July 22, 2024

Home Tour the Auburn Aire: Wait Till You See What Adventure Homes Did This Time!

Published May 18, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

If you're looking for an adventure, you've come to the right place! Auburn Aire by adventure Homes is a unique development that offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. From the moment you drive up, you'll feel like you're in for something special.

The homes here are unlike any you've ever seen before. They're designed to be both beautiful and functional, with plenty of space for all your needs. And each one comes with its own private outdoor living area, so you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful views.

But the best part of Auburn Aire is the people. The community here is close-knit and friendly, and everyone is always willing to help out. If you need anything, just ask!

So come on in and take a look around. We think you'll agree that Auburn Aire is the perfect place to call home.

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it's will with manufacturedhomes.com

thank you for clicking on the video

today and joining me on where's Will's

manufactured home tours today we are

back at the 2023 Louisville manufactured

home show out in Louisville Kentucky and

we have seen some amazing homes so far

here on display at the show and I have a

few more coming but today we are going

to take a tour of this home right here

which has just cracked my top five of

all time manufactured homes this is the

Auburn Air Model

0683c built by Adventure homes this home

right here is a three bed two bath and

it sits at 2040 square feet I'm loving

the style and design of this exterior

but just wait until we get inside the

base price for this home

is about 179 thousand dollars but it

will only go up there with all the

features and amenities You're Gonna Want

to add to it so without any further wait

let's go take a home tour

where's will


okay everybody join me on the inside of

this home to see what makes it so

amazing so walking right on end the

first thing you see in your foyer here

on to the left is a locker where you can

store your shoes your coats and sit down

and put on your shoes to get out the

door and on the other side of the

entryway right here is where your living

room is and this is where it's situated

we have a beautiful big huge living room

that comes with two or three huge

Windows to let that natural light in so

it's really gorgeous already I mean just

take a pan around and take a look

gorgeous those beams up top those are

optional you can keep those you can get

rid of those if you like I personally

like them up there it comes with this

beautiful huge entertainment center that

has plenty of storage up top on the

shelving with the covers underneath

plenty plenty of storage with a little

bit of shiplap there for your TV plenty

of room for a huge TV the size of this

living room is 16 feet 8 inches by 18

feet 2 inch

and if you would like to know more about

this home it's amenities features

additions options there's a link in the

description below that you can click

it'll take you directly to this floor

plan and that's where you can see some

more photos take a look at the 3D tour

see some more video and most importantly

get that pricing directly from a

retailer that is near you because

pricing of varies Regional region so

click on that and find out more and one

more thing before I walk out of this

living room this carpet is amazing we

have congoleum flooring for all of the

other flooring besides the carpet but

that carpet

wonderful wonderful one thing I like

about this home is it is not an open

floor plan you have your living room

there which is situated off to the right

and then everything else is separate

which I love and then look at that

craftsmanship up there I mean the size

of the dining room right here is 13 feet

10 inches by 14 feet 8 inches that again

is another huge area for you and your

family plenty of room in this dining

room and kitchen for Gatherings family

friends and you name it you can do it in

this home right here we also have our

sliding glass door that is an option

where you can have you know the normal

two sliding glass doors or you can have

a third one like this home which gives

you way more light inside

we have a pantry that we're walking up

to right here

that has three wire shelves looking

pretty nice that barn door I do believe

is an optional piece yep that is an

optional barn door right there you can

change that for a regular door if you

like and then spin it around and looking

at this kitchen

this is nice we have some great trim

molding great countertops wonderful

white cabinets and drawers drawers over

doors everything else we have a nice

little backsplash there nice range hood

to go along with your glass top

stainless steel stove that comes with

the home standard really nice

spinning around this this kitchen has

plenty of room and storage and again the

quality in the inside of your cabinets

and cupboards here are astounding that

is some great craftsmanship great work

and great size these are soft closed

drawers and doors which is really cool

for the little ones you know running

around they don't smash their fingers or

heck I wouldn't smash my fingers

um right there if you saw the registers

are on the floor in this home so that's

where those are we have a nice big

island here with a dual sink and I

believe that's a gooseneck faucet there

um stainless steel dishwasher that goes

along with it


I like the the color choices and the

countertops you know if you look at the

countertops there you have this kind of

like marble kind of old school type of

look and then you have black uh top on

the island that's pretty cool it kind of

it changes that color palette changes

your view I like the a the built-in

microwave loving that French door

refrigerator beautiful

great lighting and every day is an

adventure if you are following this

Channel and if you haven't subscribed

hit that button and follow along because

we are everywhere I don't know where I'm

going to next but you know right now

we're walking into the utility room so

going into the utility room here again

plenty of room plenty of space plenty of

cabinets for everything that you need

plant there's your room for your side by

side set up for electrical in this home

two cupboards here

same quality adjustable shelves plenty

of room for your laundry soap and things

there's your electrical box we have a

wash sink in here and again on this side

plenty of room now let us check out

what's behind this door and that is a

closet we have a wire shelf here now

this seems to be born battening the

closets which saves I guess a little bit

of money but everything else is drywall

which is rather nice

now over here you have your water heater


I love when a home just has a door for

it I mean I think almost everybody can

agree there's your air conditioning unit

right next door because you know if

something goes wrong with any of those


um it's such it's so hard to you know

find yourself a screwdriver a quarter

inch driver whatever to get into it

there you open the door let's fix the

problem wonderful I would prefer that

any time of day so let us go in to our

first guest room here now our first

guest room right here would be 11 feet

by 14 feet 8 inches

kind of cool and see again we have some

boarding batting in the closets but you

know not a lot of people are going to

see the closets so

I don't know how I feel about that how

do you guys feel about that let me know

in the comments below actually

nice window and in this home right here

we have a Jack and Jill bathroom which

is I don't know I love Jack and Jill

bathrooms especially if you guys have

any little ones and so forth or you know

it just makes it easier you know they're

gonna get there you know dual vanities

good quality construction again


big drawers big drawers


nice little backsplash there for you

know a Smith's people

with glass those are some etched glass

mirrors which is kind of cool I don't

know if you guys can see it there but it

has a nice little design there elongated

toilets and we have a

um a 60 inch tub

shower combo here fiberglass of course



amount of room if you know again if you

have Littles and they're taking a bath

this is like this is perfect

Bath Bed boom loving it now let us go

check out the other bedroom here and now

this one is a little small this one's a

10 foot by 14 feet 10 14 feet 8 inches

so one of the rooms is one foot smaller


call the Glendale

take a look at this Closet in a second

good amount of space good amount of room

and storage so you know I mean I'm

really digging this house I mean again

the separation the you know kids are

playing over here we're in the living

room watching TV we don't really bother

each other you know a lot of open floor

plans you can hear you know everybody

else and or you know some of the things

start getting pushed into other rooms so

you know here everything has its

designated place I'm loving that now

taking a look at this gastro it's a

pretty good sized gastro guest bathroom

here same tub it's a 60 inch five foot

shower tub combo

same yeah nice

same elongated toilets throughout the


and a single vanity in here nice etched

glass mirror again

and a nice little accent there that is a

nice little beam that goes right in the

middle of the home now you know I travel

all over the US you know capturing these

home tours going from Louisville to New

York to Florida to California and I

enjoy this and I thank everyone for

clicking on the videos and joining me

for these and if you haven't had a

chance to subscribe you know hit that

subscribe button down below and that

notification Bell so then that way

you'll always know when a new home tour

is posted and you'll see some great

homes you know these great homes from

Little single wides to big huge

manufactured homes I think the biggest

one I've done is a quad wide I would

love to find another one that's four

pieces everybody

now we're walking into the primary

bedroom and within this primary bedroom

this size is 14 feet 10 inches by 14

feet 8 inches and there we have some

barn doors that are optional you can

change that

to regular doors hold doors we have a

nice big window there we are have the

opportunity to have an optional window

on the wall right there where the bed is

if you like

big spacious

primary bedroom and in here

primary math is amazing

amazing we have a linen closet right

here I know it's a linen closet because

it told me so on the door

I might have thought it was a towel

closet it's a linen closet and now

spinning around this this home right

here this has the option glamor bath

number two that it's uh with a 60 inch

tiled shower and a freestanding tub and

we have a

two dual vanities right here with that

same etched glass mirror and some nice

lighting up top and there is the tub the

freestanding tub is divine that is

gorgeous we have two windows right there

on the side so depending on your privacy

or wherever your home is you can just

kind of relax and look outside and just

enjoy life

now spinning around we're going to take

a look at the rest of this primary bath

here and we have a wonderful like I said

freestanding shower with a rain shower

head and some great tile work

great tile work

there's some more storage over here

and then

there's your elongated toilet right off

to the side kind of its own little area

and then we have the primary walk-in

closet this is another huge area when in

here it is a board and batten setup we

have some wire shelvings transom windows

and then the little island there in the

middle is optional if you'd like to add

a little more storage or set up space

and everything else but that is in a

that's a gorgeous

huge walking I'm loving that I mean this

whole house I'm loving like I said this

is cracked my top five of manufactured


um I'm loving the style design

um what do you guys think about the song

let me know all your thoughts in the

comments below I have a discussion about


um and join me for the next one wherever

that one's gonna be


thank you for joining me today and I

will see you next time wherever that

home tour is going to be

remember to live smarter choose

manufactured have a wonderful day

and travel easy

we'll see you next time



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