatever

you want spices salt and pepper I don't

care once they're seasoned add them to

your pan and sear for three minutes per

side because we get them in half to thin

them out by the time you flip them and

cook them for another three minutes they

should actually be fully cooked with an

internal temp of 165 Fahrenheit take

them out and leave them to rest until we

are done now after all that's done let's

say 10 minutes elapsed and we have 15

minutes left good thing the rest of this

is actually extraordinarily simple now

once your cauliflower is done and very

tender add to a blender along with five

cloves of garlic a quarter cup or 22

grams of Parmesan or reggiano a quarter

cup or 22 grams of pecorino Romano these

are both grated by the way half a cup or

120 grams of skim milk salt and pepper

to taste add two tablespoons or 28 grams

of unsalted butter and blend everything

until as smooth as physically possible

then to season that it tastes with salt

and pepper as needed then add whole

process should take less than three

minutes honestly then once your pasta is

done and Al Dente train out of your

water surprisingly you actually don't

need the pasta water in this scenario

although you could use it if you wanted

place your drained pasta into an empty

container or the original Pop That You

Used add as much of your cauliflower

sauce as you like toss the tail coated

which leaves you with a grand total of

seven minutes to spare look you can go

ahead and plate it up now but if you do

have time you could totally dice up one

large zucchini grease a skillet with

cooking spray heat it over medium heat

and cook your zucchini with a little bit

of salt and pepper to taste maybe some

spices or herbs and cook for about five

minutes tossing occasionally until

browned and just cooked through that's

optional I like it you know I think when

you add the pasta to a plate and a

little vibrant green squash maybe a

little extra Parmigiano-Reggiano that

tiny tinge of extra salty Umami having

you scream oh Mommy seems like a pretty

good idea and it's done very easily for

under 30 minutes in a grand total

caloric breakdown of this for four

servings so here we are I feel pretty

good you know everything I would say for

the most part past the time test now

let's begin the Nord test so we have

three things here nor is our analyst and

our verifier how do you feel feeling

good man ready to eat stick hero flank

steak this on the other hand there's a

trick I did with this okay I want you to

try it first then I'll tell you what the

trick was and then tikka masala cheers

macro friendly that would have about 10

12 grams of fat boom on diet let's go

next one go right can you use whipped

cream cauliflower cook the cauliflower

down and you just blend it with a little

bit of milk in reality like in this

whole plate of pasta there's probably

like I don't know two tablespoons of

milk maybe it is balanced you just have

to portion of the pasta I guess if

you're trying to lose weight one cup of

pasta probably six ounces of chicken two

to three ounce of veggies

all right last one so this is Tikka

Masala obviously you give a little stir

we can't use a heavy cream so I used

half and half instead 12 grams of fat

for the whole recipe again this is my

favorite out of all three high protein

low fat it's got a lot of flavor this is

the big one this has the most flavor I

agree and it's the easiest to make goat

bigger one cup of carbs you're on diet

period end of story in under 30 minutes

baby would you make this I told you I'll

cook better than you sometimes and on

the next episode of get shredded I'm

gonna get my kick

if you're on a diet don't think of it as

a diet think of it as a moment to get

creative with your food and enjoy it




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