April 15, 2024

9 DIY Disney Food vs Pixar Food Challenge / Remaking The Best Food From Movies

Published May 18, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Welcome to my diy disney food vs pixar food challenge! In this challenge, I will be remaking some of the best food from disney and pixar movies! I will be using recipes from Troom Troom, as well as some of my own creation. I hope you enjoy this challenge!

First up, we have the classic disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! In this movie, Snow White is seen eating an apple, which is said to be poisonous. However, in my version of this dish, the apple is replaced with a delicious and safe strawberry! This recipe is sure to please any Snow White fan!

Next, we have a food from the pixar movie, Up! In this movie, the main character, Carl, is seen eating a bunch of different kinds of food. However, my favorite food from this movie has to be the grape soda that Carl drinks. This recipe is a simple and easy way to make your own grape soda at home!

And last but not least, we have a food from the disney movie, The Lion King! In this movie, Simba is seen eating a bugs. However, in my version of this dish, the bugs are replaced with chocolate chips! This recipe is perfect for any Lion King fan who has a sweet tooth!

I hope you enjoyed this diy disney food vs pixar food challenge! Be sure to check out Troom Troom for more great recipes!

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disney or pixar who makes better food

for their characters


which cartoons are better disney or

pixar it's time to figure it out


let the cartoon food battle begin


what do we have here these are tasty

chocolate cookies made using a recipe

from the incredibles mix a cup of soft


a cup of brown sugar

a cup of white sugar

and two eggs

whip it with a mixer

combine a teaspoon of baking powder

half a teaspoon of salt

and two cups of flour in another bowl

combine the ingredients

make dough using a mixer

add a cup of chocolate chips

shape balls using an ice cream scoop and

put them on parchment paper


add pieces of chocolate on top

bake it for 10 to 12 minutes at 360

degrees fahrenheit

put the cookies into a container


mmm let's taste them

oops what was that who's stealing my

incredible cookies christy actually has

baby jack jack superpower it's

impossible to catch her


i got you

and here is our food spaghetti and

meatballs just like in lady and the


add finely chopped onion to ground beef


add pepper


and one egg

mix the meat

and shape meatballs


fry them in vegetable oil until they are

golden brown

cover the meatballs with tomato sauce

and simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes

cook pasta in salted water

put them into a plate

and add the meatballs with the sauce on


sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese


this long spaghetti connected us

just a little bit more and stop take a


i can't sleep

counting sheep isn't working and my

tummy needs some tasty food like in


let's hunt

cut strawberries in half

cut cheese into triangles

place strawberry pieces on top and stick

in a skewer


where's christy i'll go get a snack

oops i got caught

oh no i didn't

it's better just not to argue when

you're hungry

your emotions are telling me that we

need some broccoli pizza from inside out

coat a pizza crust with bechamel sauce

put on broccoli and slices of mozzarella

sprinkle it with grated parmesan cheese

bake it for 10 to 15 minutes at 390

degrees fahrenheit

add arugula leaves on top of the

finished pizza

a healthy pizza i feel joy try it disney

fan oh who puts broccoli on pizza

my emotions refuse to eat

it here's a secret message from the

pixar team find candies where did they

hide the treats

are they on the highest tree

help me

yup it's here here they are lion king


melt gummy candies in a microwave

pour them into a silicone caterpillar


take it out when it sets

define the antenna and legs with a food


put the gummy caterpillars on a leaf

are these grubs edible yes

all right i'll taste them

they are really slimy

and satisfying

hakuna matata

a race is ending fast lightning mcqueen


stop do you have some water i've got

something better than water drink some

engine oil

make a round hole in the lid of a food

container using a heated utility knife

coat the lid with acrylic paint


stick in a

straw attach a printed motor oil label

to the container

mix ice cream


and black food coloring in a blender add

milk and mix it


pour the milkshake into the container


this is the best engine oil in radiator


don't ask any questions just drink it

awesome i'll win the piston cup

doctor what's wrong with me

your badness level is unusually high

but i know how to fix it there is a

tried and tested remedy chocolate cake

everyone loves it

mix a teaspoon of salt

a teaspoon of baking powder

11 ounces of sugar

eight and a half ounces of flour

and two and a half ounces of cocoa



add two ounces of soft butter

and two ounces of vegetable oil

pour in nine ounces of milk

and add two eggs

make batter with a mixer

pour it into a mold


bake it for 40 minutes at 360 degrees


let the cake cool and trim the top

whip icing mix with a mixer

evenly squeeze the icing out of a pastry

bag onto the cake

add another chocolate cake on top

completely cover the cake with the icing


decorate it with cherries

it's a cake from lilo and stitch


now your badness level is safe dessert

is always a good idea

rise and shine sleeping beauty come on

get ready



got your breakfast for you look you got

porridge and it's happy to see you

chopped ginger


put it into a pot

put in a cup of rice

and add three cups of water

add salt

cook rice porridge


fry two eggs


place them on a board and trim the egg


fry bacon

cut the edges so it looks like a smile



place the fried eyes and the bacon smile

onto the porridge

eat your porridge tough warrior you need

strength to fight


enough fighting there is a great recipe

that will unite both worlds it's a

magical tamale from coco

soak corn leaves in hot water for a few


season a chicken breast

add hot water and cook it until it's


mix a teaspoon of baking powder a

teaspoon of salt three and a half ounces

of butter and seven ounces of corn flour

in another bowl mix it with a spoon

add chicken broth

you get a soft flexible mixture


pat the chicken breast dry with a paper


separate it into pieces using a fork


add hot salsa and stir it


lot the corn leaves with a paper towel

put two leaves together

put the corn dough and the chicken on



make a roll

fold up the edges

and wrap a corn leaf around it

steam the tamale for one and a half



wow our magic worked

yum food unites all cartoon universes

did you like our cartoon inspired

recipes then let us know in the comments

which dishes you liked the most disney

or pixar and don't forget to give this

video a thumbs up subscribe to our

channel and click on the bell so that

you don't miss new tasty recipes on



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