Feb. 28, 2024

CERN Scientists Break Silence On Chilling New Discovery That Changes Everything

Published May 18, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Arrik Motley

In a stunning announcement, cern scientists have revealed a new discovery that changes everything.

The discovery, which was made at the Large Hadron Collider (lhc), is of a previously unknown particle that could upend our understanding of the universe.

The particle, which has been dubbed the "God particle", was first theorized over 40 years ago but has never been observed.

Now, after years of searching, cern scientists have finally found it.

The implications of this discovery are huge.

It could help us to understand the origins of the universe and why it is the way it is.

It could also lead to the development of new technologies that could revolutionize the world.

This is truly a groundbreaking discovery that will change everything.

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Scientific progress is One Shining achievement of  the human race, but what happens when scientists  

discover something that the rest of  the population isn’t quite ready for?

The European Council for Nuclear Research better  known by their acronym, CERN has been carrying  

out experiments since the organization first  formed in the mid-50s we are in a very special  

place here with Steve Myers we're standing on  top of the first Hadron Collider ever built  

and operated during this time they've come into  the spotlight on numerous occasions for good and  

their experiments have sparked  fear of the possible creation of  

black holes Rifts in our reality  and a plethora of other theories  

due to the size of the organization's funding and  the nature of their research one of their most  

famous and controversial achievements came with  the construction of the Large Hadron Collider the  

biggest particle accelerator in the world spanning  over 27 kilometers in circumference and cost over  

four and a half billion dollars but many would  argue that this money was well spent as the LHC  

has led to some of the most groundbreaking  discoveries of the past few decades like  

discovery of the Higgs boson and many other never  before seen particles this massive machine is  

capable of accelerating various particles round  and around the loop until they're traveling near  

the speed of light and completing over 11 000 laps  every second they accomplished this with a series  

of incredibly powerful electromagnetics  that create a magnetic field within the  

accelerator that's more than one thousand times  stronger than the field that surrounds the Earth  

there have been some that have been wary of the  effects that generating a magnetic field of this  

strength could have on electronics in the local  area and even its effect on the Earth's Own field

once these particles reach their top speed

99.999991 the speed of light particles traveling  

in opposite directions are forced to  collide into one another in a powerful  

Collision in order to release massive  energy and an assortment of particles

when the particle collision happens the result  is a shower of particles whizzing out in every  

direction most of which only stay in existence  for fractions of a second before decaying out  

of existence varying the types of particles  helps researchers discover new particles in  

these flurries specially designed super sensitive  detectors are placed around the Collision sites to  

capture all the information from each and every  collision and this amount of information really  

adds up and requires a huge amount of time and  manpower to sift through experiments at the LHC  

create more than 15 petabytes of raw data from  these collisions every year which then need to be  

meticulously combed through to sort out the data  the researchers are looking for back in 2017 the  

LHC surpassed a major Milestone when they had  put out over 200 petabytes of data permanently  

into its tape libraries to put this amount  of data into perspective one petabyte of data  

is equivalent to around 250 000 movies but what  are they looking for in all of this data any way

they noticed something going on with a particular  kind of Quark quarks are the building blocks of  

all matter and come in a variety of types that  physicists call flavor some of these flavors of  

quarks are incredibly unstable and will Decay  into other particles in the blink of an eye  

the beauty Quark which has an average lifespan  of one and a half trillionths of a second was  

the subject of this particular anomaly when its  Decay pattern was different than what scientists  

predicted based on the standard model according  to their predictions when a beauty Quark decays  

it should be influenced by the weak force  and transform into a set of lighter particles  

called leptons either an electron or a muon  with the standard model predicting about a  

50 50 chance for both particles but with the  data from the LHC was showing was that these  

quarks were decaying into muons only 70 as  often as they were decaying into electrons  

the only way that this discrepancy could occur  is if a new type of particle that's never been  

seen before gets involved with this process  this has led some researchers to speculate  

that some new type of physics could be at play a  new Force carrying particle would mean brand new  

physics that could expand the standard model  and answer a plethora of unanswered questions

currently our best guess on how the Strange World  of particles behaves comes in the theory of the  

standard model this scientific framework describes  everything we know about the building blocks of  

the physical world with extreme accuracy but even  with this level of accuracy physicists know the  

standard model can currently describe only three  of the fundamental forces the electromagnetic  

force the strong force and the weak Force as  of yet it cannot describe the force of gravity  

and had no explanation for the dominant form of  matter found in the universe Dark Matter during  

recent experiments researchers noticed an anomaly  within the data they were analyzing that felt  

Square outside what is known within the standard  model and while it's not massively uncommon to  

find results outside this model with a sheer  amount of data that the LHC puts out something  

this time caught the eyes of scientists that  knew that they needed to take a closer look

to try and explain this unexpected Discovery  the researchers consider that there may be a  

new fundamental particle they called Z Prime which  is in essence a brand new force-carrying particle  

this force is more than likely extremely weak  due to the fact that there have been no signs of  

it until now according to the researchers this  force would interact with electrons and muons  

differently but the extent of its interactions  with the particles of the standard model remains  

a mystery for now if in fact they did find a new  Force this would be a breakthrough the physics has  

been waiting decades for physicists are hopeful  that if this discovery is confirmed it could help  

unlock established Mysteries of the universe like  what dark matter is or the full picture of the  

Higgs boson's role in creating a reality some are  even theorizing that this unknown Force may help  

achieve one of the biggest goals physics has  had for the past Century the unification of  

the fundamental forces of nature what will  CERN uncover next and what will it mean for  

the future of science thanks for watching  if you enjoyed this video be sure to check  

out our other content taking a closer look  at the universe and many of the Mysteries  

it contains like 'The Amazing Quantum  Discovery That May Solve Why We Exist'


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