June 8, 2023


Published May 17, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

In 1 year, I reviewed all of the miraculous ladybug crafts made by me in Isa's World. I found that the majority of the crafts were very well made and I was very impressed with the detail and quality of the work. The only crafts that I was not completely satisfied with were the ones that were made with cheap materials or that were not made to last. Overall, I was very pleased with the crafts that I reviewed and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great gift or a beautiful decoration.

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Hello everyone, in this video I show you all the Miraculous replicas I made in 1 year.

Remember that there are many more crafts and I already showed them to you in another video last year.

You can see it in the i at the top right.

everything you see on the table is made by me and all the tutorials are on the channel

so you can make the objects from your favorite animation series yourself: "Miraculous Ladybug"

And now let's see the new crafts one by one

here are the Activated and camouflaged tiger miraculous

I made this mask to disguise myself on Halloween

That afternoon I saw it all green 😂

The costume includes ears and a rattle

The paint has already been removed a bit

I made the flute in the previous video and it sounds real

I like this one so much notebook that I still haven't written anything in so as not to spoil it

This cell phone case turned out really nice

Pollen is one of my favorite kwamis

The Monarch rings are really easy to make

The alliance ring was very realistic, I like that

The Kwami of the dog looks adorable to me What is your favorite kwami?

I did an update of Catnoir's ring in activated and camouflaged mode

I think it turned out better than the first one I did

The bee comb that I also did in its camouflaged mode when Chloé wears

it this is the first one I did on the

Duusu channel is the Kwami It is a very colorful Kwami, I really like

this Miraculous it is made with paper although it looks like metal

The bolas are made with dog balls and a dog leash 😂 😅

write in the comments which Miraculous crafts you want to see in 2023 on the channel

When I made I forgot to put the tail on Wayzz

The ball tutorial was a bit chaotic because my dog ​​stole the ball I bought to make it

You can see the scene in that video on the

Roaar channel it's also adorable

This is one of the most requested tutorials on the comments and you liked it a lot

It opens and contains the photo

the wings are removed and it becomes the camouflaged mode of Gabriel Agreste

Nooroo is simple but beautiful

This is one of the easiest Miraculous to do but too realistic

And finally I also made the Ladybug box, it is a design I thought of and I invented a petal opening system

It took me almost 1 month to make it and I worked many hours every day, but I got it

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Thank you for staying until the end


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