June 23, 2024

48 HOURS IN BARCELONA - Ft. The Top 10 Bars & Restaurants

Published May 18, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Bethany

There's a lot to do in barcelona, but if you're only there for 48 hours, you'll want to make the most of your time. Here are the top 10 bars and restaurants to check out while you're in town.

1. El Xampanyet

This place is a must-visit for any fan of Spanish wine. El Xampanyet has been serving up delicious wine and tapas since 1929, and it's easy to see why it's such a popular spot. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the staff are happy to help you find the perfect wine to pair with your meal.

2. Bar Mut

Bar Mut is another great spot for Spanish wine and tapas. The restaurant has an extensive wine list, so you're sure to find something you'll love. The tapas menu features traditional dishes like patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo, as well as some more creative options.

3. Tickets

If you're looking for a truly unique dining experience, look no further than Tickets. This restaurant is run by world-renowned chef Ferran Adria, and it offers a tasting menu that will take you on a culinary journey. The dishes are creative and inventive, and you're sure to be impressed by the skill of the chef.

4. Can Ravell

Can Ravell is a hidden gem in the barcelona dining scene. The restaurant is located in an old bakery, and it has a cozy and charming atmosphere. The menu features traditional Catalan dishes, and the food is simple but delicious.

5. Cerveceria Catalana

Cerveceria Catalana is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer and some tapas. The restaurant has an extensive list of Catalan beers, as well as a menu of traditional tapas. The patio is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day, and the staff are happy to help you find the perfect beer to pair with your meal.

6. Cal Pep

Cal Pep is one of the most popular restaurants in barcelona, and it's easy to see why. The food is simple but incredibly flavorful, and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The restaurant only takes reservations for parties of six or more, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to snag a table.

7. La boqueria

La boqueria is a must-visit for any foodie. This world-famous market is located in the heart of barcelona, and it's the perfect place to find fresh produce, seafood, and more. The market is open every day, and it's a great place to wander and explore.

8. Bodega 1900

Bodega 1900 is a classic Spanish wine bar that offers an extensive list of wines from all over the country. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about wine, and they're happy to help you find the perfect bottle. The bar also serves a selection of tapas, so you can enjoy a light meal with your wine.

9. Mercat de la boqueria

Mercat de la boqueria is another great spot for fresh produce, seafood, and more. The market is open every day, and it's the perfect place to stock up on ingredients for a picnic or home-cooked meal.

10. La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day by the beach. The neighborhood is full of beach bars and restaurants, so you can find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view.

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this is the whole point of it right

so we go again

the sangria we had the other day in


that is proper sangria

hey i'm jesse behind the camera is will

and together we are top jaw we travel

the world documenting the best things to

eat drink and do tough gig in it will

split food

over the next 48 hours

we are on the hunt the absolute best

barcelona has to offer this is an

alternative guide it's all about showing

the unsung heroes and the hidden gems

that aren't shouted about on google and

timeout but are doing incredible things

but either way we ask you to press that

subscribe button real hard like with all

your strength hard oh and also you've

seen these little shades oh yeah top jaw

shades now on sale limited edition

special edition we're mostly sold

through ain't gonna make them again we

love them

so it's time for some real spanish

delicious fuel for some beautiful small

plates at soma oh

and where do you want to see us go next

give us a comment

and we'll do our best our first stop in

barcelona an early lunch at the

wondrous summer

so daniela adrian's cousin works in

lucha star italian restaurants

they've come together and this is their

real spanish italian fusion here we have

calamari this is the chicken croquettes

this is the caffeinator which is a true

italian dish

that's absolutely brilliant a couple

more dishes they are coming and

everything's been fantastic this right

here is the shrimp carpaccio

and this is like a tomato risotto

fritter so they make spaghetti risotto

and the next day they can fry it off

with burrata and cherry tomatoes on top

you're in there at me tastes like tomato

juicy pizza

oh you're right oh you're right mate

yeah just watching you make our

delectable pisco sours i mean it's

barcelona after all pisco sour b2b

espresso martini

the king's dessert that is what an epic

first stop i mean they

fed us and

waterless waterless

very well

almost too well because now we're really

running behind schedule

exterminate exterminate exterminate

tom's your life jump to the hotel room

ditch all your stuff we'll fiddle with

bits for a while and when he says bits

it means


just off the rambler it is huge and

there was a market here staying about

800 years

that's an old market huge open seven

days a week loads of food vendors

something for everyone

high energy high


as food markets go this place is very

theatrical you know that the light the

food on offer it's displayed in a really

attractive way and it's just color glow

so there's two types of eating you can

do this market you can graze grab and go

or you can have a sit-down meal and one

of the best places if not the best place

to sit and eat at bokoria is

pinocchio's sorry mate

pinocchio don't really know what the two

have in common however that's what it's

called lovely little counter service

we'd have the room for a full sit-down

meal but if we did this is the place

we'd be we could heavily recommend

beating number four isn't the uniform i

know we've said we're representing the

unsung heroes and look a lot of people

know about boca rea but i feel that you

have to come

yeah it's just such a beating heart of


last week we were eating these in the

michigan star barafina

now we're here in barcelona to eat the

real deal

they're good they're not they're not

barifina good

they're good so

recharged and ready for some more food

always mate always we are after all the

human dustbins

reporting for service time for a beer

not just one beer they have 28 on tap

mind the bananas

what are they doing there

quick pit stop at cocoa vale now 24

craft beers on tap that really speaks to

us that's the language we know and this

place got recommended to us so

many times however

there is a story to that

coca veil was started by two friends

tony and andres

how's my accent will good terrible this


is a california style bar they met at

the university of arizona

moved to barcelona and were like let's

recreate a bit of home here we got

surfboards on the ceiling man i mean

every california bar has those surely

license plates on the walls the flags

and 24 beers on top

we're starting off with number one i

don't think that means we're going to

get through all 24 of them however this

is a collaboration between cocoa bale

and balate and with the recreated beer

that doesn't exist the girl that got

away six point six percent of pure joy

our points because you know we want to

shop around


hit it

cheers cheers everyone

yeah boy


the second one's a lot harder than the

first keeping the american theme these

guys are famous for their wings so here

we have

teriyaki jack daniels and honey barbecue

serve the ranch dip that's just what you

want me

nice crunchy chewy winter beer

those thunder are really

settling in


is that the right choice

i don't know

cocktail time baby oh yeah it's a lovely

evening maybe we have a little beer on

the way i'm sad

look at that bro the street with the

hills couple of thunder cheers and he's

absolutely loving this

traffic this is the whole point of it

right there's a motorway can we get off

let's go out to safety buddy come over


a bit of gandy's architecture gowdy

really yeah not gaddy

thank you cheers


let me just stop barcelona i know you're

thinking you're thinking

me the color grading in this is

delicious well we have worked with an

expert colorist to develop our very own

top jaw kodak inspired filmic loves

available for you to download from us


some money small amount of money let me

just show you what this film is like as

shot from the camera in log

and now with our top jaw barcelona lut

warmth in the highlights

cool in the shadows gives us gorgeous

colour contrast ready and waiting for

all you filmmakers out there for more

information and to download visit


links in the description

back to barcelona

having a little bit of a pit stop in the

sun before hitting the uh cocktail bar

next door because you know what you know

what i need we're not lit enough oh


sorry mum sorry mom

dr stravinsky there's a bit of a queue

since we're doing that kind of obnoxious

thing where we go to front because

we have organized to fill here

here you have their concoctions because

that's exactly what they do here 90 of

what you drink in a cocktail has been

made on site they create things they

ferment things all in the craft of the


cocktail okay this right here is their


and mezcal infused with truffle they

make here on site and that is what is in

wheels negroni i honestly couldn't


a better negroni for will

all things come together

you've got like the the cheese and the

truffle that hits you which is that real

sweet creamy the smoky bitterness goes

this is like muhammad ali fighting tyson

if my um

astrology fortune could be told it would

be this here cocktail a sweet smoky sour


he loves that that's amazing

flowers are edible as well


bloody hell

that's disgusting



i love that okay sometimes we have

cocktails and they're super

innovative and creative but are they

actually that enjoyable

i know those ones however

were both

innovation new age contemporary style

cocktail with a very

delicious undertone


manso the street is like my dream

street okay is a beautiful tall city

street with

tree line road but we're not here for

the trees as much as i like them we're

here for male duca

it's there a very similar story to

summer three friends two wish your

brothers they dreamt of creating a


two years ago they did it ignacious

dropped the food off

one of the owners one of the brothers

who started this place very lovely guy

very charismatic so this right here is

little toast

prawn tartare emulsion of the prawn head

seaweed for the other bits yeah




please someone knows all that

oh my god oh my god that's delicious

well this here is their croissant bread

with steak tartare

smoked sardine and egg yolk

these flavors are unbelievable so i'm

going to full picasso again let me taste


so this right here everyone is our warm

leeks a very innocent name for a very

naughty dish

warmly to hazelnut vinaigrette hazelnut

vinaigrette we've also got sun-dried


lemon on there this is sort of 1970s 90s

80s chic which i love how they've done


just like terra bar van in paris

this place

is serving the most ridiculous food

way above its pay grade all the dishes

are between some five and twenty

something euros

oh my god they pack a punch

amazing service brilliant people

we're so full and yeah we were like what

the hell is going on about that for a

burger now mate yep


we've come to the area called

jampla aka the extension this is quite

an upmarket area now the top jaw heads

will know that we featured a place

called asado in our bristol film

back in the lockdown days

asylum is also in barcelona why is it in

barcelona you see it in there the owner

of rosado his wife is from colombia

didn't want to live in the uk anymore so

they've opened up here in barcelona

makes a hell of a lot of sense and i

think you're doing the same thing okay



garage beer brewery here

in barcelona making mango milk

these beautiful little nuggets here

draped the sauce

are the smoked beef croquettes

oh my god it feels like you shouldn't be

eating those in public you know what i

mean these little fancies here are more


spanish black pudding in a little ball

with a chimichurri


oh let's go

this is the l

the beef burger with cheese

and pulled beef which is in the beef


still your favorite


you're right bud buddy you okay

man it's a great birthday so many meals

i know we start the day a little bit

late however we have more than made up

for it in this copious line

of meal that we have had when i am and

we've had meal after meal showing you

what the best is that you don't have to

you can watch this there's one big

package deal you can go

that's a bit of me however i'd like to

give you this moment this chance

to press subscribe like you mean it

like you mean it

yeah nice half-assed

clicky clicky proper full-on punch


subscribe like


nomad set up by a catalonian guy called

geordie about seven years ago

complete coffee head well i'm feeling a

bit adventurous yeah yeah and it's it's

a nice warm beautiful kind of summer's

day in barcelona i think i might go for

something a little bit icy

nomad coffee lab not a coffee shop not a

coffee bar a coffee lab these guys are

serious about coffee do not go looking

for a frappuccino in this place

they are coffee masters my first ever


like shaking with ice kind of espresso

over cold

not sure if i saw somebody else haven't

i thought that's good

cold fresh exactly what you want

barcelona when you're a little bit dusty

ding dong the dust is gone well

sort of


have a nice day


look at the state of that

mercy mercy me i'll be really excited

about this one this is funky bakers also

shout out for the weather i mean

isn't this delightful funky bakers in

there is a joy you walk in you're

welcomed loads of smiley faces huge big

ceilings loads of light beautiful

interior and even more stunning little

baked goods funky bakers was started

four years ago by a lovely lady called

seymour from istanbul no prior

experience in baking hospitality food

nothing she worked in mobile marketing

however she loved barcelona and fell in

love with certain locations and thought

what does barcelona need funky bakers is

a fusion of same as istanbul roots with

this modern barcelona

oh and subscribe share yeah it's good

point well actually good point well i

made is the menu and eggs lager sugar

but with no onion garlic that's istanbul

thing coming through we have halloumi

with honey scrambled eggs with this

awesome catalan baguette

and uh iberico ham of course chunky

stuff chunky stuff the meadowmount eggs

accompanied with their funky bun i guess

like a bagel type thing everything is

made and baked just there in the kitchen

next door this is the sort of thing that

would really it was very fresh very

healthy exactly what we sort of need to

you know

bring us back to life

i've got the grill halloumi with honey

i think it's going to go real good

oh this is good

again this is another absolute signature

of funky bakers

here we have there is there babco look

at that made gooey


orange yogurt with almonds

and some sort of strawberry berry



that is fantastic


in the evening is a vibe in here they

have a bar cocktails spritzes great

music we are unfortunately leaving

tonight but otherwise we'll be

back same with lovely to meet you

just met a couple of lovely top jaw

followers we love that different part of

the world lots of people there but

they're visiting barcelona and they're

oppressing us they said guys can we

please have your shortlist please have

your barcelona guide preview right here

right now and we get that a lot

and so what we've done we've

collaborated with step your world to

host our curated maps

places that we've been over the years

but also a place that we haven't been to

maybe personally or we've worked with

local foodies to create a primo

fantastic map of all the best spots

coded so you can see whether it's a cafe

bar restaurant and we don't pepper spray

it and nobody is paying us to be

featured on that it is pure 100 genuine


all you have to do is sign up to our

patreon the link is in the description

to get access to our extended curated

top drawer maps we've worked with

friends local foodies in other spots

around the world to curate these lists

these recommendations so when you're

walking around

you have the map of dreams perfect

holiday guide mate could be better could

be better patreon

sometimes in top draw we feature places

that been around for decades sometimes

we feature places that have been around

for a matter of months

sandwich club barcelona

three months old it is fresh hot off the

press or they do sandwiches and they're

a club on the weekend there's djs and

party until the early hours of the

morning and they do sound just in every

sense the word like buns subs and

there's a calamari sub that i'd be

really hankering to try

here we go

oh amazing thank you very much thank you

so we go again

for food wise

this is what i wanted to try and we're

here for one thing and one thing only

not saying you should we're just eating

in a lot of places today and we're

trying to manage our insights

this is the calamari calamares

sandwich in a sub brioche roll we have

fried squid and the lucian style and a

lime squidding mayo

bit of fresh lime

squidding online mayo

really makes it

yeah man


11 years ago by a couple sophia and


very bold starting a restaurant as a

couple but hey 11 years on it's still

very strong and sofia is

one big smile a very warm aura of a

person they do classic tapas but with a


croquette is all the usual suspects but

with their contemporary little spin on

things know hot door sunglasses also

very good on the head

keeping the hair

out of the delicious papers

first sangria quite late in our trip for

the first sangria but here we go oh will

has gone for a big old goblet of gin and

tonic which is pretty much 50 50 gym to


yes that the sangria we had the other

day in london

that is proper sangria






and this is their anchovy and i gotta


the sauce


it's like a salted caramel sauce

is it i'll go up almost there with solid

caramel chileche which i wouldn't have

thought with anchovies but it is


a bit of russian salad

which isn't russian it isn't a salad

tuna pickle veg

fresh taggy

big chunky calamari


you know small pepper portion



so fresh

you know when calamari can get all

rubbery like you're chewing a bike tire

that is

soft as you like

that's wonderful

that's wonderful your face would suggest

you're enjoying it yeah

bro there's something else we gotta do

before we leave

do the honours bro


any place that allows

customers just to draw over the walls

and that forms a decoration you know

doesn't take themselves too seriously

and it's going to be very hospitable

lapida what a brilliant way to end our

two-day trip here in barcelona it's been

fantastic we have

not even touched the sides so we've got

to come back and do another episode

episode 2 of 48 hours in barcelona more

so than anywhere else in the world we

had weeks and reams of genuinely awesome

recommendations it was like a bao

tapestry of it what's their homework for

the bays oh homework for the crew dem

we need you to tell one friend about top

toy just one

not not your nana your dog one genuine

friend who you think will love it big

luck spread the top draw love

because what we want

are you more subscribers you hold the

key to that you really you and no one

else you have that key

if you're here watching at the end thank

you very much we really appreciate it

will love you ma'am

take it easy

we'll go to prague now for a stag do and

i'm off back to uk for a wedding smelly

later but

we don't want any barcelona i can tell

you that for free


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