May 29, 2023

CERN Scientists Announced Something Terrifying Happened To The Large Hadron Collider

Published May 18, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

cern scientists announced that something terrifying happened to the Large Hadron Collider by voyager. They said that they found evidence that the universe is not only expanding, but also accelerating. This discovery could mean that the universe will eventually end in a Big Crunch.

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it's always Pleasant to hear about some

groundbreaking discovery from our dear

scientists and researchers but when the

discovery takes another turn especially

when it's something that has the

potential to cause a worldwide blackout

fear prevails join us in this video as

we discuss cern's discomforting

announcement regarding the activation of

the famous Large Hadron Collider and

what potential threats this new

development brings to our world

thank you

understanding our world is something we

can never get tired of from NASA to

Tesla and hundreds of other

organizations there's a never-ending

hunger for discovering the unknown and

so while organizations like NASA and

Tesla focus on space and Interstellar

exploration companies like CERN try to

learn more about the Earth itself and

unlock any of its hidden potential in

case you're not familiar with the name

CERN is the European Organization for

nuclear research it is one of the

largest and most respected centers for

scientific research worldwide at CERN

scientists physicists and Engineers try

to unravel the mysteries of our universe

and answer the most mind-bending

questions in science they investigate

other dimensions dark matter and other

unproven theories using large and

complex scientific instruments you've

never seen before

CERN is known for its groundbreaking

discoveries like neutral currents Higgs

boson and the God particle however as

you know the thirst for scientific

knowledge never ends and so despite all

these CERN still presses to uncover more

mysteries in the fabric of the universe

one of the things CERN hopes to discover

is magnetic monopoles magnetic monopoles

are particles that have either a North

or South Pole only usually any magnetic

particle should have both North and

South Poles but monopoles have only one

although these particles exist in theory

scientists have never found them despite

searching for the past Century this

search is one of the things that led to

the birth of colliders colliders are

supposed to cause a collision of

particles so that scientists can then

study the products of the resultant

explosions although scientists expected

monopoles to be born from their

colliders none has been found so far the

drive to discover new types of particles

and perhaps monopod holes drove them to

create the giant particle collider the

LHC the LHC is the Large Hadron Collider

a super particle accelerator made to

propel subatomic particles to extreme

energy levels in a controlled manner so

that scientists can study their

interactions as they move and Collide in

simple terms particle colliders smash

atoms to Pieces allowing scientists to

study the results before this smashing

can occur the particle must first be

accelerated or pushed using electricity

the Hadron Collider can speed up these

particles so fast that they move at

almost the speed of light the LHC uses

electromagnets to function the

electromagnets use a current of over 11

000 amperes to generate the magnetic

field plus a superconducting coil inside

the LHC ensures no electrical energy

gets lost during current transmission

the LHC is located about 328 feet below

ground it measures approximately 3.8

meters in width and its walls are lined

with very sturdy concrete its location

was also carefully chosen to minimize

the background radiation the Earth's

crust provides thanks to all these the

LHC can produce some potent magnetic

fields about 1 000 times stronger than

the Earth's magnetic field the LHC

features thousands of lattice magnets

which are used to adjust the trajectory

of the particles in short the LHC is a

27 kilometer ring of superconducting

magnets some special magnets called

dipole magnets are also used to bend the

particle paths the LHC has about 1 300

of these dipoles each of them weighs 35

tons and measures 15 meters in length

given the size and length of these

magnets alone you can imagine how

cumbersome the LHC is and how much time

money and resources it took to build it

currently the LHC operates at such

tremendous energy that trillions of

particles can Circle across the collider

11 000 times per second such terrific

speed makes this collider the number one

in the world the part articles in the

LHC are constantly accelerated via the

use of accelerators as one beam of

protons is blasted in One Direction

Another is sent in the opposite to

collide with the first the LHC is

unarguably the world's greatest and most

advanced particle collider and so you

can imagine the joy of the science

Community when it finally became

operational after three years of waiting

this invention was born from the

European Union's desire to increase our

understanding of the universe so the

building process was done meticulously

lasting several years and from its

initial launch the Large Hadron Collider

proved a valuable tool in scientific

discovery building such a complex

machine was no small feat you see

through the high energy collisions

within the LHC scientists learn more

about the intricate structure of the

subatomic world the collisions that

happen within particle colliders are not

strange to science they happen every day

in the atmosphere around us every time

these collisions occur a complex spray

of other smaller part articles is

released as products however the

products from these natural collisions

are pretty Elusive and Decay rapidly

some decay in less than a second making

it impossible for scientists to study

them directly in their natural

environment the only way to explore them

is in the vast tunnel of the particle

collider construction of This

Magnificent structure took about five

years starting in 1983 and ending in

1988 the cost of the construction was

about 7.5 billion euros this cost earned

it the number one spot among the most

expensive scientific instruments ever

built because particles Collide about

600 million times per second in the

Large Hadron Collider the data generated

by the LHC and its simulations every

year is estimated to be about 15

petabytes a petabyte is equivalent to 1

000 terabytes you can imagine how tough

it must be for CERN scientists to review

that amount of data every year no wonder

the LHC is a collaborative project

incorporating scientists from all over

the world not just from Switzerland the

LHC became operational on September 10

2008. however due to a magnet quench

incident its initial testing period got

delayed for over a year the incident led

to the damage of over 50 superconducting

magnets and their surrounding components

and so it wasn't until 2010 that the LHC

finally got its opportunity to shine

from 2010 till 2013 scientists could

witness a never-before-seen spectacle as

protons and Lead nuclei were fired at

mind-blowing energies into head-on

collisions this event was a truly

revolutionary moment for science but

then it wasn't enough however as all

sophisticated as the LHC was something

still needed to be corrected because of

this the team at CERN felt this super

collider required a makeover and so it

was shut down in 2013 remade and

launched again in 2015. the two-year

upgrade was termed long shutdown

one-inch or LS1 during that time CERN in

enhance the lhc's accelerators and

detectors and replace some of its

magnetic systems they did all these so

that the device could function at full

power thus in 2015 it was reactivated

however in 2018 the Large Hadron

Collider was shut down again to receive

some further upgrades this time around

CERN wanted to improve the Luminosity of

the LHC the Luminosity of a collider is

the ratio between the interaction

cross-section and the event rate simply

put it's the number of collisions that

happen in a given time more Luminosity

would make for more data that scientists

could use and so CERN upgraded the LHC

to a high beam Luminosity device this

time more than ever CERN was trying to

get to the root of monopoles and dark

matter if you're a Sci-Fi fan you will

have heard about the Dark Matter before

dark matter is material believed to

exist in space and take several forms

they do not absorb reflect or emit light

hence their name more so they can't be

seen directly and they can't be detected

electromagnetically scientists believe

these types of matter came into

existence soon after the big bang Dark

Matter was another puzzle CERN wanted to

crack with the Large Hadron Collider you

would think that after undergoing three

years of upgrades for two Good Times the

LHC would return to give a scientific

breakthrough but it didn't instead it

caused something unexpected something

more of a catastrophe than a

breakthrough you see soon after its

launch and initiation when scientists at

CERN turned up the Large Hadron Collider

with the new maximum energy beam they

detected something unexpected in our

planet shocking data from CERN

when the LHC reopened in April 2022 with

its new maximum beam energy rather than

detecting dark matter or monopoles

scientists soon detected a crack in the

Earth's magnetic field in other words

CERN cracked Earth's magnetic field in

its pursuit of dark matter and monopoles

you see the Earth's magnetic field does

not crack the only thing that seems like

a crack is an opposition existing

between the magnetic fields pointing

South and those pointing North these two

forces partially canceled out each other

causing a small space to open at the


this particular crack stayed open for 14

hours straight something that's never

happened before if you're wondering if

other worldly beings may have slipped

through this crack into our world you

can rest easy no one entered and besides

the Earth's magnetic field is not a

protective barrier from other dimensions

or worldly beings rather this barrier

protects the Earth from the powerful

solar winds you see it's not only the

ozone layer that curbs the effects of

our blazing sun the Earth's magnetic

field also resists it we don't give

enough credit to Earth's magnetic field

it's a vital force that maintains the

balance on our dear Planet thanks to

this field our compasses Point North and

animals can travel or migrate long

distances and still find their way home

successfully most important of all is

the fact that the magnetic field

safeguards our atmosphere from the

harmful effects of solar winds solar

winds are very powerful if the magnetic

field didn't curb these winds they could

rip our ozone layer apart if you've ever

seen auroras in the sky they're caused

by these winds you see auroras are

beautiful from down here on Earth over

there in space they're Dreadful and you

wouldn't want to stick your hand and

grab those light rays like you must have

thought NASA experts have emphasized the

danger of solar winds and how they can

wreak havoc on satellites and cause

city-wide blackouts this is why NASA has

recently been actively monitoring and

tracking the magnetic field and guess

what they've noticed that the magnetic

intensity has weakened significantly and

most of all there is a significant error

in the area spanning South America and

Southwest Africa so scientists have

called this the South Atlantic anomaly

it's not clear whether these weakened

spots are a direct result of the

activation of the super beam collider

but the incident with the broken

magnetic field line has led many to

believe so

nonetheless these weakened zones spell

serious trouble for us researchers are

most concerned about the numerous

satellites and spacecraft in orbit the

increased exposure to the solar flare

will be felt more by these crafts than

by humans some of the most vital

communication systems today are orbited

in space telephone radio television and

even the internet use satellite

Communications as more high-energy solar

charged particles continue to get to

these satellites they may malfunction or

have other forms of technical glitches

even worse the sun is on a rampage these

days as its flares are increasing

producing more powerful bursts of energy

our sun doesn't just give off heat or

light and radiation there's also

something called coronal mass ejections

or CMEs which are massive eruptions on

the sun's surface that arise due to

instabilities in the sun's magnetic


CMEs can be so powerful that they can

cause Nationwide blackouts and disrupt

communication systems in seconds usually

when these CMEs are released in excess

amounts they're referred to as solar

storms these storms carry electrical

charges and heat moving rapidly toward

the Earth Elon Musk lost 40 of his

SpaceX satellites in one of such storms

in early 2022 if you've ever seen a

Northern Light it occurred because of a

solar storm when these things happen

they paint the skies with a breathtaking

display of colorful lights however as

dazzling as they seem these solar storms

are great potential for Havoc

potential threats

NASA has announced that two massive

flare eruptions are hurtling toward

Earth at nearly 2 million miles per hour

if this results in a storm we could

experience radio navigation frequency

disruptions satellite malfunction and

even Global Internet disorders resulting

in losses as high as trillions of

dollars of course all this is just

speculation but it may not be far from

the truth one of the most catastrophic

effects of solar storms was the Quebec

event in 1989 extreme solar storms

knocked out power in various parts of

Quebec the Carrington event of 1859 was

another terrible one and was the worst

solar storm in history it caused

sparking and fires in many areas and

also resulted in the damage of telegraph

systems worldwide but as destructive as

it was this event lit the night sky with

beautiful bright lights that ouch on the

moon that's the thing with solar storms

while they do devastating damage they

also cause astonishing Sky decorations

given the recent turn of events we could

Now find ourselves at the mercy of such

a storm again scientists still have a

long way to go in understanding the

mysteries of the sun and the Earth's

magnetic field there's a high chance

that the use of the Large Hadron

Collider may have caused the recent

flaws in the Earth's magnetic field

system CERN broke our magnetic field

opening a pathway for solar winds to

invade the Earth some skeptical folks

have even developed the theory that CERN

may have opened up a portal to another

dimension and is simply keeping it away

from the public could this be true let

us know what you think in the comment


as far back as 2008 when the LHC first

launched some onlookers believed that it

would cause the end of the world there's

just no way you can bring together so

many magnets without any consequences

after all the magnetic power of the

Large Hadron Collider far exceeds that

of the earth maybe this is just the

beginning of the damage the LHC will do

some theories even suggest this super

collider would one day draw an asteroid

from space that would come to destroy

Earth we don't know that for sure for

now all we know is that all scientific

hands have to be on deck for us to

neutralize the risks associated with the

incoming solar storms otherwise it could

be a truly Dark Day for Humanity if for

instance the internet gets to shut down

for a whole day whatever the case may be

it's all up to CERN and other

world-leading Tech and research

organizations to come up with viable


that's all for this video join us next

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