July 22, 2024

100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers of Makeup || Ultimate 100+ Coats by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

Published May 18, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

The 100 layers challenge is the ultimate makeup challenge that has taken over the internet! This challenge is all about layering on as many coats of makeup as possible until you reach 100!

This challenge is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of time and patience to complete. But, if you're up for the challenge, the results can be pretty amazing!

To complete the 100 layers challenge, you'll need to start with a clean face and apply your first layer of makeup. Then, you'll need to apply another layer of makeup on top of that. And, you'll need to keep going until you reach 100 layers!

This challenge can be pretty time consuming, so make sure you have a few hours to dedicate to it. Also, make sure you have a good makeup remover on hand, because you're going to need it when you're done!

Are you up for the 100 layers challenge?

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Ever wondered what it would feel like under layers and layers of things?

Well, it looks like these two are up for a dual in the 100 layers challenge!

Oh, come on!

Gah, ow! My nail!


Okay, I think, I can save it, I’ll just paint it with my nail polish.

Hm, that’s weird , I could've sworn I left it here!

Amy, have you seen my nai?..

Aha, busted!

Amy! I told you to stop taking my stuff!

What? Sharing is caring.

That’s it! I’m challenging you!

You have to put on 100 layers of your favourite nail polish!

Ok, here we go…

Well, I’ve heard beautiful manicures can make any girl’s hands more attractive.

Hm, not so shabby…I feel like a true nail artist.

Ugh! Dry faster!

Uh, okay, one more!

Ugh, okay, hairdryer! Do your magic!

How much longer?

Uh, what time is it? How long have I been here?

Wait, whoa! Look at those! They’re like rainbow stones!

Not gonna lie, they’re kind of heavy!

Whoa! Amy! You’re an artist!

Those are so insta worthy, let me take some shots!

Work it, Amy!

Amy, I’m not sure what to wear! Red? Or yellow?

Amy, can you, please, help me?

Yeah, sure, that one’s fine.

Come on, come on, come on! Yes, go!

Amy! AMY!

Fine, Bella! You asked for it!  100 layers of clothes!


There you go, Bella, now you don’t even need to decide. You can wear everything at once!

So..heavy…oh, my god!

This is so annoying, I should have just picked the red tank!

It’s getting so hot in here and so stuffy, ugh

Ok, come on! Let’s do this! One more and god knows how many more to go...

Ugh, stretch, you can fit! I’m stuck!

There you go, Bella! How are you feeling under there? Cuz you sure look plump all around!

I can’t move! Must get air!

And dive!

Amy, take my hair out, it’s getting pulled!


Put it on!




This is hard! I’m sweating myself


Amy, ow, ow, ow! Enough! I can’t fit anymore!

Yes, you can, stretch out that arm!

Come one, Bella, push through! JUMP!

Stop pushing my face!

Ugh okay, pants don’t fit anymore, we can do hats! Yes, hats!

And one more!

Wait, wait, wait, don’t move, almost done! THERE!

Great, we’re done

No, no, few more jackets!

No ,no, no, no! Amy, stop!

No, no, no! Amy, stop!

I’m actually going to tip over, I can’t keep my balance anymore!

And tying your bow.

Ah, here takes these to help your balance.

Oh, my god! I’m going down!

Oh, hey, Am, I think I’m gonna start decorating for Halloween this weekend!


Oh, my god! No way!

I asked her not to keep this atrocious photo from middle school!

That’s it, Amy! It’s payback!

Hey, Amy?



Oh ,man, ugh! No!


I’m sorry, beautiful skin!

Bleh, jeez I can feel the layers caking on!

My eyelids are literally 100 pounds.

I hope my lips won’t flake off, so dry ew!

There, done, maybe it’s not so bad

Oh, my god! Aah! I’m uglier than my worst nightmare!

I guess, I’ll have to go like this to the Halloween party...

Whoa! Amy, your special effects makeup is so cool!

Come here, let us see closer!

Do you like it? I did it myself! I know, right, I became a pro this year!

Oh, I’m so hungry!

Ou! I love sandwiches!

Next some lettuce, deli meat, another toast...

Okay, I see how it’s done!


What, Amy, relax you’re so jumpy!

100 layered sandwich? Okay, challenge accepted! BEGIN!

This is going to be the most epic sandwich of 2019!

Don’t touch!

Behold! I present, the Eiffel tower of all sandwiches!

Let’s dig in!

Oh, my god, Amy, I can’t move!

Mm no, I can’t even stand the sight of food right now.

I think im gonna be sick!

Aah, feels so good to unwind and give myself some TLC.

TLC later, Bella!

It’s 100 layers time!


Keep cool, Bella, keep cool!

I’m gonna get you back ,Amy, you ruined my ME time!

So long peace and quiet...

Ugh, my face is so heavy and I can’t see anything...

Agh! That’s it! They’re coming off!

Ouch! Ugh, gross

Whoa! Look at my skin! I’m glowing!

That was worth it!

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