June 20, 2024

How to Make Giant Bubbles - Bubble Recipes and Bubble Wand Instructions

Published May 17, 2023, 6:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

Making giant bubbles is a fun science experiment that you can do at home with your kids. All you need is some bubble solution, a wand, and a little patience.

Here's a recipe for making your own giant bubbles:


1 cup of dish soap

4 cups of water

1/2 cup of sugar


1. Combine the dish soap, water, and sugar in a large bowl and mix until the sugar is dissolved.

2. Dip your wand into the solution and blow gently to create giant bubbles.

3. If the bubbles aren't forming, try adding more dish soap to the mixture.

4. Have fun!

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Hey! Welcome to Beals Science! I have spent 12 months exploring giant bubbles

and wands and testing recipes and it's been Bubble madness for an entire year

and finally I'm able to bring you the very best giant bubble recipes that I

found and the best ways to make a wand. I'm gonna show you how to do all of it

because I think you'll find out once you make some bubbles

especially giant bubbles there's something just really magical about it!

Here we go! Giant bubbles on Beals Science! Yeah!

When I tell you that we have tested just about every recipe that we could find to

make giant bubbles I'm not lying, in fact, I had my students working on

different recipes, I had them testing different recipes, and ultimately we

started to boil it down to the very best ones, and then we took those and tested

them even further. We tested them in different conditions,

we tested them to different sizes, we tested them with different wands, we've

tested it all! And one thing is for certain, you know testing bubble recipes

is fun for all ages! We had three main requirements for our

bubble solution recipes: number one they had to be easy to make. Some of the

recipes out there far too complicated. Number two: they had to store well. Some

of the recipes molded, we don't want mold. And number three: well, it's got to

make big bubbles! This is number one.

These are the supplies you're gonna need. The Dawn dish soap that I'm using works

really, really well. There are other options out there and you'll see down in

the description there's a link. I'm gonna take you to somewhere where you can look

at all the different options for soap. As far as the water, make sure you're using

distilled water not tap water, it can introduce a lot of impurities. These

other things: the J-Lube the Surgilube and the glycerol, those ones

don't necessarily mix into water very well so you're gonna see at the end of

this I'm going to remind you to let this whole thing sit for

at least 24 hours. I've found when it sits for seven days or longer it

actually gets better and better and better. In fact, I have some solution that

sat for three months and it still worked perfectly well so it met the requirement

that it stores well and does not mold.

There are a lot of bubble recipes on the internet that will make bubbles this

size, maybe a little bit smaller, maybe a little bit bigger. And they work just

fine but they don't meet those requirements that I said earlier and if

you want to make giant massive bubbles you've got to go with a recipe like this

because the other ones just don't stand up. How do I know? Well, we tested them!

We tested them all! And this is my number one favorite recipe!

My number two

favorite recipe is this one. The reason I like it? It's much more simple. I really

feel like anybody can make this recipe and still make very big bubbles. Now they

may not be quite as big as a recipe number one but for most people you're

not trying to make 20 foot bubbles, you're just trying to make big bubbles

in the backyard! So this one would be just fine for you.

We've made dozens and dozens of bubble wands this one is my absolute favorite

because anybody can make it if you've got an old t-shirt laying around you can

make this one. And, it works really, really well and if you have some good thick

yarn sitting around the house or if you have some nice cotton string you can use

that too. But I really like this t-shirt method.

The giant bubble wand is much more complicated but of course as you can see

it will allow you to make giant, giant bubbles. The mop head is made up of a few

strand, they're just really, really long. But you got to get it apart first to get to

those strands. "This takes forever. Forever ever..." but that's why I went with the mop,

is because it's made to absorb! I have officially spent two hours dismantling

the mop head. Although it takes a long time to get it apart because it's not meant to

come apart. I want it thicker so we're gonna braid

these three together. It's got nice absorbent string.

That's a good braid! That's what we need to trap all that bubble juice in

there. Very nice! I did test out a couple different types of cotton rope but it

was never as good as the mop. Well, I'm choosing to use a 12-foot crappie

fishing pole which is just a really simple fishing pole that's all nested

inside itself so that we can get some massive bubbles with this thing! There seems to

be a constant debate on the internet about how long do I make my string or my

wick I found that six foot on each side works

really well. Much larger than that, I had trouble getting bubbles that held

together for very long. But of course, that's where you experiment. Now to

attach this I just took some wire and put it on the crappie pole and then I

attached little hooks so that I could change out all my different wick or all

my different wand fabric and then me and my lab assistant, we make bubbles!

We make giant bubbles. We take it everywhere we go. And everybody loves

the giant bubbles.

Aren't the giant bubbles amazing! I'm telling you, get out there try these

recipes or try to make your own, I think you're gonna find they're absolutely

magical! We've got a ton of stuff going on at Beals Science or BealsScience.com, hit

the subscribe button down there, please?! And I'll keep making more videos! But I

want to remind you - Keep on Learning! Thanks for watching!


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